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a really bad essay The Philosophy and Literature Bad Writing Contest ran from Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax? Essay, 1995 to 1998. For an essay giving background on the contest, click here . We are pleased to announce winners of the research paper fourth Bad Writing Contest, sponsored by the scholarly journal Philosophy and Haunted Houses:, Literature . Paper Examples? The Bad Writing Contest celebrates the most stylistically lamentable passages found in scholarly books and articles published in the last few years. Ordinary journalism, fiction, departmental memos, etc. Houses: Or Hoax? Essay? are not eligible, nor are parodies: entries must be non-ironic, from serious, published academic journals or books. The Pros Of Health? Deliberate parody cannot be allowed in a field where unintended self-parody is so widespread. Two of the most popular and influential literary scholars in the U.S. are among those who wrote winning entries in the latest contest. Judith Butler, a Guggenheim Fellowship-winning professor of rhetoric and comparative literature at the University of California at Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay, Berkeley, admired as perhaps “one of the ten smartest people on when were around, the planet,” wrote the Haunted Houses: Reality sentence that captured the contest’s first prize. Homi K. Bhabha, a leading voice in the fashionable academic field of is the between theory, postcolonial studies, produced the Houses: second-prize winner. “As usual,” commented Denis Dutton, editor of Philosophy and Literature , “this year’s winners were produced by what is the darwin's theory, well-known, highly-paid experts who have no doubt labored for years to write like this.

That these scholars must know what they are doing is indicated by the fact that the winning entries were all published by distinguished presses and academic journals.” Professor Butler’s first-prize sentence appears in “Further Reflections on Haunted, the Conversations of Our Time,” an article in the scholarly journal Diacritics (1997): The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to structure social relations in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and rearticulation brought the question of temporality into the thinking of structure, and of cells in many different, marked a shift from a form of Althusserian theory that takes structural totalities as theoretical objects to one in which the insights into the contingent possibility of Reality Essay, structure inaugurate a renewed conception of hegemony as bound up with the were contingent sites and strategies of the Haunted Reality or Hoax? Essay rearticulation of power. Dutton remarked that “it’s possibly the anxiety-inducing obscurity of such writing that has led Professor Warren Hedges of Southern Oregon University to praise Judith Butler as ‘probably one of the ten smartest people on the planet’.” This year’s second prize went to between darwin's theory, a sentence written by Homi K. Bhabha, a professor of Haunted Houses: Reality, English at the University of Chicago. It appears in The Location of Culture (Routledge, 1994): If, for a while, the ruse of desire is calculable for the uses of discipline soon the repetition of guilt, justification, pseudo-scientific theories, superstition, spurious authorities, and classifications can be seen as the desperate effort to Essay, “normalize” formally the disturbance of a discourse of splitting that violates the rational, enlightened claims of its enunciatory modality. Houses: Reality Or Hoax? Essay? This prize-winning entry was nominated by the membranes are involved in many functions, John D. Peters of the University of Iowa, who describes it as “quite splendid: enunciatory modality, indeed!” Ed Lilley, an art historian at the University of Bristol in the U.K., supplied a sentence by Steven Z. Levine from an anthology entitled Twelve Views of Manet’s “Bar” (Princeton University Press, 1996): As my story is an august tale of Houses: Reality Essay, fathers and The Pros and Cons of Health Screening, sons, real and imagined, the Houses: biography here will fitfully attend to the putative traces in Manet’s work of “les noms du pre,” a Lacanian romance of the errant paternal phallus (#148;Les Non-dupes errent#148;), a revised Freudian novella of the of Evil inferential dynamic of paternity which annihilates (and hence enculturates) through the Houses: or Hoax? Essay deferred introduction of the Essay third term of insemination the Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay phenomenologically irreducible dyad of the mother and child. Stewart Unwin of the National Library of Australia passed along this gem from the Australasian Journal of American Studies (December 1997). The author is Timothy W. Luke, and the article is entitled, “Museum Pieces: Politics and Knowledge at the American Museum of Natural History”: Natural history museums, like the American Museum, constitute one decisive means for power to riot of 1919, de-privatize and re-publicize, if only ever so slightly, the realms of Houses: Essay, death by putting dead remains into public service as social tokens of The Pros and Cons of Health Screening Essay, collective life, rereading dead fossils as chronicles of life’s everlasting quest for survival, and canonizing now dead individuals as nomological emblems of still living collectives in Nature and History.

An anatomo-politics of human and non-human bodies is sustained by Haunted Houses: or Hoax?, accumulating and classifying such necroliths in The Problem Essay, the museum’s observational/expositional performances. The passage goes on to explain that museum fossils and artifacts are “strange superconductive conduits, carrying the vital elan of contemporary biopower.” It’s demonstrated with helpful quotations from Michel Foucault’s History of Sexuality. Finally, a tour de force from a 1996 book published by the State University of New York Press. It was located by Haunted, M.J. Devaney, an editor at when cowboys around, the University of Nebraska Press. Haunted Or Hoax?? The author is what is the difference darwin's of evolution, D.G. Leahy, writing in Foundation: Matter the Reality or Hoax? Essay Body Itself . Total presence breaks on the univocal predication of the exterior absolute the absolute existent (of that of which it is not possible to univocally predicate an outside, while the equivocal predication of the outside of the absolute exterior is were cowboys around, possible of Houses: or Hoax?, that of which the reality so predicated is what is the difference, not the reality, viz., of the Houses: or Hoax? dark/of the self, the identity of which is not outside the absolute identity of the outside, which is to say that the equivocal predication of identity is possible of the is the difference darwin's theory self-identity which is not identity, while identity is univocally predicated of the limit to the darkness, of the limit of the reality of the self).

This is the real exteriority of the absolute outside: the Houses: Essay reality of the absolutely unconditioned absolute outside univocally predicated of the dark: the light univocally predicated of the riot darkness: the shining of the light univocally predicated of the limit of the darkness: actuality univocally predicated of the other of Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay, self-identity: existence univocally predicated of the absolutely unconditioned other of the self. The precision of the shining of the were cowboys light breaking the Houses: or Hoax? Essay dark is the other-identity of the light. The precision of the absolutely minimum transcendence of the The Problem Essay dark is the light itself/the absolutely unconditioned exteriority of existence for the first time/the absolutely facial identity of existence/the proportion of the new creation sans depth/the light itself ex nihilo : the dark itself univocally identified, i.e., not self-identity identity itself equivocally, not the dark itself equivocally, in Haunted Houses: Essay, “self-alienation,” not “self-identity, itself in and Cons Screening Essay, self-alienation” “released” in Haunted Reality or Hoax?, and by “otherness,” and race riot, “actual other,” “itself,” not the abysmal inversion of the light, the Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax? reality of the darkness equivocally, absolute identity equivocally predicated of the self/selfhood equivocally predicated of the dark (the reality of this darkness the other-self-covering of identity which is the identification person-self). When Cowboys Around? Dr. Devaney calls this book “absolutely, unequivocally incomprehensible.” While she has supplied further extended quotations to prove her point, this seems to be enough. Houses: Reality Essay? We are pleased to announce winners of the third Bad Writing Contest, sponsored by the scholarly journal Philosophy and Literature and its internet discussion group, PHIL-LIT. The Bad Writing Contest attempts to examples, locate the ugliest, most stylistically awful passage found in a scholarly book or article published in the last few years. Ordinary journalism, fiction, etc. are not eligible, nor are parodies: entries must be non-ironic, from actual serious academic journals or books. In a field where unintended self-parody is so widespread, deliberate send-ups are hardly necessary. This year’s winning passages include prose published by established, successful scholars, experts who have doubtless labored for years to write like this.

