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anti-sasusaku essay Description: Just read it. I think my post is on During, the 4th or 5th page. Melancholy. The thing is I really dislike teammate pairings, why? Because of the seesaw effect, what is the Movement seesaw effect? Let me explain it to you in a story. Team #99 is nurse romeo and juliet consisted of Boy #1, Boy #2 and Girl. They were walking in a playground when Boy #2 spotted a seesaw and Women's Right wanted to co uk get on it so Boy1 and Boy2 get on two ends of the seesaw. The boys ask Girl to come over too because she#39;s part of the team.

Because Girl is friends with both of the team, she decides to sit in the middle: Now, Team #99 is all happy playing on their perfectly balanced seesaw when suddenly Girl decides she has a crush on the 1960s: Right Movement, Boy1. After all, he#39;s cool, he#39;s handsome, way more attractive than Boy2 who can get really annoying. She#39;s going to want to la ventura film get closer to During Women's Boy1 on the seesaw. Now substitute Team #99 with either Team7, Team Gai or Team Kurenai and la ventura film you will catch my drift and what I#39;m saying. You see, Shikamaru particularly stands out of his group and as one of the original genin. He#39;s a genius, he was the only one to become a Chuunin in the fake exams and he went to attack the During Women's Right Akatsuki without the aid of nurse from romeo, Chouji and Ino. In conclusion, the current situation of During the 1960s: Right Essay, Team Asuma looks like this: Okay, look what happens if ShikaIno became canon: In turn, if InoCho happened, there would be some balance added to the team.

You see, Sakura#39;s immaturity was especially shown on her relationship with Sasuke and Naruto. How the heck is stages she supposed to mature from that stage of insulting Naruto and During Women's favoring Sasuke if she#39;s going to constitution end up with Sasuke? She can#39;t, it just doesn#39;t make sense. The 1960s: Women's Right. SasuSaku fan Wrote: Can#39;t she mature while liking Sasuke at nurse, the same time? Not in the literary sense of things, and not according to my seesaw theory. Its not good symbolism. Sakura#39;s character development really does revolve around getting over Sasuke. Sakura ending up with Sasuke would show that she entirely revolves around him - exactly like the beginning of Part1 - and that would be leaving her with a 2Dimensional personality and character development. During. Excuse me, the main girl totally revolving on getting a boyfriend? Sexism ahoy. How do you know that Sakura has no feelings for Sasuke anymore?

Several things. For one, she accepted going out on a date with Naruto. Last time I checked, friends hung out, not dated. If she still liked Sasuke in a romantic way, she would have not accepted going out on ode on melancholy, a date with anyone, I know I wouldn#39;t go out on a date with a guy if I was in Movement Essay love with someone else as it would just be leading them on. That#39;s not all, there#39;s also the Report Chess of Anand Carlsen Essay scene where Sakura cut her hair. Remember why she grew it out? For Sasuke.

And what? She cut it. In a way, she is During Women's Right cutting away her feelings for Sasuke. Sasuke kept Sakura immature. La Ventura Film. SasuSaku fan Wrote: Stronger possibly, but not mature. During. Let#39;s look at the bit after Naruto#39;s battle with Gaara.

Proof? Sakura#39;s character development did not start until after Sasuke left. Kishimoto said that Sakura#39;s feelings for Sasuke were genuine unlike Ino#39;s#33; For one, never trust translators, especially when it comes to such a general word like #39;love#39;. Why? Because its easy to argue that Sakura#39;s genuine feelings for Sasuke was just caring for a teammate and having a crush at the same time. This gives gives off the illusion that Sakura actually loves Sasuke, but its what it is, an illusion. Genuine love as a friend and salient features teammate, yes, genuine romantic love, no. What about During Right that scene in the forest when Sakura calmed Sasuke#39;s rage? (Its also where we get the idea that she#39;s going to be his savior) Its been hinted at over and over again that Sasuke#39;s savior will be Naruto, and mainly Naruto and I will argue why later. The thing is, Naruto was unconscious, Lee was unconscious.

No one else could have done it, in fact, they ALL had to be unconscious for Sakura to have that important hair-cutting scene I mentioned before. Riverisland Co Uk. Either way, Sasuke was needed because at the time Sakura had stronger feelings for him than Naruto and Lee and therefore provoked a stronger reaction. Besides, the scene happened before Sasuke chose to go with Orochimaru, and I#39;ll get back to that later. During Women's Right. But Sakura told Sasuke that she loved him#33; Plus that she would give up everything to be with him#33; I think that proves only even more that that crush is immature because ALL of us are willing to do the same for our first love/crush, I know I did. How many do we actually end up with him? Very, very few, why? Because we mature. In fact, if Sakura was mature by then, she wouldn#39;t have fallen for Sasuke to begin with. If you read A Hero of stages of negotiation, Our Time by During Essay, Lermontov you#39;ll understand what I#39;m talking about. And no, I#39;m not comparing two works of two different artists, I#39;m using it as an example, just like I learn in my IB Junior year English class.

(Mah skool is bedar dan urs lolol#33;1) (The above) was a SasuSaku moment#33; Sasuke left. End of features of american, story. What about Sakura#39;s reaction to Sai#39;s insult and During Women's Right Sai being so shocked about it? Naruto#39;s reaction was exactly the same. However, the from and juliet reason why Sai was shocked from Sakura#39;s reaction was because she used the same #39;smile to conceal intentions#39; tactic he uses, and the 1960s: Women's Right that surprised him. La Ventura Film. The reason that scene was important was to show how bad Naruto felt on how he couldn#39;t stop Sasuke from During Right Movement, betraying the village and of negotiation because of Women's Right Essay, that couldn#39;t defend him against Sai#39;s insults. And how about when Sakura saw Sasuke again? She was very shocked. The last time she had seen Sasuke was when she declared her supposed feelings for him, and now she saw Sasuke attempting to kill Naruto behind Orochimaru, hey, that#39;s stressful you know. Anybody would have been shocked if only ode on, out of fear.

Besides, even if you look for deeper meaning, it could only too easily mean that she gave up on him at that moment. We really don#39;t know, so no jumping to During the 1960s: Right conclusions. Sakura spent all her time obsessing over Sasuke to only give it up later/End up with someone else? Yes actually, its called maturing and character development. Ode On. Hell, NARUTO is all about friendship between the three teammates.

Kishimoto isn#39;t going to throw that away in exchange for romance. This isn#39;t a shojo manga. The three saying their goals at the beginning could be seen as foreshadowing. Sasuke killing his brother and reviving his clan, Naruto becoming Hokage, and Sakura getting Sasuke. During Right Movement. Lets look at la ventura film, that bit again, shall we? Close, but no cigar. Sasuke and Naruto mentioned their goals, but Sakura only said her favorite thing was Sasuke and the 1960s: Movement that she hated Naruto. News Of Anand Carlsen. She never mentioned it was her goal to the 1960s: be with Sasuke. Stages Of Negotiation. Besides, I think it was mentioned later that Sakura#39;s goal was to become a strong kunoichi, not end up with Sasuke.

Its possible that Sasuke did have feelings for During the 1960s: Essay Sakura. No, its not. Ode On. Why? Well, because the so called love triangle that was shown to Women's us when Sakura and la ventura film Sasuke were introduced. Naruto having strong feelings for Sakura would be one side. Sakura having strong feelings for Sasuke would be the other, and Sasuke having strong feelings for Naruto is the last. Sasuke: Don#39;t you envy him being alone, not having parents nag at you all the Women's Movement time. You make me sick#33; Sasuke: You#39;re just as bad as Naruto. Salient Of American. Why waste your time flirting when you should be practicing?

Even his skills are better than yours#33; Neji to Naruto (not exact quote): You have better eyes than mine. Only you can save Sasuke from darkness now. Warning: Yes, you guessed it, it is very pro-NaruHina. NaruSaku fan Wrote: NaruHina has no chance of happening instead of During Right Movement Essay, NaruSaku#33; I would agree. News Report Of Anand Carlsen Essay. But remember my statement about how crushes wore off in Part 2? Lee#39;s crush wore off, Ino#39;s crush wore off, Sakura#39;s crush wore off, Hinata#39;s crush did not wear off. During Essay. If Kishimoto would want to put NaruSaku instead, he would have taken Hinata#39;s crush away instead of Report Chess Match Aganist Carlsen Essay, complicating things. He didn#39;t. During The 1960s: Women's Movement. Maybe he has planned doing something with them? Its sure been hinted at.

NaruSaku fan: Naruto still loves/likes Sakura#33; No, he doesn#39;t. I won#39;t argue on Sakura loving Naruto, but if that#39;s the case, then its not requited. Ode On. Naruto knew and accepted that Sakura did not like him back in Part1 right before the the Sasuke Retrieval ARK: Naruto: Sakura-chan, you really like Sasuke huh? -smile- NaruSaku fan: What are you saying? Naruto never gives up, its his nindo#33; Sometimes part of During Women's Movement Essay, learning is accepting that you lost and moving on. La Ventura Film. Even so, Naruto has never told Sakura he loved her, and the 1960s: Movement Essay it was never his goal to get together with Sakura. Naruto#39;s goals are to be acknowledged, to become Hokage and to bring Sasuke back. Besides, why would he need to nurse romeo work to During Women's be acknowledged by Sakura when he is already acknowledged by Hinata? Let#39;s look at la ventura film, Hinata#39;s theme: Believe in During Movement yourself. How would that theme fit if Naruto ends up never acknowledging Hinata and rejects her for Sakura, someone who rejected him throughout most of Part1?

That#39;s not fair. Oh, and not to forget, Naruto#39;s nindo is nurse and juliet never take back my words, not giving up. He has never mentioned he would get Sakura to love him in Movement Part1, so I don#39;t see what the problem is. Naruto loves Sakura#33; Again, I#39;ll refer to the manga; And by the way, Hinata#39;s theme is exactly the same. NaruSaku fan: NaruSaku is nurse romeo and juliet canon#33; Have they told eachother they love eachother?

No. Have they kissed? No. During Right Movement. I know it is a shonen manga but there are always something that will indicate a pairing is canon. Look at Asuma/Kurenai, when Asuma died Kurenai had the bad omen, they constantly dated as you can see when Team Asuma had flashbacks. Asuma/Kurenai was canon. NaruSaku is not, if it were I wouldn#39;t be argueing this.

The hero always gets the girl/Sakura is first prize while Hinata is runner-up, Naruto can#39;t get her#33; Prizes? Sexism alert#33; Look people, it wouldn#39;t be the first time the News of the Chess Match of Anand Aganist Essay main character would get paired up with a side-character and it certainly wouldn#39;t be the last. Women's Right Movement Essay. Women aren#39;t prizes to be won. La Ventura Film. What about Yamato#39;s statement? Sakura in reality, you. The 1960s: Women's. -297.

Oh, and talking about Ch297, guess who was on the cover of that chapter? You guessed it, Hinata Hyuuga. No, it wasn#39;t a coincidence and I#39;ll go more into it later. La Ventura Film. (This is probably Kishimoto#39;s way of saying You guessed wrong#33; ) Naruto would get Sakura to acknowledge him by loving him#33; Not necessarily. Sakura already acknowledges Naruto, she already knows about Kyuubi, she knows him probably better than most people. If the above is the case, then why hasn#39;t NaruSaku happened yet? They already know eachother well, you#39;d think they#39;d be totally over on During the 1960s: Essay, eachother by now but they#39;re not. Makes you think, doesn#39;t it? What about the date?

I#39;m no hypocrite. I think Kishimoto put the date as his own way of showing us that Sakura forgot her feelings for la ventura film Sasuke without having to During the 1960s: Women's Right put actual important romance in it and News Report of the of Anand Aganist Carlsen adding to us that ShikaTema hint. Hell, Naruto hadn#39;t even said the Women's Right Movement Essay word #39;date#39; yet so I don#39;t think it counts in this category. Naruto only teases Sakura, trying to cheer themselves up and doing it for of american constitution #39;old time#39;s sake#39; and Naruto hasn#39;t mentioned any romantic intentions to During the 1960s: Essay Sakura since then. As I mentioned before, Naruto no longer has a crush on Sakura. Oh, and by the way, according to what#39;s translated, Kishimoto mentioned that the la ventura film date was not romance. The 1960s: Women's Essay. No, I am not a hypocrite, love is a general word, romance is not. The NaruHina in the anime were only fillers#33; True.

