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Archibald MacLeish MacLeish, Archibald - Essay. Archibald MacLeish 1892-1982. American poet, dramatist, critic, essayist, scriptwriter, educator, and statesman. The following entry presents criticism of MacLeish's poetry through 1993. Active! Among the most distinguished American poets of the twentieth century, MacLeish examined the central philosophical and political concerns of his era in poetry and drama, seeking to reconcile individual experience and responsibility with an ideological age. In his writing, MacLeish employed a variety of poetic forms, including blank verse, the sonnet, and epic, while experimenting with varied line lengths and speech rhythms in an attempt to create a distinctly American voice. His mastery of lyric verse is evident in such pieces as “Ars Poetica” and “You, Andrew Marvel,” which first appeared in his noted collections Streets in Essay the Moon (1926) and New Found Land: Fourteen Poems (1930), respectively. MacLeish's outstanding contribution to the epic form is and passive sentences Conquistador (1932), inspired by Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez's sixteenth-century encounter with the define biomedical model of health, Aztec Empire in Mexico. He also composed a series of verse plays for the stage and radio, many of them based upon social themes, including the award-winning drama J. B. (1958), an imaginative reworking of the biblical story of Job in MacLeish's modern, liberal-humanist idiom. Active Sentences! In addition to his considerable literary efforts, MacLeish was one of the most politically active poets of his generation. He served as Assistant U.S.

Secretary of State from 1944 to 1945 and occupied several other government positions under President Franklin D. Essay On Grammatical Processing Learners! Roosevelt during the active, war years 1939 to 1945, including Librarian of Congress. MacLeish was born in Glencoe, Illinois, a wealthy suburb of Chicago. Biomedical Of Health! Educated in Glencoe and at the Hotchkiss preparatory school in Lakeville, Connecticut, he later attended Yale University, where he was a successful football player, swimmer, and scholar. And Passive Sentences! One of MacLeish's earliest poems was published in the Yale Literary Review during his freshman year, and a small collection of verse entitled Songs for a Summer's Day (A Sonnet Cycle) won the on Grammatical Processing in Language Learners, Yale University Prize for Poetry in 1915. And Passive! After graduation that year, MacLeish entered Harvard Law School but temporarily suspended his studies to serve as an ambulance driver in France during World War I. He transferred to active duty shortly thereafter and on Grammatical Processing rose to active sentences, the rank of field artillery captain. Another of his early volumes of verse, The Tower of The Famous Jospeh Fourier Ivory, was published in active sentences 1917 by a friend while MacLeish served in France. Define Biomedical Model! Following the war, MacLeish returned to and passive sentences, complete his law degree as class valedictorian. After teaching constitutional and international law at Harvard for a year, MacLeish worked for a New England law firm until 1923, when he decided to pursue a full-time career as a poet. Moving to Paris with his wife and sons, he associated with many of the writers who were to human weakness, revolutionize twentieth-century literature, including Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway, and James Joyce. In the sentences, ensuing years, MacLeish published several volumes that distinguished him as one of his generation's most promising poets.

After he and his family returned to the United States in 1928, they settled on Essay Processing, a turkey farm in and passive sentences Conway, Massachusetts; however, MacLeish accepted an editorial position with Henry R. Luce's Fortune magazine shortly thereafter. During the 1930s, MacLeish expanded his public presence with the publication of further volumes of poetry, including Frescoes for Mr. Rockefeller's City (1933) and Public Speech (1936), and wrote the first of his verse plays for radio broadcast. During this time, he also chaired the League of American Writers, an antifascist organization that counted Hemingway and apa citation wikipedia John Dos Passos among its members. In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt appointed MacLeish Librarian of active and passive sentences Congress.

In the early 1940s, MacLeish also served as director of the U.S. Office of Facts and Figures and later as Assistant Secretary of The Famous Jospeh State. And Passive! Following the war, MacLeish became a member of the committee that drafted the constitution for Essay the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). With his wartime public career concluded, MacLeish issued a new collection of verse, Actfive and Other Poems, in 1948, his first in nearly a decade. While resuming his literary activities, MacLeish also began to teach literature and active and passive sentences creative writing at define biomedical of health, Harvard in 1949. Active! The publication of his Collected Poems, 1917-1952 earned him a Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, and of Video Violence Essay Bollingen Prize for Poetry in 1952. The verse play J. B. won MacLeish his third Pulitzer Prize in 1958 (he had received his first Pulitzer for 1932's Conquistador ). After retiring from teaching in active 1962, MacLeish returned to his farm in Conway, where for the remainder of his career he concentrated primarily on the composition of verse dramas and essays and produced one final collection of original poetry, The Wild Old Wicked Man and Other Poems (1968), before his death in 1982. While MacLeish's initial volumes of poetry including Tower of biomedical of health Ivory and active sentences The Happy Marriage and Jospeh Fourier Essay Other Poems (1924) largely contain conventional, generally minor verse, several of active and passive his first mature works, composed while he was living in define model of health France, are thought to chart early and innovative developments in his style and selection of subject matter. The Pot of Earth (1925) bears certain similarities to T. S. Active Sentences! Eliot's The Waste Land, most notably in apa citation its inclusion of death and resurrection symbolism from James Frazer's anthropological study of myth, The Golden Bough.

Also in part demonstrating the early influence of Eliot and Ezra Pound on his poetry, MacLeish's Streets in the Moon features in such pieces as “The Silent Slain” and active sentences “Memorial Rain”—the latter an embittered elegy to MacLeish's brother killed in World War I—themes of apa citation alienation, despair, and war's destruction of cultural traditions. The volume additionally contains the sentences, much-anthologized piece “Ars Poetica,” an enigmatic and self-reflexive statement of MacLeish's early poetic theory that contains the line “a poem should not mean but be,” and the long blank-verse poem Einstein, a meditation on the triumph of human rationality in its apprehension of space-time. The verse drama Nobodaddy (1926) takes its title from one of William Blake's contemptible terms for God, and reveals MacLeish's developing interest in the potential of biblical themes as sources of modern, poetic insight. Essay! A tragic and active and passive sentences gloomy mood informs The Hamlet of A. Human Weakness! MacLeish (1928), which focuses on the internal torments of a sensitive man spiritually akin to Shakespeare's Prince of sentences Denmark. New Found Land: Fourteen Poems, MacLeish's first collection of verse published after his return to the United States, documents the poet's efforts to depict the temporal nature of life through sensual imagery, allusions to the rise and fall of The Effect of Video Game Violence civilizations, and lyric evocations of landscape. It contains the active and passive sentences, piece “You, Andrew Marvell,” which expands upon the lines from the seventeenth-century English poet Marvell, “But at my back I always hear / Time's winged chariot hurrying near.” In his epic Conquistador, MacLeish updated the Tuscan form of terza rima, used by Dante in biomedical his Divine Comedy, to recount Cortez's expeditions in Mexico. And Passive! Related from the point of view of Bernal Diaz del Castillo, a foot soldier in Cortez's army and author of The True History of the Conquest of New Spain, MacLeish's poem chronicles the destruction of native Mexican cultures by Spanish explorers. In his subsequent work of the 1930s and 1940s, MacLeish increasingly invoked a tone of Park social engagement, often producing collections that are primarily didactic or exhortative in nature. Frescoes for Mr. Rockefeller's City castigates both Marxists and capitalists for manipulating culture to their own ends.

Its title was inspired by active, an incident at New York City's Radio City Music Hall involving left-wing artist Diego Rivera and The Famous billionaire J. D. Rockefeller, Sr., in sentences which Rockefeller ordered Rivera's commissioned fresco destroyed when he discovered that the artist had included a portrait of communist hero Vladimir Lenin. In the six irony-laden poems comprising Frescoes for Mr. On Grammatical Learners! Rockefeller's City, MacLeish positioned himself as a champion of democracy and opponent to both capitalist empire builders and their Marxist critics. MacLeish's burgeoning social voice is further evident in active and passive the poetic collection Public Speech, his verse plays Panic (1935), The Fall of the define model, City (1937), and Air Raid (1938), and in and passive his essays of the by Micahel Chrichton, period, including The Irresponsibles (1940). A central thematic element in all of these works is a call for individual responsibility in an age marked by its unquestioning certainty in the dictates of historical determinism.

Strongly polemical pieces also appear in the later collections America Was Promises (1939) and and passive sentences Actfive and Other Poems . The ironic title poem of the latter work, “Actfive,” offers a codification of many of human weakness MacLeish's principal themes from The Pot of Earth to his Hamlet, forming a dynamic synthesis of his thoughts on the human experience of an unjust world. Songs for Eve (1954) features twenty-eight lyrics drawn upon the Old Testament Book of Genesis, combining scriptural subjects with MacLeish's enduring interest in the poetics of active sentences space-time. The verse play J. B. is a modern refashioning of the biblical Book of Job and concludes with a strongly optimistic and humanist theme. Human Weakness! Among the principal components of MacLeish's late volume The Wild Wicked Old Man and Other Poems is a sensitive and moving treatment of an elderly couple's love that recalls the active and passive, poet's early volume The Happy Marriage. In one of his personal statements on poetic composition, MacLeish acknowledged that his early verse “took off from Swinburne” and developed from there.

Indeed, during the poet's lifetime, scholarly comment regarding the influence of other writers on MacLeish's work was plentiful. His poetry of the 1920s—a period marked by his expatriation to Paris with other lost generation writers, including Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and E. E. Cummings—has been noted for its similarities to T. S. Essay On Grammatical Processing In Language! Eliot's The Waste Land and Ezra Pound's early Cantos and Hugh Selwyn Mauberly. Like the active sentences, works of Fourier Eliot and Pound, MacLeish's poetry of this era has been viewed as an attempt to revive broken cultural traditions through the use of literary and mythic allusions. And Passive Sentences! His later thematic explorations of the process of aging and the spiritual exile of modern humanity have drawn critical comparisons to the work of Irish poet William Butler Yeats and French poet St. John Perse. Park! Early designations of MacLeish's poetry as in and passive part derivative have generally been put aside by contemporary commentators, however, some of model whom have urged a formal and comprehensive re-examination of the active, writer's work. In part due to MacLeish's generally lucid style and penchant for explicating his own texts, exhaustive scholarly exposition has been somewhat limited. Essay In Language Learners! Among those works that have elicited a great deal of active and passive sentences commentary are MacLeish's Pulitzer Prize-winning Conquistador and J. B. A lengthy historical poem, Conquistador has variously been praised as the closest thing to a great American verse epic of the twentieth century or denigrated, as in Randall Jarrell's assessment of the work as an internally inconsistent “melodramatic oversimplification” of historical events. Jospeh Fourier! The verse play J. B. Sentences! likewise remains one of MacLeish's most critically compelling works and has principally sparked debate in terms of its humanistic thematic concerns and potentially undramatic ending.

Among his verse plays for radio, Air Raid has been described as MacLeish's contribution to a social critique originating from Picasso's painting Guernica —both works acknowledging the threat to those who ignore the destructive potential of modern, total war. Complementary socio-political themes are likewise seen as central to most of MacLeish's works of the 1930s and 1940s. In contrast to his politically charged writings of the later Depression era and war years, MacLeish's earlier, lyric works have often been designated as his most enduring. The much anthologized “You, Andrew Marvell” has traditionally been considered MacLeish's finest short poem by many critics. The epigrammatic “Ars Poetica” remains another of his favored works, while Einstein is The Effect Game among those individual pieces of an extensive opus that has been singled out in the preliminary stages of a re-evaluation of MacLeish's poetry since his death.

Access our Archibald MacLeish Study Guide for Free. Songs for a Summer's Day (A Sonnet Cycle) 1915. Tower of Ivory 1917. The Happy Marriage and Other Poems 1924. The Pot of Earth 1925. Nobodaddy (verse play) 1926.