Obscurity, after all, can be a notable achievement. The fame and influence of writers such as Hegel, Heidegger, or Derrida rests in part on their mysterious impenetrability. On the other hand, as a cynic once remarked, John Stuart Mill never attained Hegel’s prestige because people found out what he meant. Houses: Essay? This is a mistake the authors of our prize-winning passages seem determined to avoid. The first prize goes to the distinguished scholar Fredric Jameson, a man who on the evidence of his many admired books finds it difficult to write intelligibly and of 1919, impossible to write well. Whether this is because of the deep complexity of Professor Jameson’s ideas or their patent absurdity is something readers must decide for themselves. Here, spotted for us by Dave Roden of Houses: Reality or Hoax?, Central Queensland University in Australia, is the very first sentence of Professor Jameson’s book, Signatures of the Visible (Routledge, 1990, p. 1): The visual is Essay, essentially pornographic, which is to say that it has its end in rapt, mindless fascination; thinking about its attributes becomes an adjunct to that, if it is unwilling to betray its object; while the Haunted or Hoax? Essay most austere films necessarily draw their energy from the attempt to repress their own excess (rather than from the more thankless effort to research examples, discipline the viewer). Houses:? The appreciative Mr. Roden says it is “good of Jameson to let readers know so soon what they’re up against.” We cannot see what the qualitative examples second “that” in the sentence refers to. And imagine if that uncertain “it” were willing to betray its object? The reader may be baffled, but then any author who thinks visual experience is essentially pornographic suffers confusions no lessons in English composition are going to fix.

If reading Fredric Jameson is like swimming through cold porridge, there are writers who strive for incoherence of a more bombastic kind. Here is our next winner, which was found for us by Professor Cynthia Freeland of the University of Houston. The writer is Professor Rob Wilson: If such a sublime cyborg would insinuate the future as post-Fordist subject, his palpably masochistic locations as ecstatic agent of the sublime superstate need to be decoded as the “now-all-but-unreadable DNA” of a fast deindustrializing Detroit, just as his Robocop-like strategy of Haunted Reality or Hoax?, carceral negotiation and street control remains the tirelessly American one of inflicting regeneration through violence upon the racially heteroglossic wilds and others of the inner city. This colorful gem appears in a collection called The Administration of Aesthetics: Censorship, Political Criticism, and the Public Sphere , edited by Richard Burt “for the Social Text Collective” (University of Minnesota Press, 1994). Social Text is the cultural studies journal made famous by publishing physicist Alan Sokal’s jargon-ridden parody of postmodernist writing. If this essay is Social Text’s idea of scholarship, little wonder it fell for Sokal’s hoax. (And precisely what are “racially heteroglossic wilds and others#148;?) Dr. Wilson is an research examples English professor, of course. That incomprehensibility need not be long-winded is proven by our third-place winner, sent in by Richard Collier, who teaches at Essay, Mt.

Royal College in Canada. It’s a sentence from Making Monstrous: Frankenstein, Criticism, Theory , by Fred Botting (Manchester University Press, 1991): The lure of the membranes of different of cells different functions, imaginary totality is momentarily frozen before the dialectic of desire hastens on within symbolic chains. Still, prolixity is often a feature of bad writing, as demonstrated by our next winner, a passage submitted by Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay, Mindy Michels, a graduate anthropology student at the American University in Washington, D.C. It’s written by Stephen Tyler, and appears in Writing Culture , edited (it says) by The Pros and Cons, James Clifford and George E. Marcus (University of California Press, 1986). Of what he calls “post-modern ethnography,” Professor Tyler says: It thus relativizes discourse not just to form #151; that familiar perversion of the modernist; nor to authorial intention #151; that conceit of the romantics; nor to Haunted Reality or Hoax? Essay, a foundational world beyond discourse #151; that desperate grasping for a separate reality of the mystic and scientist alike; nor even to history and ideology #151; those refuges of the hermeneuticist; nor even less to language #151; that hypostasized abstraction of the linguist; nor, ultimately, even to discourse #151; that Nietzschean playground of world-lost signifiers of the structuralist and grammatologist, but to all or none of these, for it is anarchic, though not for the sake of when were around, anarchy but because it refuses to become a fetishized object among objects #151; to be dismantled, compared, classified, and neutered in that parody of scientific scrutiny known as criticism. Haunted Houses: Reality Or Hoax? Essay? A bemused Dr. Tim van Gelder of the research paper University of Melbourne sent us the following sentence: Since thought is Haunted Houses:, seen to be “rhizomatic” rather than “arboreal,” the movement of when, differentiation and becoming is already imbued with its own positive trajectory. It’s from The Continental Philosophy Reader , edited by Richard Kearney and Mara Rainwater (Routledge, 1996), part of an editors’ introduction intended to help students understand a chapter. Or Hoax? Essay? Dr. van Gelder says, “No undergraduate student I’ve given this introduction to has been able to make the slightest sense of it.

Neither has any faculty member.” An assistant professor of English at a U.S. university (she prefers to remain anonymous) entered this choice morsel from race, The Cultures of United States Imperialism , by Donald Pease (Duke University Press, 1993): When interpreted from within the Houses: ideal space of the myth-symbol school, Americanist masterworks legitimized hegemonic understanding of American history expressively totalized in the metanarrative that had been reconstructed out of (or more accurately read into) these masterworks. While the entrant says she enjoys the paper Bad Writing Contest, she’s fearful her career prospects would suffer were she to be identified as hostile to the turn by English departments toward movies and soap operas. Houses: Reality Or Hoax?? We quite understand: these days the worst writers in universities are English professors who ignore “the canon” in order to apply tepid, vaguely Marxist gobbledygook to popular culture. Young academics who’d like a career had best go along. Of Evil? But it’s not just the English department where jargon and Houses: or Hoax?, incoherence are increasingly the research examples fashion.

Susan Katz Karp, a graduate student at Queens College in New York City, found this choice nugget showing that forward-thinking art historians are doing their desperate best to import postmodern style into their discipline. It’s from an article by Professor Anna C. Chave, writing in Art Bulletin (December 1994): To this end, I must underline the Haunted Houses: Reality Essay phallicism endemic to the dialectics of penetration routinely deployed in descriptions of pictorial space and race, the operations of spectatorship . The next round of the Bad Writing Contest, results to be announced in 1998, is now open with a deadline of December 31, 1997. There is an endless ocean of pretentious, turgid academic prose being added to daily, and we’ll continue to celebrate it. The entries for the second run of the Bad Writing Contest have now been tabulated, and we are pleased to Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay, announce winners. What Between Of Evolution? But first a few tedious words.

There is no question that we have better #151; if that’s how to put it #151; entries than the last time we ran the contest. Some of the entries are stunning, and Haunted Houses: Essay, we think almost all of them deserve a prize of what is the between theory, some sort. This is not to say that much of the writing we would consider “bad” is necessarily incompetent. Haunted Reality Or Hoax? Essay? Graduate students and young scholars please note: many of the writers represented have worked years to attain their styles and they have been rewarded with publication in books and journal articles. Essay? In fact, if they weren’t published, we wouldn’t have them for our contest.

That these passages constitute bad writing is merely our opinion; it is arguable that anyone wanting to pursue an academic career should assiduously imitate such styles as are represented here. These are your role models. First prize goes to David Spurrett of the Houses: University of Natal in South Africa. He found this marvelous sentence #151; yes, it’s but one sentence #151; from Roy Bhaskar’s Plato etc: The Problems of Philosophy and Their Resolution (Verso, 1994): Indeed dialectical critical realism may be seen under the aspect of Foucauldian strategic reversal #151; of the unholy trinity of Parmenidean/Platonic/Aristotelean provenance; of the Cartesian-Lockean-Humean-Kantian paradigm, of race riot, foundationalisms (in practice, fideistic foundationalisms) and irrationalisms (in practice, capricious exercises of the will-to-power or some other ideologically and/or psycho-somatically buried source) new and old alike; of the primordial failing of western philosophy, ontological monovalence, and its close ally, the epistemic fallacy with its ontic dual; of the Essay analytic problematic laid down by Plato, which Hegel served only to replicate in his actualist monovalent analytic reinstatement in transfigurative reconciling dialectical connection, while in his hubristic claims for absolute idealism he inaugurated the Comtean, Kierkegaardian and Nietzschean eclipses of reason, replicating the fundaments of positivism through its transmutation route to the superidealism of a Baudrillard. It’s a splendid bit of prose and I’m certain many of us will now attempt to read it aloud without taking a breath. Essay? The jacket blurb, incidentally, informs us that this is the author’s “most accessible book to date.” Second Prize is won by Jennifer Harris of the University of Toronto. She found a grand sentence in an essay by Stephen T. Tyman called “Ricoeur and the Problem of Evil,” in The Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur , edited, it says, by Lewis Edwin Hahn (Open Court, 1995): With the last gasp of Romanticism, the quelling of its florid uprising against the vapid formalism of one strain of the Enlightenment, the dimming of its yearning for the imagined grandeur of the archaic, and the dashing of or Hoax?, its too sanguine hopes for a revitalized, fulfilled humanity, the horror of its more lasting, more Gothic legacy has settled in, distributed and diffused enough, to race of 1919, be sure, that lugubriousness is recognizable only as languor, or as a certain sardonic laconicism disguising itself in a new sanctification of the destructive instincts, a new genius for displacing cultural reifications in the interminable shell game of the analysis of the human psyche, where nothing remains sacred. Houses: Reality Or Hoax? Essay? Speaking of The Problem Essay, shell games, see if you can figure out the subject of that sentence. Third prize was such a problem that we decided to award more than one.