But why did the animators necessarily put NaruHina in the fillers? Why#39;d they do that if they knew it could end some other way ending up with loads of dissapointed fans on stages, their asses? It would be ridiculous and unprofessional. Its absolutely normal for manga authors to tell animators how they#39;re going to end the manga or at least what they have planned. I don#39;t think the the 1960s: Women's Essay animators are stupid enough to put NaruHina in if they knew NaruSaku would or could happen. NaruSaku fan Wrote: Hinata#39;s family wouldn#39;t let her#33;/Incest is practiced in the Hyuuga clan#33; One; It has NEVER been mentioned that the nurse romeo and juliet Hyuuga#39;s intermarry and I believe that#39;s just NejiHina fanon speculation. Two; Its been foreshadowed that the Hyuugas will have a family reform and three; I don#39;t think they#39;d mind an exception to that rule with the future Hokage. Angst just makes it all better. The 1960s: Women's. Hinata can be strong without Naruto#33; Wouldn#39;t that show her character development like you said with the crushes? If anyone were to ask me this, I#39;d applaud them for being a good debater, but it won#39;t work on me.

Hinata#39;s source for of negotiation inspiration? Naruto, Hinata#39;s reason to Right grow? Naruto. Unlike Sakura#39;s crush for Sasuke keeping her immature, Hinata#39;s crush for ode on Naruto did the During the 1960s: Right opposite, made her mature, made her stronger, how would that fit if Hinata ends up giving up? Yes, Hinata can become acknowledged by her clan and become strong, but it wouldn#39;t resolve her feelings for Naruto. I already proved how Sakura#39;s feelings for Sasuke had resolved, how Naruto#39;s feelings for Sakura had resolved, but Hinata#39;s - maybe being a minor character - feelings have yet to be resolved. Hell, its even be foreshadowed that Hinata will eventually confess her feelings for of negotiation Naruto, let#39;s look at During Women's Movement, the second databook: Hinata, always feeling the same towards Naruto. Will the day come when she can face him directly? Oh, and la ventura film let#39;s look at this picture Kishimoto himself drew, this is not fanart. This being the rough draft of the cover of the Women's Right so on the familiar chapter of stages of negotiation, 297: This golden light is only too obviously Naruto.

Oh, and just to stick it in the 1960s: Women's Movement Essay here, Hinata was the one that saw Naruto leave Konoha, not Sakura. Nurse Romeo And Juliet. - There#39;s no reason for Naruto and Sakura to be lovers as they#39;re perfectly fine as friends. Sakura already has a good portion of the spotlight, especially in the 1960s: Essay a shonen manga. However, everytime Hinata gets the spotlight it has something to do with Naruto. Of Negotiation. NaruHina not happening would be severely neglecting Hinata, as a minor character, and her theme. - The Seesaw effect. - If Kishimoto wanted NaruSaku he would have made Hinata#39;s feelings fade, but he didn#39;t. - If Kishimoto wanted NaruSaku, he would have probably made it canon by now, they#39;re all alone without Sasuke, so why hasn#39;t it happened? -The NARUTO manga is all about friendship. Kishimoto is not going to During the 1960s: Women's Movement Essay throw that away to pave way for a romantic relationship between Team7 and/or Sai. He#39;s going to want to either leave them single or pair them up outside of the team. More reference to the seesaw effect. - Naruto already gave up on Sakura at the end of Part1. It would be pointless to News Report of the Match of Anand Aganist bring back his feelings; it wouldn#39;t help the plot, and it certainly wouldn#39;t help his character development. -Sakura knows about Hinata#39;s feelings for Naruto, it wouldn#39;t be very nice on her part to still chase after him. -Continuing from the last point, both Kiba and Shino know very well of Hinata#39;s feelings for Naruto and During the 1960s: Women's Right Essay support her. If NaruHina didn#39;t happen, it would not only News Report Match of Anand Aganist Carlsen, bring down Hinata, but also all of Team 8/Kurenai. Hell, it seems like all of Team 8#39;s purpose revolves around Hinata#39;s feelings for Naruto.

I could use how Shino wasn#39;t included in the Sasuke Retrieval ARK as evidence for it. EDIT2: This is an the 1960s: Right Movement arguement supported with facts like anything you write in school. It is not a fact and I#39;m not saying that SasuSaku nor NaruSaku will never happen in riverisland co uk the future, I#39;m argueing against SasuSaku and NaruSaku being canon now. I#39;m not claiming all I say is a fact, its an During the 1960s: Women's Right Movement opinion where I use a theory. Now go take an English class and write a few essays on features, books before coming back. During Women's Movement. -kicked out of the AMC- You see, Sakura#39;s immaturity was especially shown on her relationship with Sasuke and stages of negotiation Naruto.

How the heck is she supposed to mature from During the 1960s: Right Movement Essay, that stage of insulting Naruto and riverisland co uk favoring Sasuke if she#39;s going to end up with Sasuke? She can#39;t, it just doesn#39;t make sense. I think that she realized that the world DOESN#39;T revolve around her sasuke-kun, but I still think that she loves him. So you#39;re right, she matures by realizing that the world is During the 1960s: Women's Movement Essay entirely made of la ventura film, her and Sasuke--- but that doesn#39;t deny the right for her to still love him, and for him to have the potential of loving her back. In fact, there are a lot of things Sasuke does that hints that he cares for Sakura-- maybe not as a lover, but at least as a friend.

I think that, not only does Sakura#39;s character develop, but her realationship with Sasuke, and even Naruto develops as well, as time passes.

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During the 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay

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Kanthapura Essays and Research Papers. ?The Emergence of the Woman: A Reading of Raja Rao’s Kanthapura The woman has always been the unacknowledged and indiscernible core of the the 1960s: . Indian society, without which its patriarchy would fall apart. Never allowed a voice in the seminal aspects of life, the woman yet defines its traditional and cultural boundaries. Raja Rao’s Kanthapura (1938) is a subtle study of the immense change that the Gandhian movement of the thirties brought into stages of negotiation, the life of the Indian woman and yet didn’t let her cross. Black-and-white films , Gandhism , Gender 1215 Words | 2 Pages.

Kanthapura as a novel of village or rural sensibility: Raja rao’s Kanthapura is a tale of atypical south Indian village in the . The 1960s: Essay? kara area of Report Carlsen Essay, Mysore. The novel is a saga of village life with a political bias. There is the 1960s: Women's Movement, no conventional hero or heroine in it. The village of Kanthapura itself; with its presiding deity Kanchamma, with its live giving river Himavath, with its rustic topography, crops, weeds and diseases, with its characteristics, superstitions and customs is riverisland co uk, one of the Movement main character. The.

Character , Fiction , Goddess 1089 Words | 3 Pages. Summary of the Novel Kanthapura by Raja Rao. Raja Rao’s first novel Kanthapura (1938) is the story of riverisland, a village in south India named Kanthapura . The 1960s: Essay? The novel is narrated in the . form of salient features, a ‘sthalapurana’ by an old woman of the Right village, Achakka. And Juliet? Kanthapura is a traditional caste ridden Indian village which is away from all modern ways of living. Dominant castes like Brahmins are privileged to get the best region of the village whereas Sudras, Pariahs are marginalized. The village is believed to have protected by a local deity called Kenchamma.

Though. Ahimsa , Caste system in During the 1960s: Movement, India , Fiction 682 Words | 3 Pages. Comparative Study Between Waiting for Mahatma and Kanthapura. TITLE :- COMPARISON BETWEEN THE IMAGES OF ‘GANDHI’ IN KANTHAPURA AND WAITING FOR THE MAHATMA Name :- Purbita Bhattacharya M.A. 1ST SEMESTER . ROLL :- ME 110042 PAPER – 2 SUPERVISED BY :- PROF. CHANDRANATH ADHIKARY The novel WAITING FOR THE MAHATMA deals with the story of a young man named Sriram whose life revolves round the influence of Mahatma on him during the years of Indian Freedom Struggle. In his age of twenty he meets a girl named Bharati, an ardent.

Ahimsa , Bhagat Singh , Gujarat 1405 Words | 4 Pages. Gandhian Politics and Religion in Raja Rao's 'Kanthapura' creative impetus of the Indian novelists in English. In this paper I will discuss on how Gandhian blending of features of american, politics and religion gives an impact on During, the . minds of the Indian masses, especially of the villagers. Co Uk? Taking instances from Raja Rao’s novel kanthapura , I will seek to the 1960s: Movement show how Gandhian political thoughts and teachings come in the guise of traditional religious terms and how it stirs the innocent and superstitious imaginations of the village folk. Gandhian secularism and spiritual teachings aim. God , Hinduism , Human 2519 Words | 7 Pages.

Foreword to Raja Rao's Kanthapura by riverisland co uk Raja Rao My publishers have asked me to say a word of explanation. During Women's Right Essay? There is no village in India, . however mean, that has not a rich sthala-purana, or legendary history, of its own. Some god or godlike hero has passed by nurse romeo and juliet the village – Rama might have rested under this papal-tree, Sita might have dried her clothes, after her bath, on this yellow-stone, or the Mahatma himself, on one of his many pilgrimages through the the 1960s: Women's country, might have slept in this hut. Bleecker Street , English people , Greenwich Village 489 Words | 2 Pages. Limited Emancipation: Women in Raja Rao s Kanthapura S E N A T H W . P E R E RA Kanthapura thus far have focussed . for the most part on the manner in which the melancholy novel characterizes the Indian renaissance under Gandhi's leadership. The 1960s: Movement Essay? The approaches taken by stages M . K. Naik and K. S. Ramamurti are typical in During Right Movement, this regard. Naik declares, in features, Dimensions of Indian English Literature, that WIU IS UD T E ^ D NE A N T E RK O F Raja Rao's Kanthapura ( 1 9 3 8 ) is easily the finest evocation of. Feminism , Feminist theory , India 5349 Words | 15 Pages.

organization failed shortly after inception. During Essay? In Bombay, he was also associated with Chetana, a cultural society for the propagation of Indian thought and . values. Rao's involvement in the nationalist movement is reflected in riverisland, his first two books. The novel Kanthapura (1938) was an account of the the 1960s: Movement impact of Gandhi's teaching on non-violent resistance against News Report Chess Match, the British. The story is seen from the perspective of Right, a small Mysore village in South India. Rao borrows the style and structure from Indian vernacular tales. English language , Fiction , History of la ventura film, India 1824 Words | 5 Pages. Gandhi.

Important writers of the 1930s and the 1940s were mulkraj anand, R.K. narayan and raja rao. Mulk raj anand focused on the complexities of the . nationalist movement. Raja rao’s foreword in kanthapura in 1938 began to During Movement Essay function like a manifesto on Indian writing in la ventura film, English. During Women's Right? Raja rao in his foreword to kanthapura talks about how does one bridge a gap between an alien language and a narrative that is very specifically Indian. As sisir kumar das points out in the history of Indian literature “ A majority. Dialect , English language , India 1132 Words | 3 Pages. Electronic International Interdisciplinary Research Journal (EIIRJ) Electronic Bi-monthly Reviewed Journal Nov/Dec 2012 ISSN 2277-8721 A STUDY OF . MYTHOLOGY OF RAMAYANA IN RAJA RAO’S KANTHAPURA Dr. Of American? P.M. During Right Movement? PATIL Member BOS in English, Shivaji University, Kolhapur Head, Department of English Arts, Commerce Science College, Palus. Dist-Sangli . Ode On? 416310.(M.S) ABSTRACT The most celebrated ancient heroic text of India is the ‘Ramayana’.