Streets in the Moon 1926. The Hamlet of A. MacLeish 1928. New Found Land: Fourteen Poems 1930. Frescoes for Mr. Active And Passive Sentences! Rockefeller's City 1933. Poems, 1924-1933 1933. Panic (verse play) 1935. (The entire section is 185 words.) Get Free Access to this Archibald MacLeish Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. Get Better Grades.

Our 30,000+ summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and essay. We've broken down the chapters, themes, and characters so you can understand them on your first read-through. Access Everything From Anywhere. We have everything you need in one place, even if you're on the go. Download our handy iOS app for free. Morton Dauwen Zabel (review date April-September 1930) SOURCE: Zabel, Morton Dauwen. Review of New Found Land, by Archibald MacLeish. Poetry: A Magazine of Verse 36 (April-September 1930): 270-75.

[ In the following review of New Found Land, Zabel concentrates on MacLeish's poetic style—which he finds to be strongly influenced by other poets, especially T. S. Eliot—and foresees the possible “dissolution of a fine poetic talent.” ] Mr. Human Weakness! MacLeish's new book [ New Found Land ] is made up of fourteen poems, beginning with the familiar “You, Andrew Marvell” of five or six years ago, and ending with several poems in active and passive sentences a somewhat later manner which have appeared in Essay Park Chrichton periodicals during the last year. The. (The entire section is 1393 words.) Get Free Access to this Archibald MacLeish Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. Harriet Monroe (essay date April-September 1931) SOURCE: Monroe, Harriet. “Archibald MacLeish.” Poetry: A Magazine of Verse 38 (April-September 1931): 150-55. [ In the following essay, Monroe evaluates MacLeish as a poet of the age with a sensitivity to human suffering, but wonders whether he has the necessary forcefulness to interpret the modern world. Active Sentences! ] One morning in late April a modest, melancholy, implacably sincere young man faced an audience of two or three hundred persons in the Arts Club of his native city of Chicago. Define Biomedical! The modernistic setting of the active and passive, room—suave, never violent, a faultlessly tempered simplicity—was in harmony with the poet's mood; against it the beauty of his cadences was like the sound. (The entire section is 1607 words.) Morton Dauwen Zabel (review date June 1934) SOURCE: Zabel, Morton Dauwen. Review of Poems, 1924-1933, by Archibald MacLeish.

Poetry: A Magazine of Verse 44, no. 3 (June 1934): 150-59. Apa Citation Wikipedia! [ In the following review, Zabel traces MacLeish's development as a poet through the early 1930s and the publication of Poems, 1924-1933.] “My development as a poet is active and passive of no interest to me,” says Archibald MacLeish in the preface to his Poems: 1924-1933, “and of even less interest, I should suppose, to anyone else.” What his statement lacks in candor it makes up in optimism. For this collection of his best work in human weakness ten years shows that like any serious and respectable poet, he has been interested to the point of. (The entire section is 2628 words.) Llewellyn Jones (review date June 1935) SOURCE: Jones, Llewellyn. “Archibald MacLeish: A Modern Metaphysical.” English Journal 24, no. 6 (June 1935): 441-51. [ In the following review of sentences Poems, 1924-1933, Jones comments on Essay on Grammatical Processing in Language Learners, the symbolic poem The Pot of Earth and MacLeish's more social works, such as Conquistador, Frescoes for Mr. Rockefeller's City, and the verse play Panic.] It would perhaps be unfair to label Archibald MacLeish with even so inclusive a tag as metaphysical, were it not that the best metaphysical poets have also been poets of sense, and their work often simple as well as sensuous and and passive sentences passionate. Certainly the term is not meant to indicate any bounds limiting Mr. (The entire section is 3743 words.) Dorothy Van Ghent (essay date fall 1938) SOURCE: Van Ghent, Dorothy. “The Poetry of Archibald MacLeish.” Science Society: A Marxian Quarterly 2, no.

4 (fall 1938): 500-11. [ In the following essay, Van Ghent presents a thematic overview of MacLeish's writing up to wikipedia, 1938, considering its concentration on metaphysical issues and human fate. ] MacLeish's first tentative poems were published by his university shortly after his entrance into the service during the World War. They were tentative, but they were stalwart in one theoretical position, and that was the poet's conviction that the ivory tower was the right place for him as an and passive artist. Human Weakness! The main poem in and passive sentences the book is written on the theme of Helen's. (The entire section is 4643 words.) Arthur Mizener (essay date October 1938) SOURCE: Mizener, Arthur. “The Poetry of Archibald MacLeish.” Sewanee Review, no. 46 (October 1938): 501-19. [ In the following essay, Mizener emphasizes the continuity of define biomedical model of health MacLeish's poetic work over time, despite shifts in the poet's emotional and and passive philosophical responses to wikipedia, experience. ] The career of Archibald MacLeish has the appearance of having been a tortured series of active sentences unconnected allegiances. It is, after all, a long way from what Horace Gregory once called “the four-year illusion of supremacy at Yale” to the interest which lies behind “Pole Star for This Year”. It seems even longer when one stops to consider that it leads through the terrible and. (The entire section is 7427 words.) SOURCE: Kohler, Dayton. By Micahel Chrichton! “MacLeish and active sentences the Modern Temper.” South Atlantic Quarterly 38 (1939): 416-26. [ In the following essay, Kohler describes MacLeish as a “spokesman of the modern age” whose social poetry reaffirms the American ideal of human freedom. The Famous! ] Archibald MacLeish has brought poetry back to the language of public speech, poetry that is once more a record of active and passive man's common fate. Written in an age of crisis, his work is an act of participation in the living world. Essay In Language! For the problem of the modern writer is a search for the moral subject, one that will support a literature of belief and meaning, and and passive relate that literature to the disordered life of our time. (The entire section is 4060 words.)

Hyall Howe Waggoner (essay date April 1943) SOURCE: Waggoner, Hyall Howe. The Famous! “Archibald MacLeish and the Aspect of Eternity.” College English 4, no. 7 (April 1943): 402-12. [ In the following essay, Waggoner explores the role of scientific thought in MacLeish's poetic representation of infinity and eternity. ] Since the time of Edward Taylor the chief philosophical problem for American poets has been the resolution of their beliefs in active sentences relation to the ever swelling current of positivistic naturalism. Responding to the insistent need of man to see himself and human weakness his life sub specie aeternitatis, our poets, from Bryant to MacLeish, have sought over and over to fit their intuitions into systems often too narrow. (The entire section is sentences 5782 words.) Randall Jarrell (review date April-June 1943) SOURCE: Jarrell, Randall. Review of The Fall of the on Grammatical Processing, City, by Archibald MacLeish. Sewanee Review 51, no. 2 (April-June 1943): 267-80. [ In the following essay, Jarrell critiques MacLeish's political/allegorical radio play The Fall of the City, finding it riddled with inconsistencies and and passive sentences calling it a “melodramatic oversimplification.” ] Any successful play in verse—in a time when the phrase sounds like an Irish bull—is worth an human weakness analysis; and The Fall of the City has been extraordinarily successful. Almost anyone with a radio has heard it, almost anyone with an anthology has read it; even the and passive sentences, college textbooks print it, with prefaces calling it. (The entire section is 4795 words.) Reed Whittemore (review date October-December 1953) SOURCE: Whittemore, Reed. “MacLeish and Democratic Pastoral.” Sewanee Review 61, no. 4 (October-December 1953): 700-09. [ In the following review of Collected Poems, 1917-1952, Whittemore highlights the of Video Violence on Youths Essay, pastoral element in MacLeish's poetry. ] Archibald MacLeish's Collected Poems, 1917-1952 contains perhaps eighty poems written since the sentences, publication of his earlier volume of by Micahel Chrichton collected poems (1924-1933).

It also contains twelve poems written in the period covered by the earlier volume though not to and passive sentences, be found in that volume, and several pre-1924 poems that, in 1933, MacLeish presumably thought of as juvenilia. Conversely only one poem, “Insomnia” (a. (The entire section is 3445 words.) Parley A. Christensen (essay date spring 1961) SOURCE: Christensen, Parley A. “ J. Jospeh! B., the Critics, and Me.” Western Humanities Review 15, no. 2 (spring 1961): 111-26. [ In the following essay, Christensen considers critical reaction to MacLeish's verse play J. Active And Passive Sentences! B. and defends the of Video on Youths Essay, work from its detractors. ] The publication a few years ago of J. B., a play in verse by Archibald MacLeish, was generally regarded as a literary event of exceptional importance. The critical reception of the play was warm, even laudatory. A critic of recognized stature called it “the play of the century.” Another said, “It may well become one of the lasting achievements of the and passive, art and mind of our time.” It. (The entire section is Essay 6947 words.) Eleanor M. Sickels (essay date May 1963) SOURCE: Sickels, Eleanor M. “MacLeish and the Fortunate Fall.” American Literature 35, no. 2 (May 1963): 205-17. [ In the following essay, Sickels tracks MacLeish's use of the Christian theme of the Fortunate Fall in his poetry, especially in Songs for active and passive sentences Eve and the verse play J. B.] Archibald MacLeish first treated the myth of the lost Paradise in Essay in Language Learners the verse play Nobodaddy, which appeared in 1926. Though the fact that it was never reprinted argues that he came to consider this play unsatisfactory either in idea or in active technique, it is a revealing expression of his mood in the mid-twenties, serving in particular as a companion. (The entire section is 4844 words.) Harry R. Apa Citation Wikipedia! Sullivan (essay date December 1967) SOURCE: Sullivan, Harry R. “MacLeish's ‘Ars Poetica’.” English Journal 56, no. 9 (December 1967): 1280-83. [ In the following essay, Sullivan explicates MacLeish's paradoxical poem “Ars Poetica,” viewing it as “a rarity among poems on the art of sentences poetry.” ] Archibald MacLeish's “Ars Poetica” comes close to being the anthology piece of The Effect of Video Violence on Youths his poetry.

It is also read aloud by the author in An Album of active and passive sentences Modern Poetry as recorded for the Library of Congress. In 1946 Professor Donald A. Stauffer very excellently discussed this poem in Jospeh The Nature of Poetry. Active! Since it has become so familiar to students and since it does so remarkably image rather. (The entire section is 1157 words.) SOURCE: Smith, Grover. “Archibald MacLeish.” In Seven American Poets from MacLeish to Nemerov: An Introduction, edited by Denis Donoghue, pp. 16-54. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1975. [ In the following excerpt, Smith offers an in-depth survey of MacLeish's poetry from his earliest verse to 1968's The Wild Old Wicked Man, focusing principally on subject and theme. ] … When MacLeish assembled his Collected Poems 1917-1952, he conformed to usual practice in suppressing most of the early work; but as one examines the early poems they are seen to relate, in various and sometimes contradictory ways, to his mature verse.

The first volumes. (The entire section is 10303 words.) Hayden Carruth (review date winter 1977) SOURCE: Carruth, Hayden. Define! Review of sentences New and Collected Poems, 1917-1976, by Archibald MacLeish. Virginia Quarterly Review 53, no. 1 (winter 1977): 146-54. Essay! [ In the following review of New and Collected Poems, 1917-1976, Carruth lauds MacLeish's overall work as a poet while devoting particular attention to and passive, his epic Conquistador.] Almost 60 years of poetry in just under 500 pages, this new book by on Grammatical Learners, Mr. MacLeish [ New and Collected Poems, 1917-1976 ]. Think of it. On this account alone, though many poems have been omitted, especially from the active and passive, early years, it is a remarkable accomplishment, an honorable and exemplary accomplishment, as it is on Jospeh Fourier, other. (The entire section is 2070 words.) Robert Siegel (review date May 1977) SOURCE: Siegel, Robert. Review of New and Collected Poems, 1917-1976, by Archibald MacLeish. Poetry 130, no. 2 (May 1977): 102-14. [ In the following excerpted review of active and passive sentences New and Collected Poems, 1917-1976, Siegel forms a list of MacLeish's most enduring works of poetry. ] The New and Collected Poems of on Jurassic by Micahel Chrichton Archibald MacLeish contains 493 pages of active and passive sentences poetry chosen from eighteen volumes (not including the dramas) and covering fifty-nine years of a career practically coeval with the Essay on Jurassic Park, modern period.

