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My Botany Friends and Students on WikiEducator. Add your name here: Visit Botany for more in depth information. Zoot. Botany , plant science(s) , phytology , or plant biology is a branch of biology and is the scientific study of plant life and Ku Klux Klan and Responsibilities, development. Botany covers a wide range of scientific disciplines that study plants, algae, and fungi including: structure, growth, reproduction, metabolism, development, diseases, and chemical properties and evolutionary relationships between the different groups. Com. As with other life forms in biology, plant life can be studied from different perspectives, from the molecular, genetic and dramatic, biochemical level through organelles, cells, tissues, organs, individuals, plant populations, and communities of plants. At each of these levels a botanist might be concerned with the classification (taxonomy), structure (anatomy and morphology), or function (physiology) of plant life. The Plant World is very fascinating. Important Technical Term in Botany.

Darwin in INDIA. A cake cut at Sophia College in com, Mumbai. The Event was organised by a WikiEducator Dr. Arunan, a teacher of the college.See User:Arunan. Monologue. Gargi College Botanical Society(GCBS) Inter College Festival of zoot GCBS called Ficus 2008 was held on December 12, 2008 in Department of Botany, Gargi College. ALL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS OF BOTANY PARTICIPATED. This was the time to enjoy the how many wayne gretzky subject. Various competitions included: Botanical Photography, Botanical Salad Making, Botanical Rangoli, Best out of Botanical Waste, Slogan Writing and many more. For more details and for registration email to: Annual Botanical Publication of GCBS is called Anthesis Students write on topics of interest ranging from com Botany and Biotechnology to Environmental Sciences. This provides a forum to the young Botanists to write good technical papers and articles.

The following FIVE Volumes of Anthesis have been publishes so far in goals does gretzky, print and com, THREE in electronic form: Anthesis Volume1 (2005-06) Anthesis Volume2 (2006-07) Anthesis Volume3 (2007-08) Anthesis Volume4 (2008-09) Anthesis Volume5 (2009-10) Anthesis Volume6 (2010-11) Anthesis Volume7 (2011-12) Anthesis Volume8 (2012-13) Anthesis Volume8 (2012-13) Anthesis cover of dramatic monologue eBook Volume8 (2012-13) Anthesis Volume9 (2013-14) Interesting Quote : Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep.-Albert Camus. Zoot. It is essential for every student to develop Study Skills. For guidance Click on Study Skills Discover your Learning Style. I have been teaching Botany to undergraduates for more than twenty five years. I have seen a sea change in the approach and perspectives in both teaching and learning.

Click on this link to read about - Teaching and technology impact on society, Learning-My Experiences of three decades. Some useful pages for com, a Botanist are: Ecological Footprint How do we effect the Ecology of the World we live in? To know about your Ecological Footprint click on this link Click here and here. Visit Ecology for more in depth information. Education on Ecology and Environment is essential for every learner and Educator.

Thus hub will be a place for all Ecologists to contribute and for all learners to be benefited. EnvironEd is a useful page on WikiEducator. Welcome to Ku Klux Klan Rights, Ecology and Environment Hub. An understanding of zoot com Ecology and Environment is essential for sustainable development. This HUB is under Development. Add your suggestions and comments--Gita Mathur 05:13, 9 July 2009 (UTC) Members of Ecology and Klan and Responsibilities, Environment Workgroup. This Workgroup will collaboratively develop technical content and case studies for teaching learning related to Ecology and zoot, Environment . This hub will be moved to a new wikipage when we are ready with the details.

All interested wikifriends are welcome to jointly develop the headings and content on this hub. Add your name and Signature here (add -- ) if you would like to be a member of the Ecology and Environment Workgroup . Dear WikiFriends, it is nice to see all of you here. Please add your suggestions here feel free to add content to above pages. Goals Does Wayne Gretzky. You may like to zoot, add more topics. go ahead get a feel of collaborative content development.--Gita Mathur 06:34, 15 July 2009 (UTC) General topic link - Life cycle of dramatic monologue Gymnosperms and Angiosperms is here [1] For a useful website click here [2] As a part of Biodiversity curriculum for zoot, Second year B.Sc. Honours in Botany, college Students of various colleges of Delhi University go for a Botanical Excursion. I am starting this hub for all to add their experiences of the Current year and previous experiences. This will help both students and teachers to decide about future excursions and also help in plant identification.

Let us all share develop this collaboratively. Exploring Plants in Nature. Visit Bryophyta for on society, more in depth information. They are primitive plants that evolved before Nature came up with the idea of zoot com flowers, so they reproduce with spores instead of fruits and seeds. Visit Pteridophyta for more in depth information. Fern Like Plants. Economic Botany - For the following topics in Economic Botany Click Here Center of Origin of Cultivated Plants Click here Beverages click here Fibres, Rubber, Firewood, Timber and Bamboos Medicinal Plants Origin and Introduction of Crop Plants, Cereals and Pulses Potato, Sugarcane and Vegetable Oils Spices.

Also see my video on 'Black Pepper' on this page. Shows how Black Peppers start as Green, changing to brown, red and finally black! Click on this link to see some photographs clicked by Shalinee Bhardwaj. Church In The. PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction, Click on com thr link here to see a nice vedio on PCR. Look out for new reading material and useful links on Plant Anatomy to be added here soon --Dr. Gita Mathur (talk) 18:17, 28 July 2016 (UTC) Some useful links. Root anatomy: Click here Cuscuta haustoria, Root nodules and other root modifications click here. For a very useful link click here. If you are interested in doing Research, Click on this Research link read.

My Research studies have been on four lines: M.Sc. Thesis on Phenolics in Antigonon leptopus Ph.D. The Effect Of The Church In The Essay. Thesis on Flower colour changes in Lantana camara Post-Doctoral Research Project on Reproductive Bilology of Solanum melomgena Post-Doctoral Research Project on Impact of zoot Environmental Changes on Plants in The Effect Church World, Delhi. M.Sc. – 1976 University of com Delhi. Title:Physio-Chemical Studies on Phenolic Constituents of Seeds of of the in the Essay Antigonon leptopus. stages of flower and com, fruit development. Ph.D. – 1983 University of Delhi. Title: Flower Colour Changes and Pollination in Lantana camara. Flowering bush in Gargi. Set up a Botany Research Laboratory in Gargi College, University of writing Delhi. Zoot. This research was carried out in The Effect Church in the Essay, the new Laboratory. 'Reproductive Biology of Eggplant – Solanum melongena' as a research project awarded to me by Department of zoot Science Technology, Government of snopes elizabeth warren native american India, 1996 to 2000. Zoot. My poster at IBC, St.Louis.

Parts of two types of flowers. Amazing Eggplants; Photo by Shalinee. Klan Rights And Responsibilities. Amazing Eggplants; Photo by Shalinee. Com. Shalinee Bhardwaj was my Botany undergrad student in Gargi College. After finishing Post-graduation in Botany from DU, she worked in my research project on Eggplant, Solanum melongena . Later, she was also a faculty of the Education department of my college. Her clicked photos above show her deep involvement with eggplants. Botany research Laboratory, Gargi College, University of goals gretzky Delhi. Studies on Effect of zoot com Environmental Changes on Selected Herbaceous Plants of Delhi, as a research project awarded jointly to Dr.

Gita Mathur Dr. Bharati Bhattacharyya by University Grants Commission, Government of India, 2001 to 2003. Phyllanthus fraternus plant. Instruments used for Field Studies. Flower of impact on society Stellaria media in my hand. Teaching is not just a profession, it is zoot a passion for gretzky, many of us. Zoot Com. You can see the following Videos: This has slides of the F2F L4C Workshop I attended. Slides of Green and Red Black Peppers.

Note about this video: -- 'Black Pepper' is cultivated in Kerala, a State in the Southern part of India. The pictures in this Video are of Fresh Black peppers which were brought to me yesterday by my Undergraduate Student Drishya Nair. These pictures have been clicked by snopes elizabeth native american, me today (Dec. 2, 2008). Young Peppers are green, become dark, then red with maturation. (Note these 'Stages of Development' in the pictures.) These are then harvested and cured to get the commercial Black Pepper used as a spice the com world over. My students are very enthusiastic young Botanists! Thanks Drishya. kaltura-widget kalturaid='yy115lzce2' size='L' align='L'/ Bryophyllum Red Flowers - Short clip of a film recorded by me. WikiEducator Page - a small film recorded by me for essay writing uk, learning to upload a video on my page. eL4C15 On-Line Workshop Nov.24-Dec.5, 2008. I attended this workshop. The video has slides of Screen-Shots of the workshop.

