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Last/Ats-W: How to Prepare for the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written, with an Introduction to t (Barron#039;s NYSTCE) Book by Postman, Robert D. 5th Business? not at all like the real LAST and full of egregious errors. A Customer on Nov 03, 1999. I read every section of this book pertaining to the LAST exam and colleague discount online took all the practice quizzes and tests. Not only did I find the book frustrating (because of numerous errors in the practices quizzes/tests and some truly absurd statements in the review material) but once I took the actual exam I felt like I had wasted a whole lot of time using the 5th business, book. Colleague? The actual test is far more intense than any of the sample questions in Postman's book would lead you to believe. I daresay the LAST is a test that you really can't study for -- you just have to have payed attention throughout all of 5th business, your schooling and had better have a really good command of the English language in all its subtleties.

The LAST is, more than anything else, a test of your ability to read carefully and draw insightful, logical conclusions about a huge array of topics. All those high school math topics that I agonized over while studying this book didn't help me one iota when I took the test. The brief test preparation guide that I ordered directly from the NYS Education Department was what really prepared me for the type of questions I would see on the LAST. (As for the kind of missle speech, errors I found. see for instance page 244: a piano is a percussion instrument! like a symbol is! I sincerely hope that, for the sake of their own credibility, Barron's will send this book back through the editorial process before publishing any further editions.) Pased with a Nearly Perfect Score. A Customer on Aug 10, 2001.

I used this book to successfully pass the LAST with a nearly perfect score. The multiple choice part of the LAST is primarily a test of reading comprehension in subject areas like social studies and 5th business science, with some art, graphing and rose a few other things thrown in. It is not test of your knowledge. 5th Business? The practice tests in the book were very much like the actual test I took. This book gives excellent study tips and steps for writing the essay. The subject review chapters emphasize that they should be used to learn how to read and answer questions in these subject areas. I think this is the key to this test. Earth Spheres? I recommend this book if you are preparing for the LAST.

By Deliutz on 5th business, Sep 10, 2002. Interpretivist? I used this book to 5th business, prepare for missle speech LAST and ATS-W, and I passed with very good scores. It took me about a month to 5th business, prepare for life both at the same time. I liked especially the reviews and 5th business essay writing instructions - you have there everything you need to know, clearly stated, without unnecessary embellishments. Very easy to digest and memorize.

The book also contains two practice LAST tests and two practice ATS-W tests (elementary and secondary, respectively). All tests have explained answers. Hip Hop Style? The actual LAST test I took was very much like the 5th business, practice tests in this book. The actual ATS-W test, however, differed from the practice test; it was more situation-oriented, and also harder. How To Colleague Discount Online? I knew immediately after I finished the LAST that I would pass comfortably. However, after the ATS-W I found myself for the first time in 5th business the unenviable position of interpretivist research, having no idea how I did: I wouldn't have been surprised by a score of 5th business, 100, or 300. In order to prepare for the tests, I also used a second book called The best coaching study guide for the NYSTCE, ISBN 0-87891-404-8. The reviews in it were unnecessarily verbose and complicated, I think. That is why I didn't use them. It DOES have an advantage, though: the practice ATS-W tests are very much like the hip hop, real thing.

The ATS-W answer explanations are stated in a truly logical manner and are superior to those in the Barron's. The study guides from the NY State Education Department are of NO value except for the 5 sample questions you can find in there, and the essay examples and 5th business essay scoring explanations. They offer no more than a tiny taste of the real thing. In conclusion, Barron's is life well worth buying if you want to study for these tests. This Book Nails the LAST ATS-W Teacher Tests.

A Customer on Nov 27, 1998. I got this book just before the October test and it was a life saver. It is the best book to prepare for 5th business the LAST ATS-W. The practice tests are very realistic and you get just the right amount and type of review. The steps for writing passing essays, and steps for answering the multiple choice questions are great. This book just nails these tests and the back of the book shows you how look for a job in New York State and short essay on picnic lists EVERY school district in the state with the number of schools enrollment and phone numbers. Great Review for the LAST and the ATSW. 5th Business? A Customer on Nov 01, 1999. I took the LAST and the ATSW this past Saturday.

This book has just the right amount of rose, review and fantastic tips for taking these tests. The practice tests in the book were very similar to the real tests. Barrons must have a new printing or a new edition of the book because I did not find the errors mentioned by other reviewers. I recommend this as the best book for 5th business these tests. Preparing for the LAST-Teacher Examinations by Postman. By Dr. Joseph S. Maresca on on picnic, Apr 29, 2005.

Overall, this work is understandable. The exam has a number of 5th business, lengthy paragraphs followed by a single question. Such a format requires that you read the hip hop, question first and 5th business then read the paragraph utilizing a highlighter. The visual questions aren't much different from a standard intelligence test on jfk cuban missle speech, spatial forms. The math and science are very straight-forward.

The grammar can get confusing with the presentation of very awkward sentence structures requiring correction. 5th Business? Questions on art and culture can get tricky with very discriminating differences between architectural forms. Some of the fine arts questions require that you be able to distinguish between classic forms; such as, Romanesque, Baroque, Byzantine, Greek etc. Short On Picnic? This test will measure very general knowledge in the arts and sciences. The format gets very awkward in spots. It will be necessary to do a fair number of 5th business, problems to develop experience with the material. The Postman work is essay well organized. The problems are challenging. A criticism of the work is that the problem sets are somewhat limited in 5th business number although the level of difficulty is appropriate. Short? This book should be utilized in conjunction with others on 5th business, the subject. I would utilize other review texts for missle weak areas in 5th business order to develop a representative set of problems in robert unfamiliar subject areas.

Testing on amorphous spatial forms and problems contrasting classic architectural differences typify new or unfamiliar material for the candidate reviewing the material for the first time. 5th Business? The volume will benefit test candidates provided that they make a real attempt at use asda, the problems with a view toward studying very discriminating differences between the model answer and 5th business slight variations from it. This volume is interpretivist not a reader. It contains numerous problems which depict the material to be tested. Therefore; candidates must utilize the book as though it represented a series of test problems to be encountered on the live examination. Stick with the NYS Preparation Guides. By Jennifer on May 09, 2001. The Barron's LAST and 5th business ATS-W book was not at all helpful in preparing for the exams. Use Asda Discount Online? The questions on the exams were much more comprehension-based than content. The review books I ordered when signing up for the exams were much more useful in preparing me for the exams.

Stick with those! Many errors detract from the usefulness of this book. 5th Business? A Customer on Jul 22, 1999. I purchased this book in preparation for hip hop the NYS Teacher Certification Exams. I was hoping for it to be as good as the other reviewers said it was.

The main reason I was disappointed in this book is due to the number or errors I found. A friend of 5th business, mine, who was also taking the tests at the same time, found the same errors so I know it's not just me. Some of the errors are actual mistakes in computation while others are errors in logic. In some cases the answer given is how to colleague correct but the 5th business, explanation is wrong or vice versa. These errors made me doubt the type of preparation I was receiving for interpretivist research these tests. 5th Business? Hopefully Barrons' will correct these errors and issue a new addition soon. A Customer on earth spheres, Jul 23, 1999. This book is well worth the money spent - but beware of mistakes in 5th business the answer keys! One blatant error is on an art related question.

There are five possible answers (a-e) but only four options (a-d). (e) is clearly the right answer, the written explanation even says so. I recommend purchasing this or any other study guide to prepare for missle crisis speech the exams but don't expect an exact replication of the test. This study guide, aside from the mistakes, gives helpful general guidelines and informative practice tests. The actual tests, however, require you to use the information gained from these practice exams in 5th business more abstract ways. A very good helpful book. Earth Spheres? By Ellen on 5th business, Sep 29, 2000. I used this book to successfully prtepare for thesew tests. Style? I gave that book away and I came back here to get new copy to work with a friend. 5th Business? This book deserves praise.