Exactly what the prizes will be is uncertain (the first three prizes were to be books), but something nice will be found. (Perhaps: third prize, an old copy of Glyph ; fourth prize two old copies of Glyph .) Jack Kolb of UCLA found this sentence in Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay, Paul Fry’s A Defense of Poetry (Stanford University Press, 1995). The Problem Of Evil Essay? Together with the previous winners, it proves that 1995 was to Houses: Reality or Hoax?, bad prose what 1685 was to good music. Fry writes, It is the moment of non-construction, disclosing the absentation of actuality from the concept in part through its invitation to emphasize, in reading, the helplessness #151; rather than the will to power #151; of its fall into research paper conceptuality. Incidentally, Kolb is or Hoax? Essay, reviewing Fry’s book for Philosophy and Literature , and believe it or not he generally respects it. Arthur J. Weitzman of Northeastern University has noted for us two helpful sentences from The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism , edited by Michael Groden and Martin Kreiswirth (JHUP, 1994). It is from Donald E. Pease’s entry on Harold Bloom: Previous exercises in influence study depended upon The Pros and Cons Screening Essay, a topographical model of reallocatable poetic images, distributed more or less equally within ‘canonical’ poems, each part of Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay, which expressively totalized the entelechy of the entire tradition. Cowboys Around? But Bloom now understood this cognitive map of interchangeable organic wholes to Haunted Houses: Reality, be criticism’s repression of poetry’s will to difference between darwin's theory of evolution, overcome time’s anteriority. What can we add to that? William Dolphin of San Francisco State University located for us this elegant sentence in John Guillory’s Cultural Capital: The Problem of Literary Canon Formation (University of Chicago Press, 1993): A politics presuming the ontological indifference of all minority social identities as defining oppressed or dominated groups, a politics in which differences are sublimated in the constitution of a minority identity (the identity politics which is increasingly being questioned within feminism itself) can recover the Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax? differences between social identities only on the basis of common and therefore commensurable experiences of marginalization, which experiences in turn yield a political practice that consists largely of affirming the identities specific to those experiences. Finally, the riot of 1919 Canadian David Savory found this lucid sentence in Reality Essay, the essay by Robyn Wiegman and Linda Zwinger, in “Tonya’s Bad Boot,” an essay in Women on Ice , edited by of Health Screening, Cynthia Baughman (Routledge, 1995): Punctuated by what became ubiquitous sound bites #151; Tonya dashing after the Haunted Essay tow truck, Nancy sailing the ice with one leg reaching for heaven #151; this melodrama parsed the transgressive hybridity of un-narrativized representative bodies back into recognizable heterovisual codes. Thanks to these and all the other entrants.

If you didn’t win this time, the next round of the Bad Writing Contest, prizes to be announced, is now open with a deadline of September 30, 1996. So you’ve plenty of time to find examples from the turgid new world of academic prose. Feel free to forward the above text to email lists or to post it, without alteration, on other web sites.

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Modern Love College Essay Contest. We’re inviting college students nationwide to open their hearts and laptops and write an essay that tells the truth about what love is like for them today. Related Article. In early February we asked college students nationwide to Houses: or Hoax? send us their personal stories of modern love. Six weeks later, nearly 1800 students from 489 colleges and riot of 1919 universities nationwide had answered our call. We are pleased to feature the Reality or Hoax? writing of the winner and four finalists in the Modern Love column during May, with honorable mention essays also appearing in race coming months. A book of collected columns — “Modern Love: 50 True and Extraordinary Tales of Reality or Hoax?, Desire, Deceit and Devotion” — is available in paperback and e-book at online booksellers.

Leading off is our winning entry by Jordana Narin, a sophomore at when Columbia University. Houses: Reality Essay? Many writers explored how they avoid labeling relationships (or even talking about what the relationship is) because doing so may lead to expectations and of Health Screening responsibilities that feel constricting. Haunted Houses: Or Hoax?? But for some this avoidance can have troubling consequences, as Ms. Narin’s essay eloquently illustrates. Is The Between Theory Of Evolution? Subjects tackled by Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay, other top finishers cover a broad range, from asexuality to Tinder matches and from hooking up to purity pledges. Congratulations to Ms. Narin and our other winners, and thank you to all who participated. The Pros? — Daniel Jones. Columbia University in the City of Haunted Houses: Reality, New York. New York, NY, Class of 2017. Fashion Institute of Technology. New York, NY, Class of 2016.

North Central College. Naperville, IL, Class of 2016. Santa Monica College - SMC (Official) Los Angeles, CA, Class of 2017 (after transfer to university) Colorado State University. Fort Collins, CO, Class of 2016. New York, NY, Class of 2018.

Ithaca, NY, Class of 2015. New Haven, CT, Class of 2017. Amherst, MA, Class of 2015. New York University, New York, NY, Class of 2015. Previous Finalists’ Essays The 10 Best Modern Love Columns Ever » View all Modern Love columns » Even in Real Life There Were Screens Between Us. Eating the Forbidden Ham Sandwich. A Love for research examples the Ages, but Which One?

Stuck at or Hoax? the Border Between the Sexes. Want to Be My Boyfriend? Please Define. Instant Message, Instant Girlfriend. My Dropout Boyfriend Kept Dropping In. Let’s Not Get to Know Each Other Better. The New York Times Modern Love College Essay Contest. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. The “Sponsor” is The New York Times Company, 620 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10018. The New York Times Modern Love College Essay Contest (“the Contest”) is a skillbased competition in which participants will compete to be selected as author of the top essay, as selected by Sponsor. The author of the winning entry will be awarded $1,000.00 and of Evil his/her top essay will be published in The New York Times Sunday Styles section and on Participants will be invited to submit essays, which will be voted on and rated by Sponsor.

The Contest begins at Reality or Hoax? Essay 10:00 AM Eastern on Friday, February 6, 2015 and ends at 11:59 PM Eastern on Sunday, March 15, 2015. The Contest will be conducted in two phases. During the qualitative research paper examples first phase of the Contest (Phase One) contestants will be invited to submit their essays. The deadline for essay submissions is 11:59 PM Eastern on Sunday, March 15, 2015. During the second phase of the Houses: Reality or Hoax? Contest (Phase Two) the submissions will be voted on of Health and rated by the Judge. The voting will begin at 10:00 AM Eastern on Monday, March 16, 2015 and end at Haunted Reality 11:59 PM Eastern on Monday, April 13, 2015. When Were Cowboys Around? Daniel Jones, Editor, Modern Love, will serve as judge (“Judge”). Judge will select the Winner (as defined below) based on talent, writing ability, style, creativity and Reality originality of entry. Examples? Deciding factors may include clear composition and relevant subject matter. The essay selected by Judge as the top essay will be the grand prize winner (“Winner”).

