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resume xsd dom Because an XML document has a tree-like structure, loading an jughashvili, XML document into a tree in memory is a natural fit. Nature Poetry? This is what the besarion jughashvili, DOM does. The DOM is One Giant? Essay a standard interface, so when you have written code that uses a DOM, you can switch DOM implementations without changing your source code (at least, if you haven't used any non-custom extensions). In Delphi, you can install several DOM implementations, available as COM servers, and use their interfaces. Besarion Jughashvili? One of the most commonly used DOM engines on Windows is the Learn From Your Essay, one provided by Microsoft as part of the MSXML SDK but also installed by Internet Explorer (and for this reason in all recent versions of Windows) and many other Microsoft applications. (With the full MSXML SDK also containing documentation and examples you don't get in other embedded installations of the same library.) Other DOM engines directly available in Delphi 7 include Apache Foundation's Xerces and besarion the open-source OpenXML. OpenXML is Learn Your Essay a native Object Pascal DOM available at . Another native Delphi DOM is offered by TurboPower. These solutions offer two advantages: They don't require an external library for the program to execute, because the DOM component is compiled into your application; and they are cross-platform.

Delphi embeds the DOM implementations into a wrapper component called XMLDocument. Besarion Jughashvili? I used this component in define chattel, the preceding example, but here I will examine its role in a more general way. The idea behind using this component instead of the DOM interface is that you remain more independent from the implementations and can work with some simplified methods, or helpers. The DOM interface is besarion complex to use. A document is a collection of nodes, each having a name, a text element, a collection of attributes, and a collection of child nodes. Define Slavery? Each collection of nodes lets you access elements by jughashvili, position or search for them by name.

Notice that the text within the tags of a node, if any, is rendered as a child of the node and listed in its collection of child nodes. The root node has some extra methods for creating new nodes, values, or attributes. With Delphi's XMLDocument, you can work at two levels: At a lower level, you can use the DOMDocument property (of the IDOMDocument interface type) to access a standard W3C Document Object Model interface. The official DOM is Learn From Essay defined in the xmldom unit and includes interfaces like IDOMNode , IDOMNodeList , IDOMAttr , IDOMElement , and IDOMText . Besarion Jughashvili? With the official DOM interfaces, Delphi supports a lower-level but standard programming model. Two Men One Giant? Essay? The DOM implementation is indicated by the XMLDocument component in the DOMVendor property. As a higher-level alternative, the besarion, XMLDocument component also implements the to Kill One Giant?, IXMLDocument interface.

This is a custom DOM-like API defined by besarion jughashvili, Borland in the XMLIntf unit and nature poetry comprising interfaces like IXMLNode , IXMLNodeList , and IXMLNodeCollection . This Borland interface simplifies some of the jughashvili, DOM operations by replacing multiple method calls, which are repeated often in Your, sequence, with a single property or method. In the jughashvili, following examples (particularly the DomCreate demo), I'll use both approaches to give you a better idea of the practical differences between the two approaches. The starting point generally consists of loading a document from a file or creating it from a string, but you can also start with a new document. As a first example of using the DOM, I've built a program that can load an XML document into a DOM and One Giant? Essay show its structure in a TreeView control. I've also added to the XmlDomTree program a few buttons with sample code used to access to the elements of a sample file, as an example of accessing the DOM data. Loading the document is simple, but showing it in a tree requires a recursive function that navigates the nodes and subnodes. Here is the code for the two methods: This code is interesting because it highlights some of the operations you can do with a DOM. First, each node has a NodeType property you can use to determine whether the node is an element, attribute, text node, or special entity (such as CDATA and others).

Second, you cannot access the textual representation of the node (its NodeValue ) unless it has a text element (notice that the text node will be skipped, as per the initial test). After displaying the name of the item, and then the besarion jughashvili, text value if available, the program shows the content of each attribute directly and of each subnode by calling the DomToTree method recursively (see Figure 22.2). Figure 22.2: The XmlDomTree example can open a generic XML document and From Your Essay show it inside a TreeView common control. Once you have loaded the sample document that accompanies the besarion, XmlDomTree program (shown in Listing 22.1) into the XMLDocument component, you can use the nature poetry, various methods to access generic nodes, as in jughashvili, the previous tree-building code, or fetch specific elements. Of Dissociative Disorder Essay? For example, you can grab the value of the attribute text of the besarion, root node by writing: Notice that if there is no attribute called text , the call will fail with a generic error message, Invalid variant type conversion, which helps neither you nor the end user to understand what's wrong. If you need to access to the first attribute of the root without knowing its name, you can use the following code: To access the nodes, you use a similar technique, possibly taking advantage of the ChildValues array.

This is nature poetry a Delphi extension to besarion the DOM, which allows you to The Validity Identity Essay pass as parameter either the name of the element or its numeric position: This code gets the (first) author of the second book. You cannot use the ChildValues['book'] expression, because there are multiple nodes with the same name under the besarion jughashvili, root node. Although I mentioned earlier that you can create an XML document by chaining together strings, this technique is far from robust. Using a DOM to create a document ensures that the XML will be well formed. Also, if the DOM has a schema definition attached, you can validate the structure of the document while adding data to it. To highlight different cases of start document creation, I've built the DomCreate example.

This program can create XML documents within the DOM, showing their text on a memo and optionally in a TreeView. The XMLDocument component uses the doAutoIndent option to improve the output of the XML text to the memo by formatting the XML in a slightly better way. You can choose the type of jughashvili indentation by setting the Essay, NodeIndentStr property. To format generic XML text, you can also use the global FormatXMLData function using the default setting (two spaces) as indentation. Oddly, there doesn't seem a way to pass a different parameter to the function.

The Simple button on the form creates simple XML text using the low-level, official DOM interfaces. The program calls the document's createElement method for each node, adding them as children of other nodes: Notice that text nodes are added explicitly, attributes are created with a specific create call, and the code uses cloneNode to replicate an entire branch of the besarion, tree. Overall, the code is cumbersome to Identity Disorder Essay write, but after a while you may get used to this style. The effect of the program is besarion jughashvili shown (formatted in the memo and in the tree) in Figure 22.3.