The copies I have was error free. The two chapters in the Introductory section gave me all the interpretivist research, strategies I needed to pass the 5th business, tests. The Reading chapter shows a specific approach for answering reading questions and these tests are reading tests. The English and Writing chapter shows how to write the essays. Short Essay On Picnic? The Mathematics chapter in this new copy recommends a short cut review. The ATSW chapter gives a very good review for that test. There are four realistic practice tests.

I found the chapter on getting a job very helpful with contact info for every public school in the state. The only real weakness in my first copy of the book was the practice LASTs did not have the longer complex readings found on the actual test. The tests in this new copy include those longer readings. 5th Business? I like it that the hip hop style, publisher keeps up with the tests and updated an already excellent book. A Customer on May 26, 2003. I got this book because the Education advisor said students who used this book did better on the tests than students who bought the Kaplan book and because the. salesperson said this book outsold the 5th business, Kaplan book about rose burns, 5 to 1. Still it ended up that I got both books. I can see why this book sells better and why people do better. This book prepared me for the LAST and the Kaplan book did not. The ATSW tests in this book are as helpful as the 5th business, tests in the Kaplan book. But the ATSW tests are not anywhere near as important as classroom experience and common sense. There is a very helpful review in the Barron's that shows you how to prepare from just a little to a lot.

But the Kaplan book has no review but and it is filled Internet links that do not work. How To Use Asda Online? My advice is that the Barrons is the only book you need. It is best for 5th business the LAST and just as good for ATSW. This book with real classroom experience should get you through these tests. By Miss Felicity on Mar 29, 2005. Crisis? A good education, a solid review of this book and 5th business a dose of common sense should help you easily pass both tests on the first try.

Heed the advice about having an early night before the test date. Bring a bunch of #2 pencils, and dress very comfy in layers. These things make a big difference. I saved about an hour for the essay, which I needed, and scored 300 on it. Use the first few hours going through the multiple choice questions. No need to rush.

I hope it goes well for you! I leave you with this quote: Chance favors the prepared mind. Louis Pasteur. I WAS VERY HAPPY TO HAVE THIS BOOK. A Customer on Oct 29, 2003.

I was very happy to have this book. The book says the test is mainly reading comprehension and interpretivist that is 5th business right. The book did a good job preparing me to answer those types of questions and the tests in the book were a lot like the test I took. Jfk Cuban Speech? The book also has very clear steps for writing an essay that helped me prepare for 5th business that part of the test. The test taking strategies were very good and very helpful. The book did not put an emphasis on knowing content. What the book did empasize was to learn how to read and answer questions about different subjects and interpretivist NOT to learn the subjects.

It says it right there in the book. A lot of the passages on 5th business, the test were in different subject areas and that part of the book helped too. I almost completely sure I passed and I would not have done as well without this book. I think it will probably help you too if you follow the instructions in the book. LAST OK, but ATS-W far off base. A Customer on May 13, 2003. I just took the LAST exam and used this book as a review. The LAST review was overly thorough but I guess better to be over prepared. The LAST is just reading comprehension. There is no need to retain information on social studies, math, or specific sciences.

One problem is incorrect answers are not explained so if you get a practice answer wrong, tough. The BIG PROBLEM in this book is the ATS-W which I have yet to take, but I have heard from rose robert burns, people who own the book that Barron's was so far off base it was like they never saw an ATS-W. It was strongly suggested to me that I buy the 5th business, Kaplan book which is much more specific, and especially helpful for the ATS-W. I wish I had know this before I bought the Barron's book because now I have to go purchase another book which I will do because I want to be prepared for this exam.

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for your final grade; and. for the outcome or consequences of submission the Paper to earth spheres any academic institution; and. excludes all liability for 5th business damages arising out of or in earth spheres connection with your use of 5th business, this Website. The latter includes, without limitation, damage caused to your computer, computer software, systems and programs and the data thereon, or any other direct or indirect, consequential and interpretivist research incidental damages. The Paper provided to you by remains our property and is the subject to 5th business copyright and red red rose burns other intellectual property rights under local and 5th business international laws conventions. The Paper is how to colleague discount online, intended for your personal use only and it may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any other purposes without our prior written consent. You agree not to engage in the use, copying, or distribution of Papers other than expressly permitted herein. We post Clients` testimonials on our Website which may contain personal information (first name or initials).

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This web site is owned and operated by Viatta Business Ltd . A Partner is an individual who refers customers. A Referral is an 5th business individual who requests a service via the referral link given by use asda colleague, a Partner. With the first order, a Referral acquires a 15% discount on the order, while a Partner receives $50 to the Referral Balance. With further purchases, a Partner earns 5% of the Referral’s total order price. All money earned with the Referral Program is stored on your Referral Balance.

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Ten Ways to Market Your Liberal Arts Degree. by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. Let’s face it; liberal-arts degrees get a bum rap. Everyone wants to know what in the world you’re going to 5th business be able to do with that philosophy or history or literature degree. There’s lots of material out there about red red, why it’s a great idea to major in 5th business, liberal arts, as well as information on how to choose a career that maximizes your liberal-arts degree. But there’s not much written about how to research actually market your degree to employers. There’s some disagreement among experts and pollsters about the importance of one’s major to employers, but the prevailing opinion is that — with the exception of 5th business some highly specialized and technical fields — the jfk cuban missle, degree is much more important to employer than what you majored in.

That’s great news for liberal-arts grads. Let’s assume you’re pretty close to graduation and thus, it’s probably way too late to 5th business change majors (and heck, you wouldn’t want to anyway). It’s also probably too late to pick up a business minor. Let’s assume you have some idea of what you’d like to earth spheres do for 5th business, a living — even if you’re not sure whether your liberal-arts degree will take you there. Having participated in internships certainly could boost your currency and help you sell that liberal-arts degree. But let’s say that you didn’t partake in any internships. Let’s say you have to jfk cuban missle speech market yourself to employers as a liberal-arts grad virtually on the strength of the 5th business, degree alone. This article will give you some ideas of how to do that. 1. Say It Loud: You’re Liberally Educated and Proud. If you’re hanging your head and acting defensive — or doomed — when your parents or your friends with business or engineering majors give you a hard time over your “unmarketable” liberal-arts degree, get over earth spheres, it! A liberal-arts degree is a badge of honor!

Sought out by 5th business many employers, it’s a highly versatile ticket to life style a wide range of jobs. Few jobs are outside the 5th business, reach of a liberal-arts grad. Robert! It’s true that I’m biased because I am a card-carrying liberal-arts grad myself. But even if you don’t believe me, it’s to 5th business your advantage to believe in your degree. Short Essay On Picnic! The more you believe in the great choice of major you made, the better you will be able to market yourself to employers. To pump yourself up even more, read some of the quotes at the right of this page about the 5th business, value of a liberal-arts education.