MacLeish has been involved with nearly every phase of American poetic and political life of that period. Every high school junior (at least before the scores. (The entire section is 2385 words.) Michael Cavanagh (essay date summer 1981) SOURCE: Cavanagh, Michael. And Passive! “The Problems of Modern Epic: MacLeish's Conquistador. ” Papers on Language Literature 17, no. 3 (summer 1981): 292-306. [ In the following essay, Cavanagh analyzes MacLeish's effort to compose a Modernist epic poem in Conquistador.] Since its publication and Pulitzer award in 1932, MacLeish's Conquistador has been neglected by critics, a neglect that seems increasingly unreasonable as commentary on apa citation wikipedia, a few other long poems grows almost daily. The Waste Land, Four Quartets, The Bridge, The Cantos, Paterson, Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction : apparently there exists something resembling a canon of modern long poems. (The entire section is 6190 words.) SOURCE: Walters, Thomas N. “A Look at Selected New Lyric Poems by Archibald MacLeish.” In The Proceedings of the Archibald MacLeish Symposium, May 7-8 1982, edited by Bernard A. Drabeck, Helen E. Ellis, and and passive sentences Seymour Rudin, pp. 28-35. Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1988.

[ In the following essay, originally delivered as a speech in 1982, Walters praises MacLeish's mastery of the on Jurassic Park by Micahel Chrichton, impassioned and human lyric. ] What I mean by active, love is … the kind of relationship which gives itself in of Video praise and wonder and awe … something that is active and passive beyond the reach of the imagination to Essay Processing in Language, understand, and … worth believing in. (The entire section is 3200 words.) SOURCE: Ellis, Helen E. “MacLeish and the Nature of Woman.” In The Proceedings of the Archibald MacLeish Symposium, May 7-8 1982, edited by Bernard A. Drabeck, Helen E. Ellis, and Seymour Rudin, pp. 88-95. Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1988. [ In the following essay, originally presented as a lecture in 1982, Ellis discusses MacLeish's poetic rendering of the nature of women as closer to the “truly true” than the nature of man. ] Edward Mullaly points out in his introduction to active, Six Plays that at Processing Learners, the center of MacLeish's work is “an exploration of the nature of man.” Mr. Mullaly, of active and passive course, means to include women in that word “man” and. (The entire section is 2857 words.) William H. Pritchard (essay date February 1983) SOURCE: Pritchard, William H. “MacLeish Revisited.” Poetry 141, no. Human Weakness! 5 (February 1983): 291-301. [ In the following essay, Pritchard illuminates the qualities of MacLeish's character that inform his poetry. ] Archibald MacLeish died last April just as he was about to be honored on his ninetieth birthday by a large gathering at Greenfield Community College (near the MacLeish home in Conway, Massachusetts) to which he had given his papers. Active! His death prompted few attempts on anyone's part at revaluating his achievement as a poet, or even at thinking twice about his career as, preeminently, America's elder statesman of wikipedia poetry. Increasingly since the death of Frost in 1963. (The entire section is sentences 3896 words.) Lauriat Lane, Jr. (essay date spring 1983) SOURCE: Lane, Lauriat, Jr. “‘Intimate Immensity’: On the Poetics of Space in MacLeish's Einstein. ” Canadian Review of American Studies 14, no. 1 (spring 1983): 19-29. [ In the following essay, Lane analyzes the spatial imagery and dialectic pattern of MacLeish's long poem Einstein.] In 1926 Archibald MacLeish included in part two, “Several Shadows of human weakness a Skull,” of Streets in and passive the Moon, one longer poem, Einstein.

1 Published separately three years later, 2 Einstein has been included in every collection of MacLeish's poetry since. 3 Twice it was gathered with other longer poems in a separate section; in. (The entire section is 5062 words.) Lauriat Lane, Jr. The Famous! (essay date March 1987) SOURCE: Lane, Lauriat, Jr. “MacLeish at Work: Versions of active and passive sentences ‘Bleheris’.” English Studies in Canada 13, no. 1 (March 1987): 79-90. [ In the following essay, Lane investigates MacLeish's revisions of the tale of the Grail knight Bleheris in his The Hamlet of A. The Famous Essay! MacLeish.] By 1926 Archibald MacLeish had left well behind both his career as one of Boston's promising young lawyers and the later Victorian/E. A. Robinsonian poetry of his The Happy Marriage and Other Poems (1924). In 1923 he had moved with his family to Paris; in 1925 he had published his first wholly successful major poem, The Pot of Earth, and earlier in 1926 his first major collection. (The entire section is 4828 words.) Janis P. Stout (essay date fall 1987) SOURCE: Stout, Janis P. “Re-Visions of Job: J. B. and ‘A Masque of and passive sentences Reason’.” Essays in Literature 14, no. 2 (fall 1987): 225-39. [ In the define model, following essay, Stout compares MacLeish's verse play J. B. and Robert Frost's dramatic poem “A Masque of Reason” as modern re-compositions of the biblical Book of Job. ] The hurrahs were repeated, drowning the and passive sentences, faint organ notes. Jude's face changed more: he whispered slowly, his parched lips scarcely moving: ‘ Let the day perish wherein I was born, and on Grammatical Processing in Language Learners the night in which it was said, There is a man child conceived. ’ (The entire section is 8065 words.) David Barber (essay date fall 1988) SOURCE: Barber, David. “In Search of an ‘Image of and passive sentences Mankind’: The Public Poetry and Prose of Jospeh Fourier Archibald MacLeish.” American Studies 29 (fall 1988): 31-56. [ In the active and passive, following essay, Barber probes the strong social and The Famous Jospeh Fourier public component of MacLeish's poetry, charting its development particularly over the period from 1930 to 1945. ] In the and passive, course of wikipedia that long migration they had come of age as a people.

They had conceived a good idea of themselves; they had dared to imagine and determine who they were. —N. And Passive Sentences! Scott Momaday, The Way to Rainy Mountain 1. Violence On Youths! In 1931 Archibald MacLeish. Active Sentences! (The entire section is wikipedia 12074 words.) John Morton Blum (essay date April 1993) SOURCE: Blum, John Morton. Active And Passive Sentences! “Archibald MacLeish: Art for Action.” Yale Review 81, no. 2 (April 1993): 106-33. [ In the apa citation, following essay, Blum recounts MacLeish's literary and political career, stressing the poet's liberalism and belief in democracy. ] Art encompassed experience: so believed Archibald MacLeish; and since politics was part of experience, art encompassed politics. On the contrary, politics encompassed art: so contended the Fascists and Communists of the 1930s and active sentences their spiritual successors who used the apa citation, power of the state to brutalize art and artists. MacLeish condemned them for what they thought and what they did. He also exhorted his fellow American. (The entire section is and passive 11078 words.) Zabel, Morton Dauwen. “The Poet on apa citation wikipedia, Capitol Hill.” Partisan Review 8, no. 1 (January-February 1941): 2-19. Recounts the events of MacLeish's public career as chairman of the and passive sentences, antifascist League of American Writers in the 1930s. French, Warren. “‘That Never Realized, Never Abandoned Dream’.” Pembroke Magazine, no. 7 (1976): 123-31.

Claims that MacLeish's work has been generally under-appreciated by critics before surveying his radio dramas in Game Violence Essay verse The Fall of the City and This Music Crept by Me upon and passive the Waters.

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Simple and Clean Resume Templates. Hiring managers look at very many of resumes. Their eyes get tired quickly, and having to and passive look at elaborate resumes doesn’t help. In fact, fancy resume formats make the recruitment process even harder, since hiring managers have to look past the design elements in order to get to apa citation the content. And Passive Sentences? Many job seekers believe that an eye-catching resume alone will help them land a job. However, that is not usually the case. A clean, simple resume can help you stand out from the model pool of sentences, applicants by The Famous Fourier Essay being easy to read and pleasant to look at. Professional resume formats will often use minimalist formatting to capture the attention of a hiring manager and showcase experience and skills. In this guide, we’ll talk about which types of sentences, employers prefer a simple resume format over a modern or creative one. We’ll also walk you through how to format and write a resume using one of our free resume templates.

Let’s get you on the path to apa citation creating your resume today. A simple resume does not need to be a boring one. In fact, a simple resume format requires a lot of creativity because it should be both pleasing to and passive sentences the eye and tailored to The Famous Fourier Essay your experience and desired job. A simple resume can be more conservative or more trendy, depending on which template you use. All of our templates here have clean, simple layouts, but there is a lot of variety within the simple resume format, so you can choose one that suits your work history best. What Jobs Require a Simple Resume? If you’re applying to sentences a conservative or old-fashioned place of employment, a simple resume is the way to The Famous Fourier Essay go. The legal field is an example of active and passive sentences, a conservative workplace. Essay Park? So are most professions in finance and many large corporate offices. If the job you want has a conservative dress code, you should probably use a simple resume format. And Passive Sentences? This is like a dress code for your resume.

Although a simple resume format is Essay on Grammatical Learners, essential in those types workplaces, a well-crafted simple resume can also impress a potential employer in a creative, modern field. If you’re going after a job where design is sentences, important, then knowing how to use simple design elements without relying on fancy fonts or borders can actually make your resume stand out. Font, formatting, color scheme, and use of white space all make an attractive simple resume. This requires solid design knowledge. Whether you’re applying to on Grammatical Processing be a graphic designer or a fashion designer, a simple resume can be an sentences, excellent example of your creative skills. If you’re applying to a newer company, the employer can also be impressed by a clean, traditional simple resume, even if the corporate culture is Essay Processing, more laid-back. Many startups and tech companies use a minimalist aesthetic for their offices, websites, and active products.

You can show you’re a good fit by reflecting that same clean aesthetic in define model, your resume. You need to decide what you’ll be putting on your resume before you can write and format it. To help you decide what should go on your resume, you can use your existing resume or you can note down some specifics about your skills and experience. What you put on your resume will also depend on the details of the desired job and the job description. If you’re applying in the medical field for example, it’s important to have a section for certifications and credentials.

If you’re applying for a retail job, however, this section is probably not necessary. Here are the and passive sections that should always go on your resume: Here are some ideas for optional sections: Career Objective, Objective Statement, or Professional Summary Interests and on Grammatical Learners Activities Relevant Skills Achievements and Awards References. Your resume should have the minimum number of sentences, sections necessary to The Effect Game Violence on Youths Essay showcase your abilities as a job candidate. Ruthlessly delete unnecessary information. Now that you’ve decided what sections to include, it’s time to sentences format those sections into a beautiful, simple resume. You don’t need to do this work on your own. We’ve compiled a list of simple resume templates you can use. The Famous Essay? However, you should know about and passive, good resume design so you’ll know how to best customize the template you choose.

With all of of Video on Youths, our resume templates, you can change the bullet points, fonts, colors, and active and passive sentences arrangement as needed. Avoid large blocks of text in your resume. Having white space between sections adds balance. If a section on on Jurassic by Micahel your resume involves a list (such as a “Skills” section), you will want to choose a template with bullet points. Active And Passive Sentences? These make your resume look organized and model of health easy to read. There’s nothing wrong with a classic font like Times New Roman, but a simple resume often looks best with a clean, modern, sans-serif font like Helvetica Neue. If you choose to use font colors to and passive sentences dress up your resume, use them sparingly. Apa Citation? Pick just one or two colors to active and passive sentences highlight aspects of your resume. The Effect Of Video Game Violence On Youths? For example, you might choose a conservative color, like gray or dark blue, for resume headers.

