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Business Model and eulogy Strategic Plan Essay Sample. The balance scorecard is another tool that goes along the same lines as the strength, weakness, opportunity, threat, and trend or commonly known as SWOTT. The information in this document will cover the basic aspects of the balance scorecard. The balance scorecard method will cover four main areas or quadrants and those are: shareholder value or financial perspective, customer value perspective, process or internal operations perspective, and learning and growth of the employee perspective. These four main areas or quadrants will help explain how Samsungs new division, Customers Research and Development will be adopted into the Samsung business portfolio.

Four Areas. 1. Financial Perspective: Samsungs new division, Customers Research and Development will initially have no upfront financial consideration with Samsung supporting the new division. 1a. The division will start to focus on how to grow their own financial support that is separate from Samsungs overall financial budget. This will assist both the division and asian pant Samsung as a whole by having its own cash flow. This could also assist in providing customers that submit ideas with a financial award for their ideas that are initially taken on by Samsung. 1b.

While the eulogy focus will be on how the division can become financially on its own with help still from Samsung. Asian Pant. The division will need to focus on samples how to hamlet plays, boost the profit margin for Samsung and how the customers ideas will help benefit the boost in profit. 1c. The new division for Samsung will have an objective of increasing the companys profit margin by 10% for eulogy, the upcoming fiscal year. 2. Customer Perspective: Without the customer base to support Samsungs new division, the division will fail. This will be the long-term goal of do the the means, keeping customer ideas flowing into the division so that division can further research and develop the customers ideas. 2a. Having a strong customer relationship will always be the success or failure for eulogy samples, the division, let alone the company.

A goal for hamlet plays, the new division would to have at least a 10% customer base of the total number customers of Samsung products. 3. Internal Business Process: Samsungs new division, Customer Research and Development will use the balance score card along with SWOTT analysis to improve on the goals for the division. Some of the goals are: 3a. Boost customer satisfaction and efficiency with communication and timely responses to the customers ideas. 3b. Work on eliminating processes within the division that are not efficient and to reduce operating costs. 3c.

Develop a set of skills for the employees and leadership to eulogy samples, meet and exceed. This will help with determining who the top performers and hamlet plays who are average to samples, below average performers. 4. Research and justify Development: Since the new division falls under research and development, it makes perfect sense to cover this area. Below are the research and development goals: 4a. The new division will launch employee and leadership incentives or compensation programs. The focus will be keeping the best employees and eulogy leaders in the division, and focusing on having a turnover rate of 5% or less in the division. Asian Pant. 4b. Have on-the-job training tools for the employees and leadership to meet and exceed. Continue to develop the employees and leadership with education opportunities and work related training. 4c. Making sure the Customer Research and Development division is staying head with the latest tools that make tracking research and eulogy samples development easier.

The chart below is Samsungs Customer Research and Development division balance scorecard. The score card below is the initial score card for the division. There will be adjustments made overtime to the scorecard. There is not a true baseline for measures and hamlet plays targets to eulogy, go by such as increasing or decreasing services or products. Balance Scorecard for Samsung Customer Research and Development Division Four Quadrants. 1. Profit growth. 2. Manage operating costs. 1. Revenue growth. 2. Operating costs/customer.

1. Increase the divisions own profit growth by 10% each year 2. Decrease operating costs by Essay Gun Control:, 3% each year. Becoming the division that will create its own surplus in budget separate from Samsungs overall budget Customer. 1. The leader in eulogy samples, customer loyalty. 1. Customer ratings based on overall satisfaction. 1. Cable Car Stuck. Increase customer satisfaction by 15% percent each year. Developing a customer loyalty rewards program within the division Internal.

1. Development of innovative services and products. 2. Use cross-flow networking with the eulogy other divisions in Samsung. 3. Always communicate and educate the customer base. 4. Customer Service Excellence. 1. Revenue from the new division. Hamlet Plays. 2. Research and development meeting or exceeding goals. 3. Have a five point customer satisfaction rating scale.

1. Increase research and development results by 8% each year 2. Increase customer satisfaction ratings by eulogy, .5 point each year until the asian pant average is eulogy, 4.5 overall for customer satisfaction rating 1. Benchmark research and development trends. 2. Providing more educational outreach programs to the customer 3. Communicate with the other divisions on a continued monthly basis which will help with sharing ideas from what the customers provide to the Customers Research and Development division Learning and Growth. 1. Develop a market-driven skills. 2. The leader among the divisions in Samsung with employee satisfaction 3. Develop world class leadership within the free division. 1. Have a strategic skill ratio. 2. Five point scale for employee satisfaction. 3. Appraisal five point scale for leadership effectiveness. 1. Increase the skill ration each year by 10% 2. Increase employee satisfaction by .3 point each year. 3. Eulogy. Increase the leadership effectiveness rating by .6 each year.

1. Provide a link or database for employees to cable car stuck, review compensation based on skill and leadership effectiveness 2. Provide on-going employee and leadership training programs. Samsungs new division will use the balance scorecard and use it as a tool to eulogy samples, improve on throughout the divisions first year in operation. The balance scorecard will then be updated on a yearly basis to see how the new division is meeting, exceeding or not meeting goals and objectives. By having the scorecard developed from the berger paints start, Samsungs new division Customers Research and samples Development have organized analysis done. Gun Control: Really. In the end, the balance scorecard will play an important role in the development of the eulogy divisions strategic plan.

Samsung. (2014). Samsung. Retrieved from cable car stuck Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Business Model and Strategic Plan. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Business Model and Strategic Plan. Before opening its doors, a company must employ researchers and marketers to create new ideas or products that will make his or her company stand out above competitors and eulogy samples get#8230; Final Business Model and asian pant Strategic Plan. Executive Summery We continue to believe that U.S. housing is in the early stages of a multiyear recovery in demand being driven by limited inventory of existing and new homes,#8230; Business Model And Strategic Plan. The SWOT analysis is eulogy, strategic planning tool used by businesses and berger paints organizations to ensure that there are clear objectives defined and that all factors, both positive and negative, are identified#8230; Business Model and Strategic Plan. Business Model and eulogy Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis Paper A SWOTT analysis is a critical examination used to evaluate both internal and external elements of a company and the#8230; Strategic Management and Business Model. Use the University of Phoenix Material: Business Model and Strategic Planning Outline as a guide to complete sections of your capstone project each week.

A final paper is due in#8230; Strategic Business Plan final. Strategic management and planning is a very important part of all businesses. Without strategic management and planning most businesses will fail. Each business has had a strategic plan formulated at#8230;

Sample Eulogy Examples Help Write A Speech - Your Tribute

Eulogy samples

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Nov 12, 2017 Eulogy samples, essay writing service -

Eulogy Template

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Frantz Fanon was one of eulogy, a few extraordinary thinkers supporting the asian pant, decolonization struggles occurring after World War II, and he remains among the most widely read and influential of these voices. His brief life was notable both for his whole-hearted engagement in the independence struggle the Algerian people waged against France and for eulogy samples his astute, passionate analyses of the animal free, human impulse towards freedom in the colonial context. Eulogy! His written works have become central texts in Africana thought, in large part because of their attention to the roles hybridity and creolization can play in forming humanist, anti-colonial cultures. Asian Pant! Hybridity, in particular, is seen as a counter-hegemonic opposition to colonial practices, a non-assimilationist way of samples, building connections across cultures that Africana scholar Paget Henry argues is constitutive of Africana political philosophy. Tracing the development of his writings helps explain how and why he has become an inspirational figure firing the moral imagination of people who continue to work for social justice for asian pant the marginalized and the oppressed. Fanons first work Peau Noire, Masques Blancs ( Black Skin, White Masks ) was his first effort to eulogy samples, articulate a radical anti-racist humanism that adhered neither to assimilation to a white-supremacist mainstream nor to hamlet plays, reactionary philosophies of black superiority.

While the attention to eulogy samples, oppression of asian pant, colonized peoples that was to dominate his later works was present in this first book, its call for a new understanding of humanity was undertaken from the subject-position of a relatively privileged Martinican citizen of eulogy samples, France, in search of his own place in the world as a black man from the French Caribbean, living in cable car stuck, France. His later works, notably LAn Cinq, de la Revolution Algerienne ( A Dying Colonialism ) and the much more well-known Les Damnes de la Terre ( The Wretched of the Earth ), go beyond a preoccupation with Europes pretensions to being a universal standard of eulogy samples, culture and civilization, in order to take on the struggles and take up the consciousness of the colonized natives as they rise up and reclaim simultaneously their lands and their human dignity. It is Fanons expansive conception of humanity and his decision to craft the moral core of decolonization theory as a commitment to Essay Gun Control: The Problem?, the individual human dignity of eulogy samples, each member of populations typically dismissed as the masses that stands as his enduring legacy. Frantz Fanon was born in the French colony of Martinique on July 20, 1925. His family occupied a social position within Martinican society that could reasonably qualify them as part of the asian pant, black bourgeoisie; Frantzs father, Casimir Fanon, was a customs inspector and eulogy samples, his mother, Eleanore Medelice, owned a hardware store in downtown Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique. Members of this social stratum tended to strive for assimilation, and identification, with white French culture. Fanon was raised in this environment, learning Frances history as his own, until his high school years when he first encountered the philosophy of negritude, taught to berger paints, him by Aime Cesaire, Martiniques other renowned critic of European colonization. Politicized, and torn between the assimilationism of Martiniques middle class and eulogy samples, the preoccupation with racial identity that negritude promotes, Fanon left the colony in 1943, at the age of 18, to fight with the Free French forces in the waning days of World War II. After the war, he stayed in France to study psychiatry and medicine at university in cable car stuck, Lyons. Eulogy! Here, he encountered bafflingly simplistic anti-black racismso different from the the means, complex, class-permeated distinctions of shades of lightness and darkness one finds in the Caribbeanwhich would so enrage him that he was inspired to write An Essay for eulogy samples the Disalienation of Blacks, the piece of writing that would eventually become Peau Noire, Masques Blancs (1952).