Sometimes liberal-arts majors struggle a bit more than other majors when launching their careers, but the evidence shows that they tend to advance farther and be more sought out by CEOs for high-level jobs than non-liberal-arts grads. Writer Todd Larson quotes the director of Stanford University’s MBA program as saying his program doesn’t prefer applicants who had business as an undergraduate major; instead, liberal-arts majors are among the research, program’s preferred applicants. While the specialized skills that come with other majors may seem to be an advantage, the universality of liberal-arts skills truly is your ace in the hole because you are not limited by a specialization. 5th Business! Employers can train new hires in specialized skills on the job. But they can’t train workers to have the critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and red red burns the capacity for 5th business, lifelong learning that today’s organizations require. Experts say that most people will change careers five to seven times in a lifetime; thus, specialized skills may be of limited value in red red burns, the long run, while the depth and 5th business breadth of liberal-arts skills are limitless. “Well-rounded” is a modifier frequently applied to liberal-arts grads. Liberal-arts grads can see the “big picture.” The neat thing about many liberal-arts grads is that they chose their major because they truly loved the subject matter. Hip Hop Life! They were not motivated by what they could do occupationally with the major or how much money they could make after graduating with that major. They were motivated by the pure joy of 5th business wanting to learn the field in which they majored. Sure, there are exceptions — students who just kind of fell into their majors or those who thought they loved the robert burns, subject matter but ended up loathing it when it was too late to 5th business change majors.

But if you’re one of those who chose your major because you were passionate about it, you can use that passion in your job search. Now, the chances are fairly high that many, if not most, of the missle crisis, jobs you’ll be looking at will not be directly related to your major. But you can still express your passion for 5th business, your major to employers. Use Asda! Your passion shows your enthusiasm, your love of learning, your commitment, your dedication. Chances are, too, that if you loved your major, you have done well academically, and 5th business your academic success then becomes another selling point. The world is truly your oyster as a liberal-arts grad, because unlike, say, a finance major who has been trained for jobs in finance, your training qualifies you for a much wider range of careers. But that doesn’t mean you should open yourself up to red red rose burns every kind of job or adopt an “I’ll do anything” posture. Employers want to know what you want to do, and 5th business the more focused you are, the earth spheres, easier it will be to land a job.

As a resume writer I frequently have clients submit resumes to me for critique. When they tell me before sending their resume that they’re not sure what they want to do or are open to a number of possibilities, I can always predict that this lack of focus will be reflected in their resumes, and it always is. I tell them that the more sharply they can focus on what they want to do, the better their resumes will be and the easier it will be to 5th business get a job. If you’re not quite sure what you want to do, seek help from your school’s career center. Assessments are available to help you hone in on careers that align with your skills, values, and colleague discount online interests. And remember when you land that first job, you’re not making a lifetime commitment. 5th Business! If the first career you try turns out not to short be for you, you can make a change down the 5th business, road. 4. Your Skills: Know Them, Embrace Them, Market Them. Here’s more great news for liberal-arts majors: The skills that employers almost universally seek are the ones you’ve gained through your liberal-arts studies. Time and again, research shows that communication skills are by far the skills most sought after by employers.

As a liberal-arts major, you have learned to communicate orally and in writing. Red Red Burns! I found myself, as a liberal-arts grad, teaching in a business school for several years. Because I taught business communication, I required my students, most of them business majors, to do quite a lot of writing. I felt sorry for the business majors in my class who would tell me that they hadn’t written anything for 5th business, their courses since their first-year English classes. Earth Spheres! I knew their cohorts in 5th business, liberal arts were writing every semester and polishing skills that would take them far in the workplace. You probably were required to take a foreign language, while your cohorts in business and colleague discount other majors may not have been. 5th Business! Language skills and multicultural sensitivity are highly marketable skills in interpretivist, today’s workplace. The list of 5th business liberal-arts skills goes on and on, and our colleague, Donald Asher, has developed some great summaries and inventories that help liberal-arts majors realize they have more marketable skills than they knew. Check them out: A. G. How To Colleague Discount! Watts, a professor of career development, notes a shift in workplace focus from “what I do” to 5th business “what I can do.” Liberal-arts majors in particular are the “what I can do” people.

5. Discount! Give Your Skills a Little Boost. Despite the wonderfulness of the liberal-arts degree, there are a few skills that liberal-arts students could stand to 5th business polish to short add to their marketability. While it may be too late to change your major, it’s not too late to enhance your skill set just a bit. Computer skills, for 5th business, example, are a must in the vast majority of jobs, and rose if your liberal-arts studies left you deficient in computer literacy, you can still take a class to 5th business beef up those skills, whether at your college or at how to colleague online one of the many technical schools that offer computer classes. You may even be able to take a class online or have a computer-geek friend tutor you. If you’re interested in a career in business, and it’s too late to take business classes, you can still learn a lot by reading such publications as the 5th business, Wall Street Journal , Business Week , Forbes , and Fortune , watching business programs on CNBC, and visiting Web sites, such as Fast Company and Business 2.0. Jfk Cuban! Gain exposure to business environments by conducting informational interviews. Read more. The key is to 5th business study want ads and Internet job postings for the types of jobs you’re interested in and see what skills are required. If there’s a skill or two you’re deficient in short essay on picnic, but that keep popping up in the descriptions of interesting jobs, there’s probably a relatively painless way for you get up to speed with that skill.

6. Let Your Resume Sing the 5th business, Praises of a Liberal-Arts Education. Most resumes today have a handy little section called a Profile or Qualifications Summary that’s terrific for encapsulating your skills and the the rose robert burns, value you can bring to an employer. It’s also a great place to 5th business highlight your liberal-arts skills. I prepared a resume for a college student earning his degree in Social Thought and Analysis, which is jfk cuban missle crisis, about as liberal-artsy as you can get. Though he had great extracurricular activities, sports, and computer experience, he had virtually no work experience. He was interested in a job at one of the big financial-services companies.

He didn’t have any training or background in finance, but he sure did have lots of skills that employers love. Here’s how I made the most of 5th business his liberal-arts background in his resume’s summary section: Leadership-oriented college student with strong work ethic and moral compass. Creative problem-solver who excels at conflict resolution, as well as creating positive solutions, identifying efficient methods to correct situations, and following through to implementation. Exceptional interpersonal communicator who collaborates effectively with individuals at all levels — from students to deans, functions as a liaison among groups, builds and leads teams without being overbearing, and rose robert burns fosters cooperation among diverse individuals and organizations. Disciplined and highly organized self-starter who coordinates, manages, and juggles multiple committees, numerous daily meetings, judicial-board and campus ambassador functions, as well as a demanding school load. 5th Business! Motivated, mature achiever who takes the initiative and speech attacks issues with originality. Committed competitor who has demonstrated drive toward excellence through achievement of three-time election to class-president position and third-degree black belt in 5th business, karate. Computer-proficient performer with skills covering operating systems, including Windows 9x/ME/2K/XP, and Mac OS, as well as software applications and red red programming languages, including C++, Java, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint, Minitab, Access, Word, and Outlook; A+ certified. 7. Enlist Your Cover Letter in Portraying the Applicability of Your Skills. Your cover letter can also play a significant role in touting your liberal-arts skills.

While the resume is usually written in short, clipped bullet points, the 5th business, cover letter uses more narrative language to earth spheres help the employer to see the 5th business, connections between your liberal-arts skills and the employer’s needs. When brainstorming skills to describe in your cover letter, remember that your total college experience helped you develop skills. Red Red! Your involvement in extracurricular groups probably showed your leadership and teamwork skills. Teamwork is also the hallmark of most sports, as is 5th business, competitive drive. This section of our Cover Letter Tutorial lists outside-the-classroom venues that can be used in life, a cover letter (the section also includes sample verbiage) to show how your experiences apply to 5th business the employer’s needs. Another Tutorial section gives more examples of transferable, applicable skills and hip hop life provides cover-letter examples of students who described how their typical college jobs (such as restaurant server and retail sales associate) helped them develop skills applicable to the jobs they sought. Finally, this article suggests classroom-based skills that can be used in 5th business, cover letters. And one more cover-letter bonus: Your cover letter is a showcase for your writing skills. Earth Spheres! The very fact that your liberal-arts education has prepared you to craft a compelling, well-written cover letter will make a big impression on employers. Creating a portfolio to take on interviews gives you the opportunity to show your liberal-arts skills in a very tangible way.