It provided themes for important later literary works in Indian. India , Indian independence movement , Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 2334 Words | 8 Pages. ENGLISH LITERATURE Sub. Code: MAE/Y/230 Credits: 02 Total Marks: 100 Minimum Pass Marks: 40% Internal Assessment: 40 Marks University Examination: 60 . The 1960s:? Marks Block 1 Non-Fictional Prose Block 2 Mulk Raj Anand : Untouchable Block 3 Raja Rao – Kanthapura Block 4 Anita Desai – Clear Light of News of the Chess Match Aganist Carlsen Essay, Day Block 5 Salman Rushdie – Midnight’s Children Block 6 Short Stories Block 7 Poetry Block 8 Mahesh Dattani- Tara SYLLABUS MASTER OF ARTS – ENGLISH YEAR – II STUDY OF NEW LITERATURES IN ENGLISH Sub. English language , English literature , English studies 682 Words | 5 Pages. Raj Anand, another towering figure in this genre, best remembered for his depiction of the neglected castes of society in his book “The Untouchable”. 1908 . – Birth Of Raja Rao, who published the first major English novel in this genre called “ Kanthapura ” which portrayed a small South Indian village as a microcosm of the traditional Indian society along with its participation in the Gandhian movement. He also went on to become the first Indian to win the Neustadt International Prize for Literature. India , Indian English literature , Kiran Desai 1392 Words | 5 Pages. Sword and the Sickle (1942) is an epic account of the the 1960s: Right Movement Essay gradual growth of the protagonis's revolutionary consciousness which may be seen as a microcosm of . India's movement towards an awareness of the need for independence.

Raja Rao's first novel Kanthapura (1938) is his most straightforward. It gives an account of how her village's revolt against a domineering plantation owner comes to features of american constitution be informed by During the 1960s: Right Movement the Gandhian ideal of nonviolence. Rao's major work The Serpent and the Rope (1960) is regarded. English language , India , Jawaharlal Nehru 1399 Words | 5 Pages. The Various Phases of the Development of the Indian English Novel. “Coolie” by Mulk Raj Anand, the social disparity in News Report Match of Anand Aganist, India is laid bare.

In R.K.Narayan’s imaginary village Malgudi, the invisible men and women of our . teeming population come to life and act out life with all its perversities and whimsicalities. In ‘ Kanthapura ’ by Raja Rao, Gandhism awakes in During Women's Right Movement Essay, a sleepy village down south. India no longer needed to be depicted by outsiders. The perspectives from within ensured more clarity and of american constitution served a social documentative purpose as well. The early novels in Women's Right Essay, India were. India , Indian English , Indian English literature 662 Words | 2 Pages.

side of a river are a category by ode on melancholy themselves. Nirad C. Chaudhuri has advanced the theory that, for During the 1960s: Women's Right, the Aryans in India, the ode on melancholy 'river cult is a symbol of their . pre Indian existence eg : R.K. Narayan's novels centred in Malgudi -on-Sarayu, Raja Rao's Kanthapura , the the 1960s: river Hemavathy is a person and a presence. History as the theme of creative fiction seems indeed to exercise a special fascination for melancholy, many Indian novelists. Movement Essay? R.C.Dutt's, The slave girl of Agra, A.S.P. Ayyar's Baladitya, Chanakya and Chandragupta. India , Indian English literature , Indian literature 9158 Words | 25 Pages. different perspective or using a first person narrative where an omniscient narrative exists. The text could be converted to a drama or a film script. . Reviews could be written. A students making a study of Raja Rao’s Kanthapura could produce a tourist guide to the village of Kanthapura . Considering the number of students in our classrooms and their individual requirements.

These tasks may seem too ambitious. Their success depends on the motivation of the students. These methods encourage the students. Fiction , Hermeneutics , History of literature 2704 Words | 8 Pages. Empire : “On National Culture” from the Wretched of the la ventura film Earth : “Survival” from Movement Essay Survival : “Commonwealth Literature Does Not Exist” from stages of negotiation Imaginary Homelands . Margaret Atwood Salman Rushdie Unit 2 : Fiction I Raja Rao R.K. Narayan Amitav Ghosh : Kanthapura : A Tiger from Malgudi : In an Antique Land Unit 3 : Fiction II Peter Carey Margaret Atwood V.S. Naipaul : True History of the Kelly Gang : Surfacing : A House for Mr. Biswas Unit 4 : Poetry I Nissim Ezekiel : “Night of the the 1960s: Right Scorpion”.

England , English language , Language acquisition 1506 Words | 12 Pages. of the Book Author Train to Pakistan Khuswant Singh Autobiography of an unknown Indian Nirad C Chaudhary Kiran Desai The Inheritance of Loss . Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard Name of the Book Coolie The Guide Swami and his friends Kanthapura Serpent and the rope Cry, the peacock The Artist of Disappearance The Village by the Sea Continent of Circe Midnight’s Children Satanic Verses A Suitable Boy The Glass Palace The God of Small Things Walking with the Comrades Interpreter. India , Indian English literature , Indian National Congress 1444 Words | 7 Pages. Pioneers Trio of Indian English Fiction. Mahatma Gandhi and from romeo and juliet Sri Atmanand Guru of Trivandrum, and it reflected in During the 1960s: Right Essay, his works. His first masterpiece, Kanthapura [1938] is perhaps the News of the of Anand Aganist Carlsen Essay . finest representation of the Gandhian whirlwind in the 1960s: Women's Right Essay, Indian English fiction. Of Negotiation? It is the During Right story of a village with that name, It presents “the Gandhian ideology of non-violence and abolition of untouchability..

Like its spirit, the form and style of la ventura film, Kanthapura also follow the Indian tradition. The Serpent and the Rope [1960] written after a long silence during which. English language , India , Indian novelists 4468 Words | 13 Pages. modeled upon - (a) Don Quixote (b) Endymion (c) Annus Mirabilis (d) Pilgrim's Progress 17. Who was the last of the Christian Humanists? (a) John Bunyan . (b) Oliver Cromwell (c) John Milton (d) Richard Crashaw 18. Women's? The narrative of Raja Rao's Kanthapura is based on- (a) The Ramayana (b) The Mahabharata (c) Puranas (d) Shastras 19. Which of the following author- book pairs is correctly matched? (a) Arundhati Roy - Algebra of nurse from romeo, Infinite Justice (b) Shashi Tharoor - Trotter's Name (c) C.L.R. Following , Literary criticism , Literary theory 1349 Words | 8 Pages. Fable to Myth in the Novels of William Golding. ground where a new house had been constructed for the execution of Mangal pandey . Thu;s, This is the story of the illustrious son of Bharat Mata and the 1960s: Right Essay his . Nurse And Juliet? drearn of complete freedom.D i g 2 3 E n E 4 REEEBENEESj naia Rao, Kanthapura , Madras, Oxford i.Jr.:iversity press 1994 (English tmpression ) GoswamiTulsidas . During The 1960s: Right? Ram Charit ln4anas ,Grta [-]ress Gorakhpur Shyam'Dua .The luminous Iife of flv. Allegory , Fable , Human 1585 Words | 4 Pages.

real persons of the ode on melancholy Indian society. During The 1960s: Women's Essay? Among other novelist, Raja Rao is famous for his narrative techniques. He combined the narrative techniques of Ramayana . and Mahabharata with those modern western 32 techniques of Eliot and Joyce. His Kanthapura is put in the mouth of a grandmother. R. K. Narayan is a powerful novelist having considerable philosophical bent of ode on melancholy, mind.

It is seen in his novels The Bachelor of Right Movement, Arts and The Dark Room. The tragedy of partition provided the writers with. English language , History of India , India 14866 Words | 59 Pages. The English Teacher 03 Theory on Myth and Lit. 04 05 Non-Detailed Study Girish Karnad a) Raja Rao b) Anita Desai c) Shashi Deshpande d) . Salman Rushdie e) Arundhati Roy Northrop Frye: Myth, Fiction and Displacement Yayati Kanthapura Cry the of negotiation Peacock That Long Silence Midnight’s Children The God of Small Things Recommended Reading: 1. K. R. Srinivas Iyengar: History of Indian English Literature 2. M. K. Naik: History of Indian Writing in English 3. Northrop Fry: The. English language , English literature , English studies 5577 Words | 66 Pages.

shows the the 1960s: Women's different values of the two, the American’s dialogue concerned with acquisition and Chess of Anand Aganist Carlsen possessions, while Muni is concerned with history and . spirituality. Wider reading The Guide (novel) and Women's Movement Essay Malgudi Days (short stories) by RK Narayan Kanthapura by Raja Rao Compare with Games at Twilight by la ventura film Anita Desai Of White Hairs and Cricket by Rohinton Mistry Online Information about RK Narayan is available at: Patricia Grace (1937-) . Edgar Allan Poe , Fiction , Narrative 2737 Words | 11 Pages. Paraclete” Toru Dutt “Sita”, “Our Casuarina Tree” Sarojini Naidu “The Pardah Nashin”, Ghanashyam” Fiction Krupabai Satthianandhan Mulk Raj Anand Fiction Raja . Rao R K Narayan Prose Rabindranath Tagore B R Ambedkar Kamala: a Story of Hindu life Untouchable Kanthapura The Man-Eater of Malgudi “Nationalism in India” (from Nationalism) “The Annihilation of Caste” (Collected Works of B R Ambedkar, Vol III) Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4 Unit 5 Paper III Unit 1 Unit 2 Postcolonial Literatures Background Colonialism-Imperialism;. England , English language , Language education 3073 Words | 15 Pages. England, and Coolie (1945), and During the 1960s: Essay The Private Life of an Indian Prince (1953) which were written in of the Chess Match of Anand Essay, India. He was among the first writers to render Punjabi and . Hindustani idioms into English. Raja Rao was considered a Nationalist novelist. His novel Kanthapura (1938) was an account of the impact of Gandhi's teaching on During the 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay, non-violent resistance against the British. His other novel The Serpent and the Rope is a work dramatising the relationships between Indian and Western culture.The serpent in the title refers. English language , India , Indian English literature 3343 Words | 10 Pages. Production of riverisland co uk, Natural Rubber from Para Rubber Tree.

spp) based on RFLP, AFLP, microsatellite and isozyme markers. The 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay? Ther Appl Genet 100: 127–138 Metcalfe CR (1966) Distribution of latex in la ventura film, the plant kingdom. . During The 1960s: Movement Essay? Econ Bot 21: 115–127 Montoro P, Rattana W, Pujade-Renaud V, Michaux-Ferriere N, Monkolsook Y, Kanthapura R, Adunsadthapong S (2003) Production of Hevea brasiliensis transgenic embryogenic callus lines by News Report of the Chess Match of Anand Aganist Carlsen Agrobacterium tumefaciens: Role of calcium. Plant Cell Rep 21: 1095–1102. Mooibroek H, Cornish K (2000) Alternative sources of natural rubber. Appl. Castilla elastica , Euphorbiaceae , Henry Wickham 2490 Words | 8 Pages. Indian English Literature: Changing Trends and Right Movement Essay History.

by Sake Dean Mahomet, titled Travels of Dean Mahomet; Mahomet's travel narrative was published in 1793 in England. Early Indian writers used English . unadulterated by Indian words to convey an riverisland co uk experience which was essentially Indian. Raja Rao's Kanthapura in terms of its storytelling qualities was essentially Indian. The 1960s: Right Movement Essay? It is perhaps the finest representation of the Gandhian whirlwind in Indian English fiction. It presents the Gandhian ideology of non-violence and abolition of constitution, untouchability.

Rabindranath. English language , India , Indian English literature 2985 Words | 8 Pages. narrative was published in 1793 in During the 1960s: Women's Movement, England. Salient? In its early stages it was influenced by During Women's Right the Western art form of the co uk novel. Early Indian writers used English . unadulterated by Indian words to convey an During Movement experience which was essentially Indian. Raja Rao's Kanthapura is ode on, Indian in terms of its storytelling qualities. Rabindranath Tagore wrote in Bengali and English and During Women's Right was responsible for the translations of la ventura film, his own work into During Women's Right Movement Essay, English. News Report Chess Match Carlsen Essay? Dhan Gopal Mukerji was the first Indian author to win a literary award in the 1960s: Women's Movement Essay, the. Caste , Delhi , English language 3643 Words | 9 Pages.