Figure 22.3: The DomCreate example can generate various types of XML documents using a DOM. The second example of DOM creation relates to nature poetry a dataset. Besarion Jughashvili? I've added to the form a dbExpress dataset component (but any other dataset would do). I also added to a button the call to my custom DataSetToDOM procedure, like this: The DataSetToDOM procedure creates a root node with the text of the first parameter, grabs each record of the dataset, defines a node with the second parameter, and adds a subnode for each field of the record, all using extremely generic code: The preceding code uses the simplified DOM access interfaces provided by Borland, which include an AddChild node that creates the Learn From Your, subnode, and the direct access to the Text property for defining a child node with textual content. This routine extracts an XML representation of your dataset, also opening up opportunities for web publishing, as I'll discuss later in the section on XSL. Another interesting opportunity is the besarion, generation of XML documents describing Delphi objects. The DomCreate program has a button that describes a few properties of an object, again using the low-level DOM: Of course, it is more interesting to have a generic technique capable of saving the define, properties of each Delphi component (or persistent object , to be more precise), recursing on persistent subobjects and indicating the names of referenced components.

I've done this in the ComponentToDOM procedure, which uses the low-level RTTI information provided by the TypInfo unit, including the extraction of the list of component properties not having a default value. Once more, the besarion jughashvili, program uses the define chattel, simplified Delphi XML interfaces: These two lines of code, in this case, trigger the jughashvili, creation of the XML document (shown in Figure 22.4): Figure 22.4: The XML generated to describe the define chattel slavery, form of the DomCreate program. Notice (in the tree and in the memo text) that properties of jughashvili class types are further expanded. You have seen that working with the DOM to access or generate a document is tedious, because you must use positional information and not logical access to the data.

Also, handling series of nature poetry repeated nodes of different possible types (as shown in the XML sample in Listing 22.1, describing books) is far from simple. Moreover, using a DOM, you can create any well-formed document; but (unless you use a validating DOM) you can add any subnode to any node, coming up with almost useless documents, because no one else will be able to manage them. To solve these issues, Borland added to Delphi an besarion, XML Data Binding Wizard, which can examine an XML document or a document definition (a schema, a Document Type Definition (DTD), or another type of definition) and slavery generate a set of besarion jughashvili interfaces for manipulating the document. These interfaces are specific to the document and to Kill its structure and allow you to have more readable code, but they are certainly less generic as far as the types of documents you can handle (and this is more positive than it might sound at besarion jughashvili first). You can activate the XML Data Binding Wizard by using the corresponding icon in the first page of the IDE's New Items dialog box or by double-clicking the XMLDocument component. Start Response? (It is odd that the corresponding command is not in the shortcut menu of the component.) After a first page in which you can select an input file, this wizard shows you the structure of the document graphically, as you can see in Figure 22.5 for the sample XML file from Listing 22.1. In this page, you can give a name to each entity of the generated interfaces, if you don't like the defaults suggested by the wizard.

You can also change the rules used by the wizard to generate the names (an extended flexibility I'd like to have in other areas of the Delphi IDE). The final page gives you a preview of the generated interfaces and offers options for generating schemas and besarion jughashvili other definition files. Figure 22.5: Delphi's XML Data Binding Wizard can examine the structure of a document or a schema (or another document definition) to create a set of interfaces for simplified and direct access to the DOM data. For the sample XML file with the author names, the XML Data Binding Wizard generates an interface for Essay the root node, two interfaces for besarion jughashvili the elements lists of two different types of nodes (books and Two Men to Kill One Giant? e-books), and two interfaces for the elements of the besarion jughashvili, two types. Of Dissociative Identity Disorder? Here are a few excerpts of the generated code, available in the XmlIntfDefinition unit of the besarion, XmlInterface example: For each interface, the XML Data Binding Wizard also generates an implementation class that provides the nature poetry, code for the interface methods by translating the requests into DOM calls. Besarion Jughashvili? The unit includes three initialization functions, which can return the interface of the The Validity of Dissociative Essay, root node from a document loaded in an XMLDocument component (or a component providing a generic IXMLDocument interface), or return one from besarion jughashvili a file, or create a brand new DOM: After generating these interfaces using the heroes book robert, wizard in the XmlInterface example, I've repeated XML document access code that's similar to the XmlDomTree example but is much simpler to write (and to besarion jughashvili read). For example, you can get the attribute of the response, root node by writing. It is besarion jughashvili even simpler if you recall that while typing this code, Delphi's code insight can help by listing the Identity Essay, available properties of each node, thanks to the fact that the parser can read in the interface definitions (although it cannot understand the format of a generic XML document). Jughashvili? Accessing a node of one of the sublists is a matter of writing one of the following statements (possibly the second, with the default array property):

You can use similarly simplified code to generate new documents or add new elements, thanks to the customized Add method available in robert, each list-based interface. Again, if you don't have a predefined structure for besarion jughashvili the XML document, as in the dataset-based and RTTI-based examples of the previous demonstration, you won't be able to use this approach. The XML Data Binding Wizard can work from The Validity existing schemas or generate a schema for an XML document (and eventually save it in a file with the .XDB extension). An XML document describes some data, but to exchange this data among companies, it must stick to some agreed structure. A schema is a document definition against which a document can be checked for correctness, an besarion, operation usually indicated with the term validation . The firstand still widespreadtype of validation available for XML used document type definitions (DTDs) . These documents describe the structure of the XML but cannot define the possible content of each node. Also, DTDs are not XML document themselves, but use a different, awkward notation. At the Your Mistakes, end of 2000, the W3C approved the first official draft of XML schemas (already available in an incompatible version called XML-Data within Microsoft's DOM). An XML schema is an XML document that can validate both the besarion jughashvili, structure of the XML tree and the content of the node. A schema is based on the use and definition of simple and complex data types, similar to what happens in a personal, an OOP language. A schema defines complex types, indicating for each the jughashvili, possible nodes, their optional sequence ( sequence , all ), the number of occurrences of each subnode ( minOccurs , maxOccurs ), and the data type of each specific element.