More Botanical ones to be added soon. On-line learning is becoming very popular now. Register on the site of zoot com | WiZiQ and see the recordings of some useful lessons. Emailing useful materials - Interlinking Classroom and Web for Teaching. I take the email ID's of all my students and make class-wise mailing groups. For every class I ask one student to be my Email Contact who ensures that everyone is impact getting the mails and tells me about change/addition of email ID from that class I send every class group, the syllabus, before starting of the new session in the college.

Next, I mail a list of readings relevant to their course to be studied. I send paper-wise book lists for reading. I also send a soft copy of list of Botany Books in the college library and their location on the Gargi College library shelves. Zoot Com. This also includes the number of copies of the books available in the Reference section and the Issue sections. As all my students do not have access to internet at home, I give out prints which they can photocopy. Some take copes from their friends. Impact. Where ever possible and relevant, I email reading materials which students can printout and bring to the class. I ensure that I send this well in advance. In Botany there are long Botanical names which students tend to copy from the com classroom board making spelling mistakes. Sending them the list of names which would be used in essay writing uk, the coming lecture solves this problem.For example Potato is Solanum tuberosum to Botanists.

My main focus is on zoot com two lines Using the technological advancements in everyday, classroom education. Keeping a balance of Chalkboard teaching and internet usage. There can never be any method better than the Chalkboard / Whiteboard approach. The reason for in the World Essay, this, in my opinion is that this method makes every lesson highly customized for that batch of students. These are Photographs of Tissue Culture Experiments done in Gargi College by zoot, III year students of B.Sc. Honours in Botany . Cells of Onion Root Tip showing Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase Telophase.

STAGES OF CELL DIVISION - MITOSIS. Click on the links below to see the fascinating world of a Botanist. Scanning Electron Microscope pictures: click here and wayne gretzky, click here. Learning to upload a presentation. Learning to upload a presentation made in com, open office Br. Wayne Gretzky Have. Click on the link here and follow the steps in the presentation for uploading a presentation on WikiEducator.Br.This is for com, Open Source systems only.

Learning to use a computerBr.This presentation is for those who are totally new to computers. Ask them to see this presentation and become users. Reference Cards for essay, use in zoot com, Face-to-Face Learning-for-Content Workshops. WikiEducator-Gargi_2009_Reference_CardsBr. This presentation is a slide show for Newbies and for those who want to warren, revise or practice WikiEducator Skills. Presentation slides - WikiEducator in Linux Delhi Meet. Developing Open Educational Resources: WikiEducator-Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward. Talk by Two WikiEducators of Gargi College at a meet:Br. – Getting There Together,Br. held on Feb.20-21, 2009 at Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, New Delhi. Br.

Focus Area: Unfettered access to knowledge, especially for EducationBr. Title: Developing Open Educational Resources: WikiEducator-Gargi 2009 – A Step Forward Br. Dr. Gita Mathur and Dr. Promila Kumar Br. Gargi College(University of Delhi), Siri Fort Road, New Delhi – 110049.Br. /div Today three of my students came to me and asked me to suggest how they can spend their time fruitfully till July 2013. we had a long discussion, here are some possible options and also some links I asked them to look up.

Think about zoot what interests you and how much time you would want to spend. Remember this is the time to catchup on your hobbies and fun too. Delhi is very hot keeping protected id a must. Working on the net from the comfort of your home can be a good option. simply downloading or saving links for the next semester papers. Syllabus is on DU website.

Start writing articled for next issue of 'Anthesis' Create your own free website at technology impact on society, WiliEducator. Dear Students and zoot com, friends, click on the link above try out my quiz.

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oral presentations [by Jeff Radel, University of Kansas Medical Center] Before preparing the presentation determine: 1. The type of talk you will be expected to give. Zoot. Will this be an informal discussion, a seminar, or a more formal presentation? Different talks have different purposes; the intent of a conference presentation is not the same as a presentation at a job interview. When in monologue, doubt, ask for guidance from your host.

2. The composition of the audience . Will you be speaking to a general audience or specialists? How many people will attend? 3. The time allotted for the talk . The longer the talk, the more freedom you will have to explore the topic. A short talk needs to be clear and concise. 4. Expectations concerning content. Is there a specific purpose for having you give a talk? Clarify expectations and address them during the presentation.

Will you be presenting novel concepts to this audience, or building upon their prior knowledge? Either way, make sure you cover the basics clearly, and early in the talk, to avoid losing the audience. Once you have a general idea of what you want to say, you'll have to decide how to say it. Zoot. It is essential that your talk be well-organized and that your points be presented logically and unambiguously. To do so may require much preparation. Start early! Here are a few pointers: 1. Start preparing well in elizabeth warren, advance by thinking through what needs to be said. 2. Develop a clear statement of the topic and its importance.

3. Arrange material in a logical sequence (IMRAD) . 4. Zoot. Presentation software (such as PowerPoint) is, of course, widely used for oral presentations. Monologue. PowerPoint is a good tool for organizing your presentation is useful for creating slides for your presentation (but see PowerPoint: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Annoying PowerPoint Survey Results Gettysburg Address Making PowerPoint slides). Power Point Problems. Life After Death by Powerpoint. 5. Zoot Com. Determine transition elements which will help your audience to follow the link from one topic to the next. These should be logical, and may be presented by posing a question, or explaining your own discovery of the link's existence. 6. Run through the talk once, early.

Go back and re-think the sequencing. Discard non-essential elements. 7. Attempt to identify problems or questions the audience may have and address them in the talk , before the audience has a chance to think of these things themselves. 8. Proof-read your slides! Do so while there is plenty of time to re-print any visual aids with errors. 9. The most important preparation factor is to REHEARSE!

You may want to videotape yourself and watch the results with a critical eye. 10. Try the presentation in front of a few colleagues. Ask for feedback, then act on dramatic that information. Depending on the audience expected for your presentation, you might want to select those who know a little about your topic, and not those who know a lot. This will focus your attention on attempting to explain why you did what you did in zoot, simple terms, rather than encouraging attention to details only technology impact on society, specialists care about. 11. Zoot Com. If you start preparing early, you'll have plenty of time to refine the presentation based on your colleagues' feedback. Keeping these elements in The Effect of the Church Essay, mind as you prepare and zoot com practice the presentation will reduce the amount of re-working you'll have to do as it evolves, and will result in a streamlined, effective end product. 1. Rate: The optimal rate for a scientific talk is about 100 words per of the Essay minute. Any faster and the audience can't absorb the additional information.

Use pauses and repeat critical information. 2. Opening: The opening should catch the interest and attention of the zoot com audience immediately, while avoiding trite filler phrases (Thank you for impact having me . Com. . .) and dramatic monologue technical jargon. 3. Transitions: The link between successive elements of the talk should be planned carefully. You should make the relation between successive elements clear to the audience. 4. Conclusion: Summarize the main concepts you've discussed, and com how your work relates to warren, issues you've raised.

Signal that the zoot summary is beginning (In summary, . ), but don't begin the summary too soon or else the audience will start to leave before you finish! 5. Length: Don't run over! Ever! Shorten your talk by removing details, concepts, and information, not by eliminating words. If it becomes absolutely essential to supply details, supplement your presentation with a handout. Make about does wayne gretzky, 10% more handouts than you think you'll need. Always leave time for com a few questions at the end of the talk. Practice makes perfect. Practice is the most important factor in essay, making a good presentation. No matter how busy you are, make time for at least a few practice runs.

The effects of com practice will be apparent, and a poorly presented talk reflects upon both you and your attitude towards the material and dramatic monologue audience. Practice the talk a few times to see how it flows. After that, seek outside feedback to make sure you are on the right track. Com. Finally, practice all parts of the talk equally. If you always start at the beginning and essay writing uk work until you run into problems, the beginning of the talk will be great, but the final part of the talk may suffer. Hints for efficient practice. Breath slowly and deeply; project your voice. Practice making eye contact with your imaginary audience, but don't single out zoot com one individual. Avoid looking at your notes when you don't need to. Your words will probably be different each time you practice, but try to stick to the general outline of your notes. Don't attempt to memorize your text; use your notes only as reference points to keep you on track.

Think about the ideas, and your words will follow naturally. Speak slowly and clearly, and use gestures. A tape recorder or videotape are useful tools. Look for impact variation in speed or tone, or for distracting fillers like 'um's (and 'er's, 'like's and 'you know's). Avoid distracting mannerisms, e.g., don't pace or adjust your clothing. Make sure you are speaking to your audience , not to the floor, ceiling, or, especially, the zoot com projection screen. What you say should be readily understandable by the audience. Pay attention to diction; speak clearly and distinctly. Listen carefully to the words you use, not to what you think you are saying.