Language in Indian Writing in English. characters who more often than not are presumed to be speaking and thinking not in English at stages, all, but in a plurality of During Right Movement, Indian languages.” The use of . English by Indian authors has always been to suit their tastes and needs. Raja Rao, the nurse romeo author of Kanthapura famously argued in 1938 for using English, but an English adapted to an Indian conditions. He said “English is Women's Right, not really an alien language to us. It is the language of features of american constitution, our intellectual make-up - like Sanskrit or Persian was before - but not of.

Arundhati Roy , English language , Fiction 3653 Words | 9 Pages. which was aptly described by Women's Right Essay Mulk Raj Anand in his Coolie, the imaginary village life with its entire unedited realities in R.K. Of Negotiation? Narayan`s Malgudi Days . and During Movement Essay last but not the least the aura of Gandhism depicted by Raja Rao in his remarkable novel Kanthapura portrayed a whole new India. The need of the `foreigners` depicting India amidst their write ups was not needed as Indians wanted to portray India through their Indian English. That was the beginning of the News of the Match of Anand Carlsen Essay voyage and with time it gained maturity. English language , India , Indian English literature 17475 Words | 45 Pages. Renaissance, Its Impact on English Literature. Ramanujam: “Self Portrait”, “River”, “Love Poem for a Wife” Jayant Mahapatra: “Hunger”, “Dawn at Puri”, “Indian Summer” Unit V Mahesh . Dattani: Tara Section B Unit VI Mulkh Raj Anand : Untouchable Unit VII Raja Rao : Kanthapura UnitVIII Anita Desai: Clear Light of the Day Unit IX Salman Rushdie: Midnight’s Children Section C: Background Reading Rabindernath Tagore, Keki Daruwalla, R. Parthasarthi, GV Desani, Bhabani Bhattacharya, Kamala Markandaya, Amitav Ghosh.

England , English language , Literary criticism 4043 Words | 23 Pages. the history and reception of IWE, the rest of the units will require them to study issues that define the Indian ethos of the texts under scrutiny. Unit I: . [15 marks] [12 lectures] History of Indian writing in the 1960s: Essay, English Unit II: Fiction Raja Rao. Kanthapura [10 marks] [10 lectures] Unit III: Non Fictional Narrative Vikram Seth. Riverisland Co Uk? From Heaven Lake.

Unit IV: Poetry • Nissim Ezekiel. • • • Keki Daruwala. A.K. Ramanujan. Jayanta Mahapatra. The 1960s: Women's Movement? [35 marks] [12 lectures] “Night of the Scorpion” “Gulzaman’s Son”. England , English language , English studies 3882 Words | 14 Pages. Meditations, tr. Gregory Hays (London: Weidenfeld Nicolson, 2003): Book 5; Book 7; Book 9. Thucydides 2. Sappho Ovid 3. Virgil 4. Horace . Nurse From Romeo? Juvenal Marcus Aurelius 21 Eng 0403(ii) Indian Literature 2 1. During Right Movement Essay? Raja Rao T. B. Macaulay Kanthapura ‘Minute on ode on, Education’, in Right, Lord Macaulay’s Legislative Minutes, ed. C. D. Dharkar (London, 1946). Chess Match? Midnight’s Children I Follow After: An Autobiography, tr. E. Josephine Inkster (New Delhi: Oxford, 1998). (i) ‘Vande Mataram’, tr. K. Swaminathan (pp.

Delhi , Oxford University Press , University of During Women's Movement Essay, Cambridge 5401 Words | 20 Pages. Indian National Congress and Pearl S. Buck. Junglee Girl | Ginu Kamani | Kadambari | Bana Bhatt | Kamadhenu | Kubernath Ray | Kamasutra | Vatsyayan | Kagaz Te Kanwas | Amrita Pritam | Kamayani | . Nurse From? Jai Shankar Pandit | Kaleidoscope of India | Tomoji Muto | Kali Aandhi | Kamleshwar | Kanthapura | Raja Rao | Kanyadaan | Vijay Tendulkar | Kapal Kundala | Bankim Chandra Chatterjee | Kashmir-A Tale of Shame | Hari Jaisingh | Kashmir-Behind the Vale | M.J.Akbar | Kashmir Diary: Psychology of Militancy | Gen.Arjun Ray | Kashmir-The Wounded. Arthur Conan Doyle , Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay , George Bernard Shaw 7362 Words | 41 Pages. boy uprooted from the land. His trilogy, The Village (1939), Across The Black Waters (1940) and The Sword and the Sickle (1942), is an epic account of the . During Women's Essay? gradua l growth of the prota gonist's revolutionary consciousness.

Raja Rao's first novel Kanthapura (1938) is his most straight forward work. It gives an account of constitution, how her village's revolt against a domineering plantation owner comes to be influenced the Gandhian ideal of Women's Essay, non-violence. Rao's major work The Serpent and the Rope (1960) is of american constitution, regarded. Carnatic music , Hinduism , Hindustani classical music 25043 Words | 73 Pages. Search for Identity in Shashi Deshpande's Novels. a small town in south India in the 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay, his first novel Swami and Friends. Raja Rao achieves Indianess by capturing the flavour of a regional dialect.

Indianess is features, . seen in Right Movement, the use of a few words here and ode on melancholy these from the Women's Essay language use of imagery. Raja Rao’s Kanthapura (1938), is perhaps the stages of negotiation finest evocation of the Gandhian age in Indian English Fiction. William Walsh rightly opines: “It was in Right Essay, 1930s that the Indians began what has now turned out to be their very substantial contribution to the novel in English. Feminism , First novel in riverisland, English , India 31940 Words | 95 Pages. Oxford University Press, New Delhi). Section-B 1. Joseph Conrad. Lord Jim. During The 1960s: Movement? 2. James Joyce. Portrait of the riverisland co uk Artist as a Young Man.

3. D.H. Lawrence. Sons and During Right Movement Essay . Lovers. 4. E.M. Forster. A Passage to India. And Juliet? 5. Virginia Woolf. Mrs Dalloway. The 1960s: Right? 6. Raja Rao. Kanthapura . 7. Features? V.S. Naipal. During Right Essay? A House for Mr. Biswas.

GUJARATI PAPER-I (Answers must be written in Gujarati) Section-A Gujarati Language : Form and history 1. History of Gujarati Language with special reference to New Indo-Aryan i.e. last one thousand years. Civil service , Comprehensive examination , Disability 46414 Words | 140 Pages. strength in nurse romeo and juliet, common, that, in varying degrees, they have Indian responses to life and things.” But the Women's problem—a major one for all Indian creative writers who . write in English lucidly summed up by stages Raja Rao in the oft-quoted extract from his Foreward in During Right, Kanthapura (“One has to convey in co uk, a language not ones own, the spirit that is During Essay, one’s own.”) is even more potent for poets. Two major literary critics have raised questions about first, the authenticity, and second, the Indianness of Indian English poetry. Buddhadeb. English language , English poetry , English studies 84820 Words | 268 Pages. particular kind of sensitivity to language and willingness to nurse and juliet tax and During the 1960s: stretch the language, the best poetry in English has been written by Indian novels. No . Indian poet writing in English has equalled the kind of verbal dexterity we find in Raja Rao's Kanthapura or G. V. Desani’s All about PL Hatterr.

Secondly, where one expects, to find political commitment in the poetry of salient features constitution, a country as sorely in need of During Right Movement Essay, it as India, one finds none. The present generation of poets writing in' English are almost exclusively. India , Indian English literature , Indian poetry 96505 Words | 255 Pages.

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Resource packages: Non-exam assessment. This resource provides guidance on the non-exam assessment (NEA) requirements for During the 1960s: Women's Right Essay, A-level English Literature B, and should be read in conjunction with the NEA requirements set out in the specification. La Ventura Film? It develops and During Movement Essay exemplifies the riverisland, requirements, but is During the 1960s: Women's Essay, wholly consistent with them. Sample student responses accompany this guidance. Given that a central tenet of Specification B is how meanings in stages of negotiation literature arise and given that the specification encourages students to have their own voices, it is fitting that the title of the During the 1960s: Right Movement Essay, NEA component is ‘Theory and independence’. The purpose of this component is for students to explore aspects of their chosen prose and poetry texts through the News of the Match of Anand Aganist Carlsen Essay, lens of different critical ideas and for them to engage with the notion that meanings in literature are not fixed and are influenced by many external factors that may be brought to bear on texts. This area of the course provides a challenging and Women's Movement wide-ranging opportunity for an introduction to of the Chess of Anand Aganist different ways of reading and for Women's Movement, independent study.

To that end, few restrictions are placed on the student’s freedom to choose their own texts and shape their own task but the following requirements must be met: Students write two responses, each about nurse from romeo a different literary text Each text must be linked to a different section of the AQA critical anthology One response must be conventional; the second can be re-creative and will be accompanied by a commentary. It is possible to submit two conventional responses. The 1960s: Right Essay? The word count for each response is 1,250-1,500 words (not including quotations) The tasks must be worded so that they give access to all five assessment objectives One of the texts must be a poetry text and riverisland the other must be prose Set texts listed for study in both A-level examination components, Literary genres and Texts and genres, cannot be used for NEA Poetry texts must be as substantial as a novel or a play. A poetry text could be either one longer narrative poem or a single authored collection of shorter poems. A discrete Chaucer Tale would be suitable as a text for study, as would a poem such as The Rape of the Lock . If students are using a collection of short poems for a conventional response, they must have studied the whole text and select at least two poems to write about in detail as examples of the wider collection Single authored collections of short stories are permissible. If students are using a collection of short stories for a conventional response, they must have studied the whole text and select at least two stories to write about in Right detail as examples of the wider collection For re-creative tasks, where collections of poetry or short stories are used, students must have studied the whole text. Students will choose an appropriate part of the base text as the focus for their re-creative piece, and thus it is acceptable to focus on a single short story or poem.

In the spirit of independent study, we wouldn’t expect to see the same poem/story selected by all students within a school or college. Texts in translation, that have been influential and significant in the development of literature in English, can be used. The introduction to the NEA should provide students with a detailed review of the above requirements and guidance on what it means to work independently (e.g. Of American Constitution? productive research skills, effective time management). Right Essay? The point at which students begin their NEA preparation will depend on individual school and college decisions. Schools and colleges may aim to introduce the NEA in the first year of the ode on, course.

An appropriate opportunity would be the six weeks which follow the completion of AS examinations but other times will be available, especially where schools and the 1960s: Essay colleges are not entering their students for AS. Schools and features of american constitution colleges will differ in Women's Right Movement Essay how they approach the NEA and this may be dependent upon whether: Students all choose individual texts and tasks for their NEA One text is nurse, taught to the whole cohort and the second text is individually chosen AS and A-level students are co-taught and an AS only poetry or prose text (‘Hardy Selection’/ The Remains of the Day for tragedy OR ‘Betjeman Selection’/ Wise Children for comedy) is studied for the NEA with the second text individually chosen. These approaches are equally valid and Right Essay take account of the different contexts in which schools and la ventura film colleges will be working. The 1960s: Right Essay? What is important is that each approach recognises that a degree of autonomy in student text and task choice is required. Ideally a range of differentiated texts and tasks will be seen across a submission for this component. Students will, however, choose their texts and la ventura film shape their tasks with your support (and you will be supported by your NEA Advisor) and the following offers you some guidance on how to help your students make these choices. This component is supported by the AQA critical anthology, which has accessible extracts on a range of theoretical ideas.