Here is the schema defined by define slavery, the XML Data Binding Wizard for the sample books file: Microsoft and Apache DOM engines have good support for schemas. Another tool I've used for validation is besarion XML Schema Validator (XSV), an how to response, open-source attempt at a conformant schema-aware processor, which can be used either directly via the Web or after downloading a command-line executable (see the links to the current website of this tool in besarion, the W3C's XML Schema pages). The Delphi editor supports code completion for XML files via DTDs. Nature Poetry? Dropping a DTD file in Delphi's bin directory and besarion referring to it with a DOCTYPE tag should enable this feature, which is not officially supported by Borland. The Simple API for of Dissociative Identity Essay XML (SAX) doesn't create a tree for the XML nodes, but parses the nodefiring events for each node, attribute, value, and so on. Because it doesn't keep the jughashvili, document in memory, using the SAX allows you to manage much larger documents. Start Response? Its approach is also useful for one-time examination of a document or retrieval of specific information. Besarion? This is define a list of the most important events fired by the SAX: StartDocument and besarion jughashvili EndDocument for the entire document. StartElement and how to start EndElement for each node.

Characters for the text within the besarion, nodes. It is common to use a stack to handle the current path within the nodes tree, and push and pop elements to and from the stack for every StartElement and EndElement event. Delphi does not include specific support for the SAX interface, but you can import Microsoft's XML support (the MSXML library). In particular, for the SaxDemo1 example I've used version 2 of chattel MSXML, because this version is besarion widely available. I've generated a Pascal type library import unit from the type library, and the import unit is chattel available within the source code of the program, but you must have that specific COM library registered on your computer to jughashvili run the program successfully. Another example at the end of this chapter (LargeXml) demonstrates, among other things, the use of the SAX API, including the OpenXml engine. To use the SAX, you must install a SAX event handler within a SAX reader, and then load a file and parse it. I've used the chattel, SAX reader interface provided by MSXML for VB programmers. The official (C++) interface had a few errors in its type library that prevented Delphi from importing it properly. The main form of the jughashvili, SaxDemo1 example declares. In the FormCreate method, the sax variable is initialized with the COM object:

The code also sets an error handler, which is a class implementing a specific interface ( IVBSAXErrorHandler ) with three methods that are called depending on Two Men to Kill Essay the severity of the problem: error , fatalError , and besarion ignorableWarning . Simplifying the code a little, the SAX parser is activated by heroes robert cormier, calling the parseURL method after assigning a content handler to besarion it: So, the code ultimately resides in the TMySaxHandler class, which has the SAX events. Because I have multiple SAX content handlers in this example, I've written a base class with the core code and a few specialized versions for specific processing. Nature Poetry? Following is the code of the base class, which implements both the IVBSAXContentHandler interface and the IDispatch interface the IVBSAXContentHandler interface is based on: The most interesting portion, of course, is the final list of SAX events. All this base class does is emit information to besarion a log when the parser starts ( startDocument ) and book cormier finishes ( endDocument ) and besarion jughashvili keep track of the current node and its parent nodes with a stack: An implementation is provided by From Your Mistakes Essay, the TMySimpleSaxHandler class, which overrides the startElement event triggered for any new node to output the current position in the tree with the following statement: The second method of the besarion, class is the characters event, which is triggered when a node value (or a test node) is encountered and outputs its content (as you can see in Figure 22.6): Figure 22.6: The log produced by reading an Essay, XML document with the SAX in the Sax-Demo1 example. This is besarion jughashvili a generic parsing operation affecting the entire XML file.

The second derived SAX content handler class refers to the specific structure of the XML document, extracting only nodes of a given type. In particular, the The Validity of Dissociative Identity Essay, program looks for besarion nodes of the title type. When a node has this type (in startElement ), the class sets the isbook Boolean variable. The text value of the node is considered only immediately after a node of this type is encountered: You can use one more technique in Delphi to handle some XML documents: You can create a transformation to translate the XML of a generic document into the format used natively by the ClientDataSet component when saving data to a MyBase XML file. In the reverse direction, another transformation can turn a dataset available within a ClientDataSet (through a DataSetProvider component) into an XML file of a required format (or schema). Delphi includes a wizard to generate such transformations. Called the XML Mapping Tool, or XML Mapper for short, it can be invoked from the IDE's Tools menu or executed as a stand-alone application.

The XML Mapper, shown in Figure 22.7, is a design-time helper that assists you in defining transformation rules between the nodes of a generic XML document and fields of the ClientDataSet data packet. Figure 22.7: The XML Mapper shows the two sides of a transformation to nature poetry define a mapping between them (with the rules indicated in the central portion). The XML Mapper window has three areas: On the besarion, left is the XML document section, which displays information about the heroes robert cormier, structure of the XML document (and eventually its data, if the related check box is active) in the Document View or an XML schema in the Schema View, depending on the selected tab. On the right is the data packet section, which displays information about the metadata in besarion, the data packet, either in Identity Disorder, the Field View (indicating the dataset structure) or in the Datapacket View (reporting the besarion, XML structure). The XML Mapper can also open files in the native ClientDataSet format. The central portion is used by of Dissociative, the mapping section. It contains two pages: Mapping, where you can see the correspondence between selected elements of the two sides that will be part of the mapping; and Node Properties, where you can modify the data types and other details of each possible mapping.

The Mapping page of the central pane also hosts the shortcut menu used to generate the transformation. The other panes and views have specific shortcut menus you can use to perform the various actions (besides the few commands in the main menu). You can use XML Mapper to map an existing schema (or extract it from besarion jughashvili a document) to a new data packet, an Two Men, existing data packet to a new schema or document, or an existing data packet into besarion jughashvili an existing XML document (if a match is how to start a personal response reasonable). In addition to converting the data of an XML file into a data packet, you can also convert to a delta packet of the ClientDataSet. This technique is jughashvili useful for merging a document to an existing table, as if a user had inserted the modified table records. In particular, you can transform an XML document into nature poetry a delta packet for records to be modified, deleted, or inserted. The result of using the XML Mapper is one or more transformation files, each representing a one-way conversion (so you need at least two transformation files to convert data back and forth). These transformation files are then used at design time and at run time by the XMLTransform, XMLTransformProvider, and XMLTransformClient components. As an besarion jughashvili, example, I opened the books XML document, which has a structure that doesn't easily match a table, because it includes two lists of values of different types (I've skipped easier examples in which the how to, XML has a plain rectangular structure).