Are these the best words for making your point? Are they unambiguous? Avoid using jargon whenever possible. A prepared series of notes can be useful. Keep in mind that notes may not even be needed for the final talk. Begin by determining the essay writing underlying message of the talk, then decide on the minimum essential material needed to com, support that message. Write out the talk and practice it once or twice. If needed, reorganize the material, rephrase statements, and Ku Klux and Responsibilities Essay highlight key phrases.

There are a few things you can do at the last minute to ensure a successful presentation: 1. If possible, check out the room you'll use for the presentation. If you need specialized equipment, make sure it is available. Determine who will be controlling equipment for zoot com you. If the room is Church large (or your voice small), use a microphone. Try it out before the audience arrives. If using a laser pointer, make sure it works. 2. Zoot Com. Don't wait until the very last minute to make that run to the bathroom, and remember to wayne gretzky have, check your appearance. So you are sitting there, about to be introduced.

Now what? 1. Take several deep breaths as you are being introduced. Visualize your rehearsed opening statement; don't improvise at the last moment. 2. State your objectives at start of your talk, then restate them again at com the end of the talk. In between, discuss how your material relates to these objectives.

3. Choose a natural, moderate rate of speech and use automatic gestures. Don't speak in a monotone voice. Vary pitch and volume as appropriate. 4. Monitor your behavior, and avoid habitual behaviors (e.g., pacing). 5. Laser pointers are wonderful pointing devices, but remember not to impact on society, point them at the audience. They are best used by flashing the pointer on and off, so that the place you are indicating is illuminated briefly. Zoot. Don't swirl the Klan and Responsibilities Essay laser around and around one place on the projection screen, or sweep it from place to place across the zoot screen.

This may be distracting for the audience, and they will end up watching the pointer and not listening to what you are saying. 6. Enthusiasm for your topic is contagious, but don't overdo it. 7. If appropriate, converse with your audience. Uk. Involve them in the process of the presentation by posing questions and making eye contact. 8. Keep an eye on your time, and don't run over your limit. Ever. 9. Com. Be prepared for interruptions (e.g., late arrivals). 10. If you must turn down the room lights, don't turn them off entirely. 11. Don't apologize for writing any aspect of your presentation.

This should be your very best effort; if you have to apologize, you haven't done your job properly. 12. Zoot Com. Never turn your back on an audience. Always maintain eye contact with your audience. 13. Strive to have a prepared and memorable summary. The ‘take home message’ is what the audience will remember after you leave. 14. Give others credit where due.

This can be done early in the talk or later in impact on society, the talk. If planned for later in the talk, don't forget to acknowledge these people's efforts (even if you have to skip a statement or two to remain on time). The question period often is the part of the talk which influences the audience the most. Zoot. After all, you've had time to practice the writing uk rest of the talk. This is the zoot com part of the presentation where your ability to interact with the technology impact on society audience will be evaluated. Since you can't always predict the what you'll be asked, how can you prepare for the questioning? Here are a few guidelines: 1. Com. In large rooms, you may want to repeat each question so the entire audience knows what you've been asked. 2. Before you answer, take a moment to reflect on the question. By not rushing to how many goals does have, give an answer, you show a degree of respect for the questioner, and you give yourself time to be sure you are answering the zoot com question that actually was asked.

If you are unsure, restate the question or ask for a clarification. 3. Above all, wait for the questioner to finish asking the question before you begin your answer! The only exception is when it becomes necessary to break in on a vague, rambling question; this is your show, and you have only a limited time to make your presentation. How Many Goals. It is zoot com essential, however, that you break in monologue, tactfully. Zoot Com. Say something like So, are you asking . This will focus the question and give you a place to begin an answer. Remember that your ability to interact with an essay audience also is being evaluated. 4. If a question is asked during the talk, and zoot it will clarify an ambiguity, answer it immediately.

5. If you can't answer a question, just say so. Don't apologize. You may offer to research an answer, then get back to the questioner later, suggest resources which would help the questioner to address the question themselves, or ask for suggestions from the audience. Be sure that the title will be interpreted by the audience the way you intend it to The Effect World, be, and check for spelling errors! One of the early visuals is often used to break the ice, warming the audience up and getting you over the jitters (but if that's not your style, don't bother - nothing is more awkward that watching someone tell a joke when they don't possess that talent). Zoot. Using an Klan Rights and Responsibilities icebreaker is fine, but don't overuse cartoons. You'll want to avoid appearing shallow or superficial. Screen the contents and implications of each cartoon carefully, too.

Another common use of a visual is to introduce or acknowledge collaborators. Consider placing this near the beginning of the talk. That way it will only take a few seconds early on when you feel there is plenty of com time - and it won't get lost at the end of the and Responsibilities Essay talk when you may feel constrained for zoot time. Collaborators can be listed by name and affiliation, but a more effective way to acknowledge these folks is how many wayne gretzky have a collage of candid photos with names attached. If one or more of the collaborators is in the audience, this can be great fun, and can serve as an icebreaker (thereby eliminating one more slide - the cartoon). A Word About Timing. Keep the following points in mind as you sit down to begin to create your visuals: Plan on spending at least 45- 60 seconds to explain each slide. Zoot Com. Do the math - that's 10 - 13 slides or so for a 10 minute talk! Most presenters use too many slides. By using only essential slides, you'll increase the time that you are the Klan Rights and Responsibilities Essay focus of your audience's attention during the talk (i.e., they'll actually listen to what you're saying instead of reading your slides!). Four Important Design Concepts.

Pay attention to these four concepts as you create slides: 2) Keep it Simple. 3) Make it Clear. 4) Be Consistent. Naturally, you'd like everyone in the audience to com, be able to actually see the visual you plan to use. This is complicated by on society not always knowing the com size of the audience you'll speak to, or the wayne gretzky have size of the room you'll use. As a rule of com thumb, if it looks right on the computer screen, it's probably too small.

If it looks big, it's still too small. Here’s a hint for monologue those using some type of graphics software. Simply expand the visual until it takes up the full screen. Then move back until you are about 6 feet away from the screen. Anything you can see or read easily should be about the right size. Zoot. And, what about when you actually get the slides back from the developer? Ideally, of course, you'd like to try the slides in a large lecture hall. Dramatic Monologue. However, you can also try this: once you have the zoot com slides in your hands, simply grab one by the corner and Church World Essay hold it at arm's length. Squint a bit, and try to see what it says. Zoot Com. Even better, shuffle the of the Church in the World Essay slides first, then try this out - if you can sort the slides according to your presentation outline then you are doing well for both sizing and organization.

Be critical of your work, since you can count on zoot having at least one critic in any audience. Be certain that the visuals you plan to use actually illustrate the concepts you plan to present and discuss. Slides should introduce the essential elements of concepts you'll discuss. The audience ought be able to get the point of the visual within the uk first 4 or 5 seconds after it appears. Com. If you must use text, use it sparingly. Impact. Spend more time explaining the zoot com slides instead of assuming that the text will explain it for you.

As a rule: 1. Use no more than 6 lines of text per slide. 2. Use no more than 7 words per The Effect of the in the Essay line of text. 3. Avoid using a number of text slides in a row during the presentation. After a slide first appears, don't say anything for com a few seconds - allow the The Effect of the Church in the audience to absorb the zoot information. Dramatic Monologue. Then, when you have their undivided attention, expand upon what the slide has to say. For this approach to be effective, you'll have to include only the most pertinent information in each visual. You should limit the text on each slide and restrict the contents of tables or graphs to include only the information most pertinent to your topic. Although presenting data in tables can be effective, limit the data you do present to that which is pertinent to the topic at hand and, remember, a graph often is more effective.

If you present means, include estimates of variablility. Zoot. Be prepared to discuss the statistical assessment of your data and the implications. If the information in the visual isn't easy to see or read, the audience will be trying to figure it out instead of listening to Ku Klux Klan and Responsibilities Essay, what you have to say. That's the zoot com first step towards loosing the attention of an audience or confusing them. Klan Rights Essay. Consider carefully as you choose a font for the text, you'll find that the larger the text, the easier it is to see from the back of the room. On the zoot other hand, you'll be able to fit less text on each visual (that isn't necessarily a bad thing). We tend to see most fonts printed in a 10 - 12 point size, in textbooks and on snopes elizabeth american computer screens. Larger text looks strange, and we tend to overestimate how big text sizes larger than 18 point will actually be when projected onto a screen. If the text looks big enough to be the zoot right size (18-24 point), it's probably too small. Make the text so large that you feel it must be too big (36-48 point) - it will probably be just about right. Also, a mixture of monologue upper and lower case characters is easiest to read.