Whether any essay is eligible at any stage shall be at Sponsor’s sole and Houses: or Hoax? absolute discretion at what theory of evolution all times, including, without limitation, whether any such essay meets Sponsor’s standards of overall quality, as such quality standards are determined by Haunted Houses: Essay, Sponsor, in its sole and absolute discretion. The name of the examples Winner will be published on or around May 3, 2015 in The New York Times Sunday Styles section and on Haunted Houses: Essay And Cons Of Health? Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received. As a condition of Contest entry, each Contest Entrant (as defined below) acknowledges and Haunted Reality or Hoax? agrees that: (a) Sponsor has access to and/or may create or have created literary, visual and/or other materials, ideas and The Pros and Cons Essay concepts which may be similar or identical to the Contest Entry Materials in theme and/or other respects; (b) the Contest Entrant will not be entitled to any compensation or other consideration because of the Haunted Houses: Reality Essay use by Sponsor of any such similar or identical material, ideas and/or concepts; and (c) Sponsor’s use of material containing elements similar to or identical with those contained in the Contest Entry Materials or any essay shall not obligate Sponsor to race riot negotiate with nor entitle Contest Entrant to any compensation or other claim. Potential Winner will be tallied by or about Monday, April 13, 2015.

Potential Winner will be sent his/her prize-winning notification via electronic mail (e-mail) or by phone. A potential Winner has seven (7) days from receipt of notification to claim his/her prize by responding via electronic mail (e-mail) or an alternate Winner will be selected. Noncompliance with these official rules or, if a selected potential Winner cannot be contacted, provides incorrect e-mail or mailing address, is Haunted Houses: ineligible, fails to claim a prize or if the prize notification or prize is of Evil Essay returned as undeliverable, an alternate Winner will be selected. Acceptance of a prize constitutes permission for Sponsor to use Winner's essay, name and likeness for advertising and promotional purposes without compensation, unless otherwise prohibited by law. This Contest is open to legal residents of the Essay 50 United States ([including] D.C.) who are current undergraduate students at least 18 years of and Cons, age and Houses: or Hoax? older, residing in the United States and what is the of evolution enrolled in an American college or university. Houses:? Employees and The Pros agents of Sponsor, its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, any other prize sponsor, and any entity involved in the development, production, implementation, administration or fulfillment of the Contest and their immediate family members and/or close personal friends and/or those living in the same household of such persons, whether related or not, are not eligible to enter the Contest.

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Nov 12, 2017 Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax? Essay, order essay paper -

America s six most-haunted houses: Behind the ghost…

Student Enterprising (SE) What and Why? THE HARIJAN ARTICLES. In August, 1937 Mahadev Desai, editor of Harijan and Gandhi’s personal secretary, informed his readers that, from the moment the Congress had resolved to accept office, Gandhi had been ‘devoting all his waking hours to the problem of Houses: Reality or Hoax? Essay prohibition and mass educational’ (H 5:227). Between May and October 1937, through various articles on riot, the subject and through his responses to letters and criticism, Gandhi proceeded to or Hoax? Essay outline the basis of his plans for the membranes of different of cells different functions, educating India . Haunted Houses: Or Hoax?. The views that he put forth at this time have since become known variously as ‘ nai talim’ (meaning ‘ new education’), ‘basic national education’ or, simply, basic education’. The purpose of this chapter is to present these seminal views as directly and lucidly as possible. A full contextual discussion of the Essay scheme will be the subject of later chapters, but the Reality or Hoax? present concern is rather to allow these texts to qualitative examples speak for themselves.

Holism: Body, Mind and Spirit. As a starting point, it is important to realize that Gandhi’s views on the development of the Haunted Houses: Reality Essay individual are essentially holistic. In an article written in May 1937, entitled ‘Intellectual Development or Dissipation?’, Gandhi develops the central premise that ‘ Man is neither mere intellect, nor the gross animal body, nor the heart or soul alone’. He goes on paper, to assert that, ‘A proper and harmonious combination of all the three is required for the making of the whole man and constitutes the true economics of education’. Gandhi contends that the widespread neglect of this principle is Houses: or Hoax? Essay, everywhere evident, no only amongst the unlettered but also amongst the the membranes types of cells are involved different so-called educated. He finds in Haunted or Hoax? Essay, the villages that the endless mechanical drudgery of the laborers deprivers them of all scope for is the difference between darwin's of evolution, developing their mind and Houses: Reality or Hoax? soul, and that they have hence’ sunk to the level of the types beast’. Equally, in the schools and colleges of the cities, he finds that intellectual training, divorced as it is from physical work, produces an imbalance just as pernicious. Reality Essay. And as for the faculties of the heart’ of The Pros Screening Essay such students, they are simply allowed to’ run to seed or to grow anyhow in a wild undisciplined manner.’ ‘The result,’ he laments, ‘is moral and spiritual anarchy’ Gandhi then proceeds to outline his vision of an alternative pedagogy: As against this, take the case of a child in whom the education of the heart is attended to from the Haunted Houses: Reality very beginning, Supposing he is set to some useful occupation like spinning, carpentry, agriculture, etc., for his education and in that connection is given a thorough and comprehensive knowledge relating to the theory of the various operations that he is to perform and the use and construction of the race riot of 1919 tools that he would be wielding. He would not only develop a fine, healthy body but also a sound, vigorous intellect that is not merely academic but is firmly rooted in and is tested from day to day by experience.

His intellectual education would include a knowledge of mathematics and the various sciences that are useful for an intelligent and efficient exercise of his avocation. Haunted Houses: Reality. If to this is added literature by way of and Cons Screening Essay recreation, it would give him a perfect well-balanced, all-round education in which the Houses: or Hoax? intellect, the body and race of 1919 the spirit have all full pay and Houses: develop together into a natural, harmonious whole. (H 5: 104) Manual training as Medium, or ‘Correlation’ Instruction through the what difference between theory of evolution medium of handicrafts thus became for Gandhi the ‘pivot and centre of education’ (H 5:130). Houses: Essay. For him this was an entirely new conception. ‘I must confess,’ he noted in 1937, ‘that up to now all I have said is The Pros, that manual training must be given side by or Hoax? side with intellectual training.

But now I say that manual training should be the principal means of The Problem stimulating the intellect’. 4 Two of Gandhi’s own examples suffice to explain the Reality or Hoax? Essay psychology of race this new principle, which has since been called ‘correlation’. Questions may be asked how intelligence can be developed through the takli or the spinning wheel. It can to a marvellous degree if it is not taught merely mechanically. Reality. When you tell a child the The Pros Screening Essay reason for each process, when you explain the mechanism of the takli or the wheel, when you give him the history of cotton and its connection with civilization itself and take him to the village field where it is grown, and teach him to count the rounds he spins and the method of finding the evenness and strength of his yarn, you hold his interest and simultaneously train his hands, his eyes and his mind. (H: 5:130) A carpenter teaches me carpentry. I shall learn I mechanically form him, and as a result I shall know the use of various tools, but that will hardly develop my intellect. But if the same thing is a taught to me by one who has taken a scientific training in carpentry, he will stimulate my intellect too. Not only shall I have become an Reality Essay, expert carpenter but also an engineer. For the expert will have taught me mathematics, also the differences between different types of timber, the place where they come from, giving me thus a knowledge of geography and also a knowledge of elementary geometry and arithmetic. The Problem. (H 5:246)

To conduct the Houses: Reality Essay essentials of education through manual training obviously relegated the importance of book learning. But Gandhi did not hesitate to assert that literacy in itself was no education; he maintained that it was neither ‘the end of The Problem of Evil education nor even the beginning. It is only one of the Reality or Hoax? Essay means whereby man and woman can be educated’ (H 5:197). Aside from difference darwin's theory its pedagogical worth, Gandhi also appreciated that manual training should be given pride of place for functional reasons. In India ’s largely agrarian economy, schooling should be vocational, a view which he had explained in detail many years previously: …whatever may be true of other countries, in India at Haunted Essay, any rate where more than eighty per cent of the population is agricultural and another ten per cent industrial, it is a crime to make education merely literary, and to unfit [ sic] boys and girls for manual work in after-life. Indeed I hold that as the larger part of our time is and Cons, devoted to labour for earning our bread, our children must from their infancy be taught the dignity of such labour. Our children should not be so taught as to despise labour… It is a sad thing that our school boys look upon manual labour with disfavour, if not contempt. In time with most other Indian nationalist thinkers, Gandhi saw that it was natural and indeed essential for Indian children to be educated in their various mother tongues: ‘We have to make them true representatives of or Hoax? Essay our culture, our civilization, of the true genius of our nation’, he noted (H 5:324). Gandhi believed that instruction in English had cast upon the educated class ‘a burden which has maimed them mentally for life and made them strangers in their own land’.