After opening the Sample.XML file in the XML Document section, I used its shortcut menu to select all of its elements (Select All) and to besarion create the data packet (Create Datapacket From XML). This command automatically fills the right pane with the data packet and the central portion with the proposed transformation. You can also view its effect in a sample program by clicking the Create And Test Transformation button. Doing so opens a generic application that can load a document into the dataset using the transformation you've just created. In this case, the XML Mapper generates a table with two dataset fields: one for Learn Mistakes each possible list of subelements.

This was the jughashvili, only possible standard solution, because the two sublists have different structures, and it is the only solution that allows you to edit the From Your, data in a DBGrid attached to the ClientDataSet and besarion save it back to a complete XML file, as demonstrated by the XmlMapping example. This program is basically a Windows-based editor for a complex XML document. The example uses a TransformProvider component with two transformation files attached to read in an XML document and make it available to a ClientDataSet. As the name suggests, this component is a dataset provider. To build the user interface, I didn't connect the ClientDataSet directly to a grid, because it has a single record with a text field plus two detailed datasets. For this reason, I added to of Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay the program two more ClientDataSet components attached to the dataset fields and connected to two DBGrid controls. This explanation is easier to understand by looking at the definition of the non-visual components from besarion jughashvili DFM source code in the following excerpt and at its output in Figure 22.8. Figure 22.8: The XmlMapping example uses a TransformProvider component to make a complex XML document available for editing within multiple ClientData-Set components. This program allows you to edit the data of the various sublists of how to start a personal nodes within the grids, modifying them and also adding or deleting records. As you apply the changes to the dataset (clicking the besarion, Save button, which calls ApplyUdpates ), the Learn, transform provider saves an updated version of the file to disk.

As an besarion jughashvili, alternative approach, you can also create transformations that map only portions of the robert, XML document into a dataset. As an example, see the BooksOnly.xtr file in the folder of the XmlMapping example. The modified XML document you'll generate will have a different structure and content from the original, including only the portion you've selected. Besarion? So, it can be useful for define slavery viewing the data, but not for editing it. It is not surprising that the transformation files are themselves XML documents, as you can see by opening one in the editor.

This XML document uses a custom format. At the opposite side, you can see how a transformation can be used to take a database table or the result of a query and produce an XML file with a more readable format than that provided by default by the ClientDataSet persistence mechanism. To build the MapTable example, I placed a dbExpress SimpleDataSet component on a form and besarion attached a DataSetProvider to it and a ClientDataSet to the provider. After opening the table and the client dataset, I saved its content to an XML file. At that point, I opened the XML Mapper, loaded the data packet file into it, selected all the data packet nodes (with the Select All command from the shortcut menu) and invoked the Create XML From Datapacket command. In the following dialog box, I accepted the default name mappings for fields and only changed the The Validity of Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay, suggested name for jughashvili record nodes (ROW) into something more readable (Customer). Of Dissociative Essay? If you now test the transformation, the XML Mapper will display the contents of the resulting XML document in a custom tree view. After saving the transformation file, I was ready to resume developing the program, removing the ClientDataSet and adding a DataSource and a DBGrid (as a user might edit in on an attached DBGrid before transforming it), and an XMLTransformClient component. Jughashvili? This component has the transformation file connected to chattel slavery it, but not an XML file. Instead, it refers to the data through the provider. Clicking the button shows the XML document within a memo (after formatting it) instead of saving it to besarion jughashvili a file, something you can do by nature poetry, calling the GetDataAsXml method (even if the jughashvili, Help file is far from clear about the use of this method):

This is the only code for the program visible at run time in book cormier, Figure 22.9; you can see the original dataset in jughashvili, the DBGrid and book robert cormier the resulting XML document in the memo control below the grid. The application has much simpler code than the DomCreate example I used to generate a similar XML document, but it requires the design-time definition of the transformation. Besarion? The DomCreate example could work on any dataset at nature poetry run time without any connection to a specific table, because it has rather generic code. In theory, it is possible to besarion jughashvili produce similar dynamic mappings by using the a personal, events of the besarion jughashvili, generic XMLTransform component, but I find it easier to use the DOM-based approach discussed earlier. Notice also that the FormatXmlData call produces nicer output but slows down the Two Men to Kill One Giant? Essay, program, because it involves loading the XML into a DOM.

Figure 22.9: The MapTable example generates an XML document from a database table using a custom transformation file.

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Welcome To All Competitive Exams Portal. A good Life Is When You Assume Nothing, Do More, Smile Often, Dream Big, Laugh A Lot And Realize How Blessed You Are. “Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, popularly known as “Missile Man” born in a middle class family, seen and faced problems and hardships of middle class, never daunted and depressed of failures rose to besarion the height of first citizen of India, the president of India, a visionary, a pragmatist, a poet a good human being, a complete man. He is the architect of India’s integrated missile development programme, recipient of The Validity Disorder Essay, Bharat Ratna, a rare example today’s world, where most of the people are engulfed by mediocrity, hypocrisy, corruption, the likes Dr.

Kalam want to conserve”. Born on besarion jughashvili, 15 th October 1931 At Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, Dr. Aal Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul kalam, specialized in Aeronautical Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology. Dr. Kalam made significant contribution as Project Director to Develop India’s first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-III) which successfully injected the Rohini Satellite in the near earth orbit in July 1980 and made India an exclusive member of Space Club. Dr.

Kalam is religious to a fault and is a rapacious reader of both Bhawad Gita and the Kuran of the great Tamil Saint Tirvuallurvar. He always shares his achievements and success with his teachers and colleagues. When the award of Bharat Ratna was bestowed on Dr. Kalam, for his splendid achievements, he said, “I couldn’t have done it by myself. Behind me there were thousands of scientists.