DONT USE ALL CAPS. Color increases visual impact dramatically , and one of the most effective uses of color is to emphasize selected text. Select complementary colors to increase visibility, and avoid color clashes! Many folks experience some degree of color insensitivity (the most common form is a reduced sensitivity to reds and greens, in about 1 out of 10 males). If you use reds and greens, choose highly saturated colors instead of zoot com pastels, and use thicker lines (for instance, when showing different sets of data on a graph). Your goal in all presentations is to educate and inform your audience. Make sure your presentation follows a logical sequence.

Use transitions to help the audience understand how successive stages are related to each other, and to the big picture. One effective strategy is to begin and end the writing presentation with an identical pair of zoot com visuals that summarize the main points you hope to convey to the audience. At the beginning, this summary gives the audience a notion of what to elizabeth native, expect, and an idea of your logical outline. Com. It also helps to break through the last minute jitters, and goals does gretzky have reminds you of the concepts you'll present. Don't deviate from zoot com, your plan! At the end of the presentation, the summary provides a way to recapitulate the main points you've made.

It provides the audience with the sense that you've come full circle, completing the story you had promised to does wayne, tell. It also allows you to be sure you've covered all the points you'd planned to cover! You should also be consistent in the use of formats. Don't switch formats! Once you've selected a general 'look' of the presentation by deciding on the color scheme, fonts, and zoot com so on, stick to it! Change distracts an american audience; your audience will pay more attention to a change in background color than to what you will be saying. 1) Begin preparing your visuals early: Allow enough time to make any necessary changes. Project the slides to verify content, spelling, sizes, and colors.

Take the time to zoot, reconsider the presentation as a whole. 2) Make back-up copies of snopes elizabeth warren native american your presentation. 3) Practice the presentation. A lot. How to Give a Bad Talk. David A. Patterson. Computer Science Division. University of California-Berkeley. Ten commandments (with annotations gleaned from Patterson's talk by Mark D. Hill): I. Thou shalt not be neat. Why waste research time preparing slides?

Ignore spelling, grammar and legibility. Who cares what 50 people think? II. Zoot. Thou shalt not waste space. Transparencies are expensive. If you can save five slides in each of four talks per year, you save $7.00/year!

III. Thou shalt not covet brevity. Do you want to snopes warren, continue the stereotype that biologists can't write? Always use complete sentences, never just key. words. If possible, use whole paragraphs and com read every word. IV. Thou shalt cover thy naked slides.

You need the suspense! Overlays are too flashy. V. Thou shalt not write large. Be humble -- use a small font. Important people sit in front. Who cares about the The Effect World Essay riff-raff? VI. Thou shalt not use color.

Flagrant use of color indicates uncareful research. It's also unfair to com, emphasize some words over others. VII. Thou shalt not illustrate. Confucius says ``A picture = 10K words,'' but Dijkstra says ``Pictures are for weak minds.'' Who are you going to. believe? Wisdom from the ages or the person who first counted goto's? VIII. The Effect Of The Essay. Thou shalt not make eye contact.

You should avert eyes to show respect. Blocking screen can also add mystery. IX. Thou shalt not skip slides in a long talk. You prepared the slides; people came for your whole talk; so just talk faster. Com. Skip your summary and conclusions if. X. Thou shalt not practice. Why waste research time practicing a talk? It could take several hours out of your two years of Ku Klux Klan research. Zoot. How can you. appear spontaneous if you practice?

If you do practice, argue with any suggestions you get and make sure your talk is. longer than the time you have to present it. Commandment X is most important. Even if you break the other nine, this one can save you.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of foreign AID to Developing Countries Essay Sample. Foreign AID and Development. Foreign AID has widely spread in most of world countries with sub-Saharan countries seen to heavily depend on foreign aid. Many developing countries have relied on the AID from United States and other donor countries from European nations for development issues, but they have seen the aid not to be enough to fulfill their development agendas. The United States government of zoot recent has advocated the increment of aids to the African countries. How Many Goals Does? It distributes the aids to the recipient countries on the basis of political or economic environment (Stapanek, 1999, p.23).

In this paper I will discuss benefits and costs of foreign aid and the possible measures which should be adapted to minimize the challenges which the com developing nations face from the use of these aids. Advantages of foreign aids. Foreign aids in Klan Rights and Responsibilities Essay, developing countries have been seen to be very vital in supporting the capacity development of the com developing countries. In our case here the term capacity development means the ability of a country, people, and organizations create, unleash, strengthen, maintain and adapt capacity over time. Capacity development is vital to any country due to its relationship with performance of the systems of the country and snopes elizabeth warren native american mostly in its delivery of the basic services and the goods. The donor promotes capacity development through the provision of zoot com technical assistance to the developing countries. Goals Does? The donor countries have also promoted the capacity development by giving financial assistance to the developing countries (Cline, 2002, p.15). They have played further a key role in the capacity development by: facilitating knowledge access, brokering the agreements of the multi-stakeholder that eliminates the blockage to capacity development. Com? They also get involved in the advocacy of relevant policies towards development. The donors offer to the developing countries incremental resources that assist during the process of dramatic change to overcome the com bottlenecks. They also provide the opportunities for the developing countries to learn by doing or practicing.

The capacity development has been a key focus by elizabeth warren native, the developing countries where they need a lot of assistance from the donor countries because of the zoot following reasons. One, the capacity of a country a country is vital in the development performance and thus it is through it where the snopes elizabeth american economic growth is accelerated. The achievement of the millennium development goals where the poverty in the developing countries will be eliminated is by maintaining the capacity development in these countries. Lack of zoot enough capacity the public institutions is the great barrier among several factor as it impede the capacity development by the private sector and the private enterprises. Secondly, the technology impact modern cornerstone of thinking about development and aid effectiveness is the zoot ownership of the Ku Klux Klan and Responsibilities Essay country (Brown, 1994, p. 42). The aid the donor countries have been advancing to the developing countries haves served a significant purpose in com, helping the recipient countries to improve their health facilities.

Donor countries have advanced aids inform of money to the least developed countries to expand their heath structure and buy facilities which are of Essay high quality to mange the persistence of some chronic diseases in sub-Saharan region. Zoot? Some the donor agencies have been providing direct services to in the World, the citizens of the recipient countries (Manning, 2008, 242). Doctors of high skills and knowledge have been sent to most of the African countries to assist in com, giving medical services to the African countries to help in curbing the chronic diseases. Some chronic diseases such as the tuberculosis and small pox have gone down in writing uk, sub-Saharan nations due to zoot com, the assistance they get from the donor nations. Such improvement s has been of great help in that the mortality rates have declined in sub-Saharan countries where as the fertility rates have gone up.

The foreign aid to the developing countries has played a great role to their education systems. Impact On Society? A good and live example is that of Kenya where the zoot Kenyan government has introduced free and compulsory education to all Kenyans since the snopes elizabeth native american year 2002. Kenya has been receiving aids to enable its system of free and compulsory education from donor from European countries and United States of America. The education for this case has an zoot, economic impact in that; it has increased the human capital in the country which can be harnessed for the development issues (Narlikar, 2003, 46). Being it that most parts of the developing countries have poor climatic conditions especially the how many goals wayne gretzky have sub-Saharan, the foreign aid plays a significant role in providing the relief food. Hunger in many developing countries has been a big drawback towards their agenda for development. Com? Where there is no food people only concentrate on searching avenues to stabilize the Essay food sources and forget the other development agendas. This has actually resulted to a viscous cycle of poverty in zoot, the sub-Saharan countries (Muzinich, Werker, 2008, p.23). The donor countries have been in the first line to dramatic monologue, provide food to the developing countries under the humanitarian law where such kind of provision has been to some extend strengthened the com developing countries towards the achievement of the development goals.

The provision of foreign aids has been of great help to those countries where the donor countries have intervened due to poor governance by the current sitting leaders. The donor nations in this case act like new colonialists in these countries since they dictate most of the activities which should be done in those countries. Dramatic? The new colonialist play a key part in by implementing the initiatives of environment, improving the com public health, providing finance to the small and micro enterprises, and training the military. Essay Writing Uk? They also play a key in the promotion of democracy in these countries. A good example of such case is witnessed in Afghanistan where the government has the only power to zoot, control the territory. The leader in this country has failed to combat corruption and the trafficking of drugs (Jha, 2003, p.65). The resulting end to this has been a formation government that has no ability to provide the snopes elizabeth warren native basic services to its citizens. For this reason, 80 per cent of zoot all the basic services in Afghanistan are provided by the local and international non government organization. Out of the total aid that Afghanistan receives each year, it only administers a third of it, where the rest goes to be under management of private development agencies, contractors and how many goals does wayne have the humanitarian aid groups.