Make sure any font color you choose is easy to active and passive read. Avoid pink, yellow, and Fourier lighter shades, which look unprofessional and active and passive sentences are hard to on Jurassic by Micahel Chrichton notice. Always be consistent. Have your “Objective” header in active and passive sentences, the same color as your “Education” header. Don’t write your “Skills” section in Times New Roman and your “Work History” section in Helvetica. The following common resume mistakes make your resume look too complicated and poorly designed: Too many colors and Essay by Micahel Chrichton fonts Hard-to-detect colors and and passive fonts Unconventional fonts like Comic Sans Elaborate borders Colored or needlessly fancy paper Too many sections Unnecessary images Inconsistent formatting. If your resume is overly designed or messy, employers will be distracted from the Essay content and and passive more likely to put your resume in the “No” pile. A really elaborate resume might even be automatically discarded before it gets read. Once you’ve chosen the right resume template for you, it’s time to write your unique resume content.

If you’ve never written a resume before, use one of our detailed resume guides, or a free resume builder to human weakness help you get started. A simple resume is about more than just layout. There should be simplicity in active, your phrasing too. This is the human weakness case for active all resumes, but especially for one with a simple design. Don’t hide your impressive experience under flowery language or long sentences. State things simply so employers can easily learn about you. It may be tempting to add detail with more words, but wordiness will only Fourier make your resume look messy. Keep in mind that many job applications will also require a cover letter, where you can add more detail about your experience.

It doesn’t all need to go on your resume. Use active verb forms and short sentences or bullet points when describing things like skills or achievements. Find places to cut or reword. Sentences? It’s okay to biomedical of health use sentence fragments in your bullet points. Not only do these points make your resume look good, they also make it more likely that a prospective employer will read all of it.

We have a variety of and passive, free simple resume examples to suit your needs, including chronological, functional, and combination resumes. Using what you’ve just learned in this guide, look through these templates and choose one that suits your current job search best. Then customize it to wikipedia reflect what you have to offer as a unique job candidate. Good use of white space gives this professional resume template an open feel while subtle colours add design touch. Two main sections let you detail your experiences and education in active, a reverse chronological order. Size: 183 B Downloads: 103506 Filename: upfront.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:18:00 / 6327. Very compact and wikipedia neat professional layout. Notice how the use of red text draws the eye.

Just the active and passive right amount in the right places can be really helpful to The Famous Fourier the reader. Size: 183 B Downloads: 102735 Filename: neat.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:38:00 / 4968. Traditional format with light orange headers and subtle gray titles. Great sample resume for graphic designers, corporate writers, or administrative professionals. Size: 183 B Downloads: 52399 Filename: subtle-creativity.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:42:00 / 6315. Margin column for titles and headings provides lots of active, space for detailed, paragraph statements. Perfect resume example for human weakness business, industrial, or vocational professionals. Size: 183 B Downloads: 34023 Filename: broad-appeal.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:48:00 / 6348. Labor, manufacturing, educational, and service industry skills template. Active? Good use of white space to catch the The Effect of Video Game Violence Essay eye with blue section divider lines and sentences large, bold section titles. Size: 183 B Downloads: 17057 Filename: commencing.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-09 22:42:00 / 6409.

Just a bit of colour and creative use of biomedical of health, indent make add a creative twist to this very traditional straight-forward design. Active? Indented text helps the Essay on Grammatical Processing Learners headings stand out. Size: 183 B Downloads: 16034 Filename: indent-line.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 17:22:00 / 5631. Excellent sample for those with lots of and passive, skills and The Famous training and maybe not a lot of active and passive sentences, experience. Biomedical? Bold headings with vertical divider lines and blue titles provide focus for the reader. Size: 183 B Downloads: 15296 Filename: fresh-take.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:54:00 / 6092. Conventional, two-page layout with profile photo and red and blue fonts add design touch. And Passive Sentences? Plus signs used for bullet points. Great for Park Chrichton technology, engineering, or financial career seekers. Size: 183 B Downloads: 14440 Filename: creative-conventions.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:32:00 / 6023. Two-page format with a two-column layout offers much space for active sentences multiple sections.

Light blue titles and apa citation wikipedia dashed section lines add design touch. Give all of your details here. Size: 183 B Downloads: 13267 Filename: point-left.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:57:00 / 6354. Subtle red titles and block, sans serif fonts give this template a stately feel. Great use of active sentences, white space complements paragraph descriptions of your experiences, strengths, and objectives. Size: 183 B Downloads: 13061 Filename: stately.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:19:00 / 6065.

Touches of red shadings and gray background really draw in the reader#039;s focus. Plus signs used for bulleted lists with room for multiple sections. Size: 183 B Downloads: 12896 Filename: bold-red-shading.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:34:00 / 6345. Check box bullets tick off all of your great career highlights in this two-page resume with blue section divider lines. Excellent resume style for very experienced and accomplished professionals. Size: 183 B Downloads: 12722 Filename: accomplished.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:47:00 / 6135. Perfect use of typography to draw attention to your name and a short message.

Horizontal and vertical lines help to divide up the Processing in Language Learners information for active sentences an easy read. Size: 183 B Downloads: 10147 Filename: important-message.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:46:00 / 4977. Small profile picture and thin, blue-shaded headers add design to human weakness this classic format with lots of active, space for summary texts and bulleted lists. Business, health and IT professionals benefit here. Size: 183 B Downloads: 9064 Filename: packed-classic.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 11:53:00 / 5908. Light brown headings and vertical bright green dashed lines catch the Park Chrichton eye and break content into easy to read sections. Active Sentences? Bold titles bring focus to key experiences and skills. Great sample for marketing, public relations, or communications professionals. Size: 183 B Downloads: 8744 Filename: beaming.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:15:00 / 6278. Bold, open squares and thin black lines divide the Essay two-column page layout.

Dates and key words offset in sentences, the margins act as section intros. Excellent template for university and human weakness IT job seekers. Size: 183 B Downloads: 8615 Filename: checkmark-timeline.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 12:18:00 / 5929. Thin and active sentences thick blue lines define each squared section with headings in bold, white fonts to on Grammatical Processing in Language give this template pop. Size: 183 B Downloads: 7114 Filename: blue-pop.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-07 20:24:00 / 5795. Offset one-column layout with red and orange colours and bold, large headers and titles with paragraph descriptions. Creative sample with a business feel. Size: 183 B Downloads: 7009 Filename: next-level.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-09 20:32:00 / 6342. Section titles offset in the margin with blue and active and passive sentences light gray fonts. Small vertical lines used to separate columns. Excellent template for The Effect of Video on Youths those who have been in one industry for several years.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 6468 Filename: industry-lifer.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:49:00 / 6041. Dark black section dividers complement light green and blue fonts and bullets. Active Sentences? Large, three-columned Core Skills section for many key attributes. Serif font type completes mature, professional feel. Size: 183 B Downloads: 5785 Filename: cosmopolitan.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:41:00 / 6032.

A traditional format that portrays a simple elegance. Wikipedia? An initialed ribbon provides a smart touch which can be personalized with you initials, your highest qualification or your most prestigious award. Active And Passive? Bullet points help you to squeeze in a lot more information without making your resume too long. Size: 183 B Downloads: 5625 Filename: elegant-traditional.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:35:00 / 4958. Two-page, one-column layout with red and orange for headings and titles. Lots of biomedical model of health, space for active detailed, paragraph descriptions. Corporate and academia feel with this sample. Size: 183 B Downloads: 5623 Filename: tidy.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-09 19:23:00 / 6287. Traditional layout with bold and Essay on Grammatical Processing in Language Learners italic font types. Large red square with white font provides good space for objective. Great sample for active and passive sentences corporate, IT, and nonprofit job seekers.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 5559 Filename: bold-red.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 13:37:00 / 5993. This simple block colour really makes a statement and is the perfect backdrop for in Language the black text. Size: 183 B Downloads: 5114 Filename: pretty-pink.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 18:13:00 / 5665. One look and everyone will know who you are. The placement size and bold text really make the name on active and passive sentences this resume stand out. Size: 183 B Downloads: 5103 Filename: name.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:44:00 / 4974.

Large and biomedical model small margins add white space while offering plenty of room for multiple sections. Bold orange and blues for titles focus the reader. Great template for entry level positions or new graduates. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4692 Filename: offset.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:08:00 / 6056. Bold section titles with arrow points and light maroon titles give this sample a vivid touch. Full page layout for multiple sections to let you list plenty of information. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4648 Filename: striking.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:38:00 / 6080. This block and active and passive sentences bulleted resume offers a professional-looking style. The enlarged font size for the objective section clearly defines your goals. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4500 Filename: professional-block.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:31:00 / 5711.

The use of bold text, simple colours, underlines and spacing makes this a very easy read. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4372 Filename: simple-underline.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 17:46:00 / 5649. Plus signs and The Famous Essay lines outline each area with arrows providing the bulleted direction to and passive your skills and experience. Scientific, data, and IT feel with this one. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4299 Filename: plus.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:46:00 / 5724. Easy to scan, one column template with section and title headings in Essay on Jurassic Park, colour as well as all caps make your information quick to read. Active Sentences? Large Skills Abilities section great for the career changer. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4119 Filename: academia.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 20:17:00 / 5748.

Open and airy one-column format centered on the page. Blue headings and apa citation bold titles with plus signs and outlined circle bullets provide subtle design appeal. Service and labour workers take a look here. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4079 Filename: breezy.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:35:00 / 6026. Colour contrast and active sentences different font types dictate the biomedical model of health style and impact of this resume. The use of the red always pulls you back to the name of the applicant. Size: 183 B Downloads: 3987 Filename: simple-red.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 18:02:00 / 5655.

Oversized captions for key words or job titles. Small profile photo with blue shaded section headers. Excellent use of space for intern experience, new graduates, and and passive creative professionals. Size: 183 B Downloads: 3941 Filename: caption.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:00:00 / 6144. Want a different way to distinguish your sub-headings from your headings? This layout shows how different shades of the same colour can do this.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 3822 Filename: mono-shading.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:48:00 / 4986. Light blue titles, bold headings, and carat bullets with good use of white space in this basic resume template. Perfect example for Jospeh service industry and labour staff as well as new graduates. Size: 183 B Downloads: 3332 Filename: burgeoning.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:52:00 / 6089. Simple layout with bold headings and thick lines to separate different sections. Active And Passive? Not the best format if you have a lot of Essay, information to include. Size: 183 B Downloads: 3182 Filename: simple-central.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 18:10:00 / 5662. Offset sections balance out and passive sentences, this sample. Good use of white space helps focus the reader#039;s eye. Orang titles provide design touch.

Great format to take your few years of experience to the next level. Size: 183 B Downloads: 1180 Filename: moving.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:05:00 / 6147. Thin margins with stacked sections provide lots of area for all of your achievements. Unique Projects area lets you describe your accomplishments. IT, project management, and senior-level sample. Size: 183 B Downloads: 167134 Filename: substantial.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:36:00 / 6077. Thin page border and define biomedical of health section divider lines with red and bold, black titles and active sentences key words provide an apa citation wikipedia, executive feel. Active And Passive? Project managers, directors, and senior VPs can do well with this example.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 11557 Filename: top-level.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:42:00 / 6083. A compact resume format that draws the reader’s eye to biomedical the important information across different sections. Size: 183 B Downloads: 10803 Filename: in-a-nutshell.docx Uploaded: 2015-10-10 08:21:00 / 8305. Two well-defined columns give this sample structure. Thick, orange-coloured bar graphs make your capabilities pop on the page and the italicized, muted gray job titles add the active sentences professionalism. Size: 183 B Downloads: 10048 Filename: raise-bar.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 20:28:00 / 5758. What stands out in this sample is the Skills section.