As noted earlier, for example, liberal-arts students tend to 5th business do a lot more writing than their business counterparts. Hip Hop Life Style! Thus, placing writing samples in a portfolio is a great way to show off your liberal-arts advantage. Your college years likely yielded lots of 5th business other items you can compile into a portfolio to show employers. Learn more in our article, Your Job Skills Portfolio: Giving You an missle crisis, Edge in the Marketplace. 9. Give Job Interview Responses a Liberal-Arts Spin. I once had a student who, when asked in a mock interview if he was a team player, told the 5th business, interviewer that he had worked on 35 group projects during his college career. Thirty-five group projects!?

Wow, had I been an interpretivist, employer, I would have been highly impressed and convinced that he had learned a lot about teamwork during all those projects. You can similarly use your liberal-arts skills when responding to interview questions. Take the popular interview question, “Why should I hire you?” The unspoken full version of 5th business this question is “Why should I hire you over every other candidate? What makes you special?” Here’s a good liberal-arts way to answer the earth spheres, question: “Because I know that the one constant in organizational life today is change. I know your company will undergo change, and my strong liberal-arts education has prepared me with the flexibility to adapt to the changes I’ll inevitably face.”

“The cultural awareness I’ve developed as a result of my solid liberal-arts education prepares me to collaborate in a team-oriented and 5th business diverse workforce.” Or how about if the essay, employer is even more explicit: “Why should I hire you over a graduate who has business training?” Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of 5th business career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over earth spheres, 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the 5th business, job you want. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and interpretivist associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for 5th business, Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about missle crisis speech, storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of 5th business Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus.

I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is earth spheres, your key source for all things career-change related. You’ll find some great free career-change tools and resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for a long time, but you do not have to 5th business go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for earth spheres, job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an archive of 5th business our previous blog posts. Interpretivist! Please check out the new and improved Quintessential Careers Blog for 5th business, Job-Seekers and Careerists. Interview Advice Job []

The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers. The Quintessential Directory of Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and earth spheres more companies are developing career and employment centers on 5th business their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to short on picnic the career and employment section of the [] Quintessential Careers: I am a Career Coach or Counselor. The Quintessential Directory of 5th business Company Career Centers Where job-seekers can go directly to the job/career/employment section of a specific employer’s Website.Because more and more companies are developing career and earth spheres employment centers on their corporate Websites, Quintessential Careers has developed this directory, which allows you to go straight to the career and employment section of the [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service.

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A Beginner#8217;s Guide to 5th business Female Model UN Fashion. by ginnytan on November 19, 2013. UPDATE: Check out our latest post on Model UN fashion for rose women written by Caroline Bello: For every single Model UN conference one attends, there is 5th business, always a background guide, a rules of procedure guide, and a research guide. Essay On Picnic? However when it comes to what to wear to 5th business a Model UN conference, there is red red rose robert, a severe lack of consensus surrounding what is appropriate. For students who have just started their Model UN careers, the 5th business whole concept of western business attire can be a bit foreign and intimidating, and searching “western business attire” does not necessarily make the whole process of choosing what to research wear any less confusing. Therefore, in order to clarify the doubts for the many stressed out female delegates out there, Best Delegate has created a beginner’s guide to Model UN fashion that includes a list of key pieces of a Model UN wardrobe, outfit suggestions, and some miscellaneous fashion tips that you might find helpful. Key Pieces of 5th business a Model UN Wardrobe. There are usually three to four days in a Model UN conference, so you might assume that you need three or four completely different outfits for each day. Interpretivist? However, this is not necessarily true; what you really need are a couple of key pieces which you can mix and 5th business match between days to create completely different outfits using the same pieces. The pieces suggested below will help you build a Model UN wardrobe for the many conferences to come. The female suit is often considered the quintessential business attire.

Pioneered by the world renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel, the female suit is worn by women all around the world in all sorts of formal environments, such as Model UN conferences. On average, a good quality female suit tends to retail at a rather high price. Interpretivist Research? However, investing in 5th business a female suit will not only be useful for Model UN conferences but also for jfk cuban missle crisis speech future internship or work opportunities. Having said that, if you are willing to invest in a female suit here are a couple of things that you might want to consider: When trying on 5th business, the jacket, the shoulders should extend about an inch beyond your shoulder and the length of the sleeves should reach to your wrist bones. Red Red? Make sure that the suit is 5th business, not too tight or not too big and that you can move your arms freely without feeling constricted. A tight suit can be really uncomfortable while a large suit might appear slightly unflattering. Navy, black, camel, and missle speech gray are good colors for suits. These colors are neutral and becoming, and 5th business they are easy to pair with different shades. Underneath the robert suit, you may wear a blouse or a button up. You may definitely consider matching them with patterns or solid colors.

Make sure that the pants are neither too long nor too short. They should not drag on the floor, but your ankles should not show either. It is 5th business, not always necessary to purchase a business suit in order to look put-together. A blazer paired with a pair of straight black pants makes a delegate look serious and chic. When purchasing a blazer, the earth spheres same requirement set forth about suits applies. Neutral colors such as navy, black, camel, and 5th business gray are suggested. These colors function well because they are versatile and combining them with different colors is a breeze. Blazers are also very useful for keeping warm and covering up sleeveless blouses and dresses.

Blazer and Straight Pants. Blouses and Button Ups can be either paired with straight pants or a knee-length skirt. The easiest way to wear colors and patterns is through blouses and button-ups. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the top: Make sure that the blouse is not too low-cut. Take care that the essay blouse or shirt is not too tight. Tight shirts or blouses are really uncomfortable, especially if you are going to be wearing them all day. If the blouse or shirt is too sheer, wear a tank top or a spaghetti strap shirt underneath the shirt. Committee rooms tend to be really cold so wearing something underneath would be an added bonus.

If you are wearing a sleeveless shirt, wear a cardigan or blazer on top. Straight pants are a great choice for your Model UN. They are flattering for all body shapes and can be paired with just about everything. Jeans and leggings, however, should never be worn to 5th business a Model UN conference. These types of pants are comfortable, but they are better suited for casual wear than for western business attire. The appropriate skirt for a Model UN conference should be knee-length. When you sit down, the skirt should only ride up about interpretivist research, four fingers up your legs. Pencil skirts and A-line skirts are great pieces to combine with your blouses and blazer.

When you don’t want to 5th business wear pants, simply wear a skirt! The top part of your outfit can still remain unchanged. Just remember that when you wear a skirt, you should wear tights underneath. Wearing different colors of jfk cuban crisis speech skirts is 5th business, encouraged, but just makes sure that the colors are not too vibrant and are neutral and slightly muted. Blouse and Dresses.

Wearing a dress is by far the easiest solution to the question of what to wear. You do not have to worry about matching a top with a bottom. The length guideline for skirts also applies for dresses. If your dress is sleeveless, you should wear a cardigan or blazer to red red rose robert cover up and you should also wear tights under your dress. Ladies, I know you love your shoes, but wearing five inch heels or platforms to a Model UN conference is 5th business, definitely not a great idea. Comfort should definitely be a priority seeing that you will spend the entire day debating without ever having the crisis speech chance of 5th business changing out your shoes when your feet hurt or are tired. Kitten heels or two-three inches heels are great for earth spheres Model UN conferences. They give you a little bit of height without greatly hurting your feet. 5th Business? The other alternative you have for shoes are flats. Some flats are really fashionable and give you the comfort you need. Hip Hop? It is important to note that the shoes worn to a Model UN conference should be closed, meaning that sandals or open toe shoes should not be worn.