The six sections in the critical anthology encourage students to think about how literature might reflect and be affected by ideas about: narrative construction and During the 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay how the romeo, texts work (Narrative theory) gender (Feminist theory) economics and social organisation (Marxist theory) nature and the survival of the planet (Eco-critical theory) nationality, identity and power (Post-colonial theory) aesthetics and value (Literary value and the Canon) Obviously teachers will have to decide how the critical anthology will be introduced. Ideally, the theoretical material should be used to support and inform the reading of all texts studied during the whole course. If this is done, students will have gained a solid understanding of During the 1960s: Right Movement, how texts can be interpreted in multiple ways thereby enabling them to arrive at their own interpretations and become confident autonomous readers. La Ventura Film? If students are not introduced to theoretical material prior to their NEA study, teachers will need to During Women's Right Movement Essay ensure that they are helped in News Report Chess Match Carlsen their reading of the chosen sections of the critical anthology, from which students can choose critical views to Women's apply. By studying these critical theories, they will see how meanings in ode on melancholy texts can be laid open for negotiation and debate and students may choose to read beyond the extracts provided in the critical anthology. The NEA component allows students and teachers much more freedom in the 1960s: Movement Essay the choice of texts than the examined components and so enables the aptitudes and interests of students to be taken into stages of negotiation, account when texts are being selected. When supporting students with their choice of texts, the following guidance is useful: both texts should be of sufficient weight and of suitable ‘quality’ for the 1960s: Women's Essay, A-level study; the set text lists for salient constitution, the examined components help to exemplify what is meant by a substantial text, particularly in relation to Women's Right Movement selecting an News Carlsen Essay, appropriate amount of poetry for the poetry ‘text’. Remember, however, that the A-level set texts cannot be used in NEA. texts chosen for study must maximise opportunities for writing with reference to the AQA critical anthology texts must allow access to a range of critical views and interpretations, including over time in the conventional response, which students can evaluate and During Right Movement apply autonomously.

We encourage schools and colleges to check task titles with their AQA NEA Adviser before students embark on their research, especially where there may be some uncertainty about the appropriateness of texts or the approach being taken. Of the two pieces of riverisland co uk, writing that make up the final folder, one must be a conventional response, of which examination essays are examples, but the During Essay, other can be a re-creative piece if the student so wishes. The re-creative option requires a different approach and Chess Match Essay could provide more enjoyment and challenge. During The 1960s: Women's Right Essay? However, it is perfectly acceptable to produce two conventional pieces of work. The conventional piece could be presented in the form of literary journalism if the student so wishes, so long as it meets all the criteria. What is important, given that the NEA assesses all five assessment objectives (AOs), is that each task must allow access to them all. Students should be familiar with this concept by the time they approach the News of the Chess Match of Anand Carlsen, NEA as all AOs are tested in all questions in the examined components 1 and 2. The exemplar NEA responses are good examples of how access to During the 1960s: Movement Essay all AOs is enabled by the task and the moderator commentary explains how the AOs have been addressed by the student.

A conventional essay will focus on debate and ode on invite students to explore potential meanings in a literary text using critical theories and ideas. Women's? As with the examination questions, tasks need to address the assessment objectives, but with NEA there can be more flexible approaches. Exemplar student response E is not unlike those in Section B of the two examined components in that the student is responding to the extent to which he/she agrees with a given view. Whilst the directive to of negotiation include relevant comment on authorial method is Women's Right Essay, not explicit here, the importance of students integrating into their debates comment about the writer’s methods also applies here. Students should know their NEA text well so that they can discuss method in News Chess Match Aganist Carlsen Essay an explicit way, and can make judicious choices in their selection of supporting material.

Given that the text being written about in this exemplar response is a novel, the discussion will be on Essay narrative method. Comment on characterisation, sequencing, structure, voices, settings and language should be woven into of the Chess Match Carlsen, the argument. In this task, a student would need to think about how Burgess’s methods have helped him or her to decide to what extent they can agree that A Clockwork Orange is a protest novel about the powerlessness of human beings against ruthless autocratic governments. It is worth considering how key terms in the exemplar task wording enable different AOs to be accessed: ‘ A Clockwork Orange is During Women's Movement, a protest novel about the nurse from romeo and juliet, powerlessness of human beings against ruthless autocratic governments.’ Using ideas from the critical anthology to inform your argument, to what extent do you agree with this view? AO1 : Articulate informed, personal and creative responses to literary texts, using associated concepts and terminology, and coherent, accurate written expression.

In responding to Women's Essay the extent he/she agrees with the given view, AO1 will be tested through the way the student constructs the stages, argument and the 1960s: Movement Essay expresses ideas. AO2 : Analyse ways in which meanings are shaped in literary texts. AO2 is set up in the requirement for from romeo and juliet, the student to Women's Essay focus on the ways Burgess has/has not presented A Clockwork Orange as a protest novel, and on the implied presentation of human beings as powerless and governments as ruthless and autocratic. AO3 : Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which literary texts are written and co uk received. AO3 will be addressed through the student showing his/her understanding of a range of Women's Essay, possible contexts which arise from power and powerlessness (e.g. cultural, gender, political and historical contexts), and of negotiation of the feminist/Marxist readings of the text that are possible. AO4 : Explore connections across literary texts. AO4 is targeted by the requirement to refer to During the 1960s: Women's Essay the critical anthology, which is itself another text. The student will also connect implicitly with other ‘protest’ texts.

AO5 : Explore literary texts informed by different interpretations. In debating the extent to which A Clockwork Orange is a protest novel about the nurse from, powerlessness of human beings against ruthless autocratic governments, the student will directly engage with different interpretations. A re-creative response, supported by a commentary, allows students to explore aspects of a text and its potential meanings while at the same time experience enjoyment in the creative aspects of Right, their task. The purpose of a re-creative response is to offer a critical reading of the base text that has been informed by working with the critical anthology. Re-creative work can find the ‘narrative gaps’ or ‘absence’ in a base text and by filling some of these gaps students offer a critical reading of the text. Romeo And Juliet? New light can be shed on a text and its potential ambiguities by re-creating part of it through a new voice and genre. A conventional reading of a text might be reconfigured by offering a reading from a different critical and/or contextual starting point. There is no requirement for students to replicate the form and language of the chosen base text, but the selection of narrative voice matters. It is During Women's Movement, often far more enlightening and interesting to present the point of view of a character who is at times marginalised as a voice in the base text.

The re-creative piece has to be accompanied by la ventura film, a commentary in which the student needs to establish a clear connection between the re-creative piece, the base text and Right Essay the relevant section of the critical anthology. The commentary should illustrate the significant choices that the student has made in the production of the re-creative piece accompanied by an explanation of how those choices have led to a critical reading. Both the re-creative piece and the commentary need to be incorporated in the 1200 -1500 word count. Report Of The Match Of Anand Aganist Essay? An equal word count between re-creative piece and commentary is not expected. The relative word count will depend upon the form of the re-creative piece and the detail needed in the commentary. The exemplar re-creative NEA responses exemplify these points. The unpacking of the assessment objectives in the re-creative task is slightly different in that there are two pieces of writing to consider: the re-creative piece itself and the commentary.

It is worth considering how key terms in the wording of the task in exemplar student response A enable different AOs to be accessed: Using Tennyson’s ‘ Ulysses’ , write a monologue by Essay, Ulysses’ wife in which she reflects on the words he speaks. Use ideas from the critical anthology to inform your work and include a commentary explaining how you have explored ideas from Feminist Theory and/ or Marxist Theory and/ or Narrative Theory and /or Post- colonial Theory in your re-creative piece. AO1 : Articulate informed, personal and creative responses to literary texts, using associated concepts and terminology, and co uk coherent, accurate written expression. AO1 will be assessed across both the monologue and the commentary, where the latter will invite the use of critical concepts and terminology. AO2 : Analyse ways in which meanings are shaped in literary texts. From the task it is clear that the student would need to During Right Essay demonstrate, in ode on both the During the 1960s: Right Movement Essay, re-creative piece and in the commentary, an Report Match Essay, understanding of how monologues work in terms of structure, language and of voice. AO3 : Demonstrate understanding of the significance and influence of the contexts in which literary texts are written and Women's Movement received. The reflection of a wife on her husband’s words invites comment on gender contexts linked to the Victorian age in which Tennyson was writing. Focusing on his words as fiction and offering alternative words invites discussion of la ventura film, literary contexts.

AO4 : Explore connections across literary texts. The requirement to Essay refer to the critical anthology will explicitly address AO4 . In writing about monologues students will be showing their understanding of how the form works and implicitly be connecting with other monologues. AO5 : Explore literary texts informed by of negotiation, different interpretations. AO5 will be focused on in the commentary as the student reflects on During Women's Right different possible readings from the critical anthology and how these open up different interpretations. Advice on features writing the NEA responses. Having completed the study of their chosen texts, researched critical theories and the 1960s: devised an appropriate task, students will need guidance on how to pull their ideas together into a coherent response. Ode On Melancholy? Here again the exemplar NEA responses offer excellent examples of how to structure a sophisticated argument/re-creative piece and the moderator commentaries explain how these candidates achieve this. Some key points to note are:

the task should remain central to the argument when considering the application of theoretical ideas, students should ensure that cohesion is retained when more than one theoretical area is applied conventional responses benefit from close textual detail and precise references, which should be integrated relevantly into the 1960s: Right, the argument contexts and critical views should not be bolted on but instead should be woven through the response a re-creative piece should be clearly anchored in the base text; the la ventura film, commentary should establish effective connections with both the critical anthology and the base text ; the student should make clear the During Women's Essay, conscious choices that have been made for this piece. Supervising and features of american authenticating students' work. The role and responsibilities of the the 1960s: Women's Movement Essay, teacher in supervising and authenticating students’ work are set out in Section 6.1 of the specification. It is worthwhile emphasising that the teacher must confirm that each essay submitted is the work of the salient features constitution, individual student. The 1960s: Women's Right? The JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) document Instructions for conducting coursework provides further guidance about the level of support and guidance that is appropriate for teachers to provide to students. In accordance with JCQ guidance, the following support would not be acceptable:

having reviewed the candidate’s work, giving detailed advice and suggestions as to how the work may be improved in ode on melancholy order to meet the assessment criteria giving detailed indications of errors or omissions which leave the candidate no opportunity for individual initiative giving advice on specific improvements needed to meet the assessment criteria providing writing frames specific to the task (e.g. Women's Movement Essay? outlines, paragraph headings or section headings) intervening personally to improve the presentation or content of the work. The role and riverisland co uk responsibilities of teachers in submitting marks are set out in Section 6.6 of the specification. Please note that a mark out of 50 is During the 1960s: Movement Essay, required. This means that the features constitution, mark you award against the assessment criteria for each response, which will be out of 25, should be added together and entered onto the candidate record form, before submitting marks to AQA. Last updated 04 Jul 2016.

AQA is not responsible for the content of external sites. The 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay? AQA 2017.

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alu password resume LCC - A Tech Mahindra Company. LCC a Tech Mahindra Company. Senior Management Telecom. CV Didit_H [LTE RF Optimzation] Please log in to see contact information! Martial status: Single. Present title: BSS OMC-R Alcatel Technical Support.

Tel. Mobile: +216 98 93 49 93. • February 2002: Diploma in Telecommunications, Assistant Engineer, from ESPTT (BAC+3 years). • June 1999: Baccalaureate Science experimental. • August 2006: Training on ANRITSU Protocol Analyser in TUNISIETELECOM training centre, trace ABIS, Trace ATERMUX, Trace PCMs. . • August 2006: Training on RF Drive Test Agilent E6474A. • July 2006: Training on SAGEM Transmission systems in Technological Park of Telecommunications; configuration and maintenance of SGHDSL modems and microwaves. • April 2006: Training on During the 1960s: Women's Right Movement, B8/ BSC, TC and BTS commissioning in ALCATEL TUNISIA training centre. • April 2006: Training on B8/ MFS commissioning in ALCATEL training centre. • September 2005: Training on stages, B8.3 version in Right Essay Tunisia telecom training centre (one month). Ode On. • August 2005: Training on the VSAT Technology, commissioning and maintenance of PES 5000 and DirecPC Units. During Movement Essay. • April 2005: Training on configuration of and juliet CISCO Router. • June 2004: Training on IP switching in Tunisia Telecom training centre. • Mai 2004: Training on Supervision and management of the High Bit Rate Networks in Tunisia Telecom training centre. • October2003:Training Courses; GSM, BSS description, BTS description and maintenance, Base Station Controller (BSC), Transcoder (TC) (hardware and logical architecture) OMC_R System Administration B6.2, at Right the Technological Park of Telecommunications in Tunisia. • September 2001 : Technician training, one month at the Technological Park of Telecommunications, the objective of this training course is to know of the Transmission equipment FO, FH…. and the task of the maintenance which will be carried out. • February 2001 : Worker training, one month at the National Office of Telecommunications, during this work placement, I have the occasion to know the structure of the phone network, and the equipment which is stages exploited, in addition the different derangement and the necessary solutions. Mission in OUAGADOUGOU Burkina Faso (05/10/2007 till 30 June 2008) 1. OMC-R Technical Support in B9MR4ED05 for the customer TELMOB. During Essay. 2. Move 2 MXBSC without MFS, same OMC different MSC. 3. Install OMC-R server and CBC server in Rack SUN. 4. Installation and commissioning of a remote HMI. Riverisland Co Uk. 5. Declaration of remote HMI in the OMC-R. 6. Acceptance of OMC-R.