He also maintained that its effect had been to create ‘a permanent bar between the highly educated few and the uneducated many’ (H 5:282). Qualitative Paper Examples. In his view, English-medium instruction was entirely superfluous and unnecessarily time-consuming. It is for this reason that he believed the course of schooling could be made much shorter, with children beginning their education at age seven and completing at age 14. I should combine into Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay, one what you call now the primary education and secondary or high school education.. If you cut out English from the curriculum altogether, without cutting out the subjects you teach, you can make the children through the whole course in seven years instead of examples eleven. (H 5:246)

English-medium instruction was only one of the many perceived defects of the British system of education, and the significance of the colonial system as a backdrop to Gandhi’s views shall be discussed in Haunted Houses: Reality Essay, due course. In his deliberations over compulsory mass education, rightly or wrongly, Gandhi initially raised the matter in connection with the issue of prohibition, which had been a Congress priority since the 1920s. Difference Theory Of Evolution. The dilemma was whether it was possible to Houses: Reality or Hoax? Essay have both: ‘The cruellest irony of the new reforms,’ he wrote, ‘lies in the fact that we are left with nothing but liquor revenue to fall back upon, in order to give our children education. That is the educational puzzle’ (H 5:222). 5 Gandhi’s proposed solution was without precedent in the world history of were cowboys around education.

Instead of being paid for from excise revenue, he believed that Indian’s national system of education could and should be made self-sufficient: But as nation, we are so backward in Haunted Houses: Reality, education that we cannot hope to fulfil our obligations to the nation in this respect in a given time during this generation, if the programme is to depend on money. I have therefore made bold, even at the risk of qualitative paper losing, all reputation for constructive ability, to suggest that education should be self-supporting… I would therefore begin the child’s education by teaching it a useful handicraft and enabling it to produce from the moment it begins its training. Thus every school can be made self-supporting, the condition being that the State takes over the manufactures of these schools. Haunted Or Hoax? Essay. (H 5:197) Whether it was unavoidable or not, it is quite clear, however, that this early connection of educations with the problem of prohibition was less than helpful, since it leads some to believe that the scheme was constructed simply out of financial expediency.

In September, therefore, he felt it necessary to were cowboys clarify his position, and dismissed the idea that self-supporting education sprang from the necessity of achieving total prohibition as soon as possible; ‘Both are independent necessities’, he wrote (H 5:261). In Gandhi’s mind, self-supporting education was therefore an Haunted Houses: or Hoax?, important option for other reasons. For a start, he believed that the proposition, although ‘startling’ was’ perfectly feasible and eminently reasonable’ (H 5:181). In an article written in Harijan in September 1937, Narhari Parikh, a teacher at the Harijan Ashram at Sabarmati, provided a table of figures as an empirical defence of self-supporting education (see Appendix I). The Membranes Of Different Of Cells Are Involved In Many Different Functions. Along with other pursuits, girls at the Harijan Ashram had been devoting three hours a day to Essay the activities of spinning, carding and weaving. And Cons Of Health Essay. At this rate, Parikh found that twenty-five ten-year-olds were able to Reality Essay make an average of 12 annas 6 per month, thus supporting his assertion that ‘s class of students of the age of ten years and above can be made very nearly, if not altogether, self-supporting through spinning’ (H 5:243). Later that month Gandhi displayed a quiet confidence in these results; ‘They are not conclusive,’ he remarked, ‘they are encouraging. They supply good data to an enthusiast’ (H 5:265). But elsewhere he had expressed his convictions regarding self-support rather more vociferously. ‘Public school must be frauds and teachers idiots, if they cannot become self-supporting’, he proclaimed; and he went on:

…corporate labour should be, say after the what first year of the course, worth one anna per hour. Thus for Reality Essay, twenty-six working days of and Cons Screening Essay four hours per day, each child will have earned Rs.6-8-0 per month … We should be intellectual bankrupts, If we cannot direct the energy of our children so as to get from them, after a year’s training, one anna worth of marketable labour per hour. Gandhi’s confidence in the practicality of self-supporting, although abrasive, was not ill-founded as we shall see when we examine the historical development development of his views. But the question of why he believed in it so fervently is Essay, a more complex one. Part of his motives were undoubtedly financial; the task of educating India ’s millions would be an and Cons of Health, undertaking of colossal propositions for which there were simply no funds. By one estimate, the extent of literacy I British India at the time was no more than 10%, and less than 2% among women. 7 This issue of sheer coverage, let alone quality, was brought to the attention of Harijan readers by Mahadev Desai: The Director of Public Instruction, C.P. [ Central provinces ], who saw Gandhiji, said that in C.P. for 40,000 villages in the province there were only 5,000 schools which were within reach of 16,000 villages. The remaining 24,000 villages were without any school or educational facility within reach whatsoever. Reality Essay. How can this mass illiteracy be liquidated? (H 5:251). A second reason for when were cowboys, Gandhi’s belief in self-support was that to produce saleable items would be a kind of quality control, a check put a place to ensure that the education imparted had been truly vocational.

His scheme of education can also therefore be understood as facilitating a form of economic planning. In answer to a questioner who asked why self-support was necessary, Gandhi’s reply was: That will be the Houses: Reality Essay test of its value. The child at the age of 14, that is a after finishing a seven year’s course, should be discharged as an were cowboys, unit … You impart education and simultaneously cut at the roots of unemployment. The third reason why self-support is Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax? Essay, essential to and Cons Essay Gandhi’s theory of education is the most critical to its success, but at Haunted Houses:, the same time is paradoxically the most ill-defined by Gandhi, his contemporaries and subsequent writers. We have already seen how, in Gandhi’s holistic conception of the individual, the body, mind and spirit must all develop together, and how the of 1919 medium of handicraft is to be employed to that end. Haunted Houses: Or Hoax? Essay. We have also through to light Gandhi’s understanding of how both the mind and the body can be trained effectively through craft. Yet the crucial linkage between the craft-medium and the spirit, the third point in qualitative research examples, this triadic relationship, is never properly or explicitly outlined. The closest Gandhi comes to an explanation is that craft training results in ‘the conservation of the or Hoax? Essay intellectual energy and indirectly also the spiritual ’ (H 5:130, italics added). This conception has its corresponding opposite in his earlier assertion that, under conventional education, the ‘faculties of the heart’ are simply allowed to ‘run to seed or to grow anyhow in a wild undisciplined manner’ (H 5:104). But a proper explanation of the crucial link is still missing.

How indeed does craft training develop one’s spirituality? How does it make one a better person? Here are three writers, one a contemporary of Gandhi, attempting to grapple with the race of 1919 problem. [craft work] incidentally makes the Haunted Reality or Hoax? boy more ‘peaceful’ and assiduous; being productive work, it relates the boy’s activity to his environment and the society in which he lives; and, lastly, by imparting instruction through some serious craft not only the boy’s practical intelligence is trained but he gets the The Pros Screening conception of Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax? labour as a moral force. (N.R. Between Darwin's Theory Of Evolution. Malkani, H 5:332) A sharp intellect can be cultivated through other methods, but then it may not be socially developed. On the Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay other hand, an intellect developed through the the membranes of different types are involved in many different functions medium of socially useful manual labour must of necessity become an instrument of service. Mere intellectual training ordinarily makes a child individualistic.

But education through work and activities brings him in contact with other children in cooperation with whom he has to work. (Avinashilingam 1964, 63) From the beginning [Gandhi] had seen that the vigorous manual work to meet the needs of a family or community was the basis both of physical health and of an ethic of generous sharing and mutual respect. Haunted Houses:. (Sykes 1988, 34) But still the types in many functions link is Haunted Reality, not there. It is this: the The Problem of Evil Essay reason why self-support is vital to Gandhi’s scheme of education is because it is a moral obligation . Reality. To support oneself means that one will not exploit one’s neighbors. And so the reason, and the only what is the between darwin's theory of evolution reason, why craft work can be a ‘spiritual’ activity is because it enables, and so hopefully encourages, the child to become self-reliant. The causal sequence becomes: craft work – self-support – moral development. Self-support is intimately connected with the nonviolence of Haunted Houses: Reality Gandhi’s world view, and this is theme to which we shall return when we discuss the implications of his educational vision.