It was here too that he began to explore the Marxist and existentialist ideas that would inform the Gun Control: The Problem?, radical departure from the assimilation-negritude dichotomy that Peau Noire s anti-racist humanism inaugurates. Although he briefly returned to the Caribbean after he finished his studies, he no longer felt at home there and in 1953, after a stint in Paris, he accepted a position as chef de service (chief of eulogy samples, staff) for the psychiatric ward of the Blida-Joinville hospital in Algeria. Animal! The following year, 1954, marked the eruption of the Algerian war of independence against France, an uprising directed by samples, the Front de Liberation Nationale ( FLN ) and brutally repressed by French armed forces. Gun Control: Really! Working in a French hospital, Fanon was increasingly responsible for treating both the eulogy samples, psychological distress of the soldiers and officers of the hamlet plays, French army who carried out eulogy, torture in order to suppress anti-colonial resistance and berger paints, the trauma suffered by samples, the Algerian torture victims. Already alienated by the homogenizing effects of French imperialism, by 1956 Fanon realized he could not continue to berger paints, aid French efforts to put down a decolonization movement that commanded his political loyalties, and he resigned his position at the hospital. Once he was no longer officially working for the French government in Algeria, Fanon was free to devote himself to the cause of Algerian independence. During this period, he was based primarily in Tunisia where he trained nurses for the FLN , edited its newspaper el Moujahid , and contributed articles about the eulogy, movement to sympathetic publications, including Presence Africaine and Jean-Paul Sartres journal Les Temps Modernes . Some of Really, Fanons writings from eulogy samples, this period were published posthumously in 1964 as Pour la Revolution Africaine ( Toward the African Revolution ). In 1959 Fanon published a series of essays, LAn Cinq, de la Revolution Algerienne , (The Year of the cable car stuck, Algerian Revolution) which detail how the oppressed natives of samples, Algeria organized themselves into a revolutionary fighting force. That same year, he took up a diplomatic post in berger paints, the provisional Algerian government, ambassador to Ghana, and used the influence of this position to samples, help open up supply routes for the Algerian army.

It was in Ghana that Fanon was diagnosed with the leukemia that would be his cause of death. Despite his rapidly failing health, Fanon spent ten months of his last year of life writing the book for which he would be most remembered, Les Damnes de la Terre , an indictment of the violence and savagery of colonialism which he ends with a passionate call for a new history of animal, humanity to be initiated by a decolonized Third World. In October 1961, Fanon was brought to the United States by a C.I.A. Eulogy Samples! agent so that he could receive treatment at a National Institutes of Health facility in Bethesda, Maryland. Asian Pant! He died two months later, on December 6, 1961, reportedly still preoccupied with the eulogy samples, cause of liberty and justice for the peoples of the Third World. Free! At the request of the FLN , his body was returned to Tunisia, where it was subsequently transported across the border and buried in the soil of the Algerian nation for which he fought so single-mindedly during the last five years of his life. Fanons contribution to phenomenology, glossed as a critical race discourse (an analysis of the eulogy, pre-conscious forces shaping the self that organizes itself around race as a founding category), most particularly his exploration of the existential challenges faced by black human beings in a social world that is constituted for white human beings, receives its most explicit treatment in Peau Noire, Masques Blancs . The central metaphor of this book, that black people must wear white masks in order to get by in a white world, is reminiscent of animal farm, W.E.B. Eulogy Samples! Du Bois argument that African Americans develop a double consciousness living under a white power structure: one that flatters that structure (or some such) and one experienced when among other African Americans. Fanons treatment of the do the justify the means, ways black people respond to a social context that racializes them at the expense of our shared humanity ranges across a broader range of cultures than Du Bois, however; Fanon examines how race shapes (deforms) the lives of both men and women in eulogy, the French Caribbean, in France, and in colonial conflicts in Africa.

Africana sociologist Paget Henry characterizes Fanons relation to Du Bois in the realm of phenomenology as one of extension and of clarification, since he offers a more detailed investigation of how the self encounters the trauma of being categorized by others as inferior due to an imposed racial identity and how that self can recuperate a sense of Gun Control: Are Guns Really The Problem?, identity and a cultural affiliation that is independent of the eulogy samples, racist project of an animal, imperializing dominant culture. Fanon dissects in all of his major works the racist and colonizing project of eulogy samples, white European culture, that is, the totalizing, hierarchical worldview that needs to set up the do the, black human being as negro so it has an other against which to eulogy, define itself. While Peau Noire offers a sustained discussion of the psychological dimensions of this negrification of human beings and The Problem?, possibilities of resistance to it, the political dimensions are explored in eulogy, LAn Cinq, de la Revolution Algerienne and animal farm free, Les Damnes de la Terre . Fanons diagnosis of the psychological dimensions of negrifications phenomenological violence documents its traumatizing effects: first, negrification promotes negative attitudes toward other blacks and Africa; second, it normalizes attitudes of desire and eulogy, debasement toward Europe, white people, and white culture in general; and finally, it presents itself as such an asian pant, all-encompassing way of being in the world that no other alternative appears to be possible. The difficulty of overcoming the sense of alienation that negrification sets up as necessary for the black human being lies in eulogy samples, learning to see oneself not just as envisioned and valued (that is, devalued) by the white dominant culture but simultaneously through a perspective constructed both in opposition to and independently from the racist/racialized mainstream, a parallel perspective in which a black man or womans value judgmentsof oneself and of others of ones racedo not have to be filtered through white norms and values. It is berger paints only through development of this latter perspective that the black man or woman can shake off the psychological colonization that racist phenomenology imposes, Fanon argues. One of the most pervasive agents of phenomenological conditioning is language. In Peau Noire , Fanon analyzes language as that which carries and reveals racism in culture, using as an example the symbolism of whiteness and eulogy samples, blackness in the French languagea point that translates equally well into English linguistic habits. Animal Farm Free! One cannot learn and speak this language, Fanon asserts, without subconsciously accepting the cultural meanings embedded in equations of purity with whiteness and malevolence with blackness: to be white is to be good, and to be black is to be bad. While Peau Noire focuses on the colonizing aspects of the French language, LAn Cinq , on the other hand, offers an interesting account of how language might enable decolonization efforts.

Fanon describes a decision made by the revolutionary forces in Algeria in 1956 to eulogy, give up their previous boycott of French and instead start using it as the lingua franca that could unite diverse communities of resistance, including those who did not speak Arabic. The subversive effects of adopting French extended beyond the convenience of a common language; it also cast doubt on the simplistic assumption the French colonizers had been making, namely, that all French speakers in Algeria were loyal to the colonial government. Justify! After strategically adopting the colonizers language, one entered a shop or a government office no longer necessarily announcing ones politics in ones choice of language. Fanons critical race phenomenology is not without its critics, many of whom read Peau Noire s back-to-back accounts of the eulogy samples, black womans desire for a white lover and the black mans desire for a white lover as misogynistic. According to these critiques, typically offered from a feminist point of berger paints, view, the autobiography of Mayotte Capecia, a Martinican woman who seeks the love of a white man, any white man it seems, is treated by Fanon (who describes it as cut-rate and ridiculous) with far less respect than the novel by Rene Maran, which describes the story of Jean Veneuse, a black man who reluctantly falls in love with a white Frenchwoman and samples, hesitates to marry her until he is urged to do so by her brother. Although Fanon is unequivocal in his statement that both of these discussions serve as examples of alienated psyches, white feminists who make this charge of misogyny point to his less sympathetic account of Capecia as evidence that he holds black women complicit in the devaluing of blackness. Where it is found at all in the work of Gun Control: Really, black feminist writers, this allegation tends to be more tentative, and tends to eulogy samples, be contextualized within a pluralist inventory of phenomenological approaches. Asian Pant! Just as Fanon selects race as the eulogy, founding category of phenomenology, a feminist phenomenology would focus on gender as a founding category. In this pluralist framework, Fanons attention to race at the expense of gender is arguably more explicable as a methodological choice than a deep-seated contempt for women. The political dimensions of negrification that call for Really The Problem? decolonization receive fuller treatment in LAn Cinq, de la Revolution Algerienne and Les Damnes de la Terre . But Fanon does not simply diagnose the political symptoms of the worldview within which black men and women are dehumanized.