I only Two Men to Kill One Giant?, shaped the programme.” In a span of 14 years, he lined up Prithvi, Agni, Trishul, Akash, and Nag and finished the long pending Arjun Project, pushed forward with an indigenous aircraft engine Kaveri. He vowed to make India self-reliant in military war fare by 2005 AD. Jughashvili. An apostle of unparalleled genius, he never took excuses of The Validity of Dissociative Identity Essay, lack of funds or lack of cooperation etc. in the glorified path of achieving his goal. Jughashvili. This dreamer of making India a super power, tells his countrymen and colleagues: “Dream, dream, dream and dream. Turn the dream into thoughts and thoughts will transform into action.” Earnestly proud of his heritage, Dr.

Kalam asks the response, people of India, to discover the untapped strength. Let the Indians now totally delink from the legacy of the past, hear this inspiring revelation: India made the world’s first rocket, says Dr. Kalam in annotation to one of this poems. These rockets are laced in besarion jughashvili, the British War Museum. Small tube with gun powder, tiny nozzle and warhead (a carved sword) which were used in defeating the British army at the battle of Two Men to Kill One Giant? Essay, Srirangapatnam, by Tipu Sultan. He always exhorted the people, “We must think and jughashvili act like a nation of a billion people and not like a nation of a million people”. Of Dissociative. After becoming President. Dr. Kalam has been doing a very pious task of exhorting and besarion jughashvili encouraging the youth, to rise to the occasion and never felt shy of failures, have faith in Almighty and work hard to achieve whatever you like to achieve in your life. Dr.

Kalam has become a source of unending inspiration to the youth of today. He is very popular among the book cormier, children, among the youth and among the matured citizen throughout the country. When the developed countries, the besarion, super powers, stuffed with arrogance because of the unlatching might they possess, jeered at country, struggling to arrange basic needs of the people and depending for arms on them, to defend its sovereignty, Dr. Start A Personal. Kalam, rallied the intelligentsia and scientists together to realize the jughashvili, ambition of integrated Guided Missile Programme. Dr. Nature Poetry. Kalam, like very great man, never feel depressed or distressed with the failures, he always move forward with full dedication and devotion to the task he enjoined upon. Jughashvili. He quotes an example of his life, that when he came out of From Your, HAL (Hindustan Aeronauticals Ltd) as a graduate for a career in the Indian Air Force. He was called for besarion jughashvili, the interview in Dehardun and stood ninth in the batch of 25, but only eight got selection.

Disappointed with the failure, he visited the pilgrim centre of Rishikesh where he met Swami Shivananda and introduced himself to Swamiji. Heroes. He narrated him his story of disappointment. Swamiji told him, “Accept your destiny and go ahead with your life. You are not destined to become an Air Force Pilot. What you are destined to become is besarion jughashvili not revealed now but it is predetermined. Forget this failure s it is essential to cormier lead you along your destined path. Search instead for the true purpose of your life. Become one with yourself, my son!” None, not even Dr. Kalam himself could imagine that the besarion jughashvili, was predestined to start become the Missile Man of India, recipient of the highest civilian award “Bharat Ratna” and thereafter the besarion, President of the largest democracy of the world.

Dr. Kalam is a living ideal personality, an undying inspiration to the yound generation, always exhorting them not to be daunted by nature poetry, the failures and work hard with fullest dedication; devotion and sincerity, Success with positively crowns your head. In 1962, while addressing the Rice University in Houston, then President of USA, John F. Kennedy proclaimed about Dr. Kalam; “If history teaches us anything, it is than man, in his quest for knowledge and progress, is determined and cannot be deterred”. Dr. Avil Pakir Jalaluddin Abdul Kalam, the besarion, present President of India, popularly known as Missile Man of India, is also known for his zest for life and pursuits that might make other scientists astonished. An reader, a lover of classical music and a poet of The Validity of Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay, Tamil, a great scientist, a religiously theist personality and what not, he can be termed as an ideal person, enviable by all. A leading columnist wrote about Dr.

Kalam that “India needs a Kalam in every Institution.” It was the devotion and dedication of Dr. Kalam. That within a span of two decades, he slung the country into the cadres of so called mighty nations like USA, U.K. Besarion. France, Russia and China in the arena of modern warfare all blissfully with total indigenous technologies, directing nd guiding a team of 7000 brilliant, dedicated scientists and nature poetry researcher at 50 laboratories of the DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation). In his literary pursuit four of Dr. Kalam’s books – “Wings of Fire”, “India 2020-Avision for the New Millennium”, “My journey” and besarion “Ignited Minds-Unleashing the power within Inda” have become household names in define chattel slavery, India and among the besarion jughashvili, Indian nationals abroad. These books have been translated in many Indian Languages. India is indebted to Dr. A.P.J. Learn From Your. Abdul Kalam and proud of such a brilliant and complete man. Lives of great man always teach us how to make our lives sublime ,the live their footprints on sand of time.

Surely Abdul was not there when Wordsworth wrote these lines but surely if was there these would have meant for besarion, him.

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Example Executive Resumes Other Career Marketing Documents. This client had achieved the pinnacle of success in besarion, a niche of the financial services industry and had grown somewhat bored and ready for a new challenge. With new corporate leadership in place, he felt the winds of change coming and wanted to define slavery leave on his own terms and at the top of his game. Whether this was advisable or not was irrelevant by the time he came to me, as he had already resigned his position. Besarion Jughashvili. His goal was to find a position that would challenge him, and was particularly enthusiastic about the prospect of building another niche player into a market leader. The bold red and blue color scheme matched this client’s bold personality. The charts and graphs helped emphasize his proven potential as a mastermind for business growth. This client also had uncommon, value-add experience in the public sector and maintained a strong professional network of Essay former colleagues and contacts in jughashvili, Washington D.C. Considering that he worked within a highly regulated industry, he had leveraged this experience in Learn Your, his prior positions and we wanted to call attention to jughashvili it in his resume even though it was from quite some time ago.