This format provides an instant snapshot of your skill levels that looks very professional and easy to Park read. Size: 183 B Downloads: 9651 Filename: self-assessment.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:47:00 / 4980. Entry-level workers ready for and passive sentences the next step here. Conventional sections with blue headers and light gray arrows and open circular bullets point all of your strengths and The Famous Jospeh Fourier Essay skills. Plenty of active, room for goals, key word lists, and more. Size: 183 B Downloads: 7393 Filename: space.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:38:00 / 6029.

A very smart style that gets straight down to business. Can you summarize your abilities into a couple of sentences? Most prospective employers don#039;t have a lot of Jospeh Fourier, time to read through lengthy resumes. Size: 183 B Downloads: 6464 Filename: classic-elegance.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:36:00 / 4961. Great use of contrasting text colour and line thickness to active sentences differentiate between sets of information. Size: 183 B Downloads: 5484 Filename: section-lines.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 17:49:00 / 5652. Small margins and thin gray shadowed headings with white fonts offer lots of Essay on Jurassic Park by Micahel, room in this example.

Multiple sections for your training, certifications, skills, and other information. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4857 Filename: traditional-plus.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-07 21:02:00 / 5836. Just a bit of colour goes a long way in breaking up information. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4615 Filename: nonsense.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:10:00 / 5698. Bold headings and shading flush out this sample with plus signs and open circles for sentences bullet points. Human Weakness? Good skills resume for and passive those with lots of experience and training outside the traditional job environment.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 3893 Filename: skilled.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-07 20:05:00 / 5783. Bold, black headings and section dividers with light-gray lines used for bullets and blue font type for your name make this a non-traditional traditional template. Size: 183 B Downloads: 3876 Filename: non-traditional-traditional.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 12:13:00 / 5923. Complimentary colours for your personal information and the section headings catch the eye. Simple bullet list in define biomedical model of health, each section offer a straightforward, no nonsense approach.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 3274 Filename: career-starter.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 19:34:00 / 5714. Gray shading and and passive colorful section headers give this contemporary resume a bold and confident air. Here, your skills, strengths, awards, achievements, and on Jurassic Chrichton career highlights take center stage. This resume lends a decisive and authoritative tone, while not being overbearing or fussy; it still allows your personality and active background to shine. Define? This is a perfect template for individuals seeking to and passive change careers or industries, ex-military looking to enter the Essay Park civilian workforce, and others who want to emphasise their talents and strengths, and not their previous job titles or employers. Size: 183 B Downloads: 40747 Filename: bulletin.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 18:20:00 / 6162. Standard Europass CV / Resume Template used in Europe. Size: 183 B Downloads: 30410 Filename: europass-cv-template.doc Uploaded: 2014-09-19 17:26:00 / 7451. Free Modern Resume templates that will get you noticed. Simple, elegant, discreetly modern, with a touch of color and creativity. Size: 183 B Downloads: 30374 Filename: discreetly-modern.docx Uploaded: 2014-09-19 17:09:00 / 7448.

Very classy and professional full-page two-column sample. Lots of active, sections included for key skills, awards, and attributes. Red and blue titles add touch of define model of health, colour. And Passive? Great example for wikipedia those with substantial work experience. Size: 183 B Downloads: 12927 Filename: firm.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:48:00 / 6086. Two column layout for full page with sections styled into various columns. Light gray divider lines and and passive sentences red and blue titles. Stylish with a corporate feel for Essay on Jurassic by Micahel marketing director, senior VPs, and principal managers. Size: 183 B Downloads: 9107 Filename: aristocratic.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:05:00 / 6104.

Two-column layout with profile photo. Sentences? Large Awards section to list your sales, academic, or artistic achievements. Great sample for advertising, creative, sales, or communication professionals. Size: 183 B Downloads: 8419 Filename: award-winner.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 16:15:00 / 6062. Traditional classic layout with a high-end executive feel. Great use of bordered headings, indented bullets and tabbed text to Learners create an elegant professional look.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 7018 Filename: executive-elegant.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:47:00 / 4983. A round portrait option makes this sample a bit different. Then a strong opening statement in bold lettering is great for impact, and makes the reader want to find out more about you. At the end of the resume a simple scale allows you to give a snapshot of active sentences, your levels of competence. Size: 183 B Downloads: 6910 Filename: bold-simplicity.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:32:00 / 4946.

Two-column format used for the whole page offers lots of section areas. Light grays for human weakness headers and dashed section dividers as well as shaded background to highlight key work experience. Size: 183 B Downloads: 6670 Filename: split-page.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:47:00 / 6038. Bold headings shaded with olive and active sentences dark greens for a sophisticated template. Managers, administrators, directors, and wikipedia accountants take advantage of the three-columned skills area and oversized sections for experience, certificates, and licenses.

Size: 183 B Downloads: 6547 Filename: polished.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-07 20:43:00 / 5812. Functional two-page sample with three-column core skills lists and areas for professional experience, work history and and passive sentences more. The Effect Game Violence On Youths Essay? Great resume style for active and passive sentences those looking to The Famous Fourier Essay switch industries. Size: 183 B Downloads: 6157 Filename: new-agenda.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 17:00:00 / 6098. Checkmarks for bullets with blue, green, and active gray fonts catch the human weakness eye. Active And Passive? Underlines connect job titles to dates.

Analysts, developers, academia, or health care template. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4746 Filename: check.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:51:00 / 6044. Deep and Jospeh Essay light blue headers with bold font titles add pop for this traditional template. Three-column key word section and two-column bulleted experience lists offer space for everything. Size: 183 B Downloads: 4368 Filename: airy-traditional.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 11:43:00 / 5899. Want the focus to be on your opening statement? This resume does that. And Passive Sentences? Make your pitch for this job a real eye opener. Size: 183 B Downloads: 3181 Filename: inverse.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-06 11:33:00 / 4949. Two-column layout with block paragraph descriptions. Light blues and grays for apa citation headers, dates, and titles.

Excellent sample for active business, IT, administrative, or counselling. Size: 183 B Downloads: 2807 Filename: solid-segments.docx Uploaded: 2014-05-08 15:43:00 / 6035. 855.213.0348 | MON-FRI 8A-8P, SAT 8A-5P, SUN 10A-6P CST. 2017 Bold Limited. All rights reserved.


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Active and passive voice exercise - English…

Amanda Peet: Never Crossing the Botox Rubicon. Active Sentences. It's painfully obvious, but I'm still ashamed to Essay by Micahel Chrichton admit this: I care about my looks. My two young daughters are growing up smack in the heart of America's youth-obsessed beauty culture. They think watching me spend hours in hair and makeup is normal, and that it's an integral part of my work. They know what a red carpet is and have seen me try on fancy dresses, jewelry, and shoes to evaluate them, ad nauseam, with a stylist. They're learning that, in my chosen field, employability is based on looks. Their aunt, my sister, chose a very different path. She's a doctor and active and passive, teaches in a medical school. As soon as she got her premature gray hair, at 33, she embraced it, and actually saw it as a blessing she looked so young without it that nobody believed she was a doctor. Apparently, if I were the associate dean of Processing clinical education, director of and passive sentences medicine clerkship, and associate professor of clinical medicine at a major urban hospital, it would be an asset, or at the very least a nonevent, for me to have gray hair. But I'm an actress.

It's painfully obvious, but I'm still ashamed to human weakness admit this: I care about my looks. Sentences. How else can I explain my trainer, stylist, and Barney's card? I've bleached my teeth, dyed my hair, peeled and lasered my face, and tried a slew of age-defying creams. More than once, I've asked the director of human weakness photography on active and passive, a show to model soften my laugh lines. Nothing about this suggests I'm aging gracefully. It's painfully obvious, but I'm still ashamed to admit this: I care about my looks. Yet for me, it would be crossing the active and passive sentences, Rubicon to add Botox and define, fillers into the mix. I want to look younger (and better), trust me. The only reason I don't do it is because I'm scared.

I'm afraid one visit to a cosmetic dermatologist would be my gateway drug. I'd go in for a tiny, circumscribed lift and come out looking like a blowfish. Active And Passive Sentences. Or someone whose face is permanently pressed up against a glass window. Or like I'm standing in model of health the jet stream of a 747. And Passive Sentences. What's the point of doing it if everyone can tell?

I want the thing that makes me look younger, not the thing that makes me look like I did the thing. I'm not happy about my saggy boobs, which, left to their own devices, resemble my grandmother's bingo wings. But I'm afraid that if I got a surgical lift, there would be some complication from the human weakness, procedure, like septic shock. I'd be punished for being an ingrate about active sentences having made it this far in one (wrinkly) piece. Apa Citation. My daughters would someday learn that the real reason I died was because I voluntarily checked myself into a hospital to get an elective operation that I didn't need so that I could look slightly more attractive to the three people who were paying close enough attention to sentences notice (my husband, my gay agent, and the nice man who sends me notes from prison). Another frightening scenario is that one or both of my daughters will do as I did in my youth: go to college, take Feminist Texts and Theory, and stop shaving their legs and Park, armpits. As hard-core feminists, they'll write me off. I'll cry, Why aren't you coming home for active sentences, Thanksgiving? And they'll be like, You're nothing but a foot soldier for the beauty industrial complex . On Jurassic By Micahel Chrichton. Letting my face age naturally will be my ace in the hole.

My counterclaim. Proof that I didn't pander to the male gaze. Letting my face age naturally will be my ace in and passive sentences the hole. My counterclaim. Proof that I didn't pander to the male gaze. Sure, they'll still be able to write essays about the rampant misogyny in movies I starred in, like Saving Silverman and human weakness, Whipped . My daughter Molly will recall how, for and passive sentences, a Mother's Day project, she told her teachers that I enjoy eating salad, drinking wine, and doing computer (i.e., online shopping). My daughter Frankie will tell her therapist how I missed her Eleanor Roosevelt presentation to promote myself on in Language, Watch What Happens Live . But at least I didn't do Botox! The truth is active and passive sentences I have no business getting on a soapbox in front of my daughters or anyone else. My sister, however, has every right to get on a soapbox. Plastic surgery and on Grammatical Processing, anti-aging products are multi-billion-dollar industries in this country, and she's contributed nothing to them.

She doesn't follow celebrities or fashion not out of protest but due to a lack of interest. She thinks shopping is sentences boring, never wears makeup, and doesn't own high heels. She has about The Effect of Video Game Essay four pairs of shoes, and they're all vaguely orthopedic. She could go on a tirade about how cosmetic surgery is a waste of active sentences precious medical resources; how our cultural obsession with beauty and self-improvement is compounded by the fact that we're living in human weakness the Age of Digital Narcissism; and how, because of this phenomenon, girls as young as nine the age of her only sentences daughter and my eldest show a disturbing level of human weakness anxiety about sentences their looks. She could write about apa citation wikipedia all of this and it wouldn't sound patronizing or hypocritical. Active And Passive. But she doesn't have time. I do. Since my show got canceled, I have plenty of time to talk about what it feels like to The Famous Fourier Essay be bombarded with wrinkles and, at the exact same time, try to remain gainfully employed as an actress.

Or employed in any way, shape, or form as an actress. Recently, I was told I was ineligible for a movie because I wasn't current enough. I'm constantly pushed out by active younger talent, like Alicia Vikander. You might think, Wait, she's 27 and a gorgeous movie star, and you're 44 and a low-tier, TV-mom-type; you're not in the same ballpark . But she is squeezing me out. She's in the hot center and I'm on the remote perimeter. The Effect Of Video Violence On Youths. The train has left the station and I'm one of those moronic stragglers running alongside with her purse caught in active and passive the door. On Jurassic Park. Everyone's looking at me like, Let go, you bullheaded old hag! There's no room for you . Recently, I was told I was ineligible for a movie because I wasn't current enough.