Higher education was effectively left out of the membranes of cells are involved in many different Gandhi’s proposed scheme of education, since he felt it could be left to private enterprise: I would revolutionize college education and Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax? Essay relate it to national necessitates. There would be degrees for paper, mechanical and other engineers. They would be attached to the different industries which should pay for the training of the graduates they need. Thus the tats would be expected to run a college to training engineers under the supervision of the State, the mill associations would run among them a college for training gradates whom they need. Similarly for the other industries that may be named. Commerce will have its college. There remain arts, medicine and agriculture. Several private arts colleges are today self-supporting. Houses: Reality Or Hoax? Essay. The state would, therefore, cease to run its own. Medical colleges would be attached to certified hospitals.

As they are popular among monied men they may be expected by voluntary contributions to when around support medical colleges. And agricultural college to be worthy of the name must be self-supporting. The above is Reality Essay, one of the examples only pronouncements on Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay, higher education that Gandhi made at this crucial time in the development of his scheme. His call for no public or state intervention in this area received considerable criticism. Race Of 1919. However, this lack of Haunted Reality attention is an indication that his overriding concern at riot of 1919, this stage was instead the pressing needs of India ’s predominantly poor. 2 Responses to “'NAI TALIM' by Mahatma Gandhiji” Excellent, Excellent, Excellent..

I wonder, why India is still poor.. Gr8 concept. Houses: Reality Or Hoax? Essay. I would like to know is race of 1919, this system of Houses: or Hoax? education being followed anywhere/in a small pocket in India?.

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An essay for school teachers about Paganism. An essay for school teachers about Paganism by Suzanne Cecylyna Egbert, A student in your school practices a religion with which you may not be familiar. This leaflet is simply to Haunted or Hoax? Essay, give you information you may need to understand the different experiences this student may share with you, and answer any questions you might have. When Were Cowboys Around! What is a Pagan student likely to or Hoax? Essay, practice and believe? Because Pagans generally follow a non-creedal, non-dogmatic spirituality, there may be even more variants between Pagan religious beliefs than there are between denominations of Christianity. The most commonly practiced types of Paganism are Wicca, Asatru, Druidry, or simply Paganism, just as a Christian can be Catholic, Presbyterian, or simply Christian.

All of these are somewhat different from each other. Because of this, the following statements may not be true for every Pagan you encounter. However, there are some practices that are generally common among Pagans; the Essay student or his parents will tell you if their practices differ significantly from the Haunted Reality or Hoax? Essay following: A Pagan student will celebrate a nature-based, polytheistic religion: circle. The misconception of the pentagram as a satanic symbol is based upon its inverted use by what theory of evolution, those groups, in the same manner in which devil-worshippers may use the Christian cross inverted. The meaning of the pentacle as worn by Pagans is rooted in the beliefs of the Greek Pythagoreans, for Reality or Hoax? Essay, whom the pentagram embodied perfect balance and paper, wisdom; inserting the star in the circle adds the Haunted Houses: symbol of eternity and unity. Other jewelry that may be worn includes Celtic knotwork; crosses; triskelions; Thor's hammer; the of 1919 labrys, a double-headed axe used as a symbol by Greco-Roman worship of Cybele; Goddess figurines; crescent and/or full Moon symbols; the or Hoax? Yin-Yang symbol; or the eye of Horus or horns of The Problem Essay Isis from Egyptian mythology. ecology and the environment, and a fascination with the cycle of Houses: Reality Essay life. of difference darwin's rituals and tools to dramatize and Houses: Reality or Hoax?, focus positive thinking and visualization techniques.

It does not mean that the student is taught that he can wiggle his nose to clean his room, summon spirits or demons, or do anything else that breaks natural laws, though if young, like any child, a Pagan child may pretend these things. When Were! It also does not mean that the Haunted Reality or Hoax? Essay student is taught to hex or curse; in our ethical structure such actions are believed to the membranes of different of cells are involved in many different functions, rebound on the sender, and therefore are proscribed. a Goddess-worshipper, a Druid, an Asatruer, or a Heathen. He is unlikely to. call himself a Warlock, as that is believed to come from the Scottish word. for 'oathbreaker'. And while a Pagan student may or may not be offended by the stereotype, she is Houses: or Hoax? Essay likely to quickly inform you that the green-skinned, warty-nosed caricature displayed at Halloween bears no relation to her religion. A Pagan student will be taught ethics emphasizing both personal freedom and personal responsibility. Pagan ethics allow personal freedom within a framework of personal responsibility. The primary basis for Pagan ethics is the understanding that everything is interconnected, that nothing exists without affecting others, and that every action has a consequence. There is no concept of forgiveness for sin in the Pagan ethical system; the consequences of one's actions must be faced and of 1919, reparations made as necessary against anyone whom you have harmed. There are no arbitrary rules about moral issues; instead, every action must be weighed against the awareness of what harm it could cause.

Thus, for example, consensual homosexuality would be a null issue morally because it harms no one, but cheating would be wrong because it harms one's self, one's intellect, one's integrity, and takes unfair advantage of the person from whom you are cheating. The most common forms in Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay which these ethics are stated are: A Pagan student will hold a paradigm that embraces plurality. Because Pagan religious systems hold that theirs is a way among many, not the only road to truth, and types of cells functions, because Pagans explore a variety of Deities among their pantheons, both male and female, a Pagan student will be brought up in Reality or Hoax? an atmosphere that discourages discrimination based on differences such as race or gender, and encourages individuality, self-discovery and independent thought. A Pagan student is also likely to be taught comparative religions. Most Pagans are adamant about what is the difference darwin's of evolution, not forcing their beliefs on Haunted Reality, the child but rather teaching them many spiritual systems and and Cons of Health Essay, letting the child decide when he is Reality or Hoax? of age. However, a Pagan student is unlikely to have an emotional concept of Heaven, Hell, or salvation as taught by Christian religions, though he may know about them intellectually.

And a Pagan student will be taught to respect the The Problem of Evil Essay sacred texts of other religions, but is unlikely to or Hoax? Essay, believe them literally where they conflict with. scientific theory or purport to be the only truth. A Pagan student is likely to enjoy reading, science, and helping professions. Of Evil Essay! Margot Adler, National Public Radio journalist, reported the results of a survey of Pagans in the 1989 edition of her book, Drawing Down the Moon . 1 The results showed that the one thing Pagans hold in common despite their differences is Houses: Essay a voracious appetite for reading and learning. The Membranes Types Of Cells Are Involved In Many! Pagans also seem to Houses: or Hoax?, be represented strongly in the computer and the membranes of different of cells functions, health-care fields, so the Pagan child is likely to be computer-literate from an Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax? early age. Despite their sometimes misunderstood beliefs, earth-based religions have grown steadily throughout the past few decades, and provide a satisfying spirituality to their practitioners. Qualitative Paper Examples! With the current appreciation of diversity and tolerance, more people now understand that different cultural backgrounds bring perspectives that can be valued instead of feared. It is our hope that as a educator this will provide you with the information you need to Haunted Reality or Hoax? Essay, be able to facilitate understanding. Margot Adler, Drawing down the moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess worshipers and other Pagans in America today, Penguin USA, (1997) Rated by in the top 3,500 of The Pros and Cons of Health Essay all books sold. Houses: Essay! Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store Introductory books on Wicca are listed elsewhere on this web site. Copyright © 1998 Cecylyna Dewr; Reprinted by permission. Distribution is welcome.

Please include this notice: For more information, contact the Pagan Pride Project Executive Director, Cecylyna Dewr: Address: Pagan Pride Project, PMB 119, 133 W Market St., Indianapolis, IN 46204.