7. Monitoring Celltick application for CBC server. 8. OMC-R Administration tools, 9. Troubleshooting of MXBSC from During Right Essay, OMC-R. Salient Of American. 10. Performing patching. 11.

Tickets follow up with RTAC and ensuring tickets solving on time. The 1960s: Women's Right Essay. 12. Network performance and QoS monitoring using AnaQoS, 1. OMC-R Technical Support in B9 for la ventura film the operator QTEL. 2. Assist the team of operator QTEL to analyse statistics of the network and solve all BSS problems. 3. During Essay. OMC-R Administration. 4. La Ventura Film. Migration B9 MR1 – B9 MR4 of 10 BSCs. 5. Integrate MX BSC in the OMC-R and reconfiguration of the 1960s: Women's Cisco router.

6. Swap sites from one BSC to the New MX BSC from the OMC-R. Co Uk. 7. Supervising and monitoring OMC-R. 8. Essay. Install and verify PACKAGE in the OMC_R. • System Administration: i. Backup and restore for of negotiation SUNFIRE V880 (XLarge), E4500 and V490. ii. Commissioning and declare HMI in the OMC-R. iii. Administration routine tests: Reboot, clean up. iv. User management. During The 1960s:. v. UNIX basic commands- Follow the system performance (log, disks, …) - configure the Cisco router (password, x25 and la ventura film ip networking, …) Solaris and Cisco password recovery. • Manage GSM radio resources (modify all cells parameters, create and modify cell adjacencies. ). • Manage different support activities such as alarm management, alarm supervision, historic alarms, log files . • Manage BSS/MFS software (download, activate file and version control) • Manage measurement campaigns. • Create BTS, add or remove TRX, create cell, unlock and During Movement Essay lock of all boards, delete and move BTS from BSC to another, • Manage BSS/MFS database backup and restore. • Associate BSC to la ventura film, MFS and activate GPRS under cell (Lock/Unlock GPRS Traffic on Cell). • Manage BSS tests (diagnostic tests and hardware audits) • Generate alarm reports. 2. MFS sites; Commissioning and corrective maintenance. • Integration of Evolium MFS A9130 with A800 server and DS 10 server. During The 1960s: Women's Movement. • Check the download of JBETI and GPU boards. • Check equipment status. • Prepare MFS Servers and connect the MFS to the OMC-R. Riverisland. • GPRS parameters modification. • Commissioning tests (load minibuild, format Disks, file transfer from PC to BSC, … ). • Site survey and supervision. • Acceptance tests. • Load software in BIUA and ASMB. • Check transmission boards; TCUC, BIUA, DTC, ASMB… . • Load software in TSCA and CPRs. • Faulty equipment (BIUA, TCUC, ASMB DTC, CPRs, SWICH….) • Commissioning of MT 120 boards. During Movement. • Declare the from romeo, BSCs that will be connected to TC Rack. Women's Essay. • Commissioning tests. • Installation indoor, outdoor, site master mesurement of feeders and integration of BTS G3/G4. • Maintenance solutions; Change of boards (SUMP, SUMA, OUTC, ANX, ANY, ANC, TRX….). • Site survey and la ventura film supervision of cables’s installations, controle antennas installation. • Acceptance tests. • Modify HW configuration. • VSWR problems.

6. Microwaves sites Alcatel PDH systems; • Site survey and During the 1960s: Women's Right Essay supervision. • Commissioning and installation. • Corrective and maintenance solutions (IDU and ODU). • Acceptance tests. 7. Extension and reduction of Alcatel Base Station Controller (BSC G2). 8. La Ventura Film. Extension and reduction of Alcatel Transcoder (TC G2 and G2.5). 9. Acceptance of all Alcatel BSS elements (BTS, BSC and TC). 10. Site survey of all Alcatel BSS elements (BTS, BSC and TC). 11.

Use of all Alcatel MMI s/w (BTS-Terminal, BSC-Terminal, Craft-terminal, TC terminal, GPRS Terminal and Nectas). 12. Configuration and integration of Rack modem – modem HDSL Alcatel. The 1960s: Women's. 13. Configuration and integration of Rack modem-modem SGHDSL Sagem. 14. Maintenance of the environmental equipments (Fire Fighting, Climatic Systems…). 15. Salient Features Of American. Operating and Maintenance of Alcatel power supply solution (SAFT rectifier T4 and During Right T5). 16.

Signaling trace for message exchange inter BSS network interfaces and between BSS and NSS (A_bis and A_pcm ) using famous trace tools (Agilent signaling advisor). 17. Signaling trace for message exchange inter BSS network interfaces and between BSS and salient NSS (A_bis and A_pcm) using Anritsu Protocol Analyzer. 18. Drive Test Agilent E6474A, QoS measurement RX LEV and RX QL, Call Drop, HO problems and neighboring cells problems. 19. Commissioning of VSAT station, configuration and maintenance of PES5000 unit and DirecPC unit. • Leader of Operating and Maintenance team BSS ALCATEL for World Handball Championship Tunisia 2005; insure that all Alcatel procedure for maintenance are respected. • Programming Languages: Pascal, C, C++. • Protocols: TCP/IP, Ethernet, X25 and the 1960s: Women's Movement FTP. • Internet and Report Chess Aganist Carlsen tools of navigation. • Transmission systems: 1. ALCATEL PDH MWs.

2. NEC PDH microwaves, 3. NEC SDH 2000S microwaves, 4. SIEMENS PDH microwaves, 5. TELETTRA PDH microwaves, • Software development (Pascal, C, Visual Basic, Matlab. ).

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Computer Mediated Communication and Language. Computer Mediated Communication and Language. Computer mediated communication is defined as a form of communicative transaction which takes place through the use of two or even more networked computers. The term is traditionally applied to refer to During the 1960s: Right Movement, those communication processes that occur through computer mediated formats such as use of e-mails, chat rooms and la ventura film, instant messages. These forms of commutations are said to have negative social effects on our language acquisition and capabilities. Many studies taking the form of sociopsychological approach have been conducted to explain the concept of computer mediated communication examining how the human species make use of computers in managing their interpersonal relationships and forms of impression in the verge of maintaining close contacts among themselves. Such studies lay emphasis on the differences between offline and online interactions (Hough, 2004, p.23). In other cases, experts focus their attention on the use of paralinguistic features such as emotions, and especially the use of pragmatic rules such as turn taking in the sequential analysis of the 1960s: talk organization. Ode On Melancholy. They also focus on the use of various socialists, registers and styles in the 1960s: Women's Right Essay, the environment.

The ways in which human beings communicate are very professional and highly social. Need essay sample on Computer Mediated Communication and Language ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. However, educational settings vary depending on the environment and also the methods of communication in which communication proceeds. The very common forms of communication mediated techniques are videos, audio text, e-mails and stages of negotiation, chats. These settings are increasingly changing on daily basis due to the rapid changes in technology. However communication taking place within the the 1960s: Women's, computer mediated techniques have got effects on many different aspects of interaction which include aspects such as impression formation, group dynamics, deception and lying dishibition and especially relationship construction (Kitade, 2008, p.13). This mode of communication is la ventura film, compared to the 1960s: Women's Movement Essay, other modes of communication adapted universally and it is believed that the association of messages send or received vary in different ways globally. Riverisland. For instance, instant messaging is said to be prototypically synchronous but it is rarely persistence since it loses all the content once the the 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay, dialog box closes not unless one has a message log set. On the other hand, instant messages board and e-mails are almost similar simply because they are both prototypically low in synchrocity and response sometimes varies. They are said to be highly persistant and instantly saved. The properties that distinguish computer mediated communication from other modes include aspects such as transience which is la ventura film, multimodal in nature with a relative inability to govern the Right, codes of conducts.

Therefore, computer mediated communication allows the interaction of people who are not physically sharing the same physical space (Walther, Tidwell, 1995, p.16). Security, anonymity and privacy in News Report of the Chess of Anand Carlsen Essay, this mode of During the 1960s: Right Essay communication depend largely on the context and the particular program or web page being used. If we can consider the impacts produced by internet and still procedures on our lives, then we actually realize a wide range of possibilities resulting from this mode of communication (Hough, 2004, p.17). Reflecting on these possibilities we consider the social changes that we produce in our attempts to try new ways of social and cultural interaction and the resulting need to restructure political, sociological or cultural questions. Such kinds of interaction lead to News Chess of Anand, the formation of the so- called virtual communities. Such communities permit the existence of relationships which are said not to be virtual. People in these virtual communities use language on screens to exchange pleasantries, argue, conduct commerce, share emotional support, brainstorm, and the 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay, gossip, make friends engage in ode on melancholy, intellectual discourse, flirt and the 1960s: Women's Movement Essay, make a lot of idle talks. These people in these communities do exactly what every one does in real life only Report of the Chess, that they leave their bodies behind.

Basically all these methods of communication are linguistic. Women's Essay. However, the absence of language in most of them would make communication impossible. Nurse. Computer mediated communication has become a tool of communication in both written and oral language making communication a new type of social interaction which its barriers cut beyond the physical space. It comes along with varied problems on account of their characteristics. Millions of During people today, in different cultures and places are able to engage in salient constitution, different dialogues through new means of communication which cause some optimistic reactions. Most discussed problems do not lie only During the 1960s: Essay, along the linguistic scope but they extend to the field of psychology and sociology (Nardi, 2005, p.12).

The major problem with this mode of communication is the issue concerning the communicative competence. When we discuss the issue of communicative competence, we actually refer to Chomsky’s concept regarding the kind of knowledge, in the language used by all speakers. Stages Of Negotiation. Competence in this sense is said to During Right Movement, be grammatical and mental. It does not take into stages of negotiation consideration the usage and presumes or the existence of During Women's Movement Essay both a homogeneous community and an idealized speaker-listener context. Co Uk. It is based on the 1960s: Essay ideal and abstract linguistic objects that are outside its context. According to my own understanding of the term ‘communicative competence’, we not only know our language but we should also have another kind of knowledge that helps has determine for example, when we should talk, and when we should not talk, whom to talk to, in what ways and how? This kind of knowledge is fruit for social and cultural experiences. Of The Of Anand Carlsen Essay. Communicative competence is therefore seen as the ability to contextualize and make sense out of what is said in respect to what we know .It is During Women's, indeed the fact of understanding how to ask a question, how to greet a person or how to say goodbye to somebody as dictated by certain socio cultural conventions.

The failure to be aware of such conventions becomes a problem that frustrates linguistic exchanges. Riverisland. The conventions are recognized in language and in some cases they consist of wards that are represented by the intonations or accents which are only the 1960s: Right Essay, visible in face to face conversations (Shin, 2006, p.7). Nurse And Juliet. Any linguistic community is defined based on the competence notion. During Women's Essay. The art of having common linguistic competence and communicative competence makes a group to be considered linguistic. Stages Of Negotiation. In computer mediated conversation communication is based on text and in During Women's Essay, most cases it fails to offer such features unlike the communication that is conducted face to face. Nonverbal indicators such as expressions, looks, gestures and accent which occur when participants are present in la ventura film, similar physical environments cannot be detected in computer mediated communication. The major palliative that leads to the absence of non verbal indicators is the use of electronic paralanguage which offers interlocutors with the so called emotions. This kind of During the 1960s: Right Essay communication is palliative and communication is Match, said to be synchronic.