We decided to include it but leave it undated. IT and The Validity Identity Disorder Essay Telecommunications Solutions Executive Resume. The client had three possible goals with this resume. Jughashvili. For more than 12 years as an heroes book robert expert in IT and telecom solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations, he had earned a comfortable living through his own independent consulting firm. However, he was concerned that the industry was changing and that he may need to adapt his approach in order to continue to jughashvili prosper in his specialty. He felt there were three possible paths: 1) Use the resume in nature poetry, his efforts to build more business for his own consulting firm. 2) Seek out partnership opportunities with another small consulting firm that offered complementary services.

3) Be employed by a larger consulting firm and jughashvili given charge of a practice area. It is of Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay difficult to handle three targets in a single resume, but as many of the same results and besarion benefits would appeal to all of these audiences, I believed there were enough similarities that we could create a single resume. The first page provides an Disorder Essay overview and summary of the client’s skills and qualifications, along with some of the big-picture benefits he produces for clients. Jughashvili. The rest of the resume showcases some of the more recent and significant projects he has worked on, in CAR format. The accomplishment boxes highlight the key quantifiable facts from each engagement. The client’s earlier experience was included to illustrate the response breadth of his skills, which are applicable to industries other than healthcare, although the client had chosen to pursue expertise in that narrow niche. Chief Medical Officer - Executive-level Medical Resume. This client was an extremely well educated, non-practicing MD and expert in global clinical RD within the jughashvili pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

He came to me with an chattel slavery extremely lengthy and jughashvili detailed CV that he had been trying to use in the corporate world, with little success. It took some extensive consulting with the define chattel slavery client to get him to besarion think about his work in terms of results and benefits—especially results or benefits that we could quantify. He simply wasn’t used to to Kill One Giant? thinking about his work in these terms and this was further complicated by the fact that it truly was difficult to quantify many of his accomplishments. Paring his extensive credentials and the technical details of his work down to just three pages was another challenge. The resulting resume was well worth it. The structure, formatting, and design of the entire resume was created to succinctly convey his many technical qualifications and make them as easy-to-read as possible at just a glance. The highlights and big-picture impact of his contributions at each company are set apart in an eye-catching box.

Notable highlights for each are called out in jughashvili, a bulleted box. I created an addendum for details of his many additional credentials, and nature poetry I instructed the client to bring this with him as a leave-behind for interviews. Conservative design elements and coloring used in the resume help make it eye-appealing, but appropriate and acceptable to the target industry. This client was challenged with how to write her resume because she was worried that her experience with multiple start-ups (many that were not successful due to no fault of her own) reflected poorly on her. She also struggled with how to jughashvili communicate her many accomplishments despite the heroes book robert cormier failed startups. Clearly we solved all her problems with this powerful and highly effective resume. She was also in a field in which a CV was sometimes requested, but not often. To prepare her for anything, we created this modular resume that included two addendums that she could include or not, as was appropriate. This accomplished client was ready for his next challenge and loved working in start-ups, early-stage growth companies, and turnarounds.

This resume helped him accomplish his goals in record time. Within weeks of launching his search, he had accepted a job offer as the CTO of a growing company. Notice the technique used at the end. We didn't want to besarion jughashvili date the resume further back than we did, but he had some early-career accomplishments that he wanted to convey. Define. The other experience section allowed us to do that without dating the besarion jughashvili resume too far back. What do you see that is unusual about this resume? We had reasons not to want to make the dates on this resume too obvious, and yet experience that dated back further than 20 years was still relevant. Rather than listing the dates in a really obvious place, they are within the text of the resume. This may not work in heroes, some industries, but given the intended audience for this resume, it was a highly effective technique. Entrepreneur Returning to the Corporate World in jughashvili, a Senior Sales Management Role - Sales Manager Resume.

Tammy Lawson was on track for a very successful sales management career when she decided to define leave the world of traditional employment to purchase and besarion jughashvili manage a franchise organization that was in distress and required turnaround. She was hugely successful in how to response, this endeavor and had built the company revenue more than $10 million over besarion the past decade. She had just sold the company a few months before when she came to how to start a personal response me for a resume. While she had enjoyed the challenge of being her own boss, she yearned to go back to her sales management career, which was her passion. However, she wasn’t sure how to present this in a resume, as her most recent experience made her appear overqualified and drew attention away from her more relevant sales management experience. Her “ideal” job would include some aspect of besarion jughashvili sales training and chattel slavery mentoring as well, as this was something she loved doing and really excelled at, although none of her previous job titles reflected it. The solution was a resume that was very strategically written to besarion focus on her most relevant sales qualifications and to deemphasize the fact that she had been the owner and top executive of the franchise company. While we were meticulously honest in our description of her most recent experience, we were quite selective about what we included and which aspects of her achievements we chose to focus on in order to emphasize the aspects most likely to be relevant in her next position.

A variety of graphics, charts, and nature poetry graphs called attention to besarion jughashvili her most impressive accomplishments and areas of qualification. Tammy’s training-related accomplishments are sprinkled throughout the how to start response resume. Dr. James Agard was a European-trained MD and U.S.-trained MBA with a long history of accomplishment as a practicing anesthesiologist. While he was still a practicing physician, his career had taken a turn into executive management and besarion he wanted to continue this, hoping to nature poetry land a CEO role. He offered a very distinctive value proposition: the proven ability to transform medical operations into besarion jughashvili, a unified, seamless, high-quality, and cost-optimized “value-based” sustainable system founded on common purpose, vision, and teamwork. In the progressive leadership positions he had held over the most recent decade, he made great headway in this regard. We used a variety of charts, graphs, and callouts to illustrate this very distinguishing value proposition throughout the heroes book cormier resume. Jughashvili. In particular, we illustrated Dr. Agard’s results in decreasing costs while simultaneously increasing quality of patient care, caseloads, and overall revenue. When Dr.

Agard came to me, it was with a very detailed medical CV which included a very confusing chronology of define his experience, since many of jughashvili his positions have been simultaneous. I rewrote his resume into a traditional executive format that showcased his stories of challenge-action-result-strategic impact success, particularly as they related back to his value proposition. The emphasis throughout is on his leadership and management competencies, though his clinical highlights and heroes book medical credentials add essential credibility and are highlighted in his summary profile. The color scheme of muted greens, browns, and besarion golds create immediate eye appeal and are consistent with Dr. Agard’s conservative personality. Manufacturing Industry CEO Resume. Terrence came to me as a seasoned CEO, to have me prepare his first resume ever.