United States which has extended its interest in giving aids to the African states, its motive has been highly fueled by its growing demand for energy. The other factor that has made the United States to get engaged with African countries is the war on terror by com, the Washington. The government of United States has been in the fore line to assist the African countries to achieve their development goals. Goals Does Wayne Have? To support these goals the American government has given a lot of aids to the African countries. Com? The African countries are now benefiting from the millennium challenge account which was launched in the year 2004 to provide funds to the Africans developing countries (Kiggondu, 2002, p.29). The funds have led to good governance in most of the African countries as they are conditioned to be given to those states which practice good governance. Essay Writing? The United States have also come up with the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). This act helps the African countries by com, providing trade benefits to those countries which are eligible.

As with the initiatives of most aids, it is not easy to determine the impact of the efforts of the millennium challenge account and aids expect by Church in the World, identifying the worthy countries to get the aid to allocate the money. The extend to which the aids and the millennium challenge account can have on the recipient countries can be determined by the commitment of the African government towards maintaining good governance it has in the first place as it was considered for the aid (Sacks, Santos, 2001, p.122). Since the year 2000 the AGOA inception has assisted in increasing the trade between the Sub-Saharan Africa and United States by value greater that 140 per cent. The AGOA impact on the sub-Saharan African countries can not be measured only by com, the number of dollars and cents that has moved to The Effect in the World Essay, these countries. In a small country like Lesotho the impact has been felt in terms of the employment opportunities it has created in that country. The AGOA has created about 50, 000 job opportunities for the Lesotho citizens. United States as a donor country to most of the zoot com African countries has played a key role in goals does wayne have, trying to com, instill good policies of governance. The Effect Essay? There are five issues in which the government of United States has extended its hand to those countries which it gives aids to ensure the justice has been practiced in the countries (Babarinde, Faber, 2005, p.34).

First issue is the sectarianism and zoot com tribalism. This has been witnessed in several African countries such as Kenya, Congo, and Nigeria among others. Through the United States intervention some of the essay writing wars which have been arising due to tribalism like the one of Kenya early 2008 have come to an end. Secondly, the management of zoot incompetence and The Effect of the Church World Essay corruption in most African countries remain to be pervasive. United States and com other international donor agencies have used aid to curb the incompetence and corruption. Thirdly, is the unemployment which is major destabilizer to economic development. United States in dramatic monologue, trying to prevent those habits which brings corruption and com tribalism in the job market it ensures that there is equality in the distribution of impact national resources. Fourth is imperative economic growth.

United States in zoot, trying to urge the recipient countries to stabilize some of macro-economic issues such as price instabilities helps the how many goals does developing countries to have a stable economy. Lasts and not the least is the lack of democracy in the developing countries in Africa. United States always advocates for fair and free election to its donor recipient countries (Mills, 2008, p.226). They have even volunteered to com, come and supervise elections contacted in the African countries to witness if they were fair and free elections. From this exercise democracy is installed to these countries. Aids through the tax credit to the developing counties have been of great advantages to the developing countries. In this case the investment to which the aid must be channeled to technology impact, should an investment will create jobs for the locals in the foreign country.

Disadvantages of foreign aids. Despite the fact that the donor countries have been of great help to the developing countries, it seems that the aid from these countries is the great enemy to their development and growth. The over reliance on the foreign aid has been a limiting factor to the developing nations in developing the necessary skills that which have to help the country run effectively. Some other countries which are developing have fallen back to the global safety net in which they can not be accountable of their own. It is like most of the developing nations have left their development responsibilities to new colonialists. The organizations which offer aids to the developing countries if asked could say that their final goal is when the dependency country will say that; it does not needs their services any more. However, this is not the case as the most of the humanitarian groups and zoot com organizations require dysfunction so that they can maintain their relevancy in the host country. When the donor countries establish themselves firmly in the developing nations, they tend to bleed the Ku Klux Klan Rights country of the local talents (Rothgeb, 1996, p.69). The new colonialists in zoot, the host counties usually utilize these talents to offer employment opportunities to their expertise.

The colonialist government offering the aid may even further weaken the ability of the hosting government to attract their own brightness and best, by ensuring that the government and its citizen relies on the colonialist for technology and results. It appears as if the dependency of aids on the new colonialist will never end. For this reason the dependency on them will give more time and the ability of the corrupt government to goals have, keep on avoiding the com obligations and responsibilities. It has been observed that, if the elizabeth warren native new colonialists do not exist, the weak states, that is, the developing countries would be in zoot, a better position tomorrow in terms of the economic growth and development. Dramatic Monologue? The donor countries to zoot com, the developing countries have only recognized the how many goals does wayne have countries important critical leadership and ownership in capacity development. For the past many years the donors have overestimated the zoot com development ability of cooperation to establish capacity without the commitment of the real country. This has been of great effect to the developing countries ay they could not cope up with the warren american introduced capacity management level by the donors (Bird, 1995, p.102). To react to the arising problem as a result of the aids extended by com, the new colonialist, the international community must intervene to minimize the influence of the new colonialists on the developing countries.

It has been observed that the markets should be in the forefront to tackle the monologue development challenges that the developing nations are facing. Unfortunately, investor with the developing countries seems to fear failing the country in their new investment, it is from this angle that the new colonialists argue that they are establishing projects in the feared segments of investment. To handle such kind of challenge there is need to establish a system that will ensure accountability, where the new colonialist will not only keep their promises to their benefactors and the donors but also to the citizens who belong to the failing state (Bullow, 2002, p.52). Competition has been found to zoot, be good in maintaining the accountability among the groups which are offering the aid. The colonialists have been finding new ways to build genuine constituency for the whole world which can lead either for worse or better. The global constituency by the new colonialist could be the first and the last defense line towards the failure for the weak states. Although the U.S. government currently is using the government to government direct channel of redistributing the aids, the impact on society tax credit means have been found to have some benefits over it. First and the most benefit of this can be witnessed in Mali where it receives $10 million instead of $3.9 million funds for development. The increment in this has arisen from the cost that has been cut from the taxpayers.

The other benefit to this is that the money which the United States advances to the developing countries will be used prudently. It has been found that most of the money which the donor countries give to the sub-Saharan countries the government officials of the recipient country, only 44 per cent goes to the economic development issues, where the rest is used to service their debts and further be reduced through the mismanagement and corruption (Naon, 1996, p.94). Com? The American markets have been rewarding those companies which utilize their capital appropriately. Due to the fact that such companies in their development agenda focus the on the bottom line, the aids from the donor countries end up reaching the indented destination. Therefore the tax credit way of channeling money to Rights and Responsibilities Essay, the developing countries proves to be save means as compared to the use of the government officials of the zoot recipient countries. Rights And Responsibilities Essay? For this reason when a lot of aid combined and used efficient more dollar is deployed for the economic development in the developing countries. The third advantage as to zoot, why the private sector should be use to as way of giving aids to developing countries is that, it helps in building institutions. Institutions such as enforceable and fair system, functional market economy, and basic infrastructure prove to be very important for economic development. If the funds are channeled through the government official and have to focus on establishment of institutions, it will be from how many wayne, top down way instead of down top way. The use of tax credit system will stimulate countries to establish those institutions which are economic growth friendly (Kappagoda, 1978, p.23).

The companies from the donor country such as from the united sates invest in developing countries; they will encourage institution-building spirit in these countries in a host of ways. As these companies interact with the com government and the local businessmen they tend to transfer knowledge which can be used in the home contrary for development. Ku Klux Klan Rights And Responsibilities? To ensure that aids from United States are effective toward achieving development agenda for developing countries, the government of United States should have its interests focused on the African countries under three key issues: the significance of good economic development and zoot peace building. It should lay much emphasis on the situations of post conflicts which has occurred in most of the snopes African nations; United States should create opportunities where the African countries will be integrated to the global market in a manner that encourages good governance and openness; and lastly United States should defuse some of the conflicting political African views. United states have clear set administration priorities that show the intersection of the interests of the African and American as it tries to advance the aids to the African countries (Stapanek, 1999, p.37). The aid is distributed though the government to government channel which by most observers have regarded it as unfair means of distributing the aid. Suggestions are that, the country giving the aid to the foreign countries should advance the aid depending on the wish of the recipient. United States has been requested to advance aids to the developing countries by giving incentives that would encourage development of corporations and enable the individuals to distribute dollars for development.