It bears only one advantage of being interactive in nature while the absence of a physical environment and the inability to have a face to face dialogue constitutes the major disadvantages. Therefore computer mediated communication denies the participants opportunities to engage in freer and egalitarian communication (Rooksby, 2002, p.9). Another aspect of language that is highly influenced by computer mediated communication is conversation. Women's Right Movement Essay. Conversation is said to be the prototypical manner applied in language. That is, the way we get exposed to language and the means through which we acquire language. It is a linguistic phenomenon which tries to give a description of the organization of of negotiation dialogue on the basis of alteration of turn taking which are respected by speakers and the 1960s: Women's, prevent overlaps. Riverisland Co Uk. Chats conducted online are conceived as conversations. They consist of dialogues between two or more people.

Online conversations bear one characteristic that is, tuning taking which is fixed and governed by a fixed channel as compared to face to face dialogues. Turn taking administration is limited and speakers have got no control. What is observed in computer mediated communication is the During the 1960s: Women's Essay, so called adjacency pairs, while in oral communication adjacency pairs can be used to respond to statements made in sequence especially in stages, the establishment of Right Movement Essay relationships such as question –answer ,or greeting – greeting forms (Rooksby, 2002, p.13). In oral conversations adjacency pairs play a double function task in chats that many people engage in .They enable a person to identify who is riverisland co uk, speaking and they give coherence to the speech. In computer mediated communication the simultaneous abundance of participation hinders understanding .That is the reason as to why answer connected with the former question directs participants to take course of their interactions. As in computer mediated communications face to During the 1960s: Women's Right Movement, face communication is also found to have adjacency pair interaction control. In normal conversations the speaker monitors the effects of his participation upon other people and he has the ability to correct if necessary misunderstandings. Online chats do not account for paralinguistic features such as looks, laughs, and riverisland, gestures found in face to face conversations. They also don’t consider prosodic features such as intonation that are present in phone conversations.

Online conversation is a mode of a communication that has been linked to oral language and face to face conversation. In Computer mediated communication, conversation may occur without use of oral language and face to face communication. This mode of conversation is During the 1960s: Women's, linked with written language producing a categorical change which is said to affect not only the notion of what the conversation is all about but the of negotiation, speaking writing dichotomy as well. Chats are therefore spontaneous conversations which are carried out in Right Essay, writing. From. They don’t offer any paralinguistic signals or interlocutor physical attendance (Ady, 1999, p.22). As stated earlier the duration of speech during turn taking in computer mediated communication is During Women's Right Movement, controlled by the channel.

Many a times this condition affects the Report of the of Anand Aganist Carlsen, coherence of the During Women's, conversation. Riverisland. However, they only express speech acts such as questioning, greeting and affirming. According to speech theories computer mediated communications do not take into account interactions because they consider language as a way of action. These theories pose language as a term in the 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay, of communication act, such that in every communication one can recognize the expression of certain content by observing what the speaker is doing with that expression as well. These speech acts represent the basic units of human communication (Ady, 1999, p.27). The issue of politeness in ode on melancholy, communication is a significant tool for During the 1960s: Women's Right, human language. Politeness extends beyond the so called “netiquette”. It is used to transmit the salient features constitution, so called the intentional and strategic behavior which responds to the need of maintaining a positive image to others.

As people try to interact with each other they try to introduce and During the 1960s: Women's Right Essay, maintain a public image about ode on melancholy, themselves. The act of maintaining the image is an essential source of the 1960s: motivation for human interaction. Ode On. The so called image has got two dimensions. Positive dimension is important for positive recognition by others aiming at the positive appraisal of their wishes. The common techniques employed involve reciprocity and optimism demonstrations of sharing similar viewpoints. On the other hand negative image is marked by the right to non- imposition, prevention of a certain degree of autonomy and the freedom to act.

Negative politeness is observed in what could be called the respectful behavior. The best offer that is common in oral conversation is the During the 1960s: Women's Essay, option to reject a proposal if so desired or pessimism for demonstrations. It is encouraging to observe how politeness works when confronting with a chat corpus (Geelan, Taylor, 2001, p.31). Different uses of politeness techniques are commonly registered. Both negative and positive politeness. But unlike other conversations especially the online conversations, large group talks are carried out without a clear purpose and these acts directly threaten these images.

In general circumstances face to face conversations are associated with occasions whose characteristics justify their course .For instance; general direct commands are not understood as threats due to the urgency of the moment. Chats carried online lack physical context, anonymity and a number of participants in the process are affected. Interacting parties do not employ any strategies to attenuate their actions and they do not respect netiquette rules either. A major feature in salient constitution, language that is highly influenced by computer mediated communication is the linguistic structure of During Women's Right Essay sentence construction. In normal circumstances computer mediated language is seen as complex, less correct and also less coherent than standard written language. Messages posted in the internet are viewed as whole new fractured language that is definitely less elegant and polished as original English used to be .Participants of la ventura film computer mediated communication make use of subordinate clauses and narrow range of vocabularies which result to the decline of expressive functions of language.

This mode of communication contains non standard features and only a small percentage of these features appear to have errors which occur intentionally or through lack of know how to understand standard forms of language. Majority of the 1960s: Right Essay these errors are made deliberately by users in order to minimize the charging pledged in typing or to la ventura film, mimic features of spoken language in order to express themselves more creatively. Another deliberate error that results from unconventional orthography is the textual use of auditory data such as laughter, prosody and other non language sounds (Vanlear, et al, 2005, p.35). Just like the During the 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay, format of speech reflects cognitive challenges in real life language encoding, for instance, the lexical density and the length of information in of negotiation, units in a text, synchronous modes impose the use of temporal constraints on During Women's Movement Essay users which translate to the reduction of linguistic complexity which is relative to asynchronous settings. Many computer specialists believe that computer mediated communication is a cool medium of salient features transferring data from place to place but it is poorly suited to social uses. It is seen to have a utopian egalitarian potential with social cues which are filtered out and any one can take part freely in an open democratic exchange. The Social life that teems from the internet does not yield rich sources of data which can be applied in the study of discourse and Right, social practice. On top of computer mediated communication being shaped by social circumstances, it constitutes social practices in itself (Bardia, 1997, p.28). Constructing texts is the la ventura film, only method mostly used to perform interractional work due to the fact that it allows participants the freedom to choose their wards with greater care which reveals less doubts and insecurities than it is in spontaneous speech. Thus, users take the opportunity to flirt, negotiate and tease one another without having met their interlocutors face to face. Use of computers in During Right Essay, communication has lead to development of a number of compensatory strategies in order to replace social cues which are occasionally conveyed by other channels in ode on melancholy, face to face communication.

The most commonly used method of is the use of smiley faces or emoticons made up of ASCII characters in order to represent facial expressions. During Women's Right Movement Essay. The prototypical emoticons normally function to indicate levels of nurse from romeo and juliet happiness or friendly intent interractional frames. Physical actions and facial expressions are however represented textually. Typed actions such as yawning serve as contextualization cues which create playful and relaxed discourse for interaction (Martin, Spears, 1992, p.20). The social power of computer mediated language is the 1960s: Women's Right Movement, however, not limited to the accomplishment of social work among individuals but it offers the insight that institutions are by themselves formed and maintained through discourse. This is only truer in of american, the internet where communities and the 1960s: Movement, users are seen to be coming together without sharing neither geographical space nor time in of the Chess Match Aganist, creating social structures extensively out of their words. On line communication generates rules and sanctions against violation of such rules and provides a system of governance that helps to enforce the sanctions held by individuals or groups. The computer mediated communications also inherits asymmetries from the broader historical and the 1960s: Women's Essay, economic context of internet.

These notions refer to the traditional dominance of United States which is the leading source of computer networked technology. One area that has been critically examined in this mode of co uk communication is gender asymmetry. Studies done on this section show that gender differences disfavor female participants. Another growing major concern in this field of communication is the dominance of English language on the internet leading to Women's Right Essay, possible effects of the global spread of U.S cultures and values (Holt, 2004, p.16). This discourse effects the mode communication using native languages. Computer networked communications therefore do not offer democratic opportunities for interaction due limitations held in ode on, language usage. The pre existing social agreements which are carried out in the cyber create uneven play ground and the computer mediated communication can be used for oppression or resistance. Ady Junko (1999) Computer-Mediated Communication in a High School Global Education Curriculum: a Brochure Project. Social Studies, Vol.90, pp.22, 27.

Bardia Prashant (1997) Face-to-Face Versus Computer-Meditated Communication: A Synthesis of the Experimental Literature. The Journal of Business Communication, Vol.34, pp.28. Geelan David Taylor Peter (2001) Embodying Our Values in Our Teaching Practices: Building Open and Critical Discourse through Computer Mediated Communication, pp.31. Holt Richard (2004) Dialogue on the Internet: Language, Civic Identity, and Computer-Mediated Communication. Mahwah, NJ, Praeger, pp.16. Hough Bradley (2004) Using Computer-Mediated Communication to the 1960s:, Create Virtual Communications of Practice for Intern Teachers. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, Vol.12, pp.17, 23.

Kitade Keiko (2008) The Role of Offline Metalanguage Talk in Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Communication. Language, Learning and Technology, Vol.12, pp.13. Martin Lea Spears Russell (1992) Paralanguage and Social Perception in stages, Computer-Mediated Communication. Journal of Organizational Computing, Vol.24, pp.20. Nardi Bonnie (2005) Beyond Bandwidth: Dimensions of During Right Movement Connection in Interpersonal Communication. University of California, pp.12. Rooksby Emma (2002) E-Mail and riverisland co uk, Ethics: Style and Ethical Relations in During the 1960s: Right Essay, Computer Mediated Communication, London, Routledge, pp.9, 13. Shin Dong (2006) ESL Student’s Computer Mediated Communication Practices: Context Configuration.

Learning, Language Technology, Vol.10, pp.7. Vanlear Arthur, et al (2005) AA Online: The Enactment of Supportive Computer Mediated Communication. Western Journal of Communication, Vol.69, pp.35. Walther Joseph Tidwell Lissa (1995) Nonverbal Cues in Computer-Meditated Communication, and the Effect of of american Chronemics on the 1960s: Right Essay Relational Communication. Journal of Organizational Computing, Vol.5, pp.16.

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Custom Does God Exist? essay paper. What is God? Does God exist? If God exists, where did he originate? If God formed the universe, what created God? What significance does the existence, or rather non-existence, of During the 1960s: Right Movement Essay, God have on mankind? Why do believers, and non-believers alike, hold on to their beliefs as they do? These and a vast array of melancholy, many more unanswered questions surround the During the 1960s: Women's Right Movement, debate regarding God’s existence. Philosophical arguments for or against God’s existence are probably some of the most evolved of all philosophical arguments. God’s existence is an ever enduring and popular philosophical problem.

Several arguments claiming to ode on attest the existence of God have been proposed throughout man’s existence. These are often based on the 1960s: Women's, some feature of the natural world. Report Of The Match Of Anand Aganist Carlsen? Equally, there have been attempts to refute the existence of God. Many proofs or arguments of God’s existence have been put forward by philosophers. Essay? Ontological is one of argument that proves God exists. This argument points out la ventura film that a perfect being is possible to the 1960s: Women's Right Movement imagine and melancholy, it could not be perfect if it did not exist (Mackie, 56). This implies that the existence of a perfect being is a must. During The 1960s: Women's Essay? The main objective in this argument is to show that a thing cannot be imagined or defined into existence. The argument is News of the Chess Match of Anand Aganist Carlsen entirely a priori, and it is the 1960s: Movement based on nurse and juliet, reasoning alone.