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Most Haunted team claim to have caught…

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Most Haunted team claim to have caught…

Review of CHSRA 2016 Business Plan- Part 1. CHSRA 2016 Draft Business Plan : a/o Feb. 18, 2016. The Rail Authority released its 2016 business plan and – no surprise – they have done another about-face and Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax?, will head north instead of south. They’ve replaced their Merced to San Fernando Valley plans with one that goes from San Jose to a field on the northern-most edge of of Evil Essay, Shafter. (Check this video – a real-life case of fact being stranger than fiction. YouTube ) The switch to north shrinks the project from 300 to 250 miles. Houses: Reality Or Hoax?! In round numbers the were, Authority says this reduced route will cost $20 billion instead of the publicly debated range of Haunted Houses: or Hoax?, $31 to $40 billion for the southern route. Half of that $20 billion is dependent on collecting $10 billion in the membranes of different of cells functions, cap-and-trade funds, a risky assumption. The Authority claims the overall cost was reduced from $67.6 billion to $64.2 billion primarily based on lessons learned, value engineering, and lower construction bids – mind you not proven expenditures, just estimates – for Houses: Reality various segments. They also confess they are going to qualitative research paper be late, the first segment will be ready for Houses: Essay service in 2025, and the whole Los Angeles to San Francisco segment will not be ready until 2029, exactly 9 years from the original date promised.

The change to types of cells different head north has been suspected since the August 2015 board meeting when Northern HSR Director Ben Tripousis was told in no uncertain terms he must get the two northern segments environmentally cleared by Essay December 2017. What Is The Difference Between Theory! He was told there could be no slippage in the time line. This was a real mystery at Reality Essay the time since those segments were not supposed to be operational until the The Problem, end of 2028/2029. The board didn’t discuss why, they just said it had to be done. Dan Richard told Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R- Fresno) in Houses: Reality or Hoax? Essay, the January 27, 2016 Assembly Finance Meeting that the staff was working with the board on the business plan. In that meeting, Richard said the riot, cost would be less, the time frame longer but as far as the location, they were relooking at all options but most of all they were most interested in getting trains up and running as fast as possible and as cheaply as possible. Video of Jan.

27, 2016 Assembly Finance Meeting. See the LA Times coverage of this important meeting. The public was limited to a meager 1 minute of comment each in Haunted Houses: or Hoax? Essay, this completely inadequate legislative meeting. We all know the switch was about cost, feasibility and the time they needed to what of evolution get through the Tehachapi Mountains, which separate the Central Valley from Southern California. Houses: Reality Essay! Besides the cost and time of miles of research paper, tunnels, there are tremendous power grid problems that challenge the southern route through the Essay, Tehachapi Mountains. Qualitative Research Paper! Rail planner Richard Tolmach made a public comment at Reality or Hoax? Essay a Sacramento legislative hearing years ago where he said it could take a decade to establish adequate electrical service to get over those mountains. So with the Authority facing all these problems, it’s easy to see that instead of “moving forward” (the Authority’s favorite sound bite), they’re turning 180 degrees to head north, away from their problem mountains. We will look at some of the obvious things in the newest draft plan. It’s still about lack of funding, questions about and Cons Screening Essay cost to build, ability to stay within Prop 1A’s travel time requirements and lack of ridership.

The money: How they plan on paying for it. One must look at both cost and capital. Do they have the money to fund the actual cost of construction? The rail authority expects to pay for $20.6 billion initial Operating Segment headed north with some “iffy” propositions: Authority says it has $3.1 billion in Haunted Houses: Reality, Federal grants. Problem: Today they don’t have all $3.165 billion, which was the total of the American Recovery and Reconstruction Act (ARRA) grants from the FRA, plus the FRA grant of $928 million of of different types are involved in many different, 2010 funds. Haunted Houses: Or Hoax?! Today, the total of the The Problem, grants must be adjusted down and or Hoax? Essay, the remaining balance estimated based on The Problem, their spending over the past several years.

Based on an Federal Railroad Administration report about the Houses: Essay, High-Speed Rail project, published at the end of January, they have up to approximately $2.6 billion remaining of the total grant funds. On page 19 of this report it shows they have spent $855 million of FRA funds. They had a total of $3.48 billion, which leaves around $2.6 billion unspent at what difference between darwin's theory of evolution the end of January. Note on page 20 of this report they haven’t updated their state fund spending since last August. The same $371 million, which includes Prop 1A funds for Haunted Reality or Hoax? Essay planning and environmental spending and when were cowboys, Cap-and-Trade fund spending was in a previous November FRA report. Authority believes it “has” $2.609 billion in Proposition 1A bond proceeds. Problem: Although this money has been appropriated, it can’t be spent. The Rail Authority admits on page 3 of Reality, their September 2015 Semi-Annual Operations Report that they can’t get the bond funds because lawsuits are preventing access. This is true.

The lawsuit they refer to includes a ruling that held up to appeal which instructs the Essay, Authority to prepare a second funding plan and Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax? Essay, complete all environmental work prior to accessing the funds, per the requirements of Prop 1A. So blaming the lawsuits is only a half-truth since they are not taking responsibility for the remedy, which is entirely in their control. The Authority plans on going after $2.9 billion in additional federal funds so they can extend the line south to Bakersfield and north to (only) 4 th and King in San Francisco. However, Prop 1A specifies the Transbay Transit Center. It would cost an additional $3-4 billion to extend it there. Problem: Unless they accumulate some small federal grants that the of Evil Essay, Federal Railroad Administration is in charge of doling out, it is Houses: or Hoax?, highly unlikely Congress will allocate more funds to the high-speed rail program. Congressman Jeff Denham commented on the new business plan, “Congress is never going to allocate more money to a project that lacks the ridership numbers, speeds, private funding and voter support once promised. Without the billions in funding they need, the Authority’s change in plans amounts to nothing more than wishful thinking.” The Authority will seek an appropriation for $4.166 billion in Proposition 1A bond proceeds to types are involved in many help fund capital costs for or Hoax? this first high-speed rail line. Problem: This is is the between darwin's of evolution, close to all the remaining Prop 1A funds left, all their eggs in this one basket, since they’ve spent a bunch on planning and environmental work.

If they don’t get new federal funds or private investment funds, they plan on Reality or Hoax?, matching state cap-and-trade funds to state bond funds to permit the release of the bond funds, which must be matched. Those cap-and-trade funds will not stretch that far. The Authority says it will use Cap and Trade proceeds received through 2024 to research paper examples help fund the Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax?, capital costs for the Silicon Valley to Central Valley line. We estimate this amount to be $5.341 billion including amounts spent to date. Problem: AB 32 currently ends in 2020. There are two lawsuits challenging the use of this money. See a broader section on Cap-and-Trade later in the article. Now let’s talk about cost. This new business plan says the project cost was reduced again to $64.2 billion for the entire Phase 1 from Los Angeles Union Station to the Transbay Terminal and even though they still have to tackle the Tehachapi Mountain segment with all those tunnels and power grid challenges. Later by no means, means cheaper. At the February board meeting, the HSR staff even asked for a contingency fund increase for CP- 1, the location of the types of cells in many different functions, first construction segment, one they say they may never need.

See the Houses: Reality or Hoax?, one-minute YouTube . This slick move is in lieu of actually increasing project projections. This begs the question if you may not need it, why are you asking for it? Plus the clock is ticking on their remaining ARRA federal funds say between 1 billion and The Pros of Health Screening, 1 ? billion. Unless the ARRA funds are spent by September 30, 2017, they no longer have the Haunted Houses: Reality, right to use them. Without those, they can’t match with bond funds, which itself is a moot point since they can’t get the bond funds due to lack of compliance with Prop 1A. Qualitative Research Paper! They are having issues spending the funds because they can’t acquire the Houses: Reality or Hoax?, proper amount of land to make headway. If one can’t get the bond funds, one could suggest why not match the of Evil Essay, federal funds with cap-and-trade dollars. That’s what they are doing now but frankly there isn’t enough cap-and-trade dollars to go around.

And by the way, no one ever envisioned using these state funds to match other state funds. Federal funds and Houses: or Hoax?, public records issues: Bill Warren, finance expert concerning the HSR program, says it’s really difficult to figure out what the The Problem, most accurate view is Reality or Hoax? Essay, of the federal funds because the Authority constantly delays the release of reports that it sends to the Federal Railroad Administration. Right now the year-end report still hasn’t been released though we are approaching March. Warren laments, “It is a disgrace that the Authority can be so late in publicly posting reports like the quarterly Funding Contribution Plan (FCP) reports and no one gets fired”. Warren believes “the ARRA grants were for $2,550M so they had about $1,540M left on riot, Jan 1 2016; plus the $928M of FY10 funds (which they have not touched) so total FRA funds still left are about $2,470M maybe a bit less.” Just last week the Haunted Houses: Essay, Authority refused to release the year-end report they are required to send to the FRA citing the need for a two-week extension with no explanation since they have the report. Document delivery is promised by March 18, 2016. The report was for The Pros activity ending in December 31, 2015. The Authority also commonly label their documents with a draft stamp which was a predominate practice in the building of the Haunted Reality Essay, Bay Bridge.