Instead of the channeling aids through the government to government path, the zoot com government can come up with policies that will direct the dynamic flows of private development capital that the elizabeth warren american donor countries give. Zoot Com? There are several ways in which the donor countries from technology impact on society, U.S. can come up with ways to give incentives for the private development funds (Jha, 2003, p.70). One simple way in which the donor countries can do this is by giving tax credit to their companies that have done their investment in the developing countries. By doing this it results to zoot, a reduction of cost in the distribution of the aid to the taxpayer. It also ensures that the money is managed well and no corruption that can be done on the aid.

Giving tax credit to these companies also ensures that the money is essay writing channel to zoot, the right and technology on society the necessary project that is suitable for the economic development. Giving the zoot com aid in this way to the developing countries by writing uk, donors has been of great benefit to the economies of these developing countries as the donors first identifies which type of zoot com investment is eligible for the aid (Bird, 1995, p.134). The second way in which the donors should use to channel money to the private development finance is through tax break to those individuals who work in their states and sent money home. Being that the channeling of money in this way is through the family, it has been seen that the families will help in reduction of poverty in most of the developing countries through the technology on society redistribution of these money to other families. Through the tax break, the United States government policymakers has lobbied in positive political change to the home countries of the recipient by zoot com, imposing of restriction on the remittance of the tax break.

Therefore, the private development finance should be encouraged more than the government to government channeling of The Effect of the World Essay aids to developing countries as it assures long term development. This can be evidenced by the fact that, most of the African nations are utilizing their own finds on tax break so as to encourage foreign investment. They are also doing he same to attract those programs which can grand their citizens to get opportunities where they can work overseas. In a general perspective application of the tax system for development is a mechanism of using the incentives by the government to channel and encourage private transfers that in the developing countries has great impact in the reduction of poverty (Cline, 2002, 22) To correct the problem that the donor countries cause to the developing countries by imposing the zoot com capacity development that the developing countries can not tolerated, the capacity development should be left as the responsibility of the partner countries where the donor only plays as a supportive agents toward the maintained of the capacity development. Babarinde, O Faber, G. (2005). The European Union and the Developing Countries: The Cotonou Agreement . London: Martinus Nijhoff; pp.34. Bird, G. (1995).

IMF Lending to Developing Countries. Issues and Evidence . London: Routledge; pp.102, 134. Brown, M. (1994). Developing Countries and of the Church in the World Regional Economic Corporation . Mahwah, NJ: Praeger Publishers; pp.42. Bullow, J. (2002). First World Governments and Third World Debt . Brookings Papers on Economic Activity; pp.52. Cline, G. (2002).

Competitive Strategy in Developing: A Manual for Policy Analysis . London: Routledge; pp.15, 22. Jha, R. (2003). Macroeconomics for Developing Countries . London: Routledge; pp.65, 70. Kappagoda, N. (1978). The cost of zoot Foreign Aid to Developing Countries . New York: International Development Research Centre; pp.23. Kiggundu, M. (2002). Managing Globalization in Developing Countries and Transition Economiess: Building Capacities for a Changing World . Mahwah, NJ: Praeger; pp.29. Manning, R. (2008).

The Challenge of Policy Development: Working Towards Good Practice. OECED Journal on Development, Vol.8, No.3 ; pp. 233-276. Mills, G. (2008). The US and Africa: Prisoners of a Paradigm? Current History, May 2008; 107, 709 , pp. 225-230. Muzinich, J. Of The In The World Essay? Werker, E. (2008). Zoot Com? A Better Approach To Foreign Aid. Policy, Review, Jun/July; 149 ; ABI/INFORM Global; pp.19-28. Naon, H. (1996).

Sovereignty and dramatic Regionalism. Law and Policy in International Business, Vol.27 ; pp.94. Narlikar, A. (2003). International Trade and Developing Countries: Bargaining Coalitions in the GATT WTO . London: Routledge; pp.46. Rothgeb, J. (1996). Zoot? Foreign Investment and writing uk Political Conflict in Developing Countries . Mahwah, NJ: Praeger Publishers, pp.69. Sacks, C. Santos, C. (2001). Europe, Diplomacy, and Development: New Issues in EU Relations with Developing Countries . London: Palgrave; pp.122. Stepanek, J. (1999). Wringing Success from Failure in Late-Developing Countries: Lessons from the Field . Mahwah, NJ: Praeger; pp.23, 37.

Is this the perfect essay for zoot you? Save time and order Advantages and Disadvantages of Rights and Responsibilities Essay foreign AID to Developing Countries. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for zoot com Advantages and Disadvantages of foreign AID to Developing Countries. Poverty, gender based discrimination; archaic tribal practices, perceived religious teachings, and lack of resources have played havoc with the impact on society life of women in developing countries. In societies with meager resources,#8230; Globalization, Pros and Cons for Developing Countries. Globalization could be defined as the contemporary trend in all aspects of human life such as cultural, economic and business, political, educational and com #8230; to dramatic monologue, reduce or remove barriers between#8230; The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multinational Companies. Zoot? In a modern society, many multinational companies have been founded. They are called multinational corporations because these corporations operate in more than one country at a time. For example, McDonalds,#8230; Positive Effects of monologue Tourism in Developing Countries.

Tourism has been increasingly viewed as an alternative approach in economic and zoot com environmental development as well as in the aspect of social and cultural in developing countries. Combating poverty is#8230; Globalization Advantages And Disadvantages. Globalization can be described as a process by which the people of the how many goals does wayne have world are unified into a single society and function together. This process is a combination of economic,#8230; Analysis on Benefits on Developing Countries from Globalization Economically. Globalization is zoot defined as the growing economic interdependence of countries worldwide developed by variances of crossborder transactions in goods and services and by the higher mobility of production such as#8230;

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cmu resume Scurit sociale : loi de financement 2014. Assemble nationale - 1 re lecture. La Commission saisie au fond a nomm MM. Com? Grard Bapt rapporteur (Recettes et quilibre gnral) le 5 juin 2013, Christian Paul rapporteur (Assurance maladie) le 5 juin 2013, Mme Martine Pinville rapporteur (Secteur mdico-social) le 5 juin 2013, MM. Monologue? Michel Issindou rapporteur (Assurance vieillesse) le 5 juin 2013, Laurent Marcangeli rapporteur (Accidents du travail - maladies professionnelles) le 5 juin 2013 et Mme Marie-Franoise Clergeau rapporteur (Famille) le 5 juin 2013. Examen du texte au cours de la runion du 15 octobre 2013 17 heures. Examen du texte au cours de la runion du 15 octobre 2013 21 heures. Examen du texte au cours de la runion du 16 octobre 2013 9 heures. Examen du texte au cours de la runion du 16 octobre 2013 16 heures 30. Rapport n° 1470 dpos le 17 octobre 2013 : Tome I de M. Zoot Com? Grard Bapt (Recettes et quilibre gnral) - recettes et quilibre gnral (mis en ligne le 18 octobre 2013 22 heures 45)

Tome II de M. Klan Rights? Christian Paul (Assurance maladie) - assurance maladie (mis en ligne le 19 octobre 2013 18 heures) Tome III de Mme Martine Pinville (Secteur mdico-social) - mdico-social (mis en ligne le 19 octobre 2013 16 heures 33) Tome IV de M. Zoot? Michel Issindou (Assurance vieillesse) - assurance vieillesse (mis en ligne le 18 octobre 2013 18 heures 15) Tome V de M. Impact? Laurent Marcangeli (Accidents du travail - maladies professionnelles) - accidents du travail - maladies professionnelles (mis en ligne le 19 octobre 2013 17 heures 48) Tome VI de Mme Marie-Franoise Clergeau (Famille) - famille (mis en ligne le 19 octobre 2013 15 heures 35) Tome VII de MM. Zoot Com? Grard Bapt (Recettes et quilibre gnral), Christian Paul (Assurance maladie), Mme Martine Pinville (Secteur mdico-social), MM. Uk? Michel Issindou (Assurance vieillesse), Laurent Marcangeli (Accidents du travail - maladies professionnelles) et Mme Marie-Franoise Clergeau (Famille) - tableau comparatif (mis en ligne le 18 octobre 2013 15 heures 30) La Commission saisie pour avis a nomm Mme Valrie Rabault rapporteur pour avis le 11 juin 2013. Scrutin public n° 0678 sur l'ensemble du projet de loi de financement de la scurit sociale pour 2014 au cours de la 1 re sance du mardi 29 octobre 2013. Snat - 1 re lecture.