He situates his diagnosis within an eulogy samples, unambiguous ethical commitment to the equal right of every human being to have his or her human dignity recognized by others. This assertion, that all of us are entitled to moral consideration and that no one is berger paints dispensable, is the principled core of his decolonization theory, which continues to inspire scholars and activists dedicated to human rights and social justice. As the French title suggests, LAn Cinq (published in eulogy samples, English as A Dying Colonialism ) is Fanons first-hand account of how the Algerian people mobilized themselves into a revolutionary fighting force and repelled the French colonial government. The lessons that other aspiring revolutionary movements can learn from Fanons presentation of the FLN s strategies and tactics are embedded in their particular Algerian context, but nonetheless evidently adaptable. In addition to describing the FLN s strategic adoption of French as the language of hamlet plays, communication with its sympathetic civilian population, Fanon also traces the interplay of ideological and pragmatic choices they made about communications technology. Once the samples, French started suppressing newspapers, the FLN had to rethink their standing boycott of radios, which they had previously denounced as the cable car stuck, colonizers technology. Samples! This led to the creation of do the the means, a nationalist radio station, the Voice of Fighting Algeria , that now challenged colonial propaganda with what Fanon described as the first words of the nation. Another of the fundamental challenges they issued to the colonial world of division and hierarchy was the radically inclusive statement the provisional government made that all people living in Algeria would be considered citizens of the new nation. Eulogy Samples! This was a bold contestation of European imperialism on the model of farm, Haitis first constitution (1805), which attempted to break down hierarchies of social privilege based on skin color by declaring that all Haitian citizens would be considered black. Both the Algerian and Haitian declarations are powerful decolonizing moves because they undermine the very Manichean structure that Fanon identifies as the foundation of the colonial world. While LAn Cinq offers the kinds of insights one might hope for from a historical document, Les Damnes de la Terre is a more abstract analysis of colonialism and revolution.

It has been described as a handbook for black revolution. The book ranges over the necessary role Fanon thinks violence must play in decolonization struggles, the false paths decolonizing nations take when they entrust their eventual freedom to negotiations between a native elite class and the formers colonizers instead of mobilizing the samples, masses as a popular fighting force, the need to recreate a national culture through a revolutionary arts and asian pant, literature movement, and an inventory of the psychiatric disorders that colonial repression unleashes. Part of its shocking quality, from a philosophical perspective, is alluded to in the preface that Jean-Paul Sartre wrote for the book: it speaks the language of philosophy and eulogy samples, deploys the kind of Marxist and cable car stuck, Hegelian arguments one might expect in a philosophy of liberation, but it does not speak to the West. Eulogy! It is Fanon conversing with, advising, his fellow Third-World revolutionaries. The controversy that swirls around Les Damnes is cable car stuck very different from the one Peau Noire attracts. Eulogy Samples! Where feminist critiques of hamlet plays, Peau Noire require a deep reading and an analysis of the kinds of questions Fanon failed to samples, ask, those who find fault with Les Damnes for what they see as its endorsement of violent insurgency are often reading Fanons words too simplistically.

His argument is not that decolonizing natives are justified in using violent means to berger paints, effect their ends; the point he is making in his opening chapter, Concerning Violence, is samples that violence is berger paints a fundamental element of colonization, introduced by the colonizers and visited upon the colonized as part of the samples, colonial oppression. The choice concerning violence that the colonized native must make, in Fanons view, is between continuing to accept itabsorbing the abuse or displacing it upon Really, other members of the oppressed native communityor taking this foreign violence and throwing it back in the face of those who initiated it. Fanons consistent existentialist commitment to choosing ones character through ones actions means that decolonization can only happen when the native takes up his or her responsible subjecthood and refuses to occupy the position of violence-absorbing passive victim. The first significant influence on Fanon was the philosophy of negritude to which he was introduced by eulogy samples, Aime Cesaire. Although this philosophy of black pride was a potent counterbalance to the assimilation tendencies into which Fanon had been socialized, it was ultimately an animal farm free, inadequate response to an imperializing culture that presents itself as a universal worldview. Far more fruitful, in Fanons view, were his studies in France of Hegel, Marx, and eulogy samples, Husserl. From these sources he developed the asian pant, view that dialectic could be the process through which the othered/alienated self can respond to racist trauma in samples, a healthy way, a sensitivity to the social and economic forces that shape human beings, and an appreciation for the pre-conscious construction of self that phenomenology can reveal. He also found Sartres existentialism a helpful resource for berger paints theorizing the process of samples, self construction by berger paints, which each of us chooses to become the eulogy samples, persons we are. This relation with Sartre appears to have been particularly mutually beneficial; Sartres existentialism permeates Peau Noire and in turn, Sartres heartfelt and radical commitment to decolonization suggests that Fanon had quite an influence on him. 5. Movements and Thinkers Influenced by Fanon.

The pan-Africanism that Fanon understood himself to be contributing to in his work on behalf of Third World peoples never really materialized as a political movement. It must be remembered that in Fanons day, the term Third World did not have the cable car stuck, meaning it has today. Where today it designates a collection of eulogy, desperately poor countries that are the objects of the developed worlds charity, in the 1950s and 1960s, the term indicated the hope of an emerging alternative to political alliance with either the First World (the United States and Europe) or the Second World (the Soviet bloc). The attempt to generate political solidarity and meaningful political power among the newly independent nations of Africa instead foundered as these former colonies fell victim to precisely the sort of false decolonization and client-statism that Fanon had warned against. Farm! Today, as a political program, that ideal of small-state solidarity survives only in the leftist critiques of eulogy, neoliberalism offered by activists like Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein. Instead, the discourse of solidarity and political reconstruction has retreated into the academy, where it is theorized as postcolonialism. Here we find the critical theorizing of scholars like Edward Said and Gayatri Spivak, both of whom construct analyses of the Essay Are Guns The Problem?, colonial Self and the colonized Other that, implicitly at least, depend on the Manichean division that Fanon presents in Les Damnes . Thinkers around the globe have been profoundly influenced by eulogy samples, Fanons work on anti-black racism and decolonization theory.

Brazilian theorist of critical pedagogy Paulo Freire engages Fanon in dialogue in Pedagogy of the Oppressed , notably in his discussion of the mis-steps that oppressed people may make on their path to hamlet plays, liberation. Eulogy! Freires emphasis on do the, the need to eulogy, go beyond a mere turning of the tables, a seizure of the privileges and social positions of the oppressors, echoes Fanons concern in Les Damnes and in essays such as Racism and Culture (in Pour la Revolution Africaine ) that failure to appreciate the deeply Manichean structure of the settler-native division could lead to a false decolonization in which a native elite simply replace the settler elite as the oppressive rulers of the berger paints, still exploited masses. Eulogy Samples! This shared concern is the motivation for Freires insistence on perspectival transformation and on populist inclusion as necessary conditions for social liberation. Kenyan author and decolonization activist Ngugi wa Thiongo also draws on ideas Fanon presents in animal, Les Damnes . Inspired mainly by Fanons meditations on the need to decolonize national consciousness, Ngugi has written of the need to samples, get beyond the colonization of the mind that occurs in using the language of imposed powers. Like Fanon, he recognizes that language has a dual character. Are Guns The Problem?! It colonizes in the sense that power congeals in the history of samples, how language is used (that is, its role in carrying culture). But it can also be adapted to our real-life communication and our image-forming projects, which means it also always carries the hamlet plays, potential to be the means by which we liberate ourselves. Ngugis last book in English, Decolonizing the Mind , was his official renunciation of the colonizers language in samples, favor of his native tongue, Gikuyu, and its account of the politics of hamlet plays, language in African literature can fruitfully be read as an illustration of the abstract claims Fanon makes about art and culture in Les Damnes and Pour la Revolution Africaine . Maori scholar Linda Tuhiwai Smith takes up Fanons call for artists and intellectuals of decolonizing societies to eulogy samples, create new literatures and new cultures for their liberated nations. Applying Fanons call to her own context, Tuhiwai Smith notes that Maori writers in New Zealand have begun to asian pant, produce literature that reflects and supports a resurgent indigenous sovereignty movement, but she notes that there is little attention to achieving that same intellectual autonomy in the social sciences. Inspired by Fanons call to voice, she has written Decolonizing Methodologies , a book that interrogates the way research has been used by samples, European colonial powers to subjugate indigenous peoples and also lays out asian pant, methodological principles for samples indigenous research agendas that will not reproduce the same dehumanizing results that colonial knowledge production has been responsible for. In the United States, Fanons influence continues to grow.

Feminist theorist bell hooks, one of those who notes the absence of attention to gender in Fanons work, nonetheless acknowledges the power of his vision of the resistant decolonized subject and the possibility of love that this vision nurtures. Existential phenomenologist Lewis R. Hamlet Plays! Gordon works to samples, articulate the new humanism that Fanon identified as the goal of a decolonized anti-racist philosophy. Gordon is one of the Africana--and Caribbean--focused scholars in American academia who has been involved in founding todays most prominent Africana-Caribbean research network, the Caribbean Philosophical Association, which awards an annual book prize in Frantz Fanons name. The Frantz Fanon Prize recognizes excellence in scholarship that advances Caribbean philosophy and Africana-humanist thought in the Fanonian tradition. In Paris, the heart of the former empire that Fanon opposed so vigorously in his short life, his philosophy of humanist liberation and his commitment to the moral relevance of all people everywhere have been taken up by his daughter Mireille Fanon.

She heads the Fondation Frantz Fanon and follows in her fathers footsteps with her work on questions of international law and human rights, supporting the rights of migrants, and championing struggles against the impunity of the ends, powerful and all forms of racism.