A necklace or a pair of earrings can instantly brighten up any outfit. 5th Business? However, make sure that they are not too flashy or over sized. You want the jewelry to complement the outfit and not the other way around. Bring a big tote. You need a bag that is big enough to fit your laptop and your research papers. Bring a pair of flats and stuff it in interpretivist research your bag. If you are wearing heels, after a long day of walking in them, you would definitely be grateful for the opportunity of changing your shoes. Bring a cardigan and also stuff it into 5th business, your bag.

You never know how cold the conference room will be. The color you choose to red red wear says a lot about you as a person. The human brain reacts to colors differently and produces a different emotional response accordingly. The emotional effects produced by colors can be used for 5th business our everyday interpersonal relationships. By wearing a certain color you can influence how other people perceive you and thus produce either a positive or a negative image. Businessmen and politicians around the world use color to their advantage. I have personally used color psychology during my high school Model UN years and have discovered that colors evoke certain emotions in people, so here is a list of colors and what messages they transmit. Blue gives off the impression that you are a trustworthy and interpretivist honest person. Black conveys messages of confidence, authority, and power.

Dark green and purple generally give people the impression that the person is calm, relaxed, and 5th business friendly. Earth Spheres? Red is an eye-catching color; people who wear it give others the 5th business impression that they are confident and hip hop life assertive. 5th Business? Dressing up for conferences is definitely one of my favorite parts about Model UN, and how to colleague discount online it is definitely a great way to show your fellow delegates your amazing sense of 5th business style. The tips listed on how to discount, this guide are merely suggestions and 5th business there are definitely more ways in which you could dress up for a Model UN conference. I hope you found this article helpful and if you have any other tips or suggestions feel free to post them in the comments section! Web cam models are being interviewed now.

Make a great income at home in front of your camera. No more sexy pics on ig and fb for how to colleague free. 5th Business? get paid. is missle speech, it ok to wear a black blazer and a grey pant?? I recommend emailing the conference Secretariat or your chair to ask these specific questions. Every conference has a slightly different expectation. 5th Business? A decent rule of discount online thumb is that if the outfit would not be considered appropriate in school then it probably won#8217;t be appropriate for the conference.

Again, email the Secretariat or your chair to be sure. This is 5th business, a great guide, I have been looking at The Beauty Insiders for research the perfect get up, as I am to meet with some UN delegates.. Thank you for this you saved me a lot of work. Fantastic! Thank you so much for your positive feedback! can I wear an oxford shirt and nice khakis or is that too bussiness casual. I have about 5th business, a little under three weeks until my very first conference and how to use asda online I#8217;m the delegate for Italy, my favourite country. I#8217;m terrified, not due to public speaking, for other things, and also nervous on 5th business, what I should wear. Anyone have any tips, please!

Are you going to the NHSMUN conference? Whatever conference you#8217;re going to outfits that are dark colors are my favorite like dress pants and pumps and short on picnic just a nice blouse. 5th Business? I try to stand out short essay on picnic, a bit, just so I don#8217;t blend into 5th business, everyone so for this conference I#8217;m going to, I just got a plaid dress shirt, a light pink crepe dress with ruffles in the front, and earth spheres then some ankle pants and a plain white shirt. My jacket is just a tan felt jacket that reaches near my knees and my shoes are some 2 inch black pumps and a pair of leather loafers. If you#8217;re a guy just wearing a suit is 5th business, perfect, but make sure it fits well because I know some people who#8217;s suits look too big for them.

You can also do a button up with a sweater over research it for something classic. Basically just wear something comfortable because you#8217;re going to be in 5th business the conference for a couple of hours but wear something that looks professional. Good luck! This is a pretty solid suggestion! Thank you for posting your thoughts. Jfk Cuban? what#8217;s with the European thing? no diversity? Is it appropriate to wear a long dress? what do you think about a navy blazer and a khaki pencil skirt? It#8217;s my first year so I#8217;m mostly working off pinterest ideas. is it ok to 5th business wear paterns? 2017 Best Delegate. Rose Burns? All rights reserved.

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essay on tenacity The Academic Essay. The academic essay is 5th business merely a specific writing genre#150;as is the short love letter, newspaper editorial, or pop-fiction. As a genre, it functions within a set of norms, rules, and conventions. The purpose of this discussion is to 5th business make clear to you what those rules and norms are, and how to style use them to express your argument clearly. The purpose of the academic essay is to persuade by reasoned discourse. Scholars use the essay amongst themselves to advance ideas. Its value as an instructional tool is to assist students in developing their critical thinking skills. As you recall, critical thinking is defined as: the ability to read theory accurately, appropriate it meaningfully, apply it independently, generate results based on that application, analyze the results, and form a clear argument based on those results that can be defended with a specific line of reasoning.

A good academic essay engenders this process and clearly demonstrates that the process has been performed successfully. With this in 5th business, mind let's examine how to write an academic essay. Do you frequently find yourself struggling with the earth spheres introduction to your essays? Do you not know how to begin the essay? Do you find yourself searching for 5th business, a generalizing statement that will get things going, and trying to find a delicate balance between BS'ing and saying something meaningful? If so, that's because you are not following the norms for the introduction to the academic essay.

Following this norm actually makes introductions a piece of cake and gets you right into the body of the essay. Here is the norm: The purpose of the discount introduction is two-fold: 1. To introduce the 5th business theoretical framework that will guide your analysis. 2. To introduce the thesis statement that will organize your paper. Following this norm allows you to cut to short essay on picnic the chase. No more generalizing statements of philosophical speculation that you venture forth hoping that it won't get shot down. You know, crap like Hemingway was perhaps one of the most visionary authors of his time. or The Western is perhaps the most uniquely American of all the genres. Rather, if the purpose of the essay is to demonstrate that you have appropriated a theory and applied it independently to produce results, then the 5th business function of the how to introduction becomes more focused: to introduce the theory#150;or theoretical framework#150;that you have decided to 5th business use. Short On Picnic! Hence you will find that many essays begin with such statements as In his book.

Or, In her essay. 5th Business! IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the main reasons that the norm of the Introduction developed this way is hip hop style because of an important rule of the Academic Essay: Avoid making statements that you cannot prove. The problem with the generalizing/philosophical/BS'ing statements like Hemingway. and The Western. is that they cannot be proven through reasoned discourse. Moreover, to even try and do so would require voluminous amounts of discourse for something that is not even your thesis: what you actually ARE setting out to prove. As a result, the 5th business genre of the Academic Essay has evolved into the above norm. It still meets an introduction's purpose of orienting the reader, it just does so in earth spheres, a very specific manner. Having accomplished that, the 5th business expectation for an essay is that you will introduce a thesis statement that is directly related to that theoretical framework (or its application). As a result, a major convention of the academic essay is that: The introduction ends with the thesis statement.

Having stated a thesis, you are expected to red red burns then go and prove it through the body of the essay. That said, it is 5th business important to discuss what's at stake in making a thesis statement. There are four basic logical forms for a thesis statement: #149; A banal thesis statement. #149; A simple thesis statement. #149; A complex thesis statement. #149; An impossible thesis statement. Let's discuss each of these quickly before moving on. A banal thesis statement is red red rose a statement that does not really say anything#150;it is in fact meaningless because it is either so overly general or so evident as to not be of significance.

Here's an example from literature. A frequent argument students will make is 5th business This author used symbolism to make his point. The statement, however, is meaningless precisely because it is not of significance: every author writing literature uses symbolism of one kind or another, either using language metaphorically or metonymically. Thus, to attempt to single out or make a distinction of earth spheres a piece for using symbolism is to not say anything that even needs proving to begin with. A simple thesis statement is 5th business not quite what it may sound like. A simple thesis statement means that only one main point or argument is going to be proved. The term simple argument can thus be misleading because the argument itself can and frequently is very theoretically sophisticated. Use Asda Discount! What makes them simple is that in 5th business, terms of their logical structure, they only take on one line of proof, and hip hop hence, their organization of proof will be simple. One has to 5th business be careful, however, because sometimes one main argument may require SEVERAL supporting arguments.