He had a really incredible story for why his career had progressed as rapidly as it had (engineer to plant GM almost overnight). As a young engineering professional, he was on a personal response, a business trip and besarion ended up talking with the man sitting next to him on the plane. That man was the owner of a company that was troubled and losing money. They had a lengthy discussion in which Terrence offered a number of suggestions about how he would correct the heroes robert cormier problems and turn the business around. A couple of weeks later, the company owner called and recruited Terrence to serve as GM of one of the most troubled plants. Jughashvili. The hitch: he would receive NO salary until he turned it around. He quickly produced positive results and was later promoted to president of the entire company, and define chattel then recruited to the CEO role he was in besarion jughashvili, when he came to Learn From me. This story was touched on in the besarion jughashvili resume by noting that he had been personally recruited by the owner, but I used it more extensively in Your Mistakes Essay, the letters and biography that I also prepared for him. An excerpt from one of those letters: Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great?

I hadn’t heard this quote, attributed to besarion jughashvili Jimmy Johnson, 20-plus years ago when I took my chance. Learn Mistakes. But it is a chance I will always be grateful I took, as it changed my life forever. Driving profitable business growth, improvement, and sustainable change. Those are the besarion jughashvili themes that have been present throughout my career, but my opportunities to really have an impact skyrocketed two decades ago, when by chance or fate I happened to strike up a conversation with the man sitting next to chattel me on an airplane. At the time I was a young professional, not long out of besarion jughashvili college and how to a personal response beginning to establish myself in an engineering career. The man I was talking with turned to be the owner of a company, and after lengthy discussions regarding business philosophy he offered me a job with the challenge to turnaround a failing manufacturing plant. The catch?

There would be zero pay until the plant was profitable. As risky as it might have seemed, I had faith in my potential, and somewhere I found the courage to take the besarion chance… Terrence’s personal brand and value proposition was all about driving growth and results through the creation of a cohesive company culture of Learn From Mistakes “We.” We showcased this in his profile section, and besarion I called out a quote from him that I had jotted in cormier, my notes during my consultation with him. The quote was perfect, because it emphasized his focus on producing results through teamwork, but also because it emphasized his philosophy of besarion life and leadership which had been shaped by of Dissociative his early experiences. Again, we further drew this out in the other documents I prepared for him.

Terrence had lots of besarion jughashvili successes and results. The Executive Performance Snapshots call immediate attention to the overriding story of Two Men One Giant? Essay success and his strategic impact in besarion jughashvili, each position while complementing his brand. Book Robert. Rather than letting the besarion reader get lost in slavery, a sea of besarion jughashvili bullets, I used a graphic element on start a personal, each page to jughashvili illustrate some of his quantified achievements in a format that was quick and easy to a personal scan. Besarion. The color scheme was selected to cormier give the resume an besarion jughashvili understated elegance while adding the visual appeal that would ensure his resume stood out. Insurance Reinsurance Industry Executive.

Sales Engineering Executive Resume. Vice-President, Global Finance Manager Resume. Brianna was an interesting corporate finance executive. She didn’t have particularly strong mathematical or quantitative skills. Instead, for her it was all about understanding the underlying meaning of the numbers and how that meaning could be used to drive business strategy. As I interviewed her, her passion for this really shone through and she got really excited describing to me how the C-suite executives would come to her and she would help them understand the numbers and help them create strategy from a personal them. Without a doubt, this was the key to her personal brand and unique value proposition and we emphasized it throughout her resume. The resume was slightly challenging in that Brianna had worked for the same, well-known company for jughashvili, many years.

This company had a strong public brand, but behind the scenes had really been struggling since the economic crash about two years after Brianna had been hired. She had a really hard time communicating the specifics of her contributions to how to me and she said just the fact that the company was still alive indicated that. But now there were some serious efforts underway to sell the company, and besarion as a whole it had never really bounced back from the downfall. After a lengthy conversation I was finally able to The Validity of Dissociative Identity Essay distill a number of specific achievements that balanced all of jughashvili her contributions in regards to cuts, streamlining, and RIFs with a few stories of growth from when she was first hired and from some specific parts of the business that did grow. The result was a really strong resume that clearly positions Brianna as a high-level strategic and define chattel slavery finance advisor to besarion jughashvili the C-suite, but also as someone who is Two Men One Giant? Essay also able to besarion jughashvili produce results no matter what the situation: business growth or streamlining. The graphic used on the second page, with the plus and minus sign, complements this theme. Information Technology Executive Resume - U.S. Expatriate. Carol was an interesting client in that just out of college, 18 years before, she picked up roots and moved internationally, never looking back as her career took off.

Fast forward to the present and she was the mother of two school-aged children and really wanted to return to the U.S. We intentionally made her U.S. citizenship and desire for Learn From Mistakes Essay, a return to the U.S. very, very clear in the header of her resume. But, we were concerned that even understanding her citizenship, potential employers might view her complete break from the U.S. negatively, so I wrote the text of her resume to really emphasize how she was recruited and promoted aggressively over the years, as a way to explain why she had stayed in Ireland for so long. This was also a major theme of the cover letters I wrote for her, as you can see from this excerpt: Some people swear that timing is everything. Others insist that successful people make their own luck. Besarion. As a 20-something who picked up roots and relocated internationally, I wasn’t really thinking about either at the time. Today, more than 18 years into of Dissociative Disorder Essay, an ever-progressing and always successful career, I am a true testament to both.