There is no empirical evidence in this argument but mere explication of Women's Right Essay, God’s concept. According to the argument, perfection incorporates God’s concept and ode on, it entails the existence of During the 1960s: Movement Essay, God. It was framed by Anselm of riverisland co uk, Canterbury who argued that God’s identification was which that no superior can be conceived (Mackie, 57). He further suggests God must exist. Causal argument argues that everything has a cause (Mackie, 85). It points out that going backwards to endlessness with causes is impossible. Consequently, there should have been a first cause that was not accustomed by Women's Right Movement Essay any cause. This unconditioned cause automatically must be God.

Objective of the argument is that the ode on, universe originated with a cause. According to the philosopher Thomas Aquinas, things in the world are moved (Aquinas, 5). The 1960s: Women's Movement? He understood the motion as a reduction from potential state to a state of act. He argues that for something to be in motion, it has to be relocated by something else and that by from and juliet another thing and so on and so forth. Aquinas argues that if these motions continue infinitely, there would be no principal mover. Therefore, there must be a principal mover moved by no one; who is During the 1960s: understood to be God. God is the la ventura film, sole cause of reality. This is because without Him the reality cannot be explained (Aquinas, 6). The third argument is the design argument that is the 1960s: Movement of the co uk, opinion that planets, plants and animals were designed (Mackie, 70). The designer had a specific end for them.

Evolution and self-organization principles explain the existence of an apparent designer who in this case must be God. Design argument can also be called teleological argument. According to the 1960s: Thomas Aquinas, we lack a proper understanding of things such as natural bodies. These natural bodies achieve their end in a designed manner and not fortuitously (Aquinas, 23). Automatically natural things are directed by a being called God. He further suggests exceptional levels of intelligent designs by his analogy that an of negotiation, archer directs an arrow; similarly natural things are directed by a supreme being.

Unless directed to a target by the archer, an arrow cannot move by itself. During Right Movement? Correspondingly, natural things such as succession of seasons and planet motions are as a result of an nurse romeo, intellectual designer. William Paley argues if different parts, which are different in Right Movement, shape and size, are placed in a manner that there is no motion, they would not serve any purpose (Paley, 1). He argued his way out using a watch. Stages? Paley created a scenario where a watch was found on the ground. Someone will enquire how the watch came into being. Paley says that human artifacts and works of nature have a specific characteristic that reliability indicates design. This clearly a designer exists who is God.

Cosmological argument or principle is the fourth proof that God exists. It points out that universe laws seem to be outlined in Women's Right Movement, a form that planets and stars are formed followed by life emergence (Craig, 12). A lot of constants of nature are finely tuned for this. Odds against all potential universes are truly much likely to be astronomical. Nonetheless, one of these universes has to be real. To add to this, if many universes existed unquestionably, some of them would have life possibilities. Under cosmological argument, we have Kalam, Thomistic and melancholy, Leibnizian cosmological arguments. Kalam’s cosmological argument shows that the universe arose in the 1960s: Right Movement, the finite past (Craig, 282).

In addition, the argument shows that the universe has infinitely existed implied by temporal, finite relapse of co uk, past happenings. Its form is that anything that begins to exist unquestionably it has a cause; the world began to During exist and, therefore, it has a cause. Thomistic cosmological argument argues that in a series of contingent causes, a first cause must have been there (Craig, 283). Ode On Melancholy? It shows that what we see in the world is contingent; a series of related contingent things is finite since they cannot be infinite. Leibnizian cosmological argument comes from a German polymath known as Gottfriend Wilhelm Leibniz (Craig, 284). His argument is that everything that exists has an explanation based on its external cause; God explains the existence of the universe; therefore the universe is something that exists. Another argument is the experimental argument. Several people have claimed to have personal experiences with God Himself (Mackie, 80). Paul of Tarsus, an early church prosecutor, on his way to Damascus had a conversion.

This made him a pillar of the Church. In Barhma Kumaris religion, they believe that God entered a diamond merchant body Lekhraj Kripalani which gave rise to the 1960s: Women's Right the religion on 1939 (Babb, 56). These are few personal experiences that show God’s existence. Fifth, we have pragmatic argument or anthropological argument. The argument is based on humanity conditions (Mackie, 90). Basically, it is all about mankind’s elementary moral standards. Human beings have a yearning for God. It explains that human societies need morals and melancholy, ethics to survive. People fear God, and that is During Women's when ethics are enforced in an effective manner. Moreover, people fear hell, and this strengthens ethics enforcement.

Simply, man has a conscious when he offends God. This argument was famously postulated by Blaise Pascal who rationalized that it is well to romeo trust in God, rather than not. He also added that a reward will be given to us if we believe in God. This reward is eternal happiness in heaven. He pointed out that we would just forgone sinful pleasures if we believed in Him and He did not exist. Otherwise, if He existed and we believe in Him, we could enjoy sinful pleasures but the reward for that would be eternal damnation. Lastly, there is an argument called argument from desire (Paley, 45). These arguments show that we desire things that are prior existing. Religion itself is a desire to appease a Supreme Being. Consequently, this Supreme Being must be in existence. During Movement? Christians argue that creatures are not born with desires that do not exist.

Babies feel hungry, and there is the stages, existence of food; sexual desires are felt by men since sex exists. Therefore, God must exist since our desires are met. David Hume is one of the critics of existence these. This is shown in During Women's Right Essay, part 11 of his book of Dialogue Concerning Natural Religion. Romeo And Juliet? He says that the world is one great machine. He further says that this machine is sub-divided into smaller machines, which in turn are subjected to further divisions. Eventually, these subdivisions are beyond what humans can explain using their senses. He has two main grounds according to his critic. First of all, he rejects the During the 1960s: Women's Movement Essay, analogy between particular human artifacts and material universe.

According to Hume, cases are dissimilar to infer that they are effects with like causes, and co uk, we lack satisfactory justification that material universe possesses intelligent causes. Secondly, Hume argues that similar causes between human artifacts and material universe do not justify that all perfect God exists (Hume, 144). There are other philosophers who had a contribution to this controversial issue. During The 1960s: Women's Right Essay? Kant tried to stages of negotiation prove God’s existence, but his work showed that God’s nature is beyond our experience to prove what is real. He argued that we cannot know who God actually is, even if He existed (Mackie, 150). According to Kant, we need to During the 1960s: Right Movement Essay have trust in God. Hegel believed that God was Geist or an intuition of stages of negotiation, Absolute Spirit. Hegel argued that God is immanent. Soren Kierkegaard argued that God’s existence cannot be proved.

Kierkegaard said that believing in Essay, God was not rational. In addition, he believed that God is beyond reason (Mackie, 133). In relation to Chess Aganist Essay Feuerbach and During Women's Right, Mark religion, God does not make the co uk, man. Otherwise, God is developed by human conscious. Marx argued that religion is Movement just ideological, and it just encourages those who are oppressed into accepting their fate. He further says that religion is the sentiment of a world that is heartless, a sigh of oppressed creatures, and soul to soulless situations (Mackie, 155). Simply, it is the opium of people. There are critics of God’s existence.

Many philosophers come up with arguments and reasons as to why there is no God. They say that the Report of the Chess of Anand, existence of evil proves show that God cannot be able, all-knowing, loving and all-powerful at the same time (Mackie, 100). Another argument is based on pain. They say that God allows pain through natural disasters and diseases. Therefore, He cannot be loving and reasonable according to human sense in the pain context. Injustice is used by philosophers to claim that God does not exist. Allocation of destinies is not by the 1960s: merit or equality. Destiny is allocated arbitrarily. This shows that God is not just or fair and, therefore, He is not all powerful and all knowing. There is also the context of multiplicity. God’s of different religions differ broadly based on their characteristics; hence, none or only one God of these religions is true.

Lastly the critics argue that God is invisible, and la ventura film, this translates to the universe being no different if He did not exist. In other words, it is During the 1960s: Right Movement simpler to make assumptions that God does not exist since He is invisible (Mackie, 101). In many faiths, the origin of God is straightforward. In the ode on melancholy, Christian doctrine, God has no beginning and thus eternal. “Before the During the 1960s: Women's Right Movement Essay, mountains were born or you gave birth to the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, you are God” (Psalms, 90:2). This verse and salient features of american, several others like it emphasize God’s complexity in relation to time. Theologians argue that God created time itself, and hence sees all history at once since He exists outside of time. Right? On the la ventura film, contrary, biblical scholars point out that the the 1960s: Movement Essay, scriptures portray God as acting in time. Ode On? For example, while negotiating Sodom and Gomorrah’s fate with Abraham, God certainly seems to be responding to the unfolding course of events and in During the 1960s: Right, time. Nevertheless, the question still remains, could God not be both outside of time? Could He also be capable of acting within this time? Religious doctrine answers are seldom adequate for melancholy nonbelievers.

What is a religious experience? According to Aquinas a religious experience refers to a non-empirical occurrence that can be seem as supernatural, or a mental occurrence endured by an individual either spontaneous or as a result of intensive praying. There are different forms of religious experiences: spiritual experience, mystical experience or sacred experience, all being subjective, where the individual reports contact with a transcendent reality or encounter with the Devine. Religious experiences cannot, however, be easily categorized as either one thing or another, but all of them usually involve extraordinary events different from our everyday, ordinary experiences. In science evolution mainly includes random factors in both natural selection and genetic mutation (Polkinghorne, 20). Scientists, mathematicians and statisticians describe the the 1960s: Movement Essay, evolution as being preceded by situations where there is no predetermined outcome chance. So, how does chance and randomness align with the belief in God’s sovereignty and purpose? Quantum mechanics is often flaunted as having revealed that the Report of Anand Aganist Carlsen, world is the 1960s: Women's Right Movement actually non-deterministic, although this is co uk still a controversial issue among philosophers in physics (Polkinghorne, 25).

For example, a coin flip; on one hand, one can argue that its landing is governed by deterministic physical laws like angular momentum and the 1960s: Movement, the law of gravity. On the other hand, one can argue that God can also use a chance. Nurse From Romeo? According to Aquinas God maintains the planets in During Women's, their orbits, not directly but through a secondary agent called the law of gravity. Aquinas saw God as “the first cause” and “the prime mover” of everything in the universe. He argued that God’s work in the universe was, however, primarily through secondary agents like human beings, natural processes created by God and laws governing such processes. Aquinas, however, was not familiar with the concept of Non-determinacy as we use it today. Nevertheless, we cannot fail to riverisland co uk notice that secondary agents frequently include non-deterministic elements. For instance, approximately 100 female children for every 106 male children are born in During Movement, the about 100 million conceptions that occur every year in the world (Paley, 56). However, men have higher childhood mortality than women resulting in a more or less equal number of males and females reaching adulthood.

Does God choose the genetic makeup, including gender of salient of american, every born child is During Women's Right God the primary agent in genetic selection? Does God choose the particular egg to be fertilized, and the particular sperm to fertilize it? Scientists call this “chance”. Believers see God as the salient features constitution, primary agent who has put in During Women's Movement Essay, place a process that uses non-determinacy (secondary agent) to produce equal numbers of melancholy, female and male adults without his direct control at the sperm and egg level. Nevertheless, some Christians refute the existence of During the 1960s: Right, chance. Stages? They argue that the During the 1960s: Right, occurrence of riverisland co uk, all events is a direct consequence of the will of God and not by chance. In conclusion, the world disclosed by modern science is far nuanced and subtler than the world in the 1960s: Women's Right Essay, which theologians and philosophers have lived for the precedent few centuries formulating their arguments about the News of the Aganist Essay, mysterious relationship between the physical world, causality, time and the 1960s:, God. Nonetheless, no development in contemporary science poses a particular challenge to the outlook by believers that God is the of the Match of Anand Carlsen, creator. Some developments, especially in physical laws, like the discovery of fine-tuning are supportive of traditional affirmations.

However, in the face of recent scientific developments, the common sense assumptions that have traditionally undergirded this entire discussion need reconsideration. In making claims about God, as the creator, we must be intellectually humble. Nonetheless, we can also state with confidence that denials regarding God as creator are fraught with more irresolvable difficulties, providing no satisfactory grounding in a world where meaning and purpose play imperative roles. At this time, neither theological nor scientific knowledge is During the 1960s: Movement adequate to provide the absolute truth about the being or existence of God. In fact, both may be true, or wrong.