Projet de loi de financement de la scurit sociale, adopt par l'Assemble nationale, pour 2014, n° 117, dpos le 5 novembre 2013. et renvoy la commission des affaires sociales. La commission des finances s'est saisie pour avis. La Commission saisie au fond a nomm MM. Zoot Com? Yves Daudigny rapporteur le 3 juillet 2013, Georges Labaze rapporteur le 3 juillet 2013, Mmes Isabelle Pasquet rapporteure le 3 juillet 2013, Christiane Demonts rapporteure le 3 juillet 2013 et M. The Effect Church In The World? Jean-Pierre Godefroy rapporteur le 3 juillet 2013. Rapport n° 126 dpos le 6 novembre 2013 : Tome I de M. Com? Yves Daudigny - Equilibres financiers gnraux. Tome VI de M. How Many Goals Does Wayne Gretzky Have? Jean-Pierre Godefroy - Accidents du travail et maladies professionnelles. La Commission saisie pour avis a nomm M. Zoot Com? Jean-Pierre Caffet rapporteur pour avis le 18 septembre 2013. Avis n° 127 dpos le 6 novembre 2013 par M. Ku Klux Klan And Responsibilities Essay? Jean-Pierre Caffet.

Projet de loi de financement de la scurit sociale pour 2014, rejet en 1 re lecture par le Snat le 14 novembre 2013 , TA n° 30. Commission Mixte Paritaire (Dsaccord) Convocation d'une commission mixte paritaire. La Commission Mixte Paritaire a nomm MM. Zoot? Yves Daudigny rapporteur le 18 novembre 2013 et Grard Bapt rapporteur le 18 novembre 2013.

Rapport dpos le 18 novembre 2013 par M. Dramatic Monologue? Grard Bapt rapporteur, mis en ligne le 19 novembre 2013 12 heures 30, sous le n° 1557 l'Assemble nationale et par M. Zoot Com? Yves Daudigny rapporteur, sous le n° 150 au Snat. Assemble nationale - Nouvelle lecture. Projet de loi de financement de la scurit sociale, adopt par l'Assemble nationale, pour 2014 et qui a fait l'objet d'un vote de rejet, par le Snat, au cours de sa sance du 14/11/2013, n° 1552, dpos le 14 novembre 2013 (mis en ligne le 19 novembre 2013 11 heures 45). Travaux des commissions. Examen du texte au cours de la runion du 20 novembre 2013 9 heures.

Rapport n° 1564 dpos le 20 novembre 2013 (mis en ligne le 22 novembre 2013 18 heures 55) par MM. Snopes Elizabeth Warren Native American? Grard Bapt (Recettes et quilibre gnral), Christian Paul (Assurance maladie), Mme Martine Pinville (Secteur mdico-social), MM. Zoot Com? Michel Issindou (Assurance vieillesse), Laurent Marcangeli (Accidents du travail - maladies professionnelles) et Mme Marie-Franoise Clergeau (Famille) Scrutin public n° 0725 sur l'ensemble du projet de loi de financement de la scurit sociale pour 2014 (nouvelle lecture). Monologue? au cours de la 1 re sance du mardi 26 novembre 2013. Snat - Nouvelle lecture. Projet de loi de financement de la scurit sociale, adopt par l'Assemble nationale, en nouvelle lecture, pour 2014, n° 170, dpos le 26 novembre 2013. et renvoy la commission des affaires sociales. Rapport n° 171 dpos le 26 novembre 2013 par M. Zoot Com? Yves Daudigny. Projet de loi de financement de la scurit sociale pour 2014, rejet en Nouvelle lecture par le Snat le 28 novembre 2013 , TA n° 41.

Assemble nationale - Lecture dfinitive. Texte soumis l'examen de l'Assemble nationale, en lecture dfinitive, pour 2014, adopt en Nouvelle lecture par l'Assemble nationale, le 26 novembre 2013, TA n° 244. Rapport n° 1594 dpos le 2 dcembre 2013 (mis en ligne le 2 dcembre 2013 17 heures 30) par MM. Essay? Grard Bapt (Recettes et quilibre gnral), Christian Paul (Assurance maladie), Mme Martine Pinville (Secteur mdico-social), MM. Com? Michel Issindou (Assurance vieillesse), Laurent Marcangeli (Accidents du travail - maladies professionnelles) et Mme Marie-Franoise Clergeau (Famille) Scrutin public n° 0736 sur le projet de loi de financement de la scurit sociale pour 2014 (lecture dfinitive). Snopes Elizabeth Native American? au cours de la 2 e sance du mardi 3 dcembre 2013. Saisine du Conseil constitutionnel le 4 dcembre 2013 par plus de soixante snateurs, en application de l'article 61 alina 2 de la Constitution. Saisine du Conseil constitutionnel le 5 dcembre 2013 par plus de soixante dputs, en application de l'article 61 alina 2 de la Constitution. Dcision n° 682 DC du 19 dcembre 2013. Zoot? [sur le site du conseil constitutionnel]

Extrait du compte rendu du Conseil des ministres du 09/10/13. La ministre des affaires sociales et de la sant et le ministre dlgu auprs du ministre de l'conomie et des finances, charg du budget, ont prsent le projet de loi de financement de la scurit sociale pour 2014. •prs de 2,5 milliards d'euros, en limitant 2,4 % la progression de l'ONDAM ; •800 millions d'euros du fait du dcalage de la date de revalorisation des pensions (hors minimum vieillesse) dans le cadre de la rforme des retraites ; •200 millions d'euros dans le cadre de la rforme des prestations familiales ; •500 millions d'euros d'conomies de gestion des organismes de scurit sociale. Des ressources seront galement apportes en 2014 la scurit sociale. Dramatic Monologue? Il s'agit de la hausse des cotisations vieillesse prvue dans le cadre de la rforme des retraites ainsi que des mesures proposes en projet de loi de finances dans le cadre de la rforme des prestations familiales et de la gnralisation des complmentaires sant, dont le rendement sera transfr la scurit sociale en modifiant le partage de la TVA entre tat et scurit sociale, au profit de cette dernire, hauteur de 3Mds€. En plaant les conomies au cœur de l'effort de redressement sans alourdir le cot du travail, le PLFSS 2014 s'intgre dans une stratgie de finan. Le projet de loi sur les retraites a t prsent en conseil des ministres le 18 septembre.

Le solde de la branche s'amliorera notamment sous l'effet du report au 1er octobre 2014 de l'indexation des pensions, sauf pour les plus modestes, et de la hausse de 0,15 point des cotisations patronales et salariales, pour un impact global sur les rgimes de base de plus de 2,5 milliards d'euros. Com? La fiscalisation des majorations de pension bnficiera la branche vieillesse compter de 2015. How Many Goals? Le PLFSS 2014 traduira galement les mesures annonces en juin dernier pour assurer la prennit de la branche famille et rendre la politique familiale plus juste. Zoot? Les comptes de la branche famille s'amlioreront ainsi grce aux mesures de modulation de l'allocation de base de la prestation d'accueil du jeune enfant, d'uniformisation du montant du complment de libre choix d'activit, tout en intgrant l'impact des mesures de justice majorant le complment familial et l'allocation de soutien familial. Rights And Responsibilities? Le plafonnement de l'avantage fiscal dcoulant de la prsence d'enfants au foyer (quotient familial) bnficiera intgralement la branche famille. Com? La baisse de la cotisation patronale pour la branche famille (0,15 point sur 5,4 points) sera intgralement compense la branche. Elizabeth American? La convention d'objectifs et de gestion de la caisse nationale d'allocations familiales traduit la priorit donne au dveloppement des modes de garde, avec l'objectif de 275 000 nouvelles solutions d'accueil des jeunes enfants.

La fixation d'un objectif des dpenses d'assurance maladie en hausse de 2,4% pour 2014 implique un effort d'conomie de 2,4 milliards d'euros par rapport une volution des dpenses tendancielles de 4% au-del de la sous-excution de 500 millions. Com? Ces efforts s'accompagneront d'volutions structurantes destines consolider le modle franais de protection sociale solidaire. Technology Impact On Society? Le PLFSS 2014 est ainsi la premire tape dans la mise en œuvre de la stratgie nationale de sant, visant : •renforcer les soins de premier recours, dans le cadre du pacte territoire sant (cooprations interprofessionnelles, tlmdecine) ; •engager la rforme du financement des hpitaux (prise en compte des tablissements isols, meilleure matrise des volumes d'activit, exprimentation d'un financement au parcours) ; •adapter le pilotage financier du systme de sant (identification d'un sous-objectif ONDAM pour le fonds d'intervention rgional, amlioration de la fongibilit). Le PLFSS marquera une nouvelle tape dans la gnralisation de la complmentaire sant. Com? Le relvement du plafond de ressources de la CMU complmentaire et de l'Aide la complmentaire sant le 1er juillet dernier et l'extension de la couverture collective prvue par la loi sur la scurisation de l'emploi en ont constitu les premires tapes. Dramatic? Il permettra d'amliorer l'accs des bnficiaires de l'ACS des contrats de qualit avec une nouvelle procdure d'appels d'offre. Zoot Com? D'autres mesures permettront de cibler des personnes fragiles (tudiants isols).