Coming out of jughashvili college with an M.B.A. and a computer science degree from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, just as the era was being born in 1996, there could hardly have been a better place in the world for me to be than Europe. After all, as I’m sure you know, Ireland is well known as a world-class hub for high tech innovation and startups. Define Slavery. As a talented, ambitious, creative, and pioneering system and besarion jughashvili software architect, designer, and developer I was aggressively recruited to work on a number of innovative and heroes book start-up technology initiatives and products. Recognized very early on for my leadership, I was sought out for jughashvili, team leadership roles in the first year of my career, a trend that has continued and accelerated since. Carol’s original resume was extremely detailed and technically focused. I rewrote it to emphasize her leadership and management credentials and potential. Her major strengths included her unusually strong ability to clearly and deeply understand the start a personal response issues at hand, cut through the clutter, and besarion focus on the pivotal points most critical to success, creatively overcoming any obstacles on the path. These strengths drove her key value proposition: the proven ability to steer world-class product development organizations to increased competitive advantage and heroes book cormier stronger sales, profits, and shareholder gains by leveraging innovation and maximizing quality and besarion jughashvili performance. This value proposition is clearly conveyed in Essay, her resume profile and also through the stories of success and achievements throughout her resume.

The graphical and jughashvili design elements in the resume gave her resume immediate visual appeal, but also provided us a way to convey the key results and contributions she had made. With a goal of highlighting the content of her resume rather than drawing the chattel eye away to design elements alone, we chose a muted color scheme that clearly let her impressive achievements shine through. Senior Sales Manager Resume - Industry Career Change. Jack Asher is an besarion jughashvili extraordinarily accomplished and nature poetry ambitious sales management executive with a BOLD and engaging personality—the type of person who has a presence that “fills” up a room when he walks into it. His leadership style was equally. bold and highly effective, as evidenced by besarion the outstanding results he had produced consistently throughout his career. He had been in the insurance industry since the start of his career. How To Start A Personal. Jack’s goal was to jughashvili transfer his extraordinary sales management experience into a new industry. Including the names of his employers, which clearly indicated they were insurance.

companies, was unavoidable, but we were careful to strip the resume of any other industry-specific language that would. pigeonhole him. From Your Mistakes. The language used throughout the resume was carefully chosen to help show how Jack’s experience was transferable. The bold red and black color scheme and layout was selected to complement his personal brand and value proposition which was all about bold leadership of top-producing sales organizations. The format allowed us to call out and draw attention to the. major achievement at each company, while further illustrating his value proposition with many results-indicative numbers.

The testimonial on the second page was a perfect addition as the person had used language that clearly supported Jack’s brand. Besarion. The. representative accomplishments section on the first page gave us a place to showcase Jack’s most impressive, career-wide accomplishments. For almost her entire career this client had worked for the same hotel and resort company, which if presented incorrectly could make her career look stagnant. As she was hoping this resume would help her make the define chattel slavery transition to besarion the CFO level, it was important to show that while her experience was all in how to response, one company, it was still progressive. The client was also concerned that her SVP job title wasn’t reflective of her potential and besarion she really wanted to emphasize that she had worn many hats in a growing company, as well as the acting-CFO for a number of months. In order to Two Men Essay really showcase the concepts of growth and progression, the resume content and design was strategically developed to highlight the exponential growth of the company during the time this client was working for them, as well as her eight promotions through the years.

The charts on the front page, with the eye-catching upward pointing arrows, really emphasize the business growth, while the red-shaded accomplishment boxes in jughashvili, the body of the Two Men to Kill One Giant? resume emphasize the client’s progression as well as the depth, diversity, and significance of her most prominent accomplishments. The client hoped to remain in the hospitality/hotel industry or a related industry, so her relevant expertise in these was promoted in the text. Her passion and unique value proposition was all about building connections and teamwork to drive results, and this is really called out in the profile section with the included quotes. International Executive - CEO / COO Resume. This client was a multicultural, multilingual American expat who had spent his entire career working in jughashvili, the Middle East. He was very accomplished and prided himself on creating ethical and transparent organizations that produced outstanding results and helped propel companies to the next level of Learn Your Essay success. He had progressed quickly in his career and was leading at the very highest level in his company, but without the besarion title to go along with it.

He hoped to move his career to the next level, but was worried that his job title didn’t convey his level of experience. We quickly addressed this in Two Men Essay, the job description, justifying his targeting of CEO roles. The rest of the resume is very results-focused and his contributions are highlighted using a variety of design, graphical, and charting techniques. We chose a very conservative color scheme that the besarion client thought would appeal to the audience he was targeting. We anticipated two primary audiences for the resume: 1) American companies doing business in the Middle East and 2) Middle Eastern companies doing business in the U.S. So as not to confuse the reader, we thought it was best to specify in the resume which currency we are referring to when we give monetary figures. North American Controller Vice President - Finance Resume. Lucy was concerned that she had spent nearly a decade with a company that had been in rapid growth mode when she first joined them, but then quickly went into The Validity of Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay, decline, beginning in 2008, along with the economy. She was worried that the company’s revenue decline would reflect back negatively on her capabilities. A second concern was that she had resigned from her last company with plans to start an jughashvili independent consulting firm. While she completed a few small assignments, she did not enjoy the sales and marketing aspect of running her own firm, and jumped at nature poetry, the chance to go back to traditional employment.

Unfortunately, this left a not very flattering time period in jughashvili, her employment history. In consultation with the client, it became clear that while her current employer’s revenues had declined (an aspect of the company she had zero control over), her contributions in reorganizing and streamlining the company so that it remained vital and positioned for future growth when the economy rebounded, were absolutely essential. Without her financial leadership, the company may have failed completely during these years. Instead, by the time we were preparing this resume, the situation was looking much more optimistic for the company and of Dissociative Identity they were entertaining several options to restart growth once again. The client’s very real contribution in all of jughashvili this was her transformation of the financial function from just an From accounting arm of the besarion company into a strategic business partner, a value proposition that we showcased throughout the define chattel slavery resume. Care was also taken to balance the content with growth-focused language and achievements, to illustrate that Lucy’s value proposition was just as relevant and beneficial when a company was in besarion jughashvili, growth mode. This helped to prevent her from Disorder Essay being pigeon-holed as a leader for downsizing initiatives. Lucy was not able to provide any significant accomplishment stories from her consulting years. So, rather than take page space and attention away from the more relevant experiences, we chose to jughashvili describe the consulting briefly at to Kill One Giant? Essay, the end of the besarion jughashvili resume. Nature Poetry. To minimize the possible immediate impression of jughashvili a gap in the resume, the employment dates were strategically placed next to job titles where they were not as visually obvious.

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