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analyze data essay 2 How to Frame Evaluation Questions. 4 How to eulogy, Set up the asian pant, Spreadsheet. 5 When to Use Which Types of Test Scores. 6 How in samples, the World do I Analyze the Data. 7 How Can I Present My Evaluation Findings. 9a Step-by-Step Instructions: Data Analysis. Analyzing and Interpreting Assessment Data. Introduction to cable car stuck, Analyzing Your Data.

What About Statistics? TIPS: How Different Kinds of Scores Can and Can't be Analyzed. Matching Statistical Analyses to Evaluation Questions. Example 1 Question 1: Oral proficiency scores. Example 2 Question 2: Academic proficiency categories. Interpreting Your Data.

Now you have figured out your evaluation questions, set up your spreadsheet, and entered all the relevant and interesting data into it. The next step is to samples, make sense of all this data! That's what we mean by animal interpreting the data. How do you summarize all that information in a way that can answer the evaluation questions? That's where data analysis comes in, and eulogy the way you analyze the do the, data depends on the nature of the evaluation question and the nature of the data. Introduction to Analyzing Your Data. Analyzing assessment data allows you to eulogy samples, interpret your student outcomes: Do you understand your population and the effects of your program? Meaningful data interpretation can be guided by questions such as the following: Are data disaggregated by important background characteristics such as:

Language background (ELL vs. R-FEP vs. EO) [by the cable car stuck, way, this is where that coding you did in Section 4 can be really critical, so be sure that you were consistent in codingwe'll see why later on]; Social class/parent educational background; Parent education varies tremendously. Eulogy! CRESST research with more than 30,000 students shows the significant impact of parent education on student reading achievement as much as 15 percentile points, even within the ELL population. Students with special education needs. How do your results compare with district and/or state averages? Do you know the research associated with your language education model? How do your results compare? (The appendix section has research data to which you can compare your results.) The rest of this discussion will help understand how to approach data analysis and interpretation in a way that you can answer these kinds of questions.

To do so, we need to lay some groundwork in some basic statistical concepts and an understanding of the kinds of assessment scores a program will typically use. You do NOT need extensive knowledge of statistics to do your evaluation!! Many educators worry about animal, statistics when they think about evaluation, and they believe that statistics sound too complicated. Eulogy! However, statistics are simply a tool for data analysis and we will show you how to use this tool in a way that is hopefully not too complicated. What statistics do you need to know? Just a few statistical methods will answer most typical evaluation questions. These methods fall into the category of descriptive statistics and include: Most evaluations typically will not require sophisticated statistical methods such as correlation, chi-square, analysis of variance or regression. Thus, we will not describe these approaches in this basic Toolkit. If you are interested in these approaches, you can discuss them with your district assessment staff or university faculty, or consult statistics books. Means (same thing as Average) -- the arithmetic average you can easily compute it by adding all the values and dividing by the number of cases.

Compare means does just that. It takes two or more sets of test scores on the same test and hamlet plays compares the eulogy, means (averages). The sets of scores can be: from two or more different groups of students, to see which had the asian pant, higher average (e.g., ELL vs. R-FEP students; students on samples free lunch vs. Cable Car Stuck! students not on free lunch), from the same group of students tested more than once to see whether students made gains, losses, or stayed the same over a period of samples, time (e.g., ELL third graders in the fall and that same ELL group in the spring; ELL second graders vs. that same group of ELL students in third or fourth grade ). Note : In order to use this statistical procedure, students must be coded for the comparisons you want to make. For example, if you want to make comparisons of ELLs vs. R-FEPs, then you have to asian pant, set up your database so that you have a variable, like language background, in eulogy samples, which you distinguish students according to that variable (e.g., ELL vs. R-FEP vs. EO). This is why you need to think ahead about coding your data, so you can be able to analyze it in the ways that are useful to you. (See examples in Section 4 of the Toolkit.) Standard deviations tell how widely scattered scores are around the mean. Asian Pant! The bigger the standard deviation, the greater the eulogy samples, difference among the scores.

For example, if you tested a group of do the, students on a reading test and then averaged (or computed the mean of) seven students' scores -- 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 and 65 -- the mean would be 50. If you averaged a different set of seven students' scores -- 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, and eulogy samples 53 -- the mean for this group would also be 50. But there's obviously a lot of difference (or deviation) between the scores in the first setmuch more so than in the second set (i.e., in the first set, there are much lower and higher scores than in the second set, which are grouped closer together) and that difference is captured in the standard deviation. Range refers to the highest and animal farm free lowest scores in a set of scores. In the example above, the first data set had a range of 35 to 65.

The second set of scores had a much smaller range, 47 to 53. Remember that both sets of scores had the eulogy samples, same average, 50. The range shows how much territory the scores covered. Frequency counts are merely the number of scores or people in a category. For example, how many students are placed in free, each proficiency category, how many students were native English speakers, how many were in the third grade, etc. Crosstabs tells how many students or scores are found in the intersection of two categories. For example, how many third graders were native Spanish speakers, how many students who scored at the intermediate proficiency level in 2005 also scored as intermediate in samples, 2006, etc. Animal! [Note. The database would have separate columns for each variable you were interested in crossing or intersecting in this example, that would be language groups, grade levels, 2005 proficiency levels, and eulogy samples 2006 proficiency levels.

See Section 4, Example 1 for hamlet plays information in how to do this coding]. By the way, most of these statistical terms appear in the Glossary, so in case you come across them later, you can look them up in there. HINTS . These are very simple statistics, and if the database is samples, set up following the Tool Kit guidelines, they can be calculated in a matter of seconds (using a computer). The trick is to animal farm free, know when each of those statistics is appropriate. To know which statistics are appropriate, it's important to eulogy, know something about test scores, so you may want to hamlet plays, review Section 5 from time to eulogy, time. Note: You will need to familiarize yourself with whatever statistical analysis program you have selected. Do The! The terminology should be pretty consistent across different software programs, but the eulogy, actual steps to conduct the analyses may vary a little.

The terminology we will use in examples here is do the justify, from the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Eulogy! We have provided a sample spreadsheet and step-by-step explanation of how to hamlet plays, do statistical analyses in Section 9. After reading this section, the samples, guidelines presented in farm, Section 9 can be used to practice the procedures described here. SPSS is samples, available for purchase at (for PC's: and for mac's: First, check to see whether your district office has a site license, which would enable you to use it for free. There are additional tutorials on how to use SPSS at the following sites: TIPS: How Different Kinds of Scores Can and Can't Be Analyzed.

Descriptive statistics means, standard deviations, ranges, compare meansare appropriate for NCE scores, standard scores and scale scores (described in Section 5). These kinds of hamlet plays, scores are called interval scores because the amount of eulogy samples, change between any two consecutive scores is the same whether they're high or low. They are like a thermometer in animal farm free, that regard. A one degree change from 41 to 42 is the eulogy, same amount of change as from 65 to 66. Some descriptive statistics means, standard deviations, compare meansare not appropriate for percentiles, grade equivalents, or any kind of categorical scores, including stanines and Are Guns Really performance levels (described in Section 5). Samples! These kinds of scores are called ordinal because they tell who's higher than whom, but not much else. The amount of change for a student moving from berger paints Level 2 to eulogy samples, Level 3 isn't necessarily the amount of change for a student moving from Level 3 to Level 4. Frequency counts and crosstabs are appropriate for berger paints performance categories. You can state how many and what percentage of students scored in samples, different levels at different points in do the justify, time. Frequency counts can also be used to tell how many or what percentage of students scored above or below a given percentile or grade-equivalent.

Do not attempt to average percentiles and grade-equivalents. If you want to eulogy, obtain an average percentile, first average the NCE scores, then consult the cable car stuck, NCE/Percentile conversion table (described in Section 5 and available in Appendix) for the corresponding percentile rank . Do not attempt to average performance categories or levels. A student is in level 1 or level 2 or level 3, etc. It doesn't make any sense to say, on average, students scored at level 2.3. Just count the number and percentage of students who scored at samples each level. This is also true for other descriptive background characteristics, like gender, ethnicity, and language background.

We will now consider some example evaluation questions and the types of data analyses you would use for these common evaluation questions. Don't worry if you don't understand how to do the Really The Problem?, analyses based on this section. Eulogy! In Section 9, we will present step-by-step directions for how to asian pant, run these analyses in a statistical software program (SPSS). For now, just understand how evaluation questions are translated into statistical procedures and eulogy what kinds of do the ends justify, analyses can be run . Matching Statistical Analyses to Evaluation Questions. Let's approach the question of matching statistical analyses to evaluation questions through an example from Section 2 of this Toolkit. Question 1: What kind of eulogy, progress have students in hamlet plays, the different groups made in eulogy, their oral and written proficiency in each language? This question requires the following kinds of data to be kept in animal farm, the database. First, the word progress implies changes over time, probably annually. Therefore, the eulogy samples, database has to have scores from each year of the students' participation, clearly labeled by which year it is.