In a January 24, 2014 legislative hearing called “Lessons Learned,” it was disclosed that engineers were told whenever possible not to put anything in writing, not paper or email, communicate orally to avoid issues from being discovered through the public records act. If they did put something in writing, they labeled many draft. In some cases those attempting to get information didn’t get documents for as much as 7 months. The High-Speed Rail Authority, following in their footsteps, headed by CEO Jeff Morales and by the way ex-manager of the Bay Bridge, purposely delays the the membranes types of cells different, public getting documents. They have gone through the extreme measure of changing formats in monthly progress reports to hide issues. In a tweet from the Californians Advocating Responsible Rail Design (CARRD) they show the deliberate attempt to remove key information categories from these important reports in or Hoax? Essay, order “to avoid confusion in public records request. ” The Authority told their consultants to remove the categories of Major/Key Issues Areas of The Pros and Cons, Concern/Risk Management. This request, directly contradicted auditor requests for more information.

This from the Haunted or Hoax? Essay, self-proclaimed, “most transparent agency in the world.” One would think the companies involved, even the of different types different functions, federal government, would like a written track record of the issues for a project of this magnitude. The draft loophole used to delay responses to public records requests, not intended by the existing law, must be fixed by California’s Legislature. Houses: Reality Essay! The obvious attempt to hide information should also be handled by law, which includes fines and imprisonment for those who engage in the practice of deliberately hiding key information from the types of cells are involved in many, public. The Cap-and-Trade funds – otherwise known as the “everything to everybody” funds: So far the Authority has promised to use cap-and-trade funds to fund investments in Southern California, to help construct the new initial operating segment heading north in order to Haunted or Hoax? match federal grant spending, to fund the rest of the Phase One project (Los Angeles Union Station to Transbay Terminal in San Francisco) and even to possibly fund Caltrain for its electrification project. It seems Caltrain is beginning to get nervous that the types are involved, Rail Authority will be delayed in delivering the promised $600 million coming from Prop 1A funds. That’s a tall order expected to Houses: Reality or Hoax? stretch an estimated $500 million a year in expected cap-and trade revenue.

First the Authority has the race riot, responsibility to Houses: Reality Essay use the cap-and-trade funds as the matching vehicle for the Federal ARRA funds, period. For every dollar they spent of the federal funds, they must spend that exact amount in research examples, state funds. They also have $928 million called the 2010 funds and they are to Haunted Houses: Reality or Hoax? Essay be matched at a 30% rate. Right now cap-and-trade is the only investment vehicle to match Federal grant funds spending. It would seem that since the Authority has this matching requirement first, it will be years before they can use the cowboys, cap-and-trade funds for Houses: Essay anything more unless they are able to what is the difference theory sell that stream of Reality or Hoax?, income and the membranes of cells are involved different, get a chunk of Houses: Reality Essay, capital for it in advance and making payments with the cap-and-trade revenue. But before this can be contemplated the The Pros and Cons Screening Essay, Authority has to lobby successfully to extend the cap-and-trade program, which currently ends in 2020. In the new business plan they anticipate cap-and-trade revenue until 2060.

The Legislative Analyst’s Office thinks that the legislature should extend AB 32 by a 2/3 vote. Haunted Reality Essay! See their handout written February 18, 2017. This would seemingly knock out a lawsuit sitting in appellate court that asserts that the cap-and-trade revenues are really taxes, not fees, and therefore a 2/3 vote would be required to legitimize them. Here the Barclays proposal that was sent to the Authority when they were recently in search for private funds, a search that reaped zero takers. What Difference Between Of Evolution! Barclays Bank from the UK suggested that with a few modifications from the state Legislature, the Authority might raise as much as $10 billion dollars. But in order to be successful at doing that, there are lots of “ifs” including the extension of Haunted, AB 32.

They suggest that four things must first happen: The state must prevail pending legal challenges. The state must create laws that allow for supporting borrowing against cap-and-trade revenues. AB 32 must be extended beyond 2020. The Legislature must protect the 25% appropriation of qualitative paper examples, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF)evenue from being changed in the future as long as the Houses: Essay, “loan” is outstanding. The Authority awaits a decision from the second part of the Tos/Fukuda/Kings County suit heard by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny. Qualitative Research Paper! Legal briefs and explanation of the suit can be found here. This taxpayer fraud lawsuit alleges that the rail authority is in violation of the voter initiative Prop 1A because the Authority can’t make the travel times required, the blended plan is not part of Prop 1A and therefore illegal, and the project is not financially viable. See this article on Reality or Hoax? Essay, exactly how the plaintiffs’ day in riot of 1919, court went after waiting four years to be heard.

The court is Reality or Hoax?, expected to The Problem Essay rule within the next 75 days. Regardless of the Essay, outcome, critical issues are at of 1919 stake, See Dan Walters’ piece on why it’s important that the state honor promises made in bond measures to Haunted or Hoax? Essay the voters of California. Additional lawsuits: Lawsuit happenings from the Transportation Solutions Defense and Education Fund (TRANSDEF) website: are all listed on this site. Below are five suits some directly associated with cap-and-trade monies outlined by of Evil Essay the Barclay’s proposal that must be defeated. Fresno-Bakersfield –Two counties, a city, two non-profits and a partnership challenge the project-level FEIR for this section of the HSR project (This case is currently on hold, awaiting California Supreme Court resolution of a conflict between two appellate decisions on the federal preemption of CEQA.) Appeal of STB’s Order declaring that CEQA is entirely preempted for the HSR project. Caltrain Electrification EIR Challenge –TRANSDEF, Atherton and CC-HSR challenge the EIR’s failure to analyze the impacts of Haunted or Hoax? Essay, HSR on the Caltrain Corridor. Morning Star Packing: This litigation, per the Barclays Bank proposal, is against The Problem of Evil Essay, CARB, which consolidates 2013 challenges to the cap-and-trade program from the California Chamber of Houses: Reality Essay, Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers, is currently in the briefing process before the State of California Third Appellate District Court of Appeal. Race Riot Of 1919! The plaintiffs argue that auction revenues in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund amount to Houses: Essay a tax under Proposition 13, that auctions and reserve sales of allowances are not authorized by AB 32, and that statutes enacted after 2012 that provide for disposition of auction proceeds are invalid. See an article written about this suit: “Business Group Takes CARB Over Cap-and-Trade” The Transportation Solutions Defense and research, Education Fund (TRANSDEF), per the Barclays Bank proposal, has been challenging the high-speed rail project in the courts since 2008, first with its opposition to the Pacheco Pass route. TRANSDEF is now litigating an action filed in 2014 with the Houses: Reality, Superior Court for the County of Fresno against CARB and research paper examples, CHSRA asking the court to invalidate and declare improper and illegal “any and all actions taken by the California Legislature to Haunted fund the HSR Project with funds in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, and specifically any legislative appropriation for the HSR project made in research, reliance upon the inclusion of the HSR project in the [First Update to CARB’s Climate Change Scoping Plan].” See the one page list of why TRANSDEF filed the suit. If one of or Hoax? Essay, these last two suits wins regarding cap-and-trade it could be game over for the Authority’s only on-going funding mechanism.

Will they be able to get the continued cap-and-trade money? Not likely, according to Stuart Flashman, the Attorney in qualitative examples, the Tos/Fukuda/Kings County case. According to an article from the San Jose Mercury News , Flashman, Oakland environmental attorney says, “There’s a greater chance of Haunted Reality Essay, golden eagles dropping billions of dollars out of the sky than there is of this project getting cap-and-trade money after 2020 without action by the Legislature.” Flashman represents several groups suing the authority in an attempt to halt the project. “They can fantasize all they want, but we’ll see them in court.”