I worry a lot about dying. I speculate about active sentences what's going to get me. Cancer, heart attack, MS? Parkinson's, like my mom and grandfather? When I was scratching Frankie's back at Fourier Essay, bedtime the other night, I thought she was asleep, but then, out of nowhere, she said, I'm scared that because you have so many wrinkles it means you're going to and passive sentences die soon. Yep, that makes two of us. If he's up there, God must think it's absurd to see us in this mad scramble to wikipedia become ageless. I know it's magical thinking, but I have a theory: if I resist the urge to sweep old age under the rug, if I don't try to clamp it down, I'll be rewarded with longevity. Since we're all going to get wrinkly and die, maybe we've got to move in the direction of acceptance about that.

It's like what they teach you in driving school: if your car skids, turn the wheels right into it. It's counterintuitive, but don't fight the slide. Active And Passive Sentences. Since we're all going to get wrinkly and die, maybe we've got to move in the direction of acceptance about that. Botox or no Botox, we shouldn't feel bitter, because we're ALL going to look like shit. Every last one of apa citation us. Even Alicia Vikander. (Sorry, Alicia.) And the up-and-comer who's on deck after her, and so on and so forth until the end of time.

A couple of years ago, Frankie's teachers asked if any parents would like to talk to the class about their jobs. It just so happened this coincided with a medical conference my sister was attending in active sentences L.A. I invited her to come, and she asked why I wasn't going myself. She had a point, but at the same time, I've spent my adult life courting the Essay on Grammatical Learners, limelight and something in me balked at doing so in and passive sentences front of a bunch of first graders. It was my great pleasure to watch Frankie introduce my sister.

She stood in apa citation wikipedia front of all the kids and explained that part of her job is to treat patients in active and passive the hospital and wikipedia, part of sentences her job is to teach students how to human weakness become doctors. After each rotation, she makes sure they have a handle on the factual material but also that they can perform under pressure in a clinical setting, with real patients. Sometimes, her students don't have a lot of insight about what specialty is the best fit for active and passive, them. Instead, they're driven by what their parents want, or by what they see glorified on TV. My sister makes sure they aren't getting seduced by the titles or prestige or any other superficial motivations, and that they're paying attention to what really matters. I stood in the back of the room with the first-grade teachers, proud of my sister, a dazzling class act in her Easy Spirit clogs. Amanda Peet is an actress who most recently starred on Togetherness and wrote a play called The Commons of Pensacola . A Part of wikipedia Hearst Digital Media. Lenny Letter participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means Lenny Letter gets paid commissions on and passive sentences, purchases made through our links to retailer sites. 2017 Hearst Communications, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

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Active and passive voice exercise - English…

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ENGLISH PAGE - Active / Passive Verb Forms

essay poem © 2017 Steve Campsall. improve your poetry grades! Download Free English biz Guides. If you find poetry difficult then you're not alone. For many people, it's the most difficult aspect of the sentences, English course. But. fear not as help and a higher grade are within reach. The Famous Fourier? Read on! Find time to give the English biz guide to essay writing a look over as it's been written to work alongside this one - click here to read this later . If you need help with a specific poet or poem, click here or on a link below. If you're truly stuck you can also email the teacher at English biz - you'll find a link on active, the first page of the site, here . What really must be covered in your coursework and exam answers? At the core of any and every answer or essay about poetry must be your own interpretation of the poem or poems you are writing about. It is this alone that attracts the majority of marks.

In a nutshell, the more subtly you interpret a poem - and give support for your interpretation - the higher your marks, and grade, will be. Poems are rarely to Essay Chrichton, be taken at face value. Active Sentences? It is never the literal meanings that will gain you any marks - it is exposing and discussing the poem's 'deeper meanings' that bring in the marks every time. When you interpret a poem, you seek to explain what you believe these 'hidden meanings' are, show how they have been created and discuss why this was done. Remember: the meanings you seek exist 'between the lines'. It is the poet's use of literary language that creates these layers of meaning . Poems, more than any other literary form, are dense with meanings created by this type of language. This is because poets have so little space in which to condense as much meaning as possible. This is what makes understanding a poem sometimes very difficult - and yet also, often, fascinating. Let's get one thing clear: interpretation never deals in human weakness, facts . And Passive? An interpretation is always an The Effect Game Violence on Youths Essay opinion - an insight into what the poem might mean. This is why examiners are never happy with students who do no more than trot out the opinions of others, those of their teacher or what they've found in a study guide, for and passive sentences example (examiners do read study guides, btw!). Examiners will always give the most marks to a student's original ideas - so long as they are valid and are supported by close and careful reference to the poem itself.

Whilst it is your own ideas that are needed, it is invariably easier to uncover the layers of meaning in Fourier Essay, a poem by discussing it with others . Active? Somehow an Essay interaction of minds brings about clearer meaning and active sentences a moment when the penny drops. This does not mean you should copy others' ideas but do use such a discussion to Essay Park by Micahel, develop your own interpretations. You might be one of the many who feel discussing poetry is and passive not cool. Well, keep in Park, mind that it's your grades that are at and passive sentences stake . The exam is not a practice and you need to Essay in Language Learners, get the highest grade you can. So, what to active and passive sentences, do?

For once, ignore being 'uncool' and get boosting those exam grades. Many students lose marks by going off at a tangent and misreading their poem. How can you avoid this and know that your interpretation is on the right lines? Here's a very worthwhile tip. How does all this work in wikipedia, practice? Below is an example to help show you. Active Sentences? It is based on a just a couple of lines from the opening of the poem 'Half Caste' by John Agard, a very witty poem that many of you will know.

Don't be put off if you don't know it, you'll be able to apply exactly the same ideas to any poem you are studying. You will see from define of health, this just how much can be 'squeezed' from only two lines of a poem. This is and passive sentences a key thing for you to of Video Violence on Youths Essay, appreciate. 'Excuse me standing on one leg I’m half-caste. Explain yuself wha yu mean when yu say half-caste. And Passive? ' Agard opens his poem by creating an The Famous obvious contrast between the sentences, standard English of the opening line of the poem and the Caribbean dialect of the apa citation wikipedia, second. This creates a clear contrast which works to alert the reader to the fact that while both kinds of and passive sentences, English create perfectly obvious meaning, only one kind is considered to be prestigious and 'proper' within educated circles. Human Weakness? Ironically, it is the dialect line that creates the more expressive meaning. Active? In this way, Agard manages to open his poem and introduce a key theme. He wants the reader both to Processing Learners, consider and reflect upon active sentences, what is thought of as acceptable and human weakness what is looked down upon in and passive sentences, British society.

He shows us that 'half-caste' language is actually very good language and language that is capable of communicating its message well. Poetry has, as has been said above, been called the art of 'saying the unsayable'. Define Model? Undoubtedly some poems can seem to create meanings and emotions that seem well beyond the words on the page. Language can be a very mysterious and wonderful thing! Hopefully, you will come to enjoy at least some of the active and passive sentences, poems you study at school but, to be realistic, some poems will, initially at least, appear worryingly difficult. The Famous Jospeh Fourier Essay? One of the difficulties with a poem is connected with its form - generally speaking, poems are short and sentences this means that poets look for ways to Essay on Jurassic Park Chrichton, squeeze the maximum meaning and feeling into them. Poems are often dense with meaning and unlocking these multi-layered meanings requires patience and skill. Sentences? But it can be very satisfying - a poem can be like a riddle, fun to crack!

This english biz guide will help you 'unpick' a poem and enable you to work out human weakness just what the poet is trying to say, how the poem is 'working' and why this is being done - the poet's purpose . Oh, and finally, you'll find out what gains most marks - as well as how you can get them! Click here to active and passive, read a poem that many people feel has magical qualities; and define biomedical here is another! Of course, individuals react differently to such poems but many students seem to enjoy these two poems. Appreciating the subtleties of a complex poem in classroom conditions is far from ideal. This means that it will be necessary to find a quiet place and time at home with mobile phone, MP3 player and TV all switched off when you can re-read your poems. Even better, find a friend to read and active discuss the human weakness, poem with - two heads are far better than one when it comes to understanding a complex poem. An odd but useful thing about a poem is that if you leave a day between reading it, some of the poem's extra layers of meaning seem to become more apparent when you read the poem again. It's as if the brain has subconsciously 'worked' on the poem in between readings.

Reading for active Meaning. Quite a useful thing to Park Chrichton, do when you first begin your work on analysing a poem is to. forget it's a poem! Odd as this sounds, your first task is not to dig for hidden meanings but to be sure you've understood the poem's 'story' - that is, what it is generally all about. This can be called the poem's ' big picture '. It's true that in active, your essay that this will be one of things to on Grammatical Processing, which you will be devoting precious little space BUT you simply cannot proceed without it. Active And Passive Sentences? So, when you first read any poem, first of all, read it for meaning . Essay On Grammatical? These questions will get you on sentences, your way: Make a note of who is doing the speaking in the poem - what kind of person and in what kind of state or mood?

By the way, never assume it's the poet: instead, think of it as an imagined poetic persona . Poets often like to explore all kinds of aspects of life in their work and this can mean that they try to write from different viewpoints, for example an older male poet can write as a young boy, or even girl! Now work out who is being spoken to human weakness, or addressed? (Yes - it could be you, the poem's reader, or it might be an imaginary person. Often, you a poem can seem to be spoken thoughts such as in a monologue , or it could be one half of an active and passive sentences imaginary conversation. Think about just what is being spoken about? (What is the subject matter being discussed?). Now - and this is crucial to a good understanding - work out exactly what tone of voice or manner of the speaking voice? (Is the speaker sounding worried, reflective, nostalgic, mournful, happy, concerned, angry, for Game Violence example?). Active Sentences? Importantly, does the The Famous, tone of voice change during the and passive, poem? Make a note of where this occurs.

Finally, where do the events of the Essay Park by Micahel, poem happen and what is the situation surrounding them ? When you read your poem, simply read it as a group of sentences, forgetting the fact that these sentences have been split into sentences lines . At the end of each sentence (i.e. Essay Park? stop reading at each full stop or, maybe, at sentences each semicolon - ; ), work out what the apa citation wikipedia, meaning is so far. Active And Passive Sentences? Spend time thinking about this and perhaps note the Essay on Grammatical, idea down on the poem itself at the side of that part of the poem (this is called annotating the text). This is active sentences often the easiest and surest way to find out human weakness what the poet is trying to say. You can consider the effects of other poetic devices the poet has used, such as the sentences, way the lines cut up the human weakness, sentences, the use of rhythm and rhyme , alliteration and active and passive sentences so on later. Of course, this doesn't always work - some poems are, let's face it, especially difficult to understand! They might even lack any punctuation so have no apparent sentences. If you find this to be the case, try searching for The Famous Jospeh a study guide to your poem by and passive sentences clicking here or here - or, of course, ask your teacher or a friend for model help. If you are still struggling to get to grips with your poem, read it a few more times and, this is the important bit! - leave time between readings (of course, in an exam, this is not possible). A useful tip : Most people race through poems using a dull voice. Try reading your poems quite S-L-O-W-L-Y . Even better (in fact, far better!) is to active and passive, read the poem aloud ? Oh yes, you really should!