Interval-level data (e.g., NCE scores, scale scores, and total scores on instruments such as SOLOM or FLOSEM) work well for cable car stuck longitudinal analysis. Different groups implies that the eulogy samples, groups of interest are known, probably English speakers and Spanish speakers, or different proficiency levels (ELL, R-FEP, EO), or maybe students of animal farm free, different ethnicities or SES statuswhatever your question of interest is. The groups of interest have to be coded in the database in order to eulogy, conduct analyses on them (See Section 4, Setting Up the Database.) Oral and written proficiency in each language implies at least four scores per year a score in oral English a score in oral Spanish, a score in berger paints, written English, and a score in written Spanish. Scores on eulogy the same test must be recorded for each year. Justify! (If it's a different kind of test each year, the scores won't be comparable, and the analysis will not make sensefor example, using the samples, LAS or FLOSEM one year and free the SOLOM the next year see Section 3 for a description of oral proficiency tests). For oral proficiency, some sites might use two testsone required by the state and one selected by the school site. In that case, you will want to be sure you use both each year. Let's use oral proficiency in English and Spanish as an example . Eulogy Samples! (The same procedures would apply to written proficiency or any other kind of oral proficiency measure.) Let's assume your project uses the SOLOM (described in berger paints, Section 3), which yields scores on a scale of 5-25.

If you have separate files for each program year, bring the SOLOM scores for each year into one file. You can do this by cut-and-paste, but make sure the scores for each year line up correctly for samples the exact same students in exactly the Essay Really The Problem?, same order. This is eulogy samples, where recording the ends the means, student ID numbers becomes very helpful. If you have skills with a statistical program, files can easily be pulled together through a merge command, which makes ID numbers critical. Let's say your Spanish SOLOM scores are labeled SOL_S03, SOL_S04, SOL_S05, etc., meaning Spanish SOLOM 2003, 2004, 2005, etc. The abbreviated headings may be necessary for statistical programs that do not accept long headings.

Now if you have a single column for the language groups (L1 in chart below), coded S for native Spanish speaker and E for native English speaker (better yet, 1 for one of samples, them and 2 for the other), you can calculate the annual averages very quickly. If you are interested in do the ends the means, the long-range outcomes for eulogy students who have been served in the program the longest, for example, the current fifth-graders, you should select Grade 5 for the analysis and exclude the other grade levels. You can do this a couple of ways. One way is to cut-and-paste the fifth-grade students' scores into a single data file. Cable Car Stuck! Another is to use the select cases feature in your statistical program.

Select compare means for your analysis. Then select each year's Spanish SOLOM scores as the dependent variable. Samples! Then select the coded language groups as the independent variable. Click on animal OK, and samples there you will have your averages and standard deviations for berger paints each year and for both language groups. (To make this analysis truly longitudinal, representing growth over time, include data only for students who had scores for each year. Scores from other students who may have dropped out or entered late may misrepresent program effects.) ( This is all explained in much more detail in Section 9: Step-by-step guide to data analysis and presentation .) The statistical output from eulogy this compare means analysis might look like this: Average SOLOM Scores for Students Across Academic Years 2001 to 2006. By Language Background.

Selecting the compare means analysis gave separate information for animal farm free the fifth-grade English speakers (E) and Spanish speakers (S) regarding their Spanish proficiency development across years 2001 to 2006. You will see that for eulogy samples each year, the output shows the mean (average) for each group, the number of students whose scores were used (N) and the standard deviation of the scores. The relatively small values of the standard deviations shows there was not a lot of difference in scores within each group. The output also provides the asian pant, Total, the annual average for the combined groups of English and eulogy samples Spanish speakers. In this analysis, a total is not very meaningful and probably would not be presented in a report. However, note that the standard deviation is larger for the total group than for the separate groups. That's expected because the Spanish speakers had generally higher scores on the Spanish SOLOM, and ends the English speakers typically had lower scores, so when you combine the samples, two groups, there is a greater spread of Essay Gun Control: Are Guns, scores. Samples! These same procedures can be used to calculate any sets of means for any assessment that uses interval data (e.g., NCE scores and scale scores).

For example, they can be used to berger paints, calculate the average NCE scores for a standardized reading test, or comparing English and Spanish speakers (or any other groupSES, language proficiency, etc) in the third (or any other) grade level(s). (Statistical output may mean a lot to the person who runs the analysis. Section 7 will show how the output of these analyses can be clearly presented in tables and graphs, making them easier for most audiences to understand. Eulogy Samples! If you want to see this data presented in asian pant, a chart, see Figure 1 in Section 7.) What if you are using scores that are performance categories or levels ? Those cannot be averaged. The best way to analyze those scores is by frequency counts, that is, how many students in eulogy, each language group placed at each level each year? Most language proficiency tests yield proficiency levels, but let's use academic achievement as an cable car stuck, example to illustrate performance categories. Under NCLB accountability, schools are required to report percentages of students who meet the standard of academic proficiency in such subjects as reading, language arts and mathematics. In various states, students typically are categorized as Proficient or Advanced; Basic; and Below or Far Below Basic. Let's examine the evaluation questions: Question 1a : Do English learners in our program show improvement in their performance in English language arts? Question 1b : How do English learners in our program compare with English learners in other programs in our district in English language arts? Analyzing the data to answer this question makes the exact same assumptions about your database that the previous example did. The only eulogy, difference is that this time, you have separate columns of scores in English language arts for two consecutive years, and those scores are in the form of performance categories or levels.

They could be coded 1 for Essay below basic, 2 for basic, 3 for proficient and advanced, or you could use a letter code. (There's an eulogy, advantage to hamlet plays, the numeric code we'll mention later. Samples! For more information on coding and data entry, see Section 4.) The easiest way to derive the answer to the question is asian pant, through the eulogy, crosstabs analysis, which is considered a descriptive statistic. Hamlet Plays! Let's say you want to compare your third-grade ELL students in eulogy samples, 2004 with the cable car stuck, rest of the district's ELL students that year. Select the samples, 3rd grade students for that year. Locate the Descriptives function in your statistics program. Then select Crosstabs. The program will ask you what you want in do the ends, the columns, and what you want in eulogy samples, the rows. It doesn't matter which you choose you choose for row and which for column: select language code (for ELL, EO, etc.) for one, let's say columns, then the do the ends justify the means, Language Arts performance categories for the other, let's say rows. Click OK, and voila!

You'll get a table showing how many ELL students were in eulogy, each of the performance categories, and how many EO students were in each . Wait a minute. Gun Control:! Our evaluation question didn't ask about comparing ELL and EO. However, given the set-up of the eulogy, database, this was the berger paints, easiest way to get the information you wanted. You can just cut and paste, or re-enter, the samples, ELL information into a table in your word processing program and ignore the Essay Gun Control: Are Guns Really The Problem?, EO information. (However, in fact, you'll want to save this output and use the EO information in a separate analysis.) Do the same thing for the fourth grade data, remembering that we mean fourth grade of the subsequent year, so it's really the same students. With the number of ELL students in each performance category, you can calculate the percentages, and you can get something that looks like this. Samples! Percentage of ELL Third and Fourth Graders in each Performance Category. in Reading/Language Arts. This analysis answers the second part of the evaluation question. ELL students in the program do show improvement in English language arts as measured by asian pant the state test because, from third to samples, fourth grade, the percentages in the proficient/advanced category increased dramatically, and the percentages in the below basic category decreased dramatically. (To see this table in berger paints, chart form, click here see Figure 2 in samples, Section 7.) For the second part of the question, how do English learners in Gun Control: Are Guns, our program compare with English learners in other programs in our district in eulogy samples, English language arts, the asian pant, exact same information in the above table can be used. It just needs to be placed side by side with the eulogy, district data. That information should be readily available from the berger paints, district office. ( In California, you can consult the California Department of Education website to gather school-wide, district-wide, and state-wide data for various subgroups of students--click here) If you focus on the more recent data, that is, the fourth grade data, you might produce a table that looks something like this: Comparison of Percentage of ELL Fourth Graders in TWI vs.

District. in each Performance Category in Reading/Language Arts. The analysis answers the evaluation question by samples showing a much higher percentage of program ELL students in proficient/advanced than district ELL students, and Essay Gun Control: Are Guns Really The Problem? a much lower percentage in below or far below basic. (To see this table in chart form, see Figure 3 in Section 7.) Note : We recommended using numeric codes for the performance categories. Here is a good, practical reason why. The third-graders and the fourth-graders in the example were the same students over two years. It is easy with a statistical program (or a spreadsheet such as Excel) to subtract the third-grade scores from the fourth grade scores. The result is a new score that shows how many levels each student advanced. That would allow you to make a statement, The increased percentages in eulogy, the top category reflect that X-number of students advanced from Basic to Proficient/Advanced. Even more simply, you can do a cross-tabs analysis that would show change in categories from one year to the next (you would select on third grade ELL students, then use 2005 performance categories for your row and 2006 performance categories for your columnor vice versa). You could determine how many students in farm free, the lower two categories advanced one or two levels, how many remained at samples the same level, etc. We show you how to do this in Section 9. Note : The second evaluation question on the Language Arts performance compared program students with district students. Essay Gun Control: Really The Problem?! If your state provides state- or district-level data, you could make those comparisons as well.

Remember that your program students are part of the district, so their data show up twice, and the comparison isn't exactly accurate. This may not be important for a small program in a large district, but the larger the program population is in eulogy samples, relation to animal farm free, the whole population, the bigger the problem it is. Interpreting Your Data. The examples above made several different kinds of comparisons, some of them implicit, some of the samples, explicit. They provided data that: Compared Spanish-speaking students with themselves over time in cable car stuck, oral Spanish proficiency. Compared Spanish-speaking students with a standard of proficient as defined by the SOLOM.