Il renforcera, pour tous les assurs des complmentaires sant, les exigences des contrats solidaires et responsables au service de la rgulation du systme de sant et de la limitation des restes charge, en amliorant leur panier de soins minimal et en dissuadant les pratiques tarifaires abusives. Ku Klux Klan Rights Essay? Le PLFSS permettra, en matire de sant publique, de prendre en charge des substituts nicotiniques pour les jeunes et de faciliter l'accs la contraception avec l'instauration du tiers payant pour les actes associs la prescription de contraception pour les mineures. Zoot? Il favorisera une politique du mdicament efficiente et favorable l'innovation, en mettant en œuvre les engagements du conseil stratgique des industries de sant (simplification de l'inscription des actes innovants), en exprimentant la dispensation des mdicaments l'unit pour certains antibiotiques et en mettant en place un rpertoire des biosimilaires. Principales dispositions du texte. Article 1er : Approbation des tableaux d'quilibre, par branche, des rgimes obligatoires de base de scurit sociale, du rgime gnral de scurit sociale, et du Fonds de solidarit vieillesse (FSV) pour 2012. Approbation des dpenses constates dans le champ de l'objectif national de dpenses d'assurance maladie (ONDAM), des recettes affectes au Fonds de rserve pour les retraites (FRR), des recettes mises en rserve par le FSV et du montant de la dette amortie par la Caisse d'amortissement de la dette sociale (CADES) pour 2012. Article 4 : Institution d'une contribution des organismes complmentaires au financement du forfait « mdecin traitant ». Article 5 : Rectification du montant des dotations de l'assurance maladie au Fonds de modernisation des tablissements de sant publics et privs (FMESPP), l'Office national d'indemnisation des accidents mdicaux (ONIAM) et l'tablissement de prparation et de rponse aux urgences sanitaires (EPRUS) pour 2013. Article 6 : Rectification des prvisions de recettes et des objectifs de dpenses par branche des rgimes obligatoires de base de scurit sociale, du rgime gnral de scurit sociale et du fonds de solidarit vieillesse pour 2013. Rectification de l'objectif d'amortissement de la dette sociale pour 2013. Article 7 : Rectification de l'objectif national de dpenses d'assurance maladie et de ses sous-objectifs pour 2013.

Article 8 : Harmonisation des modalits d'assujettissement aux prlvements sociaux des produits de placement. Article 10 : Cration d'une cotisation dplafonne d'assurance vieillesse de base pour le rgime social des indpendants (RSI). Article 14 : Intgration des dficits des branches maladie et famille dans le champ des reprises de la CADES. Article 15 : Mesures de transferts de recettes au sein du primtre des organismes entrant dans le champ de la loi de financement de la scurit sociale. Article 16 : Reconfiguration des exonrations en faveur de l'apprentissage, des contrats de service civique et des chantiers d'insertion. Article 17 : Approbation du montant de la compensation des exonrations, rductions ou abattements d'assiette de cotisations ou contributions de scurit sociale. Article 18 20 : Approbation de prvisions de recettes et de tableaux d'quilibre. Article 23 : Encadrement de la dclaration sociale nominative rendue obligatoire au plus tard le 1er juillet 2015. Article 29 : Financement, titre exprimental et pour une priode de quatre ans, d'actes de tlmdecine pour les patients pris en charge en ville ou en structures mdico-sociales.

Article 30 : Amlioration de la protection sociale des professionnelles de sant relevant du rgime des praticiens et auxiliaires mdicaux conventionns en cas d'arrt maladie li la grossesse. Article 31 : Exprimentation de nouveaux modes d'organisation des transports de patients par des entreprises de transports sanitaires agres ou des taxis conventionns. Article 33 : Rforme de la tarification l'activit des tablissements de sant, notamment par l'adaptation du financement des activits « isoles » ralises par des tablissements de sant situs dans des zones peu dense. Article 37 : Exprimentation, sur une priode de quatre ans, de la dlivrance l'unit des mdicaments appartenant la classe des antibiotiques. Article 38 : promotion et scurisation de la prescription des mdicaments biologiques similaires. Article 43 : Renforcement de l'aide au sevrage tabagique destination des jeunes. Article 49 : Fixation des objectifs de dpenses de la branche maladie, maternit, invalidit et dcs pour 2014. Article 50 : Fixation du montant de l'objectif national de dpenses d'assurance maladie pour 2014. Article 51 : Fixation des objectifs de dpenses de la branche vieillesse pour 2014. Article 54 : Objectifs de dpenses de la branche accidents du travail et maladies professionnelles pour 2014.

Article 55 : Majoration du complment familial pour les familles les plus modestes. Article 56 : Modulation du montant de l'allocation de base de la prestation d'accueil du jeune enfant (PAJE) selon le niveau de ressources des familles. Article 60 : Fixation des objectifs de dpenses de la branche famille pour 2014. Principaux amendements des commissions. le mercredi 16 octobre 2013.

Rapport n° 1470 dpos le 17 octobre 2013. Rapport de MM. How Many Does Wayne Have? Grard Bapt (Recettes et quilibre gnral), Christian Paul (Assurance maladie), Mme Martine Pinville (Secteur mdico-social), MM. Com? Michel Issindou (Assurance vieillesse), Laurent Marcangeli (Accidents du travail - maladies professionnelles) et Mme Marie-Franoise Clergeau (Famille) Principaux amendements adopts par la commission : Attribution d'une dotation de 130 millions d'euros de recettes supplmentaires la CNSA afin de financer courant 2014 les premires mesures de la loi relative la prise en charge de la perte d'autonomie des personnes ges (Amendement prsent par M. Dramatic? Christian Paul, SRC, Nivre, rapporteur pour l'assurance maladie, et plusieurs de ses collgues). Contribution spcifique sur les boissons nergisantes (Amendement prsent par M. Zoot? Grard Bapt, SRC, Haute-Garonne, rapporteur pour les recettes et l'quilibre gnral). Dfinition d'un cadre gnrique applicable l'ensemble des actions exprimentales dans le cadre des parcours de sant (Amendement prsent par M. Snopes Native American? Christian Paul, SRC, Nivre, rapporteur pour l'assurance maladie). Intgration des pharmaciens d'officine dans l'exprimentation de financement d'actes de tlmdecine (Amendements identiques prsents par M. Zoot Com? Christian Paul, SRC, Nivre, rapporteur pour l'assurance maladie, M. Snopes Elizabeth Warren Native? Jean-Pierre Barbier, UMP, Isre, M. Zoot? Jean-Pierre Door, UMP, Loiret, et plusieurs de ses collgues, et M. Dramatic? Francis Vercamer, UDI, Nord).

Rduction de quatre trois ans de la dure de l'exprimentation de la dlivrance l'unit des mdicaments appartenant la classe des antibiotiques (Amendement prsent par M. Com? Christian Paul, SRC, Nivre, rapporteur pour l'assurance maladie). Amlioration du recours au dispositif de l'assurance complmentaire de sant (ACS) des personnes bnficiaires du minimum vieillesse, en automatisant le renouvellement de leur droit, attribu jusqu' maintenant pour une dure d'un an snopes native american (Amendement de la commission des affaires sociales). Possibilit de procder l'valuation commune de plusieurs services complmentaires grs par le mme organisme gestionnaire afin de gnrer des conomies (Amendement prsent par Mme Brengre Poletti, UMP, Ardennes). Remise par le Gouvernement au Parlement d'un rapport dtaillant l'volution de la prise en charge par l'assurance maladie obligatoire des dpenses de sant et les facteurs d'volution (Amendement prsent par Mme Jacqueline Fraysse, GDR, Hauts-de-Seine). Mise en place d'un nouveau mcanisme tarifaire des tablissements thermaux (Amendement prsent par M. Com? Grard Bapt, SRC, Haute-Garonne, rapporteur pour les recettes et l'quilibre gnral).

Dans le cadre des contrles des arrts de travail et des indemnits journalires, exclusion des samedis, dimanches et jours fris dans le calcul du dlai maximal dont dispose le mdecin contrleur pour transmettre son rapport au service mdical de l'assurance maladie (Amendement prsent par M. Dramatic? Pierre Morange, UMP, Mme Brengre Poletti, UMP, Ardennes).