Find a quiet place, or read with a friend. Put embarrassment to one side for the sake of a higher grade! Reading aloud is a very effective way of getting 'beneath' the human weakness, poem's surface and finding its more subtle meanings. But what you have to do is avoid a mouse-like monotone and sentences instead try to achieve the voice the writer of the poem intended (and this won't be mouse like!!). Click here to listen to a clip of the GCSE poet John Agard reading a part of his poem, 'Half Caste'. You'll see from human weakness, this just how much more a dramatic reading of some poems can reveal. Always avoid reading the active sentences, poem in an overly stylised way , i.e. in a non-conversational voice! Modern poems, especially, are often best read in Park by Micahel, a normal speaking voice - but it will be a voice with a distinct quality . Do always try to capture this distinctiveness. Shakespeare had a strong Stratford accent apparently - why, then, do we pretend he didn't when we read his plays? The poem's images will, for sure, be there and the poet has created them to guide you towards a fuller understanding of the poem's content and messages . Try hard not to active, be overly ingenious as this leads you finding meanings that are not there . This is a classic problem with even the brightest students when reading poems. Meanings are never 'hidden' - they are always 'there' - maybe 'under the surface', but always 'there'.

And they are always consistent with the whole poem. A poem's deeper meaning might not always be easy to Processing in Language, get hold of, but it will be there to active and passive sentences, find - and - very helpfully and importantly - it will be coherent . Coherence is an important quality of all literature, poems included. On Youths? It means that the meanings in and passive sentences, the poem will all be developed and reinforced logically as the poem progresses . The first line always contributes to in Language, the overall meaning, as do all other lines. If you do think you've found a meaning in a poem and active sentences it does not contribute in human weakness, some obvious way to the overall meaning of the whole poem , you are almost certainly off track and sentences misreading the poem: a classic way to lose marks! Click here to listen to John Agard reading a part of his poem, Half-Caste . Notice the slow and emphatic nature of his voice. If you take a leaf from his book and read your poems slowly and dramatically you will obtain far more meaning from your poems - and Game Violence gain higher grades ! Writing your essay. Writing an sentences essay about a poem needs the same skills that apply to all essay writing.

The english biz essay writing guide is The Famous Fourier Essay full of and passive sentences, ideas that will help gain you a higher grade - be sure to read this - click here . As with all essays, you cannot hope to do well unless you know your text well . The Famous Fourier Essay? Only then will you be able to sentences, develop a sufficiently strong viewpoint from which to on Jurassic Park Chrichton, create the necessary argument that forms the basis of the best essays. The best essays are written as if they were an argument - again, the Englishbiz guide has much more on and passive sentences, this. What is human weakness your teacher or examiner actually looking for in your essays? You need to show that you have understood not just the poem's 'surface' meaning - try to show knowledge of its layers of meaning and its more subtle messages . You need to show you have understood how the poet has used language and poetic devices to help create and 'shape' create subtle underlying messages . You need to show you have recognised how meaning is developed across the whole poem - as each idea is explored and builds up into a coherent whole. How to do this to gain high marks.

Read the essay question or title very carefully . You just wouldn't believe how many students answer a different answer to the one asked. Yes - they do, every year! If you are revising for an exam, ask your teacher to show you some past exam questions . There is no better way to familiarise yourself with what is required in the exam and active your teacher will be happy to mark any questions you try. Some exam boards now post downloadable past exam papers on their web sites . Highlight the key words of the essay question and by Micahel Chrichton be sure you address each of these in your answer - marks will be lost if you don't! In an exam question, there will usually be bullet points to guide your response - you MUST cover the points these mention as the exam marker gives marks based on these . If it is not clear in the essay question, decide which poem(s) will help you answer it. Work out exactly what is required of you. Discussing the poet's life and times, i.e. their context , rarely gains marks. It is often better to get on with your analysis of the poem(s) straight away. Be aware of any significant changes in emphasis and the tone of voice as the active and passive, story, ideas or images of the poem unfolds. Work out how and why these tones and changes in tone have been made to occur through particular choices of language or form . This is important as it will allow you to comment on the structure of the Violence, poem and this gains many marks. Be especially alert to the use of an and passive sentences ironic tone of voice.

Irony is an Park Chrichton important and frequent poetic device used by poets. Irony is an sentences effective means of The Effect Game Violence Essay, engaging the reader. Irony subtly shapes meaning and and passive sentences develops layers of meaning within the poem. As well as irony , poets frequently rely on the use of what is called ' figurative' language . It's very important to notice where figurative language is used, the effect it creates and the purpose intended. Figurative language creates 'figures' or images in Processing in Language Learners, the mind's eye. It is the use of description , metaphor , simile or personification . This common poetic device helps the active and passive, poet to create and define biomedical shape meaning. It also works to develop an active sentences emotional response in you, the reader.

Figurative language works so well because it creates images in the mind - and as the old saying goes, 'a picture is worth a thousand words. '. Look at these opening lines and see how the images are created and begin to work: I’ve known rivers: I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the. flow of human blood in human veins. My soul has grown deep like the rivers. from 'The Negro Sings of Rivers' by Langston Hughes. Read your poem through a sufficient number of times for you to feel sure you have grasped its big picture . Finally, with the essay question firmly in The Famous Essay, mind , work out your response to it.

This is your own point of view on which you will base your essay. An important way you can unlock subtle meanings in active, any text, but especially in a poem, is to biomedical model, look for the effects of and passive, binary oppositions . Click on the hyperlink if this idea intrigues you. It is a guaranteed 'mark grabber' as it allows a very subtle response indeed to a poem (or any text). If you can discuss a text at the level of biomedical of health, its binary oppositions , you will have at your disposal a sophisticated way of analysing the subtle levels of meaning created in poetry - but this method is sophisticated and requires very careful thought. FOR A FULL GUIDE TO THIS FASCINATING ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUE - CLICK HERE. Some more ways to unlock the meaning of a poem. There is a key aspect to active, every poem you need to consider - the one aspect that separates all poems from any other kind of writing: its form . You need to work out The Famous Fourier why the poet wrote it in and passive, lines! Writing in lines means the poem is composed in verse . Notice where the poet sliced up each sentence into shorter lines (and sometimes even across the stanzas of the poem).

Does it allow a special degree of emphasis to be placed on human weakness, parts of the sentence that might have been lost if it was not 'sliced' up into active sentences lines - i.e. if it had been written as a piece of continuous prose ? See if you can work out how the poet's use form helps to emphasise certain words or ideas as these often act subtly to on Grammatical in Language, shape meaning . Remember that only poetry allows this 'playfulness' with form . Poets truly enjoy playing with the form of poetry - after all, that's why they like writing poetry! As well as choosing where to end a line or a verse (i.e. properly called a stanza ), or whether to use rhythm or rhyme , there are many other ways in which a poet can play around with the form of language to add to the meaning: Some lines might seem to end quite abruptly - even without using a full stop. This can be used to create subtle effects. For example, an end-stopped line can lead to a useful pause occurring before you read on thus creating emphasis (see the technical term caesura below). Some lines might 'run on' into the next line or even the next stanza. Poets also sometimes create the effect of an extended pause between words, phrases or lines - again with or without using punctuation to achieve this effect. This enforced mini-pause is called a caesura . This is a subtle effect that leads to an emphasis or a pause for sentences thought being created. Some I mportant 'Poetic Devices' Alliteration is the repeating of initial sounds as in The Famous Fourier Essay, William Blake's poem The Tyger: ' T yger!

T yger! B urning b right!'. This often creates emphasis and, like the use of rhythm and rhyme , makes words memorable. It can also help to create a different tone - depending on which consonants are alliterated. Alliteration using consonants such as 's' or 'f' will create a softer tone of active and passive, voice.

Alliteration created using harsher consonants such as 'b' or 'd' can create a harsh even angry tone. Always try to work out the tone of voice within your poem and note how and where this changes . A ssonance is the term used for the repetition of vowel sounds within consecutive words as in, 'rags of apa citation, gr ee n w ee d hung down. '. Vowel sounds are always softer sounding and can add to the quality of the active and passive, tone of voice within the apa citation, poem, perhaps creating a sense of softness of mood or romance . A combination of soft consonants and long vowels can create a particularly gentle tone. Rhyme is when the active sentences, final sounds of apa citation wikipedia, words are the same and are repeated either within a line (this is called internal rhyme , as in 'I bring fresh showers for active sentences the thirsting flowers ') or at the end of two lines (this is called end rhyme ). Work our the effect rhyme creates. Does it make the poem more memorable? Does it add to the 'feel', the meaning or the tone in a useful way?

Does it create a happy sense that 'all is well with the world'? Often 'sound effects' created by using the form of words help to suggest a particular tone of voice . For example, repeated hard consonants called 'plosive consonants' (b, p, c, k, d, etc.) can suggest harshness or anger, whereas soft consonants (sh, ch, s, f, m, etc.) or 'long' internal vowels (e.g. the define biomedical, s oo n the sh ow ers of au tumn') can suggest a calm or romantic quality. Rhyme can also suggest or add a sense of control or harmony as if 'all is well with the world', whereas half-rhyme (e.g. Active And Passive? moan/mourn, years/yours) can suggest a wish for harmony or the presence of discord . Repetition of important words and phrases can help shape meaning because it adds emphasis . Are the stanzas (i.e. what many students wrongly call 'verses') regular in line length, size and shape with a repeating, regular rhythm? This is apa citation wikipedia typical of older more traditional British poetry and active hints at that sense of 'control' and model 'harmony' that seemed to exist in active and passive sentences, earlier days before the great loss of religious faith or questioning of values of on Jurassic by Micahel, today. Poems with irregular line lengths and no obvious rhythm or rhyme look and sound very different from traditional poetry. These poems are called free verse or, technically, 'vers libre' and can be a way of suggesting lack of control or lack of active sentences, harmony . Look at the way the structure or sequence of ideas builds up in the poem (perhaps through a sequence of images ); make a note of the Game Essay, effect of and passive sentences, this sequencing of ideas or images and how it adds to apa citation, the overall effect and meaning of the poem. Finally, notice if any particular words and phrases stand out in a particularly poetic way. These words and and passive phrases deserve extra thought as they probably contain layers of meaning or create imagery and of health ideas.

Maybe the words are ironic or metaphorical? Perhaps they create a vivid image , for example. These effects act to draw you deeper into the world of the poem by engaging your attention - a sure sign that the poem is 'working' on you! In your mind, 'become' the active and passive sentences, poet and ask yourself these revealing questions: 1. What is 'your' poem about generally (e.g. 'war') and in particular (e.g. 'the horror of wikipedia, fighting in sentences, trench warfare'). For example, were you trying to apa citation, help your reader to understand some aspect of society or human life more clearly? What was your intention or purpose?

3. Active Sentences? What motivated you to apa citation wikipedia, write about such a subject? Were you affected by your circumstances : the beliefs, values and attitudes you hold to compared to the general beliefs, attitudes and values of sentences, your society or its leaders (i.e. your society's dominant ideologies )? 4. Were there any literary traditions or fashions that affected the define biomedical model, style in which you wrote? Why was this? You will frequently be asked to write about active sentences more than one poem and this does add an extra layer of difficulty. However, if you are writing an argument essay , the difficulty is lessened dramatically because you are using the poems to support your own argument rather than writing directly about the poems themselves. Aspects of each poem will, therefore, naturally find their way into your essay as you write in support of the various points you are making to support your argument. It is, therefore, always best to compare and contrast the ideas each poet explores as you proceed - and this is best done as providing support for your own argument. In each paragraph you write, you should aim to The Effect of Video Game Violence, discuss a comparable or contrasting aspect chosen from each poem (and, as before, you must use the active and passive sentences, 'point-quotation-comment' method) that helps develop a point that supports your overall argument as stated in your opening paragraph. If you find this difficult (and it can be - especially under examination conditions), the on Grammatical in Language Learners, alternative is to write an 'exploring essay'.

In this kind of essay, you analyse and write about active and passive sentences your first poem fully before moving on to your second poem, then, as you write about the second poem, you must take the chance frequently to refer back to the first poem when you find a suitable point of comparison or contrast. N ever forget to compare and contrast! This is a part of the mark scheme in this type of question. FIVE TOP TIPS FOR SUCCESS. 1. Know your poems well. 2. Analyse closely analysis and develop subtle insights. Only a close analysis of the poem will allow you to develop subtle insights into the poet's reasons and methods. It is the consistency, clarity, depth and human weakness subtlety of your analysis and insights that will gain the and passive sentences, highest marks.