The example here would be the argument that Star Wars belongs within the Western Genre. Here the writer has only one thing to prove, but in order to do so will have to establish the elements that comprise the Western Genre and hip hop life style demonstrate how the film embodies them--not a small task. Simple thesis statements are eminently preferable in terms of 5th business writing an essay for a course. It allows you to focus on your points and hip hop life style your proofs rather than getting lost in the organization of your arguments. A complex thesis statement means that the thesis has more than one point to prove. In this respect, the essay will have to 5th business organize more than one line of reasoning in missle, so far that more than one thing has to be proven. Complex theses are not necessarily more theoretically sophisticated than simple thesis statements, they are only more difficult to 5th business organize clearly. In this respect, they are not worth what they entail and should be avoided. An example of a complex thesis statement would be something like: Faulkner's novels critique the ideologies of patriarchy and racism. This would be an appropriate analysis for the work of Faulkner, but I'm not sure it would be worth it.

To begin with, it is not clear what the writer has to gain in terms of proving BOTH of these aspects of the work rather than just the crisis one. Instead, with this complex thesis, there are going to be long sections of the essay where half of what needs to be proved will be left suspended while the other half gets discussed. In addition, the thesis picks the work of Faulkner which necessitates discussing every book, rather than just one. Thus it is that an important convention of the academic essay is that: A complex thesis statement can usually be restructured into a more theoretically sophisticated (if not interesting) simple thesis statement. Making an 5th business Argument. As stated earlier, the academic essay is an exercise in reasoned persuasion. In this respect, the thesis statement is an use asda colleague important organizational structure insofar as it establishes how the rest of the essay will be organized. 5th Business! Classical logic maintains that there are 3 basic kinds of persuasive statements: statements of fact, statements of value (or evaluation), and statements of policy (or action, which argue what we should do).

Unless otherwise specified, the research first of these, the statement of fact, is the form that the thesis statement for an academic essay should take#150;the obvious exception being when you write evaluative criticism (which you will NEVER do in my course). Statements of fact can themselves be grouped into two basic forms: arguments of classification, and 5th business arguments of jfk cuban missle speech operation or function. It is possible to make other distinctions, like for example, arguments of relationship (how to things relate to 5th business each other) but these distinctions can be readily subsumed into these two basic groups. Arguments of classification are when you establish some sort of criteria, and then argue that something meets or fails to meet that criteria. The earlier example that Star Wars belongs within the jfk cuban speech Western Genre is an 5th business example of an argument of classification. Jfk Cuban Missle Crisis Speech! Having established what comprises the 5th business Western Genre, the earth spheres writer will then go on to prove how Star Wars embodies, contains, or possesses those elements.

The writer will, in 5th business, other words, prove that Star Wars meets that criteria. Arguments of operation or function argues in terms of interpretivist what something does, or how it functions. The earlier argument that Faulkner's work critiques the 5th business ideology of patriarchy is an example of function. Jfk Cuban Missle! This statement argues that Faulkner's work DOES something: it criticizes the ideology of patriarchy. Note that unlike the argument of classification, the writer of 5th business this essay SEEMS to have to do more to prove their thesis. They will not only have to define what the ideology of jfk cuban patriarchy is#150;and thus establish criteria#150;they will also have to demonstrate that Faulkner's work DOES something with that criteria. The question of HOW leads to 5th business a discussion of the body of the essay. The Body of the Essay. From a conceptual standpoint, the function of the red red body of the essay is to 5th business prove the thesis statement laid out in the introduction.

Easy enough. This section discusses how the writer accomplishes that proof. In the discussion of types of argument, I made the point that the writer will have to hip hop life style establish criteria that can be used to prove their argument. 5th Business! The body of the essay is the location where the writer accomplishes that. An introduction is jfk cuban speech precisely that: It INTRODUCES the theoretical framework and the thesis statement. It does not DESCRIBE or DISCUSS these two things. This is a fairly common mistake that beginning essay writers make. 5th Business! They fear that they have not said enough in how to use asda colleague discount online, the intro and as a result, go on to discuss aspects of their theory or elaborate on a thesis. The problem with doing so is that it screws up your organization. What comes next is no longer clear to the reader. If you keep it clear to 5th business yourself that the interpretivist research purpose of the introduction to your essay is to only INTRODUCE your theoretical framework, and your thesis statement, then the function of the body of your essay will also become evident to the reader.

They will expect you to establish criteria so that you can prove your thesis. As a result, another important norm of the academic essay is: A primary function of the body of the essay is to establish the criteria by which the thesis statement will be proven. Thus it is that having argued that Star Wars is a Western, the body of the 5th business paper is going to have to first establish the elements that comprise the Western#150;it will have to establish the criteria by which the thesis can be proven. To argue that Faulkner's work criticizes thee ideology of patriarchy is going to require that the writer establish what the ideology of patriarchy is. Establishing the criteria by earth spheres, which the thesis statement will be proven leads to the next logical step: demonstrating how the object under investigation meets those criteria. Clearly it is not enough for the Faulkner essayist to just define what the ideology of patriarchy is.

Their thesis is that Faulkner's work criticizes that ideology. As a result, they will have to point to specific things within the text and 5th business argue that they relate to those criteria IN A SPECIFIC WAY#150;in this case through a process of criticism. This process of relating the object of investigation back to the established criteria is another fundamental component of the body of the essay. Without it, the proof is not complete. As silly as that sounds, I kid you not that the most frequent mistake of beginning essay writers is a failure to relate their analysis back to the criteria they have established.

Thus it is that another important norm for earth spheres, the academic essay is: Relate the analysis back to 5th business the terms and concepts of the earth spheres established criteria. The Star Wars example brings up another fundamental logical task to 5th business this process. From the beginning you have probably thought the hip hop life style Star Wars thesis to not be very feasible. The film is not set in the West, and it occurs in the future. The question becomes, however, whether these are ESSENTIAL criteria to the Western, and if not, what is? In terms of proving that thesis statement, the writer is going to have to clearly establish what the elements of the Western Genre are, and then relate aspects of the film back to ALL of those criteria. Herein lies the essential importance of completeness to that process.

If the Star Wars writer establishes the criteria but can only point to the gun-fighting that occurs in the film, then their essay will fail to persuade. Their essay will fail to persuade precisely because it inadequately addresses the 5th business scope of the criteria. Thus it is that another important norm for this process is: Fully address the established criteria. It is very important to note that fully addressing the scope of the criteria does NOT mean that the object under discussion has to fully meet ALL the criteria. To stick with the Star Wars example, the writer can not IGNORE the issue of setting and even remotely hope to persuade the audience. In some way, the writer is going to have to address the fact that both time and place are out of the bounds of the interpretivist research Western. This is the 5th business point precisely.

The author will have to ADDRESS that point#150;those criteria#150;not necessarily MEET those criteria. In this respect, the writer is going to have make a supporting argument about short essay how these criteria relate to each other in terms of comprising the genre (or in a logical sense the whole). The important point is that all criteria are addressed adequately. 5th Business! Failure to address any of the established criteria creates a gap in logic. Subsequently, the how to use asda colleague discount online reasoning process (and its ability to 5th business persuade) fails. Fully relating the object of the thesis to the established criteria fulfills the logical requirements necessary to persuade reasonably and allows the writer to draw conclusions.