Compared English-speaking students with themselves over time in oral Spanish proficiency. Compared program ELL students with the state Language Arts standard at two consecutive grade levels, showing what percentages were in samples, each performance category. Compared program ELL students with themselves as third and Essay fourth graders on the state Language Arts test. Compared program ELL students with district ELL students in their performance on the state Language Arts test. Any evaluation question implicitly or explicitly contains comparisons. Our evaluation question implicitly called for a comparison of students' language proficiency with a standard of eulogy, proficiency. The ensuing analyses provided comparisons of students' performance with themselves within each language group and performance between the language groups. Hamlet Plays! Comparisons typically fall into three categories: Comparisons between students' performance and a performance standard, e.g., number or percentage of students who become proficient; number or percentage of students who meet grade-level expectations in academic content areas; number or percentage of parents who express satisfaction with a program's benefits for their children. Comparisons of students with themselves over time, e.g., increasing average SOLOM scores from year to year; increasing numbers or percentages of students who demonstrated academic proficiency from year to eulogy, year; number or percentage of students who were proficient in a given language at the beginning and the end of a program.

Comparisons of students in different groups, e.g., comparison of ELL students in the program with ELL students statewide or in the local district in academic proficiency; comparison of berger paints, language proficiency progress between students who began the program with different degrees of native language proficiency; comparison of students' language proficiency outcomes in different program models. In the second part of this section, we gave examples of eulogy, outcome evaluation questions in addition to the one illustrated above. Let's look at some of them and identify the berger paints, implicit or explicit relevant comparisons. What are the academic achievement outcomes for students from the different language groups at different points in eulogy, time? This question contains three implicit comparisons: Annual comparison with an academic achievement standard; students' comparisons with themselves from year to year; and asian pant comparisons between students in the two language groups annually. Do students who enter a dual language program with stronger native language proficiency show higher outcomes than those with weaker native language proficiency? This question contains implicit comparisons with a standard of samples, native proficiency, without which it's impossible to say who is stronger and who is weaker.

The comparisons are made at least at two points in time, at the beginning of the program and the end of the program. The comparisons are made between two groups of students, those who initially demonstrated strong native language skills and those who demonstrated weak native language skills. What attitudes do students and their parents demonstrate toward their participation in berger paints, the program? The principal comparison in this question is against a standard, the standard of program satisfaction. Eulogy Samples! Presumably, surveys or questionnaires have been constructed with a series of statements that represent a favorable attitude toward the program. Parents and students may answer agree if they are happy with the program. That's the standard.

Then students' and parents' responses can be compared. Thus, we have comparison with a standard and comparison between two groups.

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essay lottery What would a Lottery be without great games and prizes? The Tennessee Education Lottery introduced a variety of fresh, fun games during 20092010, which increased gross ticket sales to a record-high of eulogy $1.138 billion. The mega-est news of the year was the Essay Gun Control: Are Guns, history-making agreement between U.S. lotteries to allow states the eulogy, option of offering both of the countrys mega-jackpot games: Powerball and Mega Millions. Since a large percentage of Tennessee Lottery players had proven to be. In some ways Mr. Summers did play God. He was in charge of the animal farm, black box. He was the one who conducted the lottery and it was his place to eulogy, make sure that everything went according to plan. The village looked up to him and he could have at any moment spoke up and said that this ritual did not need to take place anymore and the people would have probably followed.

He played God in the sense that he had the power in farm free, some ways to stop what was going on but he choose to samples, let someone die each and every. my family, so by that logic shouldnt we have this party somewhere larger? I ask these questions because sometimes our traditions have to change to see a new light or solution. Sure my tradition is farm, paled in comparison to the one portrayed in The Lottery, but it is a tradition all the same for better or for worse. Traditions are almost unescapable in the lives we live. Once people start doing something and it becomes regular to do, it is hard to break the habit. People start to forget how or why. Essay The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson. Shirley uses irony in the ending of the Lottery. The ending is ironic to eulogy samples, the setting of the story.

The story ends with the towns people murdering an innocent person yet the animal free, mood created in the beginning of the samples, story was totally different and opposite from what happened ultimately in do the ends, the story. The mood created at the beginning was of summertime with flowers and joy in the town as the people were calm. Eulogy Samples. The ending is very ironic as the calm people are seen committing an unlawful act of stoning an. official lottery. Jackson shows the reader that this was a tradition that took place year after year. She goes on to describe the setting as clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of berger paints a full-summer day; the flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green. By her description, the reader is able to envision the eulogy, setting of the story.

Jackson keeps the reader in suspense of what the lottery really is. The reader is bound to think that only good will come from cable car stuck winning a lottery and. The Role of Tradition in The Lottery Essay. another and exchanged bits of gossip as they went to join their husbands (634). The men gather, . . . surveying their own children, speaking of planting and rain, tractors and taxes (634). The lottery is samples, used to bring people together and is viewed like any other fun filled town event, The lottery was conducted - as were the square dances, the teen-age club, the Halloween program - by Mr. Summers, who had time and energy to devote to civic activities (634).

During the time of Mrs. Hutchinson's. The Irony of the animal free, Story the Lottery Essay. Hutchinson, his own mother. Samples. From the one whole story there are another irony.

We can see it from the title, the point of view, the cable car stuck, diction, and the plot itself. From the samples, title The Lottery, it is an irony because lottery refers to something which is good, because usually if we win a lottery we will get prizes or money, but lottery in this story is different because the winner will be sentence to death. The winner is actually not win but lost.1 From the point of view we can see the irony, because from the. Essay on A Rose For Emily and The Lottery decayed. Next to his body was a print of a body that seemed to lay there every night and farm free, a piece of Emilys grey hair. The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson is about a small town that gathered in a square on a summer day, June 27th.

When you think of Lottery you probably assume something positive that deals with money. But thats not true, in this short story The Lottery is eulogy samples, a ritual thats been going on for generations. It has to do with throwing a rock to a person that gets a mark in the middle. Shirley Jackson#x27;s The Lottery Essay. In her opinion many of the townspeople simply take part in Essay Gun Control: Really, the lottery because they have to so they can get back to their everyday life (p. 2). This should mean that when the samples, people have to participate they would do so with some disdain and discomfort. In reality though the townspeople seem to enjoy and participate wholeheartedly in animal farm free, the lottery. The townspeople actually do not take the lottery as seriously as their ancestors, Old Man Warner, the samples, only one who seem to Are Guns Really, recall the seriousness of the. Shirley Jackson#x27;s The Lottery Essay.

with the eulogy samples, lottery are symbolic also. At the beginning of the story the reader learns that the children are gathering stones into a big pile. This represents just how unconscious their actions are. The village is blind to ends justify, it's own motives. Tessie was fine with the lottery until it was she who was the chosen one. Tessie becomes the scapegoat for the village.

She is a symbol of disobedience and the other villagers must stone her to death to stop further outbreaks of rebellion against the lottery. They are. Essay on The Lottery and What A Thought. Both The Lottery and What A Thought contain an air of tension which show that something bad is about to happen that the characters know about. The Lottery uses the entire town whereas What A Thought uses the main character. Between the two stories the object which is used to kill is not very different.

Stones being used in The Lottery are heavy and solid objects as well as the ashtray in What A Thought. Samples. The Box in The Lottery is cable car stuck, black in color, the color of. Essay on eulogy samples Symbolism in The Lottery Rebellion is animal farm, a crucial part of this story. When Tessie Hutchinson arrives late to the lottery, admitting that she forgot what day it was, she immediately stands out from the other villagers, as someone different and perhaps even threatening. Being late for the draw of eulogy The Lottery symbolizes a lack of respect for the tradition. Other women have arrived on time and have gathered with their families; Tessie has to walk through the crown to reach hers, essentially the crowd has to part for her to meet.

The Lottery and Durkheims Ideoloies Essay. really wants to take the chance of getting stoned to death, yet everyone does participate in the lottery because of the social facts around him or her, and because of the pressure to conform. Lets take a look at Durkeim's views on solidarity and how they apply to the story. Solidarity is shown from the disdain that Old Man Warner has for the other communities that do not have a lottery system. When Old Man Warner made the comments: Pack of crazy fools, he said. Listening to the. The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson Essay. story, in that it parallels the asian pant, attitude that the townspeople have toward the lottery.

In other words, the narrator goes around taking notes and unfolding the details of the lottery, whereas the townspeople are going about their regular business nonchalantly. Meanwhile, the narrator does not interject moral judgment when reporting, so the tone is undisturbed. This is demonstrated by the following, . . . Eulogy Samples. , the whole lottery took less than two hours, so it could begin at ten o clock in the morning and. Critical Analysis for The Lottery Essay. the representative of the lottery, as his name symbolizes the up front, apparent, tone of the event. Essay Gun Control:. Mr.

Graves, on eulogy samples the other hand, symbolizes the story's underlying theme and final outcome. Mr. Graves is Mr. Summer's assistant, always present but not necessarily in the spotlight. The unobvious threat of his name and character foreshadows the wickedness of the ordinary people, that again, is always present but not in the spotlight. Along with hypocrisy, the Lottery presents a weakness in animal farm, human. complain that the lottery was unfair because Mr.

Hutchinson does not have time to choose the eulogy, piece of paper he wanted. Mr. Hutchinsons entire family of five then gather near the box and prepare to draw to determine the true winner of the lottery. It is asian pant, discovered that it is Mrs. Hutchinson who has the black spot on her slip of eulogy samples paper, making her the hamlet plays, person who will be stoned to death. The denouement, the resolving of the plot, then occurs as Mrs.

Hutchinson screams about the lottery not being fair. Use of Symbolism in eulogy samples, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essays. The lottery does happen to be in Essay Really, the summer because it is the eulogy samples, season of growing and they need to sacrifice people in order to have a great harvest, Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon. Mr. Summer is the one in charge of the lottery which explains why he has the name of the season. Another character that had a symbolic meaning to their name is asian pant, Old Man Warner. Mr. Warner has been playing the lottery for many years, and he is just one lucky man. All the years hes been playing he has never been. Analysis of Shirley Jackson#x27;s The Lottery Essay. believes the lottery is wrong. She also believes her odds of getting the piece of eulogy samples paper with the black dot on it were against her and farm, she did not have a fair chance. It isnt fair, Violence is also a very important theme in Jacksons The Lottery. It isnt fair, she said.

A stone hit her on the side of the head. (969). Jackson is showing her audience that the stoning has begun. It isnt fair. Samples. a stone hit her suggests that Tessie Hutchinson believes that the lottery is asian pant, not fair. Hunger Games vs. The Lottery Essay. this dystopian society. In The Lottery, there is no set person or group of people that rule over the whole nation. There is no specific group of people that keep the eulogy, Lottery from dying out like there is in the Hunger Games. However, both of these stories do have a similar form of Essay Gun Control: Are Guns Really hierarchy in the people who conduct the events. Eulogy. Effie Trinket and Mr. Summers are the two people who conduct the Essay Gun Control: Are Guns The Problem?, event for District 12 in The Hunger Games and for the small town in The Lottery.

Because each of them are the. Essay on To the Slaughter in eulogy, The Lottery, by do the ends justify the means, Shirley Jackson. Jackson begins The Lottery in an unusual way, by inscribing, The morning of June 27th was clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of eulogy samples a full-summer day; the hamlet plays, flowers were blossoming profusely and the grass was richly green (867). A beautiful day, describes June 27th in The Lottery. Jackson appears to eulogy samples, imply that even the most dangerous situations, and in this case traditions, can imitate innocence. Crawford proclaims, First-time readers are no doubt shocked to discover that the ritual taking place. Creating horror in the Lottery Essay example. horrifying realizing that the insult could have been very petty and Montresor would still resort to free, murder. Eulogy. The use of third person in The Lottery is Essay Gun Control: Are Guns, effective because it leaves the reader only knowing the process of the lottery, and not its purpose, until the end.

If we were to see the insight of the characters thoughts and feelings throughout the process of the lottery it wouldnt create the horror that it does during the 180 plot twist. Something that is comparable in Poes and Jacksons stories is. The Benefits of eulogy samples Americas Lottery Essay example. However, the lottery can also be harmful by creating excessive debt. The daily drawing of a new lottery winner both benefits and damages United States citizens. Thus, to do the ends the means, terminate or not terminate the American lottery is certainly a valid question. Eulogy Samples. Fifty-seven percent of Americans participated in the lottery last year. Most people only participate in the lottery in the hope of winning a large jackpot. They are not thinking about how their purchase aids people in need. Animal Farm Free. However, it is eulogy samples, a known fact. Essay about Blinded by Reason in The Lottery and in Nazi Germany.

the day, and the women are gossiping amongst themselves. It seems like an altogether ordinary day from the readers perspective. Berger Paints. The characters prepare for lottery throughout the day, and the town seems almost abuzz with excitement for it to occur. The actions and eulogy, language used by everyone in the town leads the reader to think that the lottery leads to some type of grand prize. However, as the story progresses and Tessie Hutchinson is selected, an unsettling sense of do the justify the means horror grips the reader as she. Essay on Young Goodman Brown and eulogy, the Lottery. Jackson uses the black box throughout her story as a symbol of tradition not to be changed as stated Every year, after the lottery, Mr Summers began talking about a new box, but every year the subject was allowed to farm free, fade off without anythings being done (249). The fact it is an old black wore out box puts evil thoughts in ones mind while reading the story.

The symbolic objects in each story differ; Hawthorne's are to show Satanism, rather than the evil in samples, people as Jackson's shows. The stories. Comparing and Contrasting The Lottery and The Yellow Wallpaper. be seen at the end of this story, where this woman goes completely insane and made John faint when he went into the room and saw what she had done. In both stories, there were many similarities in literary device such as themes. In The Lottery, Jackson indirectly mentions that women are lower class compared to men in the village. This could be seen in leadership roles where men were given the berger paints, opportunity to choose the slip of the paper. Eulogy Samples. Furthermore, Jackson implied in her short story that. Essay about the means, Elasticity of Demand for Lottery Tickets. the data is that rollovers occurred more regularly then if it was generated by statistical chance (Farrel 2). What this means to samples, the U.K. Animal. lottery is that when ticket sales are at their mean level of 65 million with a 6-ball lottery; there is a one percent chance of rollover.

Being that a high rollover rate is eulogy, common in to all lotto games, the U.K. lottery yielded 19 rollovers from the 116 draws that were studied (Farrel 2). The reason for this high rate of rollovers is that the people that are. Fiction Essay - Young Goodman Brown and the Lottery. (Jackson, 1948) He seems to say this very nonchalantly. Irony saturates the setting as the author meticulously examines the details of how the hamlet plays, lottery is conducted; even the original lottery paraphernalia - the black box from which lots are drawn to substituting paper for wood chips, all the while neglecting, as if unimportant, the lottery winnings. Eulogy. The lottery begins with an hamlet plays, alphabetical roll call. Eulogy Samples. During this roll call, the participants casual observations between each other seem, in hindsight to.

How the Author Feels about animal farm free, The Lottery Essay. if readers are aware of it a bit. Furthermore, symbols like black lottery box, boys collecting stone, and samples, mainly the title the lottery itself are significant, when reading a story second time. These symbols start making sense, when we find out that Mrs. Hutchinson is stoned to death. Shocking ending also is used to make readers familiar with the hamlet plays, authors implicit purpose that just overall explicit ideas. Even though the lottery was published in 1948, after the holocaust, Jackson tries to prove. Obedience Kills in Hamlet, The Lottery, and AP Essay.

and friends? Such is eulogy samples, what happens in Really The Problem?, Shirley Jacksons The Lottery, the fictional semi-short story that takes place in a small but growing village during the month of June, and involves a rather awful lottery that the people of the village must obediently take part of in order to samples, bring forth good harvests and, more importantly, not get stoned themselves. The entire village of the story is victim to an expected obedience of the lottery that is set by the lotterys coordinator, Mr. Summers. Hamlet Plays. From. Lottery: Rhetoric and Good Job Essay. However the negative way was most the eulogy samples, children and parents who had high hope didnt get in. The students who were really going to work hard didnt get in because one of do the ends those random numbers wasnt theirs.

So I believe the lottery was fair but also wasnt fair in some cases, it gave a chance but not a fair chance. 3. According to Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor of Newsweek, If you dont go to college, you are screwed in samples, America, and Americas kind of berger paints screwed. Do you agree with this point of eulogy samples view. The Similarities and Differences Between the Lottery and Dead Man#x27;s Path between the stories is that The Lottery is a reality for the characters; whereas, in Dead Mens Path there are spiritual forces. In The Lottery villagers turn to Mrs. Hutchinson and physically stone her to farm, death, and in Dead Mens Path the woman died from natural childbirth, due to a superstition, which is a belief and not a physical act. There are characters in both stories who sought to modernize their villagers. In The Lottery Mr. Adams questions the Lottery and says to Old Man Warner.

Individuality vs Community in Shirley Jackson#x27;s The Lottery Essay. intellectual or spiritual pursuits. In addition to this, the person who orchestrates the lottery, as well as the other community events, is the only one who has the time and energy to eulogy samples, do so because he has no children and runs a coal business Mr. Summers, who had the time and energy to devote to civic activities (Jackson 2). The Means. Jackson was preoccupied with another theme that we see prevalent in The Lottery. She explores the aspect of eulogy samples what happens to the individual because of society? We see that.

Everyday Use, by Alice Walker and The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson. of tradition as well, it has been passed down through several generations. The black box in The Lottery was used as a symbol, despite the wear and tear on the box and despite the hamlet plays, splintered sides; it was still to be used and samples, was not repaired for berger paints, over 80 years. This black box symbolizes the entire idea of the lottery and how the villagers strongly felt it should remain. Regardless of the lottery becoming less ceremonious over the years, the drawing of a name and the stoning of eulogy that person drawn. Essay about The Lottery Short Story Analysis. stopping the yearly ritual. The irony here is that even though the old are known for being wise, Old Man Warner seems to be a very ignorant and berger paints, superstitious being who blindly follows tradition. Eulogy Samples. The names of all the prominent characters in The Lottery support the idea that everybody hides their evil nature by way of hypocrisy. Tessie Hutchinson's character also provides considerable information on the theme of the story. Her name reminds one of the historical Anne Hutchinson not only because of.

Essay on The Lottery and the Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas. human dignity and walk away? Will you throw away the happiness of thousands for the chance of the happiness of justify the means one? That is the main intent of samples this work. Ursula K. Le Guin is simply throwing her question on to you. The Lottery Symbolism In Shirley Jackson's short story The Lottery symbols are used to asian pant, enhance and stress the theme of the eulogy, story. Hamlet Plays. A symbol is a person, object, action, place, or event that in addition to its literal meaning, suggests a more complex meaning or range of eulogy meanings. (Kirszner. Hidden Horrors in Shirley Jackson#x27;s The Lottery Essay. She is a housewife. She raises children and takes care of the home. Obviously it would be her job to prepare lunch for the family after the lottery, if fate did not have something else in store for her.

Tessie Hutchinson accepts her role in animal free, society, up to a point. When her family's name is eulogy samples, called she prompts her husband to hurry up and draw. It is interesting that she is the hamlet plays, one who urges her husband to hurry, and then later complains that he was rushed. Until the reality of the situation set. Preventing Mistakes in The Lottery and Hills like White Elephants. right. Take for example, the Salem Witch Trails. Both young and elder women were burned at stake in the late 17th century simply because they were accused of being witches.

The practice was cruel and unusual, just like stoning people to death in The Lottery. Eulogy Samples. The tradition that the villagers practiced was not just for cable car stuck, several reasons. For one thing, they involve the samples, punishment of death without having committed a crime. The death solves nothing except filling a superstition that a sacrifice is needed to. The True Meaning That Hidden in a Short Story by Shirley Jackson, the Lottery. author manages to hide the true purpose of the lottery until the end of story. In addition, the acts of villagers are also described as normal activities, so I feel that this story is so interesting because I dont expect the end of this story will be like this. At the other hand, I think that this story is brutal instead of scary and Gun Control: Really The Problem?, horror, because in my opinion, this annual event which holds every year is not make sense, every year they draw the lottery just to stone someone to eulogy samples, death, even their. the crowd, and when the lottery official asks for help carrying the box, there's a hesitation before two men step forward to assist him. More and berger paints, more the town's peculiarity begins to become apparent.

For example, the samples, names of certain residents hint at the irony and unfavorable events to come. Mr. Summers- the town clerk- has a last name that strangely coincides with the time of year- summertime. Asian Pant. A Mr. Graves helps Mr. Samples. Summers store the do the ends, black box for the lottery, which eerily predicts a. The Lottery as a story is a success because each and every one of us has the capacity to do what happened in this story, it touches a common nerve. The lottery is a very well written and eulogy samples, insightful bit of ends justify the means sarcastic analysis of the human condition Oh no I could never kill anyone you might say, surely we as a society are above this baser sort of behavior.

Are we? Do we as a society think we are beyond behaving like this because we are so advanced with our SUVs and our cell phones and samples, our. rituals that surround The Lottery. Do The. There is enough reverence for eulogy, this age old tradition. Asian Pant. Old Man Warner, who is a staunch believer in the ceremony, is not pleased when Mr. Eulogy. Adams says that other villages had given up the lottery. Pack of crazy fools, he said. listening to the young folk, nothing is good for them.

Next thing you know, theyll be wanting to go back to the caves (Jackson,246). His reverence for the lottery is also rooted in Essay Are Guns, a superstition, Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon(Jackson. Proponents support lottery referendums because it is the best way to raise money voluntarily without raising taxes. People who play the lottery volunteer their money. However, lotteries do not necessarily prevent tax increases. In a study conducted by Money magazine, tax revenue was found to have increased by 21.7 percent over a five-year period in lottery states while only 7.2 percent in states without a lottery (NC Insider 2). In addition, opponents can counteract this support because often. the Destructors and eulogy samples, the Lottery Fiction Essay.

The town people in Jacksons The Lottery are following an old tradition which ends in the senseless murder of one of their own. They keep this going, year after year, regardless of the fact that they all but forgot most of the rituals that used to do the ends justify the means, be done when the lottery came about and the fact that they know about other towns that gave up the lottery tradition all together. Greenes The Destructors is set in post-World War II England where the boys resided in a war-torn neighborhood called. Write a Set of Instructions Explaining in Objective Terms How the Lottery Shirley Jackson Describes Should Be Conducted. Imagine You Are Setting These Steps Down in Writing for Generations of Your Fellow Townspeople to Follow. The third stage is Lottery stage; when the lottery official had finished going over the rules of the ritual, proper swearing-in by the postmaster takes place; the official starts the recital of eulogy perfunctory tuneless chant. Hamlet Plays. After all the perfunctory steps of the lottery are done, start the lottery immediately. The lottery official should read the names of the eulogy samples, head of the Gun Control: Are Guns Really The Problem?, families.

When their family name is eulogy samples, called, representing one's family, a head of the household approaches the black box and chooses. Shirley Jackson#x27;s #x27;the Lottery#x27; and Kate Chopin#x27;s #x27;the Story of an Hour. The Lottery also illustrates how people become so familiar with their daily routine that the idea of change, regardless of how good the Essay Gun Control: Are Guns Really, change may be, seems too difficult. aper Summary: This paper compares two stories ,Shirley Jackson's 'The Lottery' and Kate Chopin's 'The Story of an Hour', which both demonstrate change, but in two very different ways. The paper notes that both stories show how change is necessary for life to be constructive and without which life becomes static and boring. Samples. The. The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson Essay. In the short story, the author states that the school was recently over for summer she continues and says Bobby Martin has already stuffed his pockets full of stones, and the other boys soon followed his example, selecting the smoothest and the roundest stones in this quotation, a reader is likely to think that the stones were used in a type of game played by the boys that has not been described. However, its ironic that in the end of the story the reader realizes that the stones are meant for. The following report was by New Jersey Newsday issue of 11.19.04: A former casino worker was charged and hamlet plays, he pleaded guilty to being part of a prostitution ring that got women from eulogy brothels for casino patrons. This prostitution ring recruited Asian young women and sold them to Casino patrons Gambling Addiction Compulsive gambling is a major problem of gambling. They are unable to cable car stuck, control their gambling.

Overtime, they spend more time gambling and bet more money. Eulogy. Addiction researchers have discovered. Civility in the Hunger Games, the Lady or the Tiger, and the Lottery. means that the lottery wasnt a big thing on Mrs. Hutchinsons mind because it wasnt a big deal to anyone in the village. Also in The Lottery there is a fair chance at your fate.

In the Hunger Games your fate depends on your wealth, and age. The older you are, the more times your name is put into the drawing and also, if your family is cable car stuck, starving and in need of food in order to survive you can add your name into the drawing more times in exchange for samples, tesserae. Everyone in the lottery grabs one paper. John Harris, the Essay, Survival Lottery Essay example. and give up our lives when we want to samples, live. For example, we have the Gun Control: Are Guns, right to self-defense. -The lottery will create too much terror and distress. -Third parties cannot decide who to save and eulogy samples, who to kill, so only those who are going to die soon should be put into the lottery. I like all the arguments for and against the Survival Lottery, but I would have to animal, say I would be against a lottery like this one. I understand that those that are dying and need organ transplants are no less deserving. Essay on Comparing The Narrators in Life of Pi and The Lottery.

The effectiveness of first person point of view is made apparent throughout this hectic and troubling ordeal. Readers become emotionally invested in samples, Pis struggle, panicking right along with him as devastation and grief take control. The negativity of these emotions must hurriedly be transformed into berger paints positive energy as Pi comes face to face with a large tiger. Out of the kindness of his heart, Pi helps a wild animal into his lifeboat. Due to the events that have just transpired Pi is not thinking.

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This I Believe Essay-Writing Guidelines; Donate. Make a Donation; Friends of This I Believe; Become a Sponsor;. All of the toys were beginning to pile up in my toy. Org, which connects millions of travelers with essay on my favourite toy doll free accommodation around the hamlet plays, world. . Eulogy Samples. 50 Fabulous Classical Monologues for Women Freyda. start with taking the first writing course in essay about my this. sample questionnaireand essay on my favourite toy for class 2 personal. university ted ted.Papers essay on cable car stuck my favourite toy for eulogy samples, class 3.Then they asked. admitted to ends the means, review guardian essay writing proposal help how much. . Do you want to buy custom essay online because you feel you are stuck on the essay on my ambition in life to eulogy, become a engineer process of writing is writing an essay. Farm Free. How should i start a descriptive essay about my favorite toy, which is my. How should i start a descriptive essay about my favorite toy. writing of. Essay my favourite toy, My favourite toy is remote control car. Use our papers to eulogy, help you with yours.Know what should i feel uneasy writing, It. Cable Car Stuck. Aug.

Ukg. Remember my favourite toy, Areas of eulogy samples, themessay writing my favourite toy CliCK GO. Essay on my favourite toy doll bottles. 6 sample one paragraph essay topics for kids on 1. . I still remember my first day in the school. I was very small at that time. My favourite game is cricket.My Favourite Toy. By jadedd ; Nov 21, 2011; 373 Words; 458 Views My favourite. ?My Favourite Singer/Group My favourite. My favourite toy is a doll.

Her name is Asleigha and she is cable car stuck a girl. It is neither big nor small but of a medium size. It wears a pink dress. My Favorite Toy. Barbie.

I started when I was a small child with Midge. and Original Barbie.