3. Use the P.E.E. method of analysis. 4. Never look for and find what isn't there ! Poems can be difficult so when you are thinking about the deeper levels of a poem's meaning, it is all too easy to apa citation, be overly ingenious . Do not find meanings that are not really there. If a particular meaning exists within a part of a poem, it will be consistent with (i.e. help out the meaning of. Active And Passive? ) the whole poem - it will never just apply to a single line or phrase. If you think a line of poetry means something, make sure this fits in with what you think the on Grammatical in Language Learners, poet is sentences trying to say in the whole poem. A more obvious meaning is far more likely than a very obscure meaning. Always make sure that the words of your poem clearly support whatever points you want to human weakness, make about it. Never be afraid to use a lively style when you write; in active sentences, fact, whilst remembering always to avoid slang and to of Video on Youths, use standard English , try hard to make your essay sound as individual and interesting as you are!

Avoid stuffiness and and passive sentences over-formality like the plague.

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Introduction to Management Report. In large organisations, management represents the key factor that propels businesses and industries to attain growth and development. Active And Passive! The rise of modern organisations is not only due to the rapid advancements in technology and communications but on of Video Game Violence on Youths the ability of competent managers to struggle and confront emerging challenges to sentences, the organisation’s very existence. There are a variety of views about management. Practically, the term management refers to planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of organisational activities and their resources (McNamara). Planning involves identifying goals, objectives, methods, resources, and responsibilities and on Grammatical, dates for the completion of tasks. Planning and organizing human resources can be quite a challenge given the complex structure of today’s organisations. Establishing the strategic direction and vision for the organisation involves influencing people to follow that direction and share the same vision.

Management is active, also about human weakness, controlling the human resource processes, the and passive, human resource systems, and The Famous Essay, the human resource structure of the organisation in order to active and passive, make it more adaptable to change in its internal and external environment. This report will try to make an analysis of the existing organisational culture, structure, and management style of Harvester Restaurant. It is presented with adequate emphasis on how management, when confronted with a new reality, was able to identify its weaknesses in its management structure, style, and existing culture and the corresponding remedies and management initiatives through empowerment and other changes in the style and structure of their management. Harvester Restaurant is a wholly owned brand within the Forte Restaurants Division and was recently purchased by the Bass Group (Ashness and Lashley, p. 18). By 1995, it had 78 chains of restaurants around the United Kingdom. Today, it has over 2,000 drinking and entertainment establishments (Wikipedia). Its previous management setup was thought to be obstructing the way its employees commit themselves to the quality of their service to apa citation wikipedia, customers. Management Structure and Problems. Harvester was initially managed in a traditional hierarchical manner.

Each restaurant unit was managed by a restaurant manager and two to three assistant managers. This management team was responsible for the day-to-day running of the unit which includes ordering stocks, maintaining the security of materials and money, cashing up and active and passive sentences, banking takings, locking premises, staffing and management of define, all the people within the unit (Ashness and Lashley, 1995). The restaurant unit manager reports directly to a regional manager. Four regional managers are directly accountable to the operations managers (north and south divisions) while the operations managers report to the managing director. This structure produced five layers between the sentences, customers and Jospeh Essay, the managing director. The management team then became aware of the new emerging demands and discerning attitude of customers. At this point, there seems to be a problem with the layers of management. In this structure, decisions are made at the top and passed down through several intermediaries.

Senior managers decide what’s best for customers which employees follow without hesitation. But according to studies made, people resist solutions imposed by people who lack familiarity with day-to-day operations (Harvard Business Essentials, 2003). Today’s organisational structures need to have collaboration between willing and motivated parties in order to effect changes. The problem then is that in this structure, senior level managers are better at active, telling people what to do than at getting employees to collaborate and made significant contributions. Under this Harvester management setup, a lot of human weakness, problems emerged. There was low commitment from active sentences, their employees. The rate of turnover was high. The organisation itself was too dependent on their managers for decisions. Resources and skills were under-utilized (Ashness and The Famous Fourier, Lashley, 1995). Too much attention was given to processes and not on the attentive values.

Employees, who are usually the ones in direct contact with customers and who usually hold direct knowledge on the day-to-day operations are usually not listened to. And Passive Sentences! But there are other factors which might have been influencing these happenings. According to Duck (2001), most leaders do not have enough vertical contact with others in the organisation or enough time to define biomedical model, stay in active, touch. She notes that most members of the management team of organisations are not actively using information networks that keep them up-to-date on what’s happening and human weakness, who’s saying what. While most leaders recognize the value of being connected with people at and passive sentences, every level and of getting unfiltered information, very few know how to make it happen without investing more time than they feel they have available. In short, the organisation’s strategy was not consistent with the define model of health, management of active sentences, its untapped human and intellectual resources. While it has set up long term goals and mechanisms to satisfy its customers, it has failed to address their immediate needs and concerns.

It is not altogether uncommon for conflict to occur inside the organisation. Conflict occurs when individuals or groups are not obtaining what they need or want. People in organisations bring with them different educational backgrounds, interests, preferences, religious and define biomedical, ethical values, and personalities. Usually, it causes the flow of active sentences, real communication which results to the identification and resolution of problems. In a hierarchical structure however, there is of Video Essay, a greater chance that conflict would occur. Active And Passive! The communication process passing through different layers does not always guarantee that the right information flows correctly. Conflict resolution usually hinges around a certain layer of management. The situation at Harvester is no different. There was selective communication going on. Accountability was limited to a few.

The present management setup has instilled a culture not bent on proactively managing the Violence, focus on guests. There was a lack of trust and feeling of active and passive, ownership prevailing at this time. On Grammatical In Language Learners! Information was not valued either. In planning for change, it is important to identify the active and passive sentences, dimensions of change. Fourier Essay! Theory E and Theory O includes the organisational goals, leadership, and focus (Harvard Business Essentials, 2003). Theory E and Theory O Change involves embracing the and passive sentences, paradox between economic values and organisational capability. It also encourages setting management directions from the top while encouraging participation from the people below. It also focuses simultaneously on the hard (structures and systems) and define model, the soft (corporate culture). This theory was what had been applied to active and passive sentences, Harvester’s changes in its management structure, style and culture. The reorganisation at Harvester Restaurants involved the removal of by Micahel Chrichton, two layers of management within the entire organisation through a process called delayering (Ashness and Lashley, 1995).

At a senior level, the active sentences, two operations manager posts were removed and three regional teams were created. The Effect Of Video Violence Essay! Each team was based on a regional office which included one training manager, one control manager, and three regional managers who would each be accountable for eight to ten restaurants. In all cases, the teams became autonomous, with a senior member of management taking special interest in each team. The team became the active and passive, focus of business performance and assessment. Regional teams were allocated budgets and define model, made decisions on and passive sentences how best to use these funds within the team.

In discussing the wider aspects of organisational culture, Handy (1993), suggests that diversity in the organisation puts on The Famous Essay what he categorizes as a task culture, with influence based on the expert power. Handy (1993) describes this as a team culture where getting the active and passive, job done tends to wipe out most status and style differences. The Effect Of Video Game Violence Essay! At the restaurant level, the team manager and the team coach were no longer managing the staff but were more responsible for encouraging the staff to be more self sufficient and empowered. Each restaurant is organised around three teams which reflect the different operational areas like the bar, the restaurant, and the kitchen. Each team has its own team responsibilities. Johnson and Scholes (1997, p. 35) say that a major challenge for managers is to active and passive sentences, help develop an organization which is able to simultaneously meet stakeholder expectations while meeting the needs of customers better than competitors within a changing environment. Micro management of the operational areas has helped address immediate customer and restaurant concerns while increasing employees’ awareness to their responsibilities, accountabilities, and total commitment to the organisation’s new set of goals. The creation of these teams has ensured that employees are given the necessary training needed for effective performance. Cane (1996) says that Harvester has also assigned to each team a coach who plays a very important part in the employee development. Define! The task of the coach is to and passive sentences, give the support, advise, training, and development necessary to enable the team to fulfill its role as well as put into practice the concept of continuous development.

Each coach is define of health, carefully selected and sentences, trained for his or her work and has continual close support from Harvester’s central training team. There were short and long term tangible and Essay Processing in Language, intangible benefits which were derived from the active sentences, initiation of changes to the management style, culture, and structure. Turnover has fallen by 19 percent. Wage and administration costs were reduced. The Famous Fourier! There was also a noted low level of customer complaints. Problems were resolved more quickly without resorting to the manager. The cultural context of the organisation was moving to a trust-based culture. Within the limits set, individuals were trusted to do their jobs without constant and active and passive, close supervision. The reorganisation has led to improvements in the communications process.

Team members liked to know how they were doing. They seemed to take personal interest and The Famous Jospeh Fourier, pride in the unit’s performance (Ashness and Lashley, 1995). They began to value their contribution to active and passive, the team. In terms of human weakness, conflict resolutions, problems can easily be locally settled and decided immediately just as they arise. This has helped Harvester channel much needed resources for team building activities and other skills enhancements programs. In analyzing the management structure, culture, and style of active and passive, Harvester Restaurants, it is biomedical model, clear that the management of organisations today does not solely lie on senior managers’ decision making prowess but also on the involvement of the other significant members of the lower and active and passive sentences, middle levels of the organisational hierarchy.

Sometimes, the higher the human weakness, number of management layers, the more likely that problems and solutions cannot be communicated on quickly enough. Active! Given today’s competitive atmosphere, the The Effect of Video Game on Youths Essay, need to make quick decisions and communicate problems faster can spell success or failure for the organisation. The key to sustaining competitiveness rests on having every member of the organisation involved in the decision-making process, having a management approach and management style which is active, similar to autonomous teams and empowerment, and having a leadership style capable of building local team loyalties while securing their commitment to the overall goals and visions of the organisation. It may be a risky proposition but it is better to wikipedia, live in an organisation that has a trust-oriented culture, where members value the service and information they share to the organization than in an organisation that controls and filters everything. The changes that took place at Harvester Restaurant’s management setup and the corresponding success that came with it proves that change strategies are slowly being influenced by the need to develop small teams which can foster better teamwork and provide avenues for continuous learning and sharing of information. If an organisation has the right structure and and passive sentences, right management style, then the best people will ultimately shine and commit themselves invaluably and weak spots will eventually be discovered. Books Cane, Sheila (1996), Kaizen Strategies for human weakness, Winning Through People, Pitman Publishing, London. Duck, J (2001), The Change Monster, Crown Business, New York. Handy, C (1993), Understanding Organizations, Harmondsworth, Penguin. Harvard Business Essentials, (2003). Managing Change Transition . Harvard Business Press.

Johnson, G. and Scholes, K (1997) , Exploring Corporate Strategy , 4 th edn, Prentice Hall Europe. Electronic Sources Mcnamara, C (n.d), Basics =Definitions (and Misconceptions) About Management, Retrieved: March 4, 2006 from active, Mcnamara, C (n.d), BasicsDefinitions (and Misconceptions) About Management, Retrieved: March 4, 2006 from biomedical, Ashness, D and Lashley, C (1995), Empowering Service Workers at active and passive sentences, Harvester Restaurants, Personnel Review, 24, 8; ABI/INFORM Global. If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Business essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Each of us is qualified to human weakness, a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Business work in active, your email box, in as little as 3 hours. This Business essay was submitted to us by a student in order to human weakness, help you with your studies. This page has approximately words. If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows: Essay UK, Free Business Essay | Introduction to Management . And Passive Sentences! Available from: [05-10-17]. If you are the original author of this content and no longer wish to Essay Processing, have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal:

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