Before that process is discussed, however, it is necessary to examine an important component of this relating back process. The Role of Description. Relating the object of investigation or the interpretivist object of the 5th business thesis back to the established criteria is necessarily going to involve description. Essay! Description is frequently an unclear and thorny issue for writers of the academic essay#150;especially in terms of 5th business scope (how much is short essay on picnic enough?). The purpose of description, however, clarifies the issue of scope. The purpose of description to is to make clear, or establish WHAT in the object of investigation (the film, the scene, the 5th business shot) relates to the criteria being used. It therefore becomes important for the writer to use description in such a manner as to establish the basis of the style relationship between the object and the criteria. Furthermore, the writer should LIMIT description to 5th business accomplishing only this task. Added description is not only superfluous, but distracts from trying to prove your argument. As a result, another important norm for the body of the academic essay is: Subordinate description to essay the purpose of analysis. As stated above the process of fully relating the 5th business object of the thesis to the established criteria has the effect of fulfilling the logical requirements.

It is THAT task which ultimately persuades, not the online conclusion itself. It is for this reason that, in some respects, the 5th business conclusion does not seem to have a FUNDAMENTAL role in the process of reasoned persuasion. How To Use Asda Discount Online! That in itself probably accounts for how many dopey tips exist for what to 5th business do with a conclusion, like: repeat the thesis statement (like people have forgotten it despite the fact that you've been working to prove it the entire time) or some other such thing. What to do with a conclusion if the work of proof is already done? The most effective thing to do with a conclusion is to first signal that the work is coming to close, and then close off the discussion itself by stating something definitive about the work. Like the introduction, then, the conclusion has a dual role: to signal the jfk cuban crisis speech transition to closure, and to close the discussion with a definitive statement. The work of the conclusion should reference the thesis, without necessarily repeating the thesis (or the steps by which it was proven) It should then say something definitive that signals closure by pointing to the implications of what you've discussed, by amplifying what you've discussed, or by contextualizing what you've discussed. In each case, you are striving to close discussion by being definitive, and you are taking caution not to violate rule #1 of the academic essay: avoid statements that you cannot prove. To stay with the running examples, the conclusion to the Faulkner paper could look something like this: . it therefore serves as an example of how literary texts structure their criticisms of dominant ideologies. (pointing to the implications of proving your argument).

Thus, far from being a portrait of its time Faulkner's work demonstrates that literary works actively engage ideologies. (amplifying your argument) Rather than a story centered exclusively on war, Hemingway's novel instead participates in the reinforcement of dominant ideologies with American culture. 5th Business! (Contextualizing the argument) Note that the similarity here is how definitive these statements are. Short Essay! They draw upon the work that has been done, but say something different and final that is logically based upon what has been discussed. There are, of 5th business course, variations on the genre of the academic essay--some rather large difference exist, for example, between the social sciences and the humanites. This discussion is based on the humanties approach. Robert Burns! Other variations can result from the idiosyncracies of specific instructors.

To the degree that what is written here sounds heavy handed and inflexible, I caution instead that such tone is trying to reflect the manner in 5th business, which your own analysis and writing will need to sound precise and rigorous#150;the standards by which the academic essay is evaluated. The precision and rigor with which these norms and conventions are applied should function only to demand that your own analysis and reason engender these standards. They are thus meant to elevate your thinking, not control it. The principles by which the academic essay structures itself is designed to earth spheres be a discipline that frees your thinking, not subjugate it. Within its conventions is unlimited creative potential whose only 5th business, demand, ultimately, is essay that you say something meaningful that others can be persuaded of via your logic.

What I have attempted to do here is 5th business make the norms and essay on picnic conventions of the genre explicit so that you can refine your skills working within it. Mastering this genre has the benefit of developing your skill to analyze situations using explicit criteria, and be able to make decisions based on that analysis. More than a few people have found that possession of such a skill is invaluable in life and professional endeavors.

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essay on walmart This paper primarily undertakes a SWOT analysis on Wal-Mart. 5th Business. A SWOT analysis looks at short on picnic, the strength, the 5th business weaknesses, opportunities and research, threats facing a company. This is 5th business, done by hip hop, examining internal as well as external factors that affect the operations of a company. The paper begins with a company background of the Wal-Mart stores from its early days to current times where it is regarded as the largest retail store in the world. The paper then looks at 5th business, the strong points of the Wal-Mart Stores. These include: diversity, convenience, international presence as well as modern technology. The paper looks at how the company is able to use these strengths to gain competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive environment.

It also looks at the weaknesses faced by the company and this is mainly in rose robert burns, terms of span of 5th business control. Due to its large enormous scale of operations, the company is speech, not able to effectively monitor all its activities. The paper then looks at the opportunities available for Wal-Mart. There are tremendous opportunities available for Wal-Mart in the global market through joint ventures and opening new stores in 5th business, countries where they have not ventured. In spite of its enormous size, Wal-Mart also faces competition in new markets that it ventures in jfk cuban missle crisis, and this poses a threat to its operations.

The paper then looks at the environmental challenges that the company faces which threatens to spoil its international image. 5th Business. The paper ends with recommendations as to how the company can improve its efficiencies and thereby gain a competitive edge against other companies. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. was founded by Sam Walton at how to colleague discount, Rogers, Arkansas in 5th business, 1962. The business has experienced tremendous growth ever since achieving an annual turnover of one billion dollars seventeen years later. Earth Spheres. In January in 2002, Wal-Mart was recognized as the largest retailer in the world with a sales record of US $218 billion. This huge growth has enabled the store to penetrate the global market. The global operation of Wal-Mart was marked by the establishment of its first international store in 1991 at Mexico City. Currently, Wal-Mart has also opened stores in other countries including, Brazil, Canada and Britain. Through its global penetration, an estimated of one hundred million customers are said to visit a Wal-Mart store found somewhere in the world.

The stores employs a total of 1.3 million associates worldwide are employed by the company and are located within its 3,200 stores in the United States as well at 5th business, over a thousand other stores in its operations outside the U.S. Due to its huge scale of operations, the business is divided into earth spheres three main segments: Wal-Mart Stores, Sam’s Club and International Stores. The Wal-Mart stores are further subdivided into Discount Stores, Super centers and 5th business, Neighborhood Markets. The Sam’s Club business segment is made up of membership warehouse clubs. In 2005, Wal-Mart Stores operated about 1,478 Discount Stores, 1,471 Super centers, 538 Sam’s Club and 64 Neighborhood Markets within the United States.

In addition to this huge local operation, Wal-Mart and its international segment conducts retail operation within eight countries and research, Puerto Rico. Wal-Mart’s international segment is made into several formats, which include retail stores, restaurants, discount stores, Sam’s Club and Super centers. Wal-Mart’s style of management has proved effective, resulting in unprecedented business success. 5th Business. This paper analyzes the company’s strengths and weaknesses factors as well as the hip hop opportunities and threats the company is faced with. Wal-Mart is 5th business, a powerful retail brand that represents value and quality. It is life, offers value for 5th business money and convenience by essay, offering a wide range of products. Through its associates the company has developed the 5th business one stop shopping policy emulated by other retail stores world wide. This strength enhances Wal- Mart’s ability- to attract new customers and maintain customer loyalty. Wal-Mart substantial growth has resulted in global expansion. Use Asda. Wal-Mart purchased United Kingdom based retailer ASDA and 5th business, owns a 37.8% unconsolidated minority interest in how to use asda colleague discount online, Japanese retailer, The Seiyu, Ltd.

This enhances its brand name by giving it international recognition. The company employs an elaborate system of information technology that supports its local as well as global operations. 5th Business. Through this system it is possible to monitor the earth spheres performance of its stores country-wide, on 5th business, a real time basis. IT also supports Wal-Mart’s efficient procurement. Missle Speech. Wal-Mart also uses the most modern technologies available to handle and manage it local and international logistic operations. By integrating technology into its core operations, Wal-Mart is 5th business, able to overcome strong competition as well as serve its large market effectively. Wal-Mart is considered one of the largest retailers in the world as it not only manages a huge number of product lines but also serves a considerable consumer population both locally and red red, internationally. 5th Business. These results in a huge span of control and despite its IT advantages and tools that can handle and address its internal needs, it is not possible to monitor all of its operations. To this end the company is forced to rely on the goodwill of its store’s managers and earth spheres, staff in ensuring smooth operation. Wal-Mart has diversified its products across many sectors (such as clothing, food, or furniture). This does not give it the flexibility enjoyed by some of its more focused competitors.

The company deals with a huge number of the suppliers making its supply chain more complicated. This has an effect on its logistics resulting in hitches from time to time. Though the company is 5th business, already operating globally, it has not exploited this opportunity fully as the red red robert number of its international branches are only limited to a few selected countries. With its vast resources, Wal-Mart has the 5th business opportunity to take over, merge with, or form strategic alliances with other global retailers. The Wal-Mart stores are currently in a relatively small number of countries. There are therefore huge opportunities for future business in expanding consumer markets in emerging economic power houses including developing countries. E-Commerce is rapidly evolving as a viable option of enlarging a company’s customer base.

The company has opportunity to exploit this option to serve more customers and promote shopping convenience. How To Use Asda Colleague Discount Online. E-Commerce helps to enhance convenience for customers whose residence is too far from 5th business local Wal-Mart branches. Despite its huge scale of operations and customer loyalty, Wal-Mart is also target of competition, locally and globally. This puts intense pressure on short essay, the company particularly in terms of maintaining its consumers as well as developing new and better business strategies. Wal-Mart’s entrance into the global market exposes it to political problems in the countries that you operate in. Wal-Mart is a global retailer that needs to 5th business adapt to missle crisis speech foreign regulations and standards so as to penetrate in 5th business, the global market. Earth Spheres. The company is vulnerable to the issues that would affect the country it operates in, particularly political and economic issues. Competitors in these countries may use their influence in the government to counter Wal-Mart’s penetration. They may also result to malpractices under government protection to fight of competition.

The cost of producing many consumer products has fallen because of lower manufacturing costs as result of outsourcing to low-cost regions of the World. This has lead to price competition, resulting in price deflation. Intense price competition is 5th business, a threat as Wal-Mart may be forced to purchase cheaper substandard goods in order to beat competition. This may lower the stores’ standards leading to earth spheres a loss of key customers. As a global retail company, Wal-Mart is an 5th business open target by several competitors both in the local and international setting. Red Red Rose. The diversity in conducting manufacturing operations has changed drastically over time. With the availability of outsourcing options in low-cost areas all over the world, manufacturing expenses have depleted significantly. This in turn results to intense price competition among retailers.

Apart from this, Wal-Mart is faced with increased agitation from environmental lobby groups as well as labor unions. The environmentalists led by groups such as Wal-Mart Watch and David Suzuki Foundation. It has been argued that with its vast resources and influence, Wal-Mart is not doing enough in conserving the environment. This is eroding part of 5th business its client base as the lobby groups call on consumers to boycott its products. Of particular concern are waste management policies employed by the company as well as other conservation policies employed by the company. In response to this huge challenge that is facing Wal-Mart, Lee Scott, the C.E.O, delivered a speech titled Twenty First Century Leadership in essay, which he addressed the issue of environmental management through radical measures which included; entire use of renewable energy, zero waste and the sale of products that sustain resources and the environment. 5th Business. Wal-Mart plans to spend $500 million annually to meet targets such as reducing Wal-Mart’s greenhouse gas production by jfk cuban missle, 20% over the next seven years, doubling the 5th business efficiency of its massive trucking fleet within 10 years and assisting in the development of a green supplier program in China, the source of Wal-Mart merchandise This is to interpretivist research be achieved in the next four decades. The implementation of this program starts from the small and most often ignored aspects of the business.

For example, two years ago, Wal-Mart Canada began replacing the 32-watt fluorescent lights with 25-watt lights. This involves changing more than 130 million bulbs and is expected to 5th business save Wal-Mart about $5 million in reduced energy costs over research, the next five years. The company’s stores lights are also dimmed by one third by the company’s central computers, leading to further savings. Additional roof insulation has been added in 5th business, new stores saving energy costs by 25%. Other measures employed include using plastic boxes that can be used 60 times before wearing out replacing short-lived cardboard boxes. These boxes are now in use throughout Wal-Mart Canada’s internal logistics network, saving 1,400 tones of cardboard and driving out jfk cuban missle speech, $4.5 million in costs. 5th Business. In 2007, the company opened up a small revenue stream with the recycling of 88,000 tones of cardboard saving the equivalent of life style 1.5 million trees. The company has also introduced the personal sustainability project where each employee is encouraged to make voluntary changes in their lives that will have a positive environmental impact such as cycling to work.

The C.E.O. of Wal-Mart Canada, David Cheesewright, cycles a distance of 45 kilometers to work. This program also calls upon employees to make environmental choices outside the workplace and to embrace the concept of environmentalism. This message is also passed on to consumers at the time they’re paying most attention, that is, when they’re actually shopping in the chain’s stores. The company also has environmental teams comprising of departmental heads with supporting staff to help in the implementation of this ambitious program. The company has also used its influence to compel some of the world’s largest manufacturers to comply with its environmental policies. Procter Gamble, the maker of Tide laundry detergent, phased out regular-concentrate detergent across North America in 2008 in 5th business, favor of double-concentrate detergent after it was pressured to do so by Wal-Mart. Fearful of essay on picnic losing access to Wal-Mart customers, Procter Gamble complied with Wal-Mart’s policy.

With other detergent makers following suit – Wal-Mart is cutting the volume of its detergent packaging in half. This will reduce the 5th business usage of interpretivist research plastic resin across North America by 100 million pounds over the next three years. This will also save 425 million gallons of water and ultimately take 15,000 trucks off the road. 5th Business. This will significantly reduce carbon emissions. One of the strengths of Wal-Mart store is its ability to on picnic use IT to gain competitive advantage. However technology is changing rapidly with new developments emerging almost on a daily basis.

Wal-Mart needs to keep itself updated on the latest technology so that it can improve the efficiency of its business processes. This will improve its procurement system as well as help in monitoring the activities of its various interests in the global market. In spite of its global presence, Wal-Mart has not been able to take to expand its operations beyond the few countries it operates in. 5th Business. With its financial clout, Wal-Mart has the ability to expand its operations beyond the few countries it has opened stores. There are many countries whose economies are growing rapidly and although they do not yet have a large consumer base, if this growth is sustained over a period of interpretivist research time, this could be reversed.

Wal-Mart should not shy away from these countries because of the political and economic instabilities experienced from time to time. 5th Business. They should not let short term obstacles blind them from seeing the long term gains. These environmental policies are vital in short on picnic, the fight against global warming. 5th Business. A company like Wal-Mart with vast resources and global presence should be in the forefront in this campaign. With a million of hip hop life customers visiting its stores, Wal-Mart has a great opportunity to help create awareness in the environmental campaign.

The measures currently in place are commendable but not sufficient. Wal-Mart claims that it aims to 5th business achieve its environmental goals in the next four decades. Given its vast resources, I believe, the company can achieve this within a shorter period of time. Jfk Cuban Crisis Speech. If more resources were to be dedicated to this course, considering the company’s annual turnover in 2008, these goals can be achieved faster. You can place an order similar to